101+ Top Liberal Blogs and Pages Names

Liberals with the feelings of sorrow and guilt, has motivated them to unite together and fight on behalf of those being victimized.

These liberals have voiced through many media. But these days the blogs are doing this work for them. Liberal creates blogs and started their mission for victimized people. The blogs have become their voice and is reaching throughout the world.

Top 15 Liberal Blogs of the World

Talking Points Memo – 

This blog is run by a team based in New York, United States, and is considered to be one of the smartest liberal blogs. The motto of the blog is to logically and critically analyze  each issue before jumping into conclusions and forming an opinion. It posts 27 times a day.

Mother Jones – 

Based in San Francisco, California, United States, Mother Jones is a blog which covers all, starting from whistle blowing journalism to politics. It is considered to be one of the best independent sources of news. The blog has won many National Awards. It typically publishes 5 posts a day.

 Crooks and Liars – 

Based in the United States of America, this blog is super gutsy as it focuses on political news and presents its views without any bias. The blog publishes 13 posts each day.

Baby Boomer Resistance – 

Based in California, United States, this blog has been touted for being anti-Republican in general and anti-Trump in particular. It posts once a day and proves to be a very interesting read.

TalkLeft –  

This blog was started by Jeralyn Merrit, a criminal defense lawyer based in Denver, Colorado, United States. It covers crime cases and highlights the injustice in some of the verdicts given by the court. The blog was started in 2000 and posts 2 times a week.

Delaware Liberal – 

Based in Delaware, United States, this is a liberal blog which covers political issues and is a great source of insight about Progressive politics. The blog publishes 2 posts per day.

Hullabaloo – 

This blog is run by a team based in Santa Monica, California, United States. The blog believes that humans get caught up in too many illusions. It posts 30 articles a year.

Extreme Liberal’s Blog – 

Based in Michigan, United States, this blog is run by a team who’s purpose is to keep the flag of liberalism flying high. The blog publishes at least once a week.

Xplicit News – 

This blog is run by the media team of the same name based in Houston, Texas, United States.  They not only cover news which are not being covered by the mainstream media but also provides a detailed analysis of the crisis that needs to be addressed.  

Belle Of The Light – 

This blog was started in October 2017 and aims to spread the need for mindfulness and acceptance in people. It publishes at least one new post each year.

The Progressive Democrat – 

This blog aims to uphold the democratic beliefs of America and educate the people on the country’s diverse history. 

Another Godless Liberal – 

Based in the United States, this blog is another political liberal blog which discusses the current political issues on its platform. It posts once a quarter.

2 Political Junkies – 

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,  United States, Maria Lupinacci runs this liberal blog. It is undoubtedly one of the best blogs in this category and is an extremely popular read. The blog posts once a day.

The Liberal Advocate –  

Run by a team of lawyers based in Stafford, Texas, United States this blog will keep you updated about all political and election news, without any biases. It posts 24 times a year.

Mark Pack’s Blog –  

Based in London, England, United Kingdom, Mark Pack runs this liberal blog which features articles about politics, history, and also technology. The blog publishes one unique and interesting post, each day.

Blogging is a hobby and these days it is turning to be a profession to earn money. Blogging is done to share the ideas and views on the internet and get ideas from readers too. The liberals can benefit more from these blogs as the people who support them can encourage them through their comments. Blogging is also used by business people to promote their products and services. A blog name is an essential part in blogging.

Here we present catchy liberal blog names for your next Blog

Liberalism unfolded


Liberal Democrats

Web Liberalist

Democrat Movement

The political stretch


Liberal amendment

Party policy

Government blueprint

Party manifesto

Policy guides

Ideas factory

Save illiberalism

Core vote

The Liberal survival

Labour Party

General elections

Federal Conference

Pro-Euro Conservatives

Leadership elections

Coalition agreement

Hung parliament

Military retirees

Negative freedom

Ethical individualism



Civil liberty



Civil society


Liberty Blessings

Vaunted liberalism


Secularism ideas

Economic liberalism

Liberalism Doctrine


Social liberals

Liberals are those who fight for independent rights. Some of the liberal views are people should have the right to choose their own government and justice should be fair. Also, all people are equal before laws. Liberals think that people should be protected from arbitrary arrest, or other such government action.

Top Liberal Pages Names

Many of the liberals have policies which supports freedom of speech, same sex marriage and economic freedom. These liberal people are on look out for those who are being unfairly treated.

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