101+ Top Artistic Blogs Name Ideas

If you are thinking of starting an artistic blog, then it will be a great idea to showcase your talents. There are blogs that even sell their art products throughout the world.

A blog is a page online which allows users to share their talents or opinions worldwide and get comments on it. Blogging has evolved as a profession these days as people can earn a good income through blogs.

Top 15 Artistic Blogs of the world

Canva – This blog will be ideal for you in case you are trying to get advice on how to pursue your artistic career, what trends to remember while working, and other topics. The blog has articles on professional art forms and also the Design School where courses and tutorials are uploaded for learning topics related to art.  

BOOOOOOOM – For those individuals who like to find out new artists that are somewhat underground or autonomous, this blog provides a fantastic platform for sharing their work. Here you will mostly come across artistic imagery such as photographs or illustrations along with some sort of background on the artists.  

Commarts – This artistic blog helps to inspire various artists within the disciplines of interactive art, illustration, photography, and so on. These articles happen to be interviewed, reviews of some other artists, some books, and exhibitions. Besides this, you will come across some articles offering the work portfolio of the artists. 

Hi-Fructose – Art should not be confined to a category or adopt some specific patterns and this blog welcomes certain concepts publishing conceptual artwork off the beaten track. You will come across astounding works which come in the form of sculptures, drawings, paintings, and so forth. This blog is perfect for those who are somewhat innovative.

Juxtapoz – This blog will provide you with a seamless mix of art, exhibitions, plus culture which deal with topics including street art, graffiti, photography, audiovisual projects, and so on. Juxtapoz is a platform where the work of an artist will be exposed to the public after it is planned to be exhibited at an art show. 

The Zine – The high design platform of this blog features fresh art-related content which consists of motivating stories narrated by the artists. The blog will allow visitors to find out promising and established artists from across the globe. There are plenty of top-quality and attractive-looking articles on various art-related topics right here.  

ARTnews Magazine – This happens to be the world’s oldest art magazine. Moreover, it is one of the most well-known art blogs with over 740,000 Instagram followers plus 230,000 likes on Facebook. It features a separate review section containing insightful reports and hard-hitting journalism.   ARTnews Magazine has a vast reader base consisting of experts and amateurs.  

Artforum – This is a blog based in New York which is known to publish articles and news on trending issues and topics. It likewise comes with a separate area having resources for promising artists. Moreover, it has got shows, columns, plus a print media section. It is also possible to buy merchandise through this platform. 

Colossal – There is no doubt about the fact that this blog is extremely popular. A wide array of popular topics is covered by them with an emphasis on art, visual culture, and design. They intend to exhibit the innovative work of promising as well as experienced artists such that art becomes accessible to all people. 

Brooklyn Street Art – In case you are searching for the anarchistic and unbridled trends right from the streets of our metropolises, this particular artistic blog will be the one for you. The site turned out to be amongst the most well-known street art blogs on the planet since 2008 when it was launched.  

EmptyEasel.com – Plenty of value is offered by this blog. Besides a lot of artistic features, EmptyEasel.com offers a lot of business advice as well as tutorials in addition to art research. If you like to get suggestions on starting your own company or just like to learn painting or drawing, you ought to visit the blog. 

Ignant – This happens to be a popular online magazine right from the cultural hub of Germany, Berlin, and it covers the finest from various innovative disciplines including art, architecture, design, photography, plus exclusive travel spots. All the articles here have been written properly while featuring projects of high aesthetic standards.

Art Biz Coach – This blog provides videos on how to achieve success by showcasing your art. Here you can learn how to stay away from alienating prospective purchasers, how to be emotionally fulfilled by your art, and also helpful resources. Apart from this, the site likewise offers links to nationwide workshops and other useful sites. 

Daily Art Fixx – This blog promotes unknown artists and consists of links to historical pieces, facts, plus quotations for art subgenres which include photography, painting, video art, and sculpture. Innumerable options for submission have been offered by Wendy Campbell, the blog’s creator, for the artists who like to use the site as a tool for self-promotion. 

Azure Magazine – Azure Magazine is known to cover international art affairs while specializing in reporting the art scene from Canada as well. The topics consist of modern architecture and design. The common blog posts that happen to be news stories regarding art are used by artists, exhibitions, museums, and company brands at present.

Blogs are even a blessing for businessmen as they can promote their business online through them. We can get the latest information through blogs as they are updated frequently. A blog name is an important part of the blog as it can attract more readers to the blog.

Catchy artistic blog names ideas for your artistic interest

Fashion Mind

Dream Edit

Act Genius

Shape Vision

Pioneer Think

Retro Fit

Kitchen Chef

Crisp Travel

Flexible Paint

Art Stylize

Mind Form

Soul Space

Vision Act

Talent Edit

Unique Find

Impact Form

Artistic Band

Original Express

Creator Arts

Boost Comic

Ingenious Arts

Vow Fun

Fashion Intellect

Crispy Graphic

Dream Originate

Unique Infusion

Arts Clever

Artistic Blog Names

Chic Slick

Act Ingenuity

Form Sculptor

Boom Vibrations

Imagine Decorator

Inspire Crisp

Crafty Clever

Pioneer Masterpiece

Fantasy Inspire

Impro Express

Produce Inspire

If you’re planning to create a Art blog or brand, you are going to need a name. So check out the Best Art Blogs and Pages Names.

Adapt Shape

Medium Author

Intellect Sculpt

Begin Shape

Begin Innovate

Modify Fantasy

Stylize Unique

Custom express

Creative dream

Mind artist

Paint display

Fantasy plan

Digital colorful

Combine act

Dream inspire

Art is an expression of emotions. The minute observations will come onto canvas and you forget your worries of life. Art is such a thing that it does not have any language or cultural barriers.  

An artist is proud of himself and takes up the challenges of life easily. Art is fun and empathetic for the environment.

Trending Artistic Blog Names

Top Artistic Pages Names ideas

Art is a self-analysis, purification of ourselves, and a presentation of life. The creativity inside the people comes out as an expression or communication through art.

Therefore people love to exhibit these pieces of art among different communities. But as blogs are popular these days, people started blogging with their hobby and are displaying their work through it.

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