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210+ Single Slogans: The Power Of One

People often think that being single is boring and lonely. Especially in the young generation, being in a relationship is more like a trend.

They need to understand that it is not about being single or committed to someone. It is all about being happy and comfortable.

It is about going to bed with a peaceful mind every night and having a pleasant sleep. It is about waking up daily with a fresh mind and no worries.

Single is just a term. Whether you are happy or not is the question here. You might be in a relationship and yet be sad, or you might be single and happy.

It also may be the vice versa case even. No matter what, you need to choose the best life for yourself.

single Slogans

Live like you are single… act like you are taken…

Being single… the most fabulous feeling in the world…

Being single… feels the best when you see couples fighting!

No Crying… no fighting over petty matters… being single is awesome.

Being single… being independent… being free… best feeling ever…

It is better to be single than to remain in depression each day.

Being single means, you are free to be taken.

Being single comes with great opportunities…

When you are single… you don’t have to lie to your parents daily.

It is not about single or taken… it’s about being happy and peaceful.

If the relationship does not give you peace of mind, you better be single.

The relationship is great! If the effort is from both sides.

Be single and explore the world… you will discover something new.

Being single… comes with the opportunity to be mingled.

Moving on is the best revenge ever… stay single! Stay happy.

You came single; you will go single… then why mingle?

You think you are happy… try being single…

Being single lets, you discover new opportunities… it’s a big world, bro!

Single? Lonely? Bored? Trust me; you are the happiest!

There are many options around, you just need to be single and explore!

No gifts… no extra expenditure… being single is just awesome.

 Being single… does signify a lack of options. It is just a choice…

I wonder how to discover if someone is single! Everyone acts like one!

In today’s world, it is hard to find someone who is single.

being single slogans

We have collected some Singles Awareness Day Messages, Wishes, and Greetings to share on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

Single Sayings

Single and lonely? Trust me, many out there are dying to live your life.

Do you think your life is tough? Ask someone who is in a relationship.

It’s hard to find someone who is single; if you are one, you are in demand!

You have your parents, friends, and colleagues; why need a boyfriend?

Do you think you need a boyfriend? No. you just need to love yourself, honey!

You won’t need someone else to do that if you love yourself.

Stop crying over him… just move and explore life…

We have plenty of time to enjoy ourselves… don’t waste it on a relationship!

A relationship is worthy only if it gives you happiness.

I wonder… how come to a single guy ends up giving the best relationship advice!

When it comes to being single…I raise my hand first.

Do you know what happiness is? Ask a single guy.

A single guy always tends to be on-demand.

Don’t get mingled. You might get kicked out of the demand list.

Single… taken… or married? It’s just about being happy.

You need to find peace of mind and your comfort zone. Better be single.

Being single. Comes with lots of free time when you can explore life.

Just look around you. Don’t you think it is awesome being single?

Learn not to be… because self–respect comes first.

Single life is happy… only if you love yourself.

Single is just a state of mind. Look around you; you are surrounded by many.

Being single… it’s not your relationship status. It’s the status of your mind.

The loneliness comes from within. It’s not the result of being single.

Being single teaches you how to act like yourself.

Being single, let’s be yourself. Stop pleasing others.

Be single. It’s the best solution for your fights.

No fight, no adjustments, no compromise. Being single is amazing.

When you are single, you will discover how awesome you can be.

Go to your friends! Drink and party. It’s far better than a romantic date.

Hanging out with the best buddies is far better than a posh date with your boyfriend.

I am happily single… and so is my girlfriend.

Do you think you are not loved? Just tell your mom you are in pain, and then think.

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Single Mottos

I am single, but it does not mean I am available. I like being so.

I am single. No, I don’t lack options. Yes, I am pretty. No, I am not available!

If you are single, god is giving you the best opportunity to be yourself.

Fights and cries… just say no if someone tries.

Whether single or taken. It’s about waking up with a happy mind.

Free yourself from all the fake bonds. Time to uncover something real.

Why the term ‘single’? Do you think you are the only being on earth?

Single? It is a heavenly feeling. You are always in demand.

Don’t let people define you by your relationship.

Be yourself. Stop depending on your partner.

Pleasing someone is good only if it pleases you too.

Do not compromise your freedom for the sake of your happiness.

Singlehood… can be best defined by the person who is in a relationship.

Choosing a life between single and mingled. Both come with pros and cons.

A good relationship is a result of having a good partner. Else, be single.

You can enjoy your singlehood if you are in love with yourself.

When couples fight over petty matters, I thank my singlehood.

Cries, melodrama, fights, all will come to an end with your singlehood.

Put an end to the thing that troubles you, even your relationship.

Be single and explore yourself. Life can be just awesome.

Think beyond your relationship. There are many things to uncover.

Truths and lies. No more melodrama. Be single.

Happiness is not in being single or taken; it is in being yourself.

Learn to be yourself first, then love someone else.

Stop prioritizing your relationship over your own happiness.

Being single ends the series of break up and patch.

being single slogans

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