101+ Top Security Blogs and Pages names

The blogs are conveying the security information with the latest updates. By referring these blogs thoroughly you will be able to protect yourself from hackers who can hack your data and flood your email account with malware.

If you are an expert in cyber security term, you can be a good instructor to people who are unaware of these security situations. You can create awareness blogs which might get more traffic since these are today’s need.

Top 15 Security Blogs of the World

Absolute – 

This blog gives complete protection to companies linked with IT for highly confidential information. The insightful articles are the main attraction of the blog. Visit the blog for more interesting facts and the latest updates that meet the eye. 

Comodo – 

This blog help enterprise to protect themselves from new threats and control existing threats. All the latest updates and news are posted on this blog. The blog also invites expert opinions on new threats that are unknown in the market. The blog writes articles on technological glitches and other relevant topics.

McAfee – 

This blog was introduced in late 2013. It independently helps cyber companies and gives them required protection from managing files to issues that may arise due to malware, the blog is perfect endpoint security for advanced threats. The blog is educative and a must-visit for students and professionals.

Kerbs On Security – 

This award-winning blog is super educative when it comes to global information security. It won the topmost corporate blog. This is one of the best cybersecurity blogs published by IT security firm ESET, covering the latest cyber threats, cybersecurity news, and research, insights, and malware discoveries.

Forrester – 

This blog posts articles in a connected way so must follow them thoroughly to know more about endpoint security. The blog is designed especially for ethical hackers. The blog provides in-depth knowledge on any topic it chooses to discuss, expert interviews are also included and readers are also invited to share their views and comment on any post.

IT Security Guru – 

This blog is about all the breaking IT security news you need to stay updated about the latest happenings in the global information technology industry. They offer articles, videos, webinars, analysis, case studies, and latest cybersecurity scams where they spotlight recent hacks making it easy for you to keep yourself updated on the information security world.

The Hacker News – 

This blog is the independent and a great resource for cybersecurity the main focus being the computer security, hacking, botnet attacks, cybercrime privacy, and information security professionals. It claims around 8 million monthly readers including geeks, leading security researchers, CISOs.

The Last Watchdog –

 This blog is written by Pulitzer-winner, teacher, journalist, Byron Acohido, the founder and executive editor of the blog. The blog is known to deliver articles, videos, and podcasts. The contents are balanced, accurate, and fair. 

Schneier Security – 

This blog covers security and security technology. Dubbed a “security guru” by The Economist, Bruce Schneier is an internationally famed security critic, technologist, author, and commentator. The blog contains cybersecurity news along with his, academic papers, commentary, essays. The academic approach to security along with the style of storytelling makes this blog a super educative.

ColorTokens – 

This blog is the right place to start your experience in protecting the system from virus attacks and hacking. The blog suggests protection according to the workload of the systems. Follow the blog for valuable content. With lakhs of followers, this blog is a definite bookmark among the list.

Cisco Blog– 

The blog is brimming with news updates and the latest technological advancements. The blog is sure to catch you by the way if you are searching for security websites to protect your company or confidential and valuable information on protecting your files and system. The blog posts are always better than the previous ones and never miss a chance to connect people to unknown topics or less discussed topics that can affect your PC.

Endpoint Protector –

 The blog is mainly focused on protecting the system and company-related issues when traveling. The blog saves your time by giving detailed knowledge about viruses and common threats that can harm your system and can bring hindrance. The blog provides complete protection with less time and risk.

emt –

 The blog is mainly focused on software security and the blogger himself is a software distributor who has many years of experience and tries to capture the market by large by discussing the most common problem that people face after installing new software. The blog protects your system from hanging after such installations and is quite popular in the space for insightful articles with average reading time.


 The blog is mainly designed for engineers who work on different types of data. It helps them to protect the data from any kind of scams or breaches. The tips and articles of the blogs are a must-read section of the blog, it also shares the reader’s opinions which they think can help improve the blog quality and adds value to it.

Solutions Review –

 The blog talks about the latest launched products and software and reviews all of them for easy decision-making of the readers. The buying information and all possible links of buying are provided in the blog. It covers almost all such products which are used by the companies. The blog is best known for its quality content and tech news. It is a must-visit for tech enthusiasts.

Blogging is a hobby which can be turned into a profession to earn a living. A blog is a place on the internet where one can put up their opinions and gets commented on that. Blogs can be used to advertise businesses as well. An updated blog is the attraction of the internet and hence these blogs get more traffic. He contents of a blog are important in order to get more readers. Similarly, a blog name is also important. Hence, we have given some blog name ideas for you.

Terrific security blog names ideas for your Blog

Security experts

Close observers

Installing of security

Internet security

Antivirus security

Security suite

Security essentials

Security threats

Poor security

Alarm systems

System monitor

Protection reviews

Research paper topics

Security warning

Security shield

Security software

Internet source security

Licensed protection

Security firewall

Corrupt Database

Bit defender

Fuzzy logics

Warning messages

File sharing

Publicly traded

Trial versions

Security scan

Secure Information

Security updates

Warning virus

Identity protection

Security cameras

Antivirus software review

Wireless Internet

Security advice

Internet services

Antivirus downloads

Firewall protection

Protect your PC

Best antivirus

Virus news

IT helper

Digital hackers

The hottest topic in the IT sector these days is the online security and data privacy. It is stressful to live in this digital era due to the haunting of internet media. People these days rely on internet for each and everything like online payments and other stuff. But cybercrime is the biggest topic we need to face.

Top Security Pages Names

One should have the good knowledge of security trends and hackers to protect themselves. There are many blogs which will let you know what you need to do in order to avoid cyber attacks and password problems.

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