Top 51 Best Furniture Brands of the World

Every human on this earth dreams of a good home where they can rest and feel at peace with their family. A home is a place where the soul resides and to make it even more beautiful you need furniture. Furniture furnishes your home to a different level. There are different types of furniture available in the market. The best brands are listed below.

Top Furniture Brands of the World


 Country: United Kingdom

The furniture brand was established in 2015. They manufacture and design their product which looks similar to what we used to see in cinemas during the early 1930 and 1960. The organization started its business venture as essentials. Granules infuse midcentury designs with modern techniques for UP brand names essential home.

Boca Do Lodo

Country: France

The organization was founded in the year 2005. They manufacture products that look extraordinary with the use of a technique that is age-old. They have some talented and finest workers working under them to make up this remarkable furniture. They shape up the world’s finest material into furniture which lasts for almost a lifetime.


Country: United Kingdom

This brand has a unique style of reinventing old classical styles especially during the time of the 40s and 70s. They use progressive colors and materials which symbolize beautiful modern decorations. They have a dynamic group of workers who are creative and they synthesize furniture that goes best with morning friends too.


Country: Portugal

Disband produces furniture that symbolizes that they are made by designers who are exceptionally creative and artistic. These workers are inspired by the creativity of Janet’s. Besides producing perfect and eye-catching furniture disband also focuses on long-lasting manufacturing products. Their product is sold almost throughout the world through online and retail stores.


Country: United Kingdom

These brand design furniture that thanks in strength and power into your lifestyle.  Each of the products that they make is unique to each other. The workers working under them manufacturers products that are made by the highest quality material infused with innovative techniques. The furniture guarantees your comfort and provides you with the space that you deserve.

Thomas Blackmore

Country: United Kingdom

In the year 1847, the company was founded in Staffordshire, England. They made an effort to reinvent and replicate classical pieces of luxury buy casting lost wax and fine bronze. They also search for semi-precious stones throughout the world. The stones were then cut and shaped into pillars, mirror frames, hand basins, vases, and columns. 

Bentley Home

Country: United Kingdom

Bentley and clubhouse Italia partnered together to form Batley home furniture designer. They are one of the leading European furniture makers. Then he says traditional collections with modern design producing a high-quality product of British standard. Richmond, Harlow, Canterbury, and Sherbourne and Kingsbridge are some of the finest furniture of this brand. 

Lexington Home 

Country: United States

When it comes to designing, manufacturing and marketing lifestyle products of home furnishings Lexington home comes first. The company reshapes the look of most ordinary furniture through its innovative design and style. The headquarter of this company is in High Point, New York. the company sells its product threatens to which is especially available in the USA. 

Hooker Furniture 

Country: United States

In Martinsville this company has its headquarter; here they also have their corporate office where facilities of distribution are available. We have a present over 800 employees working under them. This organization also shows some responsibilities towards nature as they follow sustainable business practices. The organization has also shown some social responsibility they have also founded a charitable organization named United way.

Bernhardt Furniture 

Country: United States

In the year 1889, this company was founded by John Mathias Bernhardt in Lenoir, NC. We are a leading company on a global basis as far as furniture making is concerned. Nearly 1540 workers work under this company which includes 6 overseas offices too. The company has also earned some great awards for its design in furniture. 

Basset Furniture

Country: United States

This company is a good company initially starting its business at the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains. They are driven by the passion of innovation and imagination of making long-lasting furniture .this company provides you with the option of customization which allows its customer to select unique styles as per their want.

Stanley Furniture 

Country: United States

In 1924 in the city of Virginia, the foundation stone of this company was done. The Company moves with the idea of providing beautifully detailed furniture to homes which are well furnished. This furniture manufacturing company focuses on making products that are of the best quality as their craftsmen are dedicated to making each of the pieces of the furniture beautiful.

 Broyhill Furniture 

Country: United States

The company runs with the belief that to sustain in the field of furniture manufacturing there should be designed in a manner that should last long and should be easy to use. They provide their customers with furniture that is available at an affordable cost. For years now this company has been a trusted organization in the field of furniture manufacturing.

IKEA furniture

Country: Sweden

IKEA grows with the vision of providing a better life for many people. This organization inspires people to live a life that is healthy and more sustainable. They are committed to making the planet a better place to stay in by using materials that are not all harmful to mother earth.

William Sonoma 

Country: United States

The company runs with the Moto that a home is a place where the heart of everything beside it’s a place where curiosity leaves generosity is soap and to make your home better de manufactured furniture. The company producers furniture which is the design you know mama that will make your home the way you want it to be

Raymour and Flanigan

Country: United States

This company is highly passionate about making their customers happy.  The company believes that its customers are there most valuable assets. the company has also soon great responsibility to mother Earth they have a recycling center that recycles 99% of the packing material. They also help the community by hosting events to raise funds for disabled children’s

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

Country: United States

The company is completely dedicated to providing comfort and quality customers, therefore, you can turn your houses into homes. Works on research and development are being done on the furniture which provides their customer with quality and safety to a different standard. A great service to the environment as a focus on sustainable business practices.

American Signature 

Country: United States

This company is known for making classic furniture at an affordable price. Their most selling product in furniture is the Kroehler line of products which is completely made in the United States of America. They always keep up with the modern trends but at the same time, they do not forget to stick to their class.

Restoration Hardware 

Country: United States

This organization is the creator of a unique style and taste in the field of luxury lifestyle.  They have many well-known artisans working under them who brings upon new ideas into this organization. They have a classic and authentic collection of furniture. This is their products through outlets and galleries present in the United States and Canada.

