101+ Top Natural Hair Blogs and Pages Names

Therefore, more people prefer to nourish their hair naturally. These days, you don’t need to go to any Ayurveda practitioner to get advice on natural hair since there are plenty of blogs which guide you to have natural hair. Also, some blogs created journals on natural hair therapies. These journals provide day to day care of your hair. Also, there are suggestions of natural products for your hair. Therefore, it is profitable to create such natural hair blogs.

A blog is a web space where one can share their hobby related things and opinions on any subject. These blogs can even get comments from readers. These blogs are updated on a regular basis to get more traffic.

Top 15 Natural Hair Blogs of the World

Natural Hair Mag – 

This blog shares various tutorials and articles to let them know their hair type and make treatments accordingly. The blogger studies on the texture and hair quality and suggest the readers to color or style it at their best. The blog also mentions the awards and achievements that it has achieved in the recent past.

Black Hair Information – 

This is another African American blog where the blogger gives tips and suggestions on how can you maintain hair with just a few ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen. She also makes tutorials ensuring that your scalp is taken good care of. Problems of dandruff and hair fall are also sorted in the blog.

Natural Hair Rules – 

This blog is a great source to take care of hair naturally at home. The blog posts are really impressive as it covers a wide range of topics. The blogger shares her research works and writes articles on the newest released magazines related to hair care. She also offers how you can grow hair faster. A must-visit blog for its quality content and excellent DIYs.

Curl Centric Blog – 

This blog is run by a couple who has devoted much of their time in researching and posting relevant content to educate the readers about their hair type and the required care for it. They also mention the correct hair dryer for every type of hair and the reasons why hairdryer makes your hair rough and unmanageable. They also have a website for hair care products at affordable prices.

The Kimberly Elise Blog – 

This blog is by the famous actress who has won many awards in her acting career. She shares her interest in managing tangled and freezy hair. The blog has a wide variety of topics ranging from hair care tips to love letters and women empowerment. A must-visit in the space for its expertise articles and free tutorials.

Long Nigerian Hair – 

This blog is resourceful for girls who want long hair. The blogger gives tips on how to grow and maintain long hair. The homemade colors to dye hair something you would never want to miss. Visit the blog for amazing facts and information that you could probably think of. This blog also offers products at pocket-friendly prices.

The CurleeMe Blog –

 This blog is for curly hair beauties, full of videos and pictures showing hairstyles and products that you can make and use at home to dye hair or clean and nourish your scalp. The blog posts regularly on its website to keep the readers updated about her latest experiments. She also has an online shopping website from where you can buy products that are suitable for your hair.

Atlanta Natural Hair Care – 

This blog is exceptionally for hairstylists and professionals. The blog reviews salon products and other hair cosmetics used by salons. They give free advice and suggestions on the marketing and branding of your product. With few posts every week this blog has been doing a great job in educating and suggesting the right cosmetic product for every different hair type.

Thirstyroots Black Hairstyle – 

This blog is focused on maintaining African hair, the blogger posts video tutorials, and an excellent picture of hairstyling. The blog is very informative in terms of the DIYs they teach the readers. They also arrange hair stylist’s interviews and professional opinions to share with the readers how they can take good care of hair using natural inputs.

Emily Cotton Top – 

This blog has earned its spot in the list for its followers on social media, the daily tips and tricks to manage your hair do wonder in the long run. They also mention traditional hacks that can be useful in your busy schedule. Visit the blog for insightful articles and beautiful retro hairstyles.

Black Hair Tribe –

 This blog reviews organic products and gives suggestions of dandruff and other problems that pose limitations in hair styling. The blog discusses how synthetic dye can ruin your hair quality and lead to roughage and hair fall. It recently launched a monthly magazine by this name which is based on hair care products and relevant topics.

The Blessed Queens – 

This blog deals with a variety of topics, from hair to fashion trends it has it all covered in one place. The blogger pens down all her experiments whether successful or not and write articles to keep her readers updated on the latest hairstyles and fashion as a whole.

Voice of Hair – 

This blog locates and educates the readers about the local hair stylists and natural hair care products to nourish and strengthen hair from inside. The blog encourages readers to contribute their hair care routine and invites professionals for interviews which are a unique feature of the blog.

African American Hairstyles – 

This blog mainly aims to review and guide the readers for the best purchase of natural hair care and beauty products. The blog also offers insightful articles and recorded videos free of cost to help readers implement products according to their needs. A must-visit blog for its amazing tips and tricks to manage every-day problems are also included in the blog.

Fine Natural Hair and Faith – 

This blog is for people who want to grow long lustrous hair with bare minimum products that are vegan and homemade. The products named and reviewed in the blog are great to add in your bucket list for its ingredients does wonders to your hair and make it strong and healthy from the roots. Visit the blog for tips and advice that are worth knowing. She religiously posts her journey of marinating long hair in this blog.

Many use these blogs as an add-on profession. Some companies and businesses create blogs for advertisement purposes.  Both the contents of the blog and the blog name are important in attracting more readers to the blog. Hence, for your convenience, we have provided some catchy natural hair blog names.

Best and Good natural hair blog names ideas for your Blog

Just Natural

Biological Hair

Functional Hair

Restorative Hair

Bio Natural Hair

Natural Hair Management

Natural Hairfall Control

Natural Hair Space

Soulful Hair

Rain forest Hair

More Natural Hair

Integrated Hair

Natural Hair Consultants

Natural Air brush

Earthy Hair

Nutritious Hair

Natural Hair Records

Natural Hair Cleaning

Genetic Hair

Homemade hair remedies

Natural Hair Gallery

Natural hair products

Natural hair regime

Natural hair oils

Virgin hairs

Natural Hair Foods

Natural Hair Blog Names

Natural Hair Therapy

Natural Hair Massage

Happy roots

Hair vitamins

Healthy hair diet

Natural hair guide

Hair advices

Natural hair textures

Prevent hair damage naturally

Natural protein for hair

Natural hair rules

Style natural hair

Natural curly hair

Ancestral Hair

Perfect Natural Hair

Natural Hair Factory

Botanic Hair

Natural Hair Hub

Great Natural Hair

Treat natural hair

Natural hair care

Natural hair growth

natural hair haircuts

Natural hair extensions

The term natural hair literally means chemical-free hair. Some people have black, thick long hair which is naturally grown without any chemical treatments. Every person wants to have beautiful natural hair.

Trending Natural Hair Blog Names

Top Natural Hair Pages Names

Using all natural oil, shampoo, conditioner, hair dye, etc stuff can make your hair grow naturally which is beautiful and strong. Chemically treated hair will look dull and weak after few applications.

Natural Hair Blog Name Generator

Natural Hair Blog Name Generator

Ignite your experience with our Natural Hair Blog Name Generator – unleash your unique online persona!

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