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101+ Top Psychology Blogs and Pages Names

Psychologists usually work along with other medical professionals in clinical settings. By studying psychology we can learn to understand how the body and mind works. There are many blogs that tell us how psychology works and its importance.

Some Psychologists, as well as some psychiatrists, have beautifully explained that things should work when one has psychological problems.

Top 15 Psychology Blogs in the World

Healthy place Mental Health Blog – This blog is run by a team based in Texas City, US. It focuses on issues like psychological disorders and provides valuable information regarding the treatments available.

It has many tips and advice on mental health support which can come really handy for people who are trying to help their dear ones overcome an emotional breakdown.  

PsyBlog by Dr. Jeremy Dean – Based in the United Kingdom, Dr. Jeremy Dean is a noted psychologist and published author of books dealing with the subject of mental health.

His blog is a landmine of resources on how to deal with anxiety, psychological breakdowns, and more. Everything published in his blog is backed by extensive scientific research. He posts twice a day.

Psychology Blogs by Dr. Robert Burriss- This blog, as the name suggests, is run by Dr. Robert Burriss, a leading psychologist based in Basel, Basel-Stadt, Switzerland. Dr. Burriss is currently a research fellow at the University of Basel in Switzerland.

His areas of expertise are evolutionary psychology and human relationships. He posts about the subjects extensively on his blog.

Advances in the History of Psychology – This blog is run by a team based in Canada and publishes at least two articles a day. The blog is a source of unique ideas and shares intriguing articles on the evolution of psychological studies over the years.

It also regularly updates on any current news or discoveries in the field of psychology. 

Positive Psychology Program – Based in Noord-Holland, Netherlands, Seph is passionate about psychology. His take on the subject is a little different and he believes that psychological issues can be dealt with, without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

His way of handling such situations is by practicing meditation and yoga which he shares his thoughts through his blog.

SACAP Psychology Blog – Based in South Africa, SACAP is an institution that provides education in psychology and mental health-related topics. They offer various courses in psychology, a degree in clinical counseling, and other qualifications in this field which are of the undergraduate and postgraduate level. The blog is run by the organization posts once a week.

Parenting Articles Child Psychology Blog – Run by a team based in Orange, California, United States, this blog is the brainchild of Dr. Bob Myers. DR Myers is a leading child psychologist and provides a lot of valuable information which helps parents detect depression in children, on how to win the trust of their children, especially in the teenage years. The blog posts once a week.

Neuromarketing By Roger Dooley – Run by a team based in Austin, Texas, United States, this blog merges the science of the brain with marketing. The result is fantastic and makes this blog unique and fun to read.

It discusses various aspects like consumer behavior and behavioral economics, while basically explaining how our brain responds to marketing campaigns and incentives. 

Sports Psychology Articles – This blog is run by Dr. Patrick Cohn and his team, who are based in Los Angeles, California, United States.

The blog aims to raise awareness about the importance of mental wellbeing in athletes and is a great source of information on how to improve mental toughness, prevent panic attacks, and deal with performance anxiety.

Happiness India Project – Based in New Delhi, India, this blog is a great source of resources on mindfulness, psychology, happiness, psychiatry, and also neuroscience.

The blog hopes to create awareness about the importance of mental wellbeing in India and hopes to make a significant impact on the happiness index of India. It was started in August 2017.

Positive Psychology New Daily – This blog is run by a team based in New York City, New York, United States. Sharing about 2 posts a month, the blog is a powerhouse of information about articles on psychology and mental health, all of which are backed by extensive scientific research. Most of the contributions are from post-graduate scholars in psychology.

What is Psychology – This blog is a medium through which people can post their questions about the topic of psychology. They have certified psychologists with years of experience, answering the questions for you. The blog publishes at least 4 posts a month and is very engaging and easy to read.

Inner Melbourne Clinical Psychology Blog – Run by a team of expert psychologists and doctors, based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, this blog is one of the best blogs on the subject.

Apart from providing authentic information on the various methods to deal with psychological issues, the blog also enables you to book an appointment with a psychologist based in Melbourne.

Companion Animal Psychology By Zazie Todd – This blog, as the name suggests, is run by Zazie Todd, an expert on animal psychology who lives in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. The blog covers the subject of animal and human relationships in detail. Read the blog to find insightful articles on the psychological aspect of dog training and more.

Strategic Psychology Canberra Blog – This blog is run by a team based in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia. It is a one-stop shop for all counseling services, be it child counseling, marriage counseling, dealing with anxiety and stress, or phobias. The blog publishes around 6 posts a month.

Blogging is a hobby and a way of expressing views online. A blog is a page on the internet which allows an individual to share their opinion and get comments on them. Blogging becomes a profession as individuals can earn money through it.

Companies create blogs to advertise themselves online. A blog name is an identity to the blog which is essential to attract more readers to it.

Memorable psychology blog names for you

Mind Soul

Self Soul

Base Effect

Talent Ward

Asset Ward

Blitz Away

Psych Mind

Psychology Blog Names

Motivate Lab

Well being Base

Pro Success Mind Find

Potential Spot

Biology Mind

Attitude Mind

Potential Base

Trigger Visions

Potential Expert

Personal Blitz

Human Counsel

Trending Psychology Blog Names

Top Psychology Pages Names

Insane Maniac

Lunatic Stalker

Success Glade

People Conduct

Sure Observation

Depression Therapy

InnerI Deal

Genius Spotted

Axis Junction

Observation Box

Psychology Pages Names

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Leap Grip

Skills Patrol

Strength Cosmo

Ability Searcher

Mindset Biology

Potential Go

Everlast Impact

Up Blitz




Tranquil Works

Aware Forum

Mind Moral

Rational Mind

Dream Ripple

Mental Spiritual

Mind Emotional

Therapy Surge

Rehab Sustain

Recovery Forward

Cognitive Comfort

Insane Spiritual

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Trending Psychology Pages Names

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. This study includes human development, sports, clinical, health, social behavior, and cognitive processes. Psychology is actually the study of things that cannot be seen physically.

It deals with emotions, memories, dreams, and perceptions. Psychologists and psychiatrists are constantly working together to help people with psychological conditions.

psychology blog names

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