101+ Top Electronic Music blogs and Pages names

Electronic music is produced from different resources such as microphones, electronic oscillator, and computer installations. The electronic music blogs describe the genres of music, instruments, characteristics, artists, history, and modern electronic music. If you are a music producer or a music freak, you can create blogs for your interest in electronic music.

Top 15 Electronic music blogs of the world   

Billboard- This is one of the top blogs of 2020, which brings the popular list of songs and albums every week from the music industry. It also covers news, latest updates, trending music, podcasts, and streaming music that is already winning million hearts around the globe.

Pitchfork- If you want to get updated with the latest music and jams, despite ads, check out this blog on a daily basis. It offers top music videos, charts, features, celebrity stories, music news, popular music recommendations, and best music applications to entertain you in a better way. 

Rolling Stone- This blog provides news related to music, film, TV, music albums, celebrity features, gossips, and some political coverage. It’s an interactive platform to bring magazine content, lifestyles, artist interviews, and rankings of the entertainment industry, which serve you best if you’re curious about the music industry.

NME- This blog is founded with an aim to meet reader’s music demands which cover pop culture, trending music updates, TV, albums through online content as well as videos. Additionally, It brings a gig guide and radio to deliver content. You can also shop here for music-related products.

Loudwire- It focuses on rock and metal music coverage. It shares news, features, music events, album launch and drives newly launched songs of the film industry. Overall, it can be your best music blog to upgrade your music industry knowledge.

HipHopDX- This blog is particularly focused on hip hop music content and derives all new information such as news, cover songs, artist interviews, features, reviews, upcoming songs, events, and much more. Here you can access the best editorials which open up on various issues of the music industry as well.

Ultimate Classic Rock- This blog is started with an aim to provide the timely content of the music industry in the form of news, features, videos, biographical information, upcoming movie data, and the ultimate guide to classic rock culture. 

HotNewHipHop- As the name says, this blog brings all the latest hip hop music news through articles and delivers videos to entertain their followers. It covers artist events, album launch, Mixtapes, etc. The ‘top 100’ list from the music industry will help you to select your favorite songs from the list.

SPIN- This blog is the best platform to discover all genres of music news, reviews of albums, events, and some important coverage of popular music concerts. You can check out renowned artist albums list here and also track new artist’s voices on this platform. 

The FADER- This blog’s web pages are well-versed with relevant news coverage of the music industry. It brings the latest information on all music genres and also covers drama, interviews, and features from the music world.

Stereogum- The purpose of the blog is to share the latest updates of the music industry, reviews, discussions, artist interviews, and many more. You can also check out its active comment section where popular artists from the music industry put their important remarks on the audience’s queries.

2DOPEBOYZ- This blog is a good platform to access all important hip hop news. It also brings album reviews and features of popular music artists. Through the power of the pen, they also support the talent of new artists by writing the best music skills on them. 

AllHipHop.com- If you’re scrolling the internet to get the latest updates of the hip hop community, then this blog is just for you. You will discover top hip hop stories, songs, music events, artist’s news through videos and articles. Whatever you need from the hip hop industry, AllHipHop.com promises to deliver it here. 

UDiscoverMusic- This blog works best as per its name. Discover music news from all different genres, albums, artist stories, music quizzes, etc. You can also access your favorite music videos, playlists, and albums from this blog’s store.

The Line of Best Fit-  This blog is a part of the UK’s largest independent music site which delivers the best music information and artist news. Followers can get the latest updates, newly launched songs, photo stories, concerts, artist interviews, album reviews, and much more from the music industry. 

A blog is a personal webpage which allows users to share their views on the internet and get comments on it. Being a hobby, blogging has popularly become a profession. People earn a good income from blogs. Blogs are the strongest marketing tool for businessmen. A blog name plays a major role in a bog.

Best electronic music blog names for your music interest

Web Music

Music Web

Digital music

Tech music

Net music

Web audio

Web notes

Music digital

Tech cast

Pro tune

Online music

Inspire tone

Tone clicks

Volt byte

Utility grid

Blitz rider

Sage tunes

Music Dynamo

Play tone

Radio records

Music star

Pop Jazz

Audio electric

Sound dance

Play lounge

Land bass

Pop electric

Pop records

Poly note

Beat star

Disk Jockey play


Beat note

Bass star


Bright shows

Stream electric

Voice dance

Poly player

Melody Line

Melody Rhythm

Electronic Music

Music tools

Melody music

Instrument Tools

Tune tricks

Music organ

Insrument Guru

Music deal

Musician music

Electronic melody

Melody Instrument

In the modern era, electronic music is one of the broadest categories in music. The depth of music has been explored through electronic music. Electronic music is a piece of art which immerses the listeners to the music world. The development of electronic musical instrument has to lead the electronic music experiments.

Top Electronic Music Pages Names

As a result, music producers and composers have emerged with new and unique electronic music which became popular all over the world. The music produced and modified through electronic means is considered to be electronic music.

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