Pacific Green 

Country: Australia

They are the designers and manufacturers of home accessories and furniture for over 40 years. Resort furniture, tropical furniture, island furniture are their signature collections. The materials of their furniture are handcrafted very carefully with the use of the highest quality periods. They have shown Some responsibility towards nature as they use sustainable products extracted from plantation coconuts.


Country: United States

In the past few decades, Safavieh has transformed itself to a great height. They initially have only one showroom which was located in Madison Avenue and now they are an international player. We are considered as the master of infusion of high tech with high touch. Wine manufacturing there products the focus mainly on the quality

Global Furniture

Country: United Kingdom

In the year 1996 global furniture was founded. The company moved with the vision of manufacturing office furniture which can be brought at an affordable price. The company divots all its success to its workers who worked continuously to provide its customers with quality products. They provide you with products that will help you to fulfill the changing need of your workplace.


Country: India

Straight from the wood craving city name Saharanpur comes this brand named Royalzig. They allow their customer with a wide variety of selected handcraft designed and customized furniture. World-class designers, expert craftsmen from different parts of the world are working in this organization to provide their customers with perfect symmetry, beautiful patterns, and elegant design of furniture. 


Country: United States

There is a saying that the best in the furniture industry is still kept secret and their name is Simplicity Sofas. This organization has a guarantee of its furniture lasting for a lifetime. They used materials that are of the highest quality. They do not sell their products through retailers rather they sell them directly to the public. 


Country: United States

The organization was founded in the year 2013 buy Heritage homegroup. They manufacture their furniture of the highest quality with a variety of styles which allows their customers to select from a large collection. The furniture that they make are very proportional and well designed this seems to suit the need of modern houses and offices. 

Stickley Furniture 

Country: United States

The company runs with the motto of providing the best to their ability. Since 1900 this company follows the motto and this has been their guiding principle. They assure their clients that every piece of their furniture is made with the finest quality materials which are filled with integrity and honor.They also showed great responsibility towards nature as at present they are members of sustainable furnishing council


Country: Germany

Provide their customers with furniture of the highest quality. They manufactured their furniture with the help of selected materials exclusive designs and detailed craftsmanship. get consistent duty and perfect functionality has attracted their customers for several years. They also contribute to the environment by producing sustainable materials they do not use tropical wood.

Style Spa

 Country: United Kingdom

The company runs with the motto of making better places when life leaves. They have a sophisticated and unique collection of furniture for your home and offices. They have attracted their customers within a very short period, they have their retail stores throughout the world. They focused on making long-lasting and trending furniture.


Country: India

The company is in the market for furniture manufacturing since 1962. The hardware home retail group by Somani group is the parent company of Evok. They produce their furniture which is available at an affordable cost. Dear furniture is manufactured by mixing innovation with classic styles which attract customers a lot. Detail their products also through e-commerce website like Flipkart


Country: India

Lanco Group of companies is the parent company for DAMRO they are manufacturing furniture since the year 1996 and are at present South Asia’s largest furniture manufacturer. they are most famous for their sofa sets which are available to their customers at an affordable price with great quality. Damro products are available throughout the wall in several retail stores.


Country: India

This company was founded in Mumbai in the year 1981. They are an ISO certified company that is a symbol of their quality. Their products always come up with a 5-year warranty. 


Country: India

The brand was founded in the year 2001 and from then till now they have been a great player in the furniture industry. They are an ISO certified company that symbolizes their standard of product. The workers working under this company are always ready to customize their products according to the demand of the customers. 


Country: Italy

The Italian company was founded in the year 1987 by Valerio Mazzei,Monica, and Massimo Morozzi. This company is well known for its great quality products which are usually out of the trend. They infused modern technology with artistic tradition which allows them to produce furniture of perfections. The company believes that the best fancy furniture is those that are available in the market in a traditional form.


Country: United Kingdom

Headquartered in Chelsea, London the firm has created and styled amazement roused extends over the globe, going from private to commercial. Our innovative procedure at Anna Casa Interiors starts connected at the hip with the customer by conceptualizing a consistent arrangement of arrangements that praise and join consummately. The subsequent work permits the customer to find an astounding arrangement of spaces that are stylishly one of a kind, yet also, makes an enthusiastic association while tempting the faculties. 


Country: Italy

There’s no spot like home. Since 1989, Fendi Casa has been making furniture and renowned plan questions that bring the one of a kind Fendi enhance into homes everywhere throughout the world. Custom is rarely nostalgic and advancement is vital. 


Country: Italy

Baxter has a contemporary, particular edge to their structures. Working with the absolute best Italian fashioners, they have a cutting edge way to deal with great styles, for example, the notorious Chestermoon couch.

Godrej Interior

Country: India

Godrej Interio is India’s biggest furniture brand in both home and institutional fragments. It’s been a splendid and energizing excursion for them. They love bringing alive your fantasy space. We stress solace and style while conveying all around planned and useful furniture to you. True to the Godrej strategic moderate the earth, they structure items, set up procedures, and utilize crude materials.

Ashley Furniture

Country: United States

Ashley is most popular for moderate furnishings and their mammoth HomeStores. Their items are focused on the financial backing disapproved of the customer searching for brisk conveyance. The individuals of Ashley Furniture Industries likewise assist this with companying genuinely characterizes itself. Their group lives and inhales a “grimy fingernail” approach that breeds achievement, not at all like some other. 

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