101+ Top Running Blogs and Pages names

Running-related blogs teach us about gear and biomechanics. There are reviews on running ideas, buying running accessories guides. You can even find some great writings on the latest running science and gear. Some blogs focuses on the physical and mental aspects required during running. There is race news; some helpful comments from many readers can keep you up-to-date on the latest sport of running.

Top 15 running blogs of the world 

Runners World-

This blog is dedicated to present news related to running and several important equipment reviews. It also delivers practical solutions and tips for their readers. Check out the new story on a daily basis to upgrade your knowledge of running. 

Running Shoes Guru-

This blog is dedicated to bringing unbiased content about running shoes to guide and inspire people about shoes and gear. It’s one of the top reviewing blogs to produce quality posts so that readers can recognize the true product. 


The person behind this blog is Amanda who designed this platform to give a helping hand to support the middle of the pack runners so that they could enjoy the run regardless of the clock.

Hungry Runner Girl-

This blog is the creation of a Janae who writes learning about her running and life experiences. She also brings the stories on gear and events which she observed through her personal experience. 

I Run Far-

The aim of the blog is to provide articles on mud, mountains, etc to guide people in the right way. If you’re searching the same content, you should add this blog to your list. 

The Science of Running-

This blog is responsible to produce in-depth articles on sports, science, training methods, and lots of other topics associated with increasing strength as well as running performance. It can be the best blogging guide to learn the art of running.  

 Running Physio-

This blog is created in 2012 where an author drives informative articles on injury treatment and prevention. It offers effective advice and practical solutions to various runners which could help them in taking suitable prevention measures.

 Dr. Nick’s Running Blog-

The blog’s main motive is to produce quality reports on the latest running news. From in-depth research to writing reviews, it helps users to clear all their running-related doubts. 

Fleet Feet-

This blogging platform drives unbiased reviews about running shoes, apparel, and gears. Along with these content, it also delivers important easy tips and advice which could help people in their journey of running. 

Ali On The Run-

As the name of the blog sounds, Ali writes her thoughts and experiences on running which she earned during her participation in races and several events. She took part in many events as well as guest interviews so she shares with the world to encourage them in the right way.

The Ph.D. Runner-

Through this blog, you can check out hundreds of posts on running where bloggers give tips to overcome running challenges. Also, it provides the best reviews on products and events.  

Marathon Training Academy-

This blog is created to encourage runners to take participate in the marathon so that their life can be changed. You can read about their opinions and personal experiences which helps beginners to learn relevant things. 

Believe in the Run-

This blog mainly designed to provide shoe and gear reviews from numerous experienced runners. The best thing about this blog is that they actually use the product and then recommend it to their readers. 

Runner Click-

If you are searching for detailed product reviews, along with some daily running news and tips, this blog can be the right choice for you. It helps people to learn so many things about running through relevant information. 


This blog is one of the best platforms to get tips and advice on running shoes, gear reviews, and many more. To access data on the science of sports, Rnblogger can be your best partner in running. 

A blog is a place on the internet where articles about your hobby and other interested topics are posted regularly. These days blogging is a popular profession of earning some extra bucks. Also, blogging is done by some business people to advertise their products and services. Unlike websites, blogs are updated regularly. Since the contents of the blogs are meant to attract traffic to the site, they are considered to be important. Similarly, a blog name also can make a difference in getting readers to the blog.

Here are Some Good ideas for running blog names for  your Next Blog

Marathoner Diary

Fat burner run

Take a step

Linear Moving

Flowing Track

Track Working

Daily streaming

Fire Running

Bit Running

Fit day

Track my run


Run for cause

Repeat run

Running world

Running gear

Run technique

Crunch Run

Runner Nutrition

Lace up the shoes

Dynamic action

Running Mark

Moving Rail

Race Range

Essential Run

Diabetic Run


Run All Tasks

Nurse Fresh

Best Exercise

Running Blog Names

Treadmill Right

Workout Jog

Jogger’s world

Jog Love

Conveyor Sport

The Walkster

Running guide

Heart friendly

Active life

Feel active

Dream Runner

Marathon training

Runner’s choice

Positive vibes

Inner self



Surprise goals

Confidence booster

Best aerobics

Running has more health benefits than any other natural exercises. Running improves memory, keeps you sharp, keep your heart healthy, controls your blood pressure, strengthens knees, reduces cancer risks, help you live longer, makes you happier, helps reduce weight, helps sleep better and improves the mood and ability to focus, etc.

Trending Running Blog Names

Top Running Pages Names

When you have so many benefits of running, there are no reasons to stop you running. Running is an exercise and need proper observation. There are even certain limits of running. There are blogs created by a gym expert or a fitness motivator which are dedicated to only exercises regarding running and other such activities.

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