101+ Top Original blogs and Pages names

People sometimes study deep to find his originality. These days, the whole world has become fancy and it is difficult to retain one’s originality.In the search of originality, there are many blogs which can help people. Many who succeeded to find the purpose of life have created such blogs and these blogs actually attract people these days.

Top 15 Original blogs of the world

TMZ- This blog covers the latest entertainment news from Australia. It presents information in the form of Podcasts, interviews, videos, and graphics. The articles target celebrity lifestyle, health, fashion, travel, and much more. 

Billboard- This blog is dedicated to bringing the list of popular songs and albums. You can discover the top 100 or 200 songs every week from the music industry. It also offers news, events, podcasts, and music streaming. 

People- This blog brings the latest information about entertainment which covers news, gossips, upcoming shows,  movies, and popular books. It also features Quizzes, galleries, and webisodes. The purpose of the blog is to deliver timely content related to the entertainment industry. 

Business Insider-This is one of the top media, blogging platform to bring economic news, as well as top interviews of entrepreneurs. Readers will get educated predictions and trend analyses. It also provides the best tips and suggestions to improve business. 

The Verge-This blog’s founded about nine years ago. Its aim of studying the structure of technology to know how it will make an impact on the future. It studies, numerous trends, and technical aspects. Discover the best articles if you’re interested in the same niche.

Elle- This blog features beauty and fashion. It provides good information and knowledge-based articles which contain beauty tips, fashion style, fashion trends, fashion news, celebrity trends, etc. It’s a perfect magazine blog for ladies who’re more beauty conscious!

Fast Company- This blog generally focuses on how innovation is reforming technology. It drives world-changing ideas, leadership, creativity, and designs. It also shares economic news with readers. Additionally, it brings the best piece of advice to bring growth in the business. 

Entrepreneur- This’s the best platform to discover business news, webinars, events, interviews of renowned entrepreneurs, book suggestions, and much more. You will get daily fresh posts in the form of articles. Additionally, It presents magazines for longer pieces of content. 

Page Six- It’s a web blogging platform that covers events as well as entertainment news. It drives relevant and understandable content about the latest development of the world. Overall, This blog is the ultimate source to fulfill all your information needs. 

Yahoo! Sports- Discover all top sports news as well as fantasy leagues through this platform. It also presents opinion pieces, the latest sports coverage, events, predictions about sports scores, etc. You will love this platform if you are a real lover of sports.

Seeking Alpha- This blog is run by many investors who are dedicated to sharing, investing ideas, stock advantages, news, etc. It’s an online community where several investors connect and discuss investing, trends happening in the trading industry. You can also find the latest debate of investors on the stock market to make the best decisions.

NME- This platform is devoted to bringing news and articles related to pop culture, news,  albums, film, TV, etc. Music lovers can access gig guides, shops, radio, etc. If you are crazy about entertainment, NME is just for you!

Loudwire- The blogging section of this platform to provide news and articles about albums, songs, events, etc. It presents engaging music content to the audience. Access all entertainment and metal music coverage through this platform.

Harvard Business Review- This blog brings the best beneficial advice for business owners to overcome numerous ups and downs. The articles are written by professional business experts and researchers. This blog is quite helpful to make profitable decisions so that every entrepreneur can get expected results. 

CNET- The aim of the blog is to analyze all the latest consumer technology breakthroughs and figure out the latest trends which are impacting on the richness of life. The articles present the best tools and advice to the readers so that they can make the right buying decision. 

A blog is a webpage which allows the users to share their views and hobbies and get comments from readers. These days, the hobby of blogging has become a profession as people can earn a good income through it. Companies use blogs to promote their business. A blog is usually updated regularly and hence people can always get newer information. A blog name is as important as its contents.

Best Original Blog Names for originality for your interest

New Fresh

New Simple

Green Review

Creative Home

Free First

House Lab

Data Alpha

Style Set

Idea Design

Work Open

Dream Artist

Think Custom

House Search

Simple Way

Custom Grid

Master Fresh

First Select

Perfect Search

Custom Mint

Ideal Design

Alpha Institute

Neo Creations

Clean Base

Ready Lab

Clean Strategy

Pure Art

Lead Way

Box Fresh

Original Blog Names

Fresh Writer

Vision Create

Future Limited

Original Idea

Review Prime

Plan Custom

Base Edit

Cube Works

All Pure

Maestro Art

Solution Edit

Crispy Design

New Pure

Cloud Start

Smart Pure

Creative Future

One Fashion

Creative Pure

Vision Expert

Robot Smart

Clever Tune

Science Motor

Raw Organic

Behavior Cloud

Self Interactive

Intelligent Logic

Auto Sensory

The originality is the ability to express oneself in an original manner or in a unique manner. People have different faces, fingerprints and different thoughts. So each person is an original piece. And people always want to see, buy and support original things. To become pure even gold has to go through the toughest stages.

Trending Original Blog Names

Top Original Pages Names

In the same way, every people has to go through difficulties in order to get that original moment of happiness. Even the original clothes or other things are usually expensive as these have made from those rare and unique ingredients.

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