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101+ Top Book Review Blogs and Pages names

Most of us love reading books. But which books to read? Which are good? Once purchased any book, we cannot return it. Hence, we can check the review on books online before making a purchase. There are various blogs which give you the complete picture of a book. Some people with reading as a hobby, create a blog and review about books they read.

Blogs actually help them to make a difference as their review can be read by people all over the world and make a better choice on books.

Top 15 Book Review Blogs of the World 

The Amazon Book Review-  

This blog is the ultimate blog for book lovers. They provide you with a list of best sellers, celebrity favorites, author interviews, and much more.

From First Page to Last-  

This blog is a colorful mix of both new and old classics. You can find articles and reviews of books of all genres in this blog.

A Life In Books- 

This Blog is the brainchild of Susan Osborne, a writer, former sales representative, and blogger. This blog provides you with thought-provoking reviews of a host of books.

The New Yorker’s Page-Turner- 

This blog features interviews by famous authors, book reviews and articles on famous books and so much more. The blog is subdivided into different compartments, each features articles on a different genre of books. 

The Guardian’s  Books Blog- 

This blog has tons of articles that will keep a book lover engrossed for hours. The blog highlights some of the rare books which deserve our attention. The readers are encouraged to give their own opinions and engage in discussions.

The Writing Cooperative-

 This blog aims to help budding writers improve their crafts. The blog features thoughtful articles and reviews. It also publishes journals that are sent to them.

The Millions- 

This blog basically functions like an online magazine. It features book reviews, essays, and more. Follow this blog to keep yourself updated about the latest developments in the literary world.

Book Riot- 

This is one of the best sources of literary resources that you will find on the internet. It shares reviews, articles, and opinions about famous books. The blog has a huge fan base.

Jane Friedman’s Blog-

 This blog believes in being minimalistic. It has a lot to offer for young authors who are hoping to establish their careers in the literary field. Run by a team of published authors, the tips and advice offered by the blog are valuable. They also feature reviews and essays.

John Pistelli’s Blog – 

John Pistelli is one of the loved professors of English Literature at Minnesota University.The blog features his interpretations of poems, books, dramas, etc.

Bustle Books-  

This blog is centered around feminist literature. The blog features important pieces which bring out the essence of the movement and explain its influence in literature.

Flavorwire Books-

 This monthly blog has a lot to offer to voracious readers. It has beautiful reviews of classics as well as books written by contemporary authors. It also features essays by great authors.

Reedsy –

 This blog is a platform that has a collective of all your favorite books. It features analysis and sketches of all your favorite characters. The blog is a gift to the literary world.

Reader Witch – 

This blog is the brainchild of Alexandra who has been a bookworm all her life. She started this blog for others like her. It features her opinions and thoughts of her favorite books as well as the ones that she just read.

Vilma Iris’s Blog –

 This blog is run by the famous columnist Vilma Iris who has been published numerous times in USA Today. The blog features book reviews of classics and recent publications, recommendations, and much more.

A blog is a platform on which a writer can share their views on a particular subject. A blog should be updated on a regular basis. Many of the book reviewers put up their review on blogs and get comments on that from people. This will help in choosing a good book to read.  Many people use it to advertise their books. The blogs can be used to earn some extra bucks. The contents of the blog play a major role in getting traffic, like that, a blog name too.

Here are Best and Clever book review blog names ideas for your Inspiration

Book Recruiter

Book Sweepstakes

Book Review Services

Novels Review

All Book Review

Book Review Guide

Book Review World

Music Book Review

Brochure Review

Press spy

Feel review

Works review

Press range

Book spectrum

Book Essential

Book original

Book brushup

Book comment

Consider book

Analyze book

Book Toolbar

Book Review Tour

One Book Review

Live Book Review

Book Testimonial

Creative Book Review

Book Review Search

Critic book

Book analyze

View library

Choice profile

Choice range

Select verse

Feel lines

Title eye

Book review team

Love Book Review

Book Recruit

Book Review List

Book House

Book measure

Above book

Book original

Tropic book

Scholar review

Literary critic

Common thread

Book summary

Book format

Book review expert

Reading is important as it develops the mind and expands the imagination. Books show you the pathways for your life and help you understand the cultures and the history. The most essential thing of books is that it makes you a better citizen as they educate you the norms of this society.

Top Book Review Pages Names

Book reading will open up the mind for different ideas. Reading novels and stories makes you imagine the lives of others. Book reading improves your focus and concentration.

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