Bicycle Club Names: 550+ Catchy, Cool Names - (Guide + Generator)

Bicycle Club Names: 550+ Catchy, Cool Names

Are you a regular bicycle rider and looking for a team name for the same? We’ve got an entire list for you which will bring you some of the best names you can pick for your bicycle team.

Bicycling is extremely good for your health since it reduces all your stress and maintains blood flow into your body. If you haven’t started bicycling yet, it is your time to get started with the activity. 

Make yourself a club, and start riding bicycling today because it possesses many health benefits. Let’s check out the names you can pick for your club:

Bicycle Club Names

Slow Wheel Mission

The Bleed and Gut

Spirit Bicycles

Wheels on Fire

Magically Bikelicious



The Slow Uphill

The Blazing Griffins

Far From Home

In the Saddle


White Eagles

Power Peddling Pixies

Weakened Warriors

Cyclone Cycles

The True Sabers

Re-Cycle Garage

Bike Palace

Breaking Wind

Sugar Cycles

Patriot Guard Riders

The Pedal Pride

Pesky Peddlers

Trinity Riders

Top-Tier Performers

The Senior Wheelers

The Night Mutants

Motocross Club

Z-Bars Legion

United Riders


Gears N Beers

At Your Pace

Water Wheelie

The Steel Saints

Bright Bikes

IntelloBike Riders

Geared Up

Careful Cycles

Cyco Tribe

Great Speed

The Spoke Herd

The Slow Movers

Pedal Crunch

Wheels of Steel

The Whispering Spinerettes


The Big Saddles

East Bay Dragons

The Old Path

Road Warriors

Peddlepower Cyclers


Cool Bicycle Club Names

These are some fantastic names you can pick for your bicycle club. These names will ensure that every member of your bicycle club maintains his cool personality in front of the public.


Peacemakers Bicycle Club

Tour Be Here

The Dragon Bikers

Circle Shift

Wind Feel Wheelers

Hope Cycle Club

i-Next Riders

Fit Cyco life


The Outlaws

Certified Vintage


Spin Doctors

Power Patrol

The Cycler Heaven

Toecutter’s Gang

Thick as Thieves

SoloCrew Riders

Large Wheels

Wheelbar Riders

HappyZip Riders

Trans Berry Cyclers

The Laidback Peddlers

Wheels of Freedom

Sweet Speed Surrender

Mountain Trails

Cortona Cyclery

Souls Bicycle Club

One Hit Wonders

Stable Dot Riders


CircleVibe Riders

Venturo Cyclery

Speed Scrubbers

The Charybdis

The Steel Lions

The Bike Hikers


Wheelie Awesome

The Squirrels

Cycle Trails

No Carbs

Pedal Power

Borrow Grade Cyclery

Falcon Rider

Flying Cherry

Slow Speed Matters

Cyc Stirke

Riders Choice Bicycles

Trustline Riders

Full Circle

Sprocket Society

Barrel Bikers

Cycle Byte

Shadow Riders

Bravery Corps

Running It Out

The Rough Tigers

Cadence Revolutions

Cool Alchemists

Uptown Riders

The Chasers

The Heretics

Two Wheel Thrill

Cyclocross Obstacles

Bigfoot Cycles

MovingMate Cyclers

RedFlag Cyclery

Flaming Wheels

Saddle Tramps

Slow Succumb


Blazing Gargoyles

Rapid Crew

Cycobo Riders

Diesel Division

Spartan Riders

Brevbike Riders

Chain Reaction

Bicycle Club Names For Boys

If you are a member of a boys’ bicycle club, you should pick a name related to boys and their physicality. Your name must denote that this is a boys’ gang and the logo as well. Let’s check out the boys’ bicycle club names:

Beast Boosters

Cycle Hook

Terror Machines

Slow Momentum

The Primal Sidekicks

Well Circle Riders

Wheelin Riders


Door Prize Posse

Rock Riders

Freewheeling Powersports



DILLIGAF Sisterhood

Smart Play Cyclers

Effortless Spinning

QubicBike Riders

GeoRapid Riders

Eagle’s Nest

Saddled & Addled

Good Hex Cyclery

Racing Cyclist

Forward Movement

The Cyclepaths

Offbeat Cyclery

Select Surf Riders

Wreckin’ Crew

Moped Army

Road Runners

BikeMint Riders

urban Freedom

The Pillion Patrol

Sturdy Biking Pro

Up-Cycled Riders

Zappes Riders

Slow Wheel Countdown

Blue Steel Lounge


The Cyclo Style

The Blue Destroyers

Broken Bmx

The Pagans

Xtreme Wheel Cyclers

Rotating Paceline

ZipBike Riders

Arpell Riders

Pedal Dancers

The Free Wheelers

Pedal Aliens

Bridge Rats

FirstCity Riders

Reliable Bicycle

i-Wheel Riders

NextWheel Cyclers

Viking MC

Your Pace or Mine?

Stop In Cycles

But Why

Going the Distance

Saddlebag Squad

Sit and Spin

Spin for Fun

United Bicycle Club

The Slow Freedom

Sugar Cycles

The Wheel Deal

Bicycle Club Names for Girls

Girls are great bicycle riders and are no less than boys. If you are a part of one such girls’ bicycle club, then you should pick a name accordingly. Below, we’ve listed a few names which will perfectly suit a girls’ bicycle club. Let’s check it out:


Fun Quest Riders

The Big Bikers

The Cyclomaniacs

Wheel O Tribe

Over The Hill Gang

Eco Cyclopedia

Spoke & Mirrors

Slow Pace Panache

Tiny Space Cyclers

Wheel Club

Road Rascals

Crank Masters

The Spoke Patrol

Goole & District


Slow Speed Demons

Brush with Breeze

Big Cobras

CycleGunz Cyclery


Wheelie Warriors

CoastRiders Powersports

Misfit Riders

Pleasure Bikers

Take Turn Riders

Master Wheels

The Slow Move

Seven Skulls Center

Fireblade Performance

Granny Gear Group

The Wheel Deal

Imperfect Peddlers

Blue Angels

Upzing Riders

Slow Gear Thrill

Gear Grind Peasants

Beater Battalion

The Chaingang

Slow Off Road

The Cyc O Club

Pesky Peddlers

At Drive Riders

Aero Alliance

Vicious Cycle

Brains Trust

Wheel Fun Riders

Head Hunters

Bike Heaven

Hunted Scooters

Rock Machine

West Wiltshire

The Slow Uphillers

Young Peddle Cyclery

Raw Speed County

Enesta Riders

Classic Bicycles Club

Slow Speed Wizards

Grind My Gears

Wheel D Beasts

The Born Samurai

The Liberty Beards

The Cyclopedia

Cycler’s Bliss Beat

Slow Wheel

The Wild Cobras

WayQ Riders

Slow Ride Gremlins

Eco Wheelers

The Rolling Legionnaires

No Fool’s Gear

Velocity on Wheels

Kurious Wings


Upstring Cyclers

Pedal Power Gonzos

CrazyRunner Cyclers

The Roadie Corps

Cycoholic Tribe

BikeQube Riders


Joss Riders

Cycle Gear

Gravity Drops

Phoenix Warriors

Slow Down Clan

Crosswalk Trading

Antique Bicycle Club

Amazing Wheels

Cassette Set

Surrey Raiders

Gear to Gear

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