154+ Amazing Bicycle Safety Slogans

Bicycles are one of the most common vehicles. They are found in almost all countries and men and women both ride them.

Bicycles are used by men and women of all ages, and also by children. In the later years of the19th century and by the start of the 21st century, around 1 billion bicycles were produced in Europe.

The production of bicycles actually exceeded the production number of cars and other vehicles. Bicycles are the main means of communication and transportation in many places.

Best Bicycle Safety Slogans

  • Ride safe
  • Take your helmet with you
  • The bed doesn’t need the helmet
  • Take the safe lane
  • Don’t rash ride
  • Don’t be on the streets
  • Safety first 
  • Gear up with safety
  • Go slow and safe
  • Paddle safely

Bicycles are also a very popular means of recreation, and they are used for general fitness,  police and military applications, bicycle racing and stunts, courier services and as children’s toys, and many more.

Because of the wide usage of bicycles across the globe, there are various safety measures that have been adopted in countries across the world so that the riders, bikers, and pedestrians around them can be safe while riding a bicycle.

List of Best Bicycle Safety Slogans

We all share the lane, let us be safe together.

Ride safe, live safe.

Ride safe, stay safe.

Ride safe and keep others safe too.

Let us be safe on the lane.

You may have a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler but safety is for everyone.

We may look small but we have the speed so beware.

The road is for all, stay safe and ride safe everyone.

If you can ride safe, we know will be safe too.

Safety is for you, for me and for everybody else.

We know accidents hurt, so let us prevent them.

A helmet is sexy 

Follow the safety rules and everyone will be safe and happy 

When you are safe, I am safe too.

Stay away from hospitals and hospital beds by wearing your helmet on your head.

Taking Precautions and following the safety rules do not harm anyone.

Lives matter so ride safer

Wear your helmet.

Please wear the helmet always.

Safety comes first.

Always choose safety before stunts.

Nobody wants to die on the road.

Stay safe, ride safe.

Do not wait for an accident to teach you the importance of safety.

Stay informed, stay safe and keep everyone safe.

Have a safe ride everyone 

Do not forget to wear your helmet.

Keep your head safe by wearing a helmet.

Ride safe.

Where is your helmet?

Following the traffic rules.

Sticking by the traffic rules.

Because helmet matters.

Because we care for your safety.

Do not play with your lives, wear your helmets.

Helmets protect you so do not forget to wear them.

Always abide by the traffic rules.

Ride slow, ride safe.

Do not get into unnecessary racing.

Do not speak on your phone while riding a bicycle 

Because bicycles are a teenager’s favorites 

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Do not be busy on your phone when riding

Take your cycle to the mechanic if you find anything wrong 

bicycle safety slogans

We know you love biking.

Because we know you love cycling 

Because we know how much you love cycling.

Because cycles are my favourite things.

Ride well and ride safe 

Ride your bicycle safely.

Being safe is a good idea.

Riding safely is always a good idea.

Check the brakes.

Take your cycle for an annual check-up, it needs some love and care too.

Because safety is our first priority.

Stay away from the pedestrians.

Leave the pedestrians alone!

Stick to the left side always.

Keep your bike on the left side always 

Keep your eyes on the street, feet on the pedals and palms on the handles.

Because learning about road safety comes before learning to ride.

Because bicycles may be easy but not accident-proof.

Because there are many rules to follow on the road.

Take some time and read about the safety rules.

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Bicycles are fun but accidents are not.

Because fun is important but lives are precious.

Because discipline always pays well.

Do not disobey the rules of safety.

Because if you ride safe, you keep others safe too.

Because the safer you are, the safer I will be.

Because accident prevention is always our intention.

We all know that accidents hurt but safety does not.

Are those brakes good enough to last till the last halt?

Whether at work, whether at home, whether on the road, always keep safety rules in mind.

Do not be scared if you have a helmet to wear.

Always be aware when you are riding a bike.

Go safe, go slow.

It is always good to be sure about safety than being surely dead.

No matter what vehicle you are on, even if you are big or you are small, the road is to be shared by all.

You will save your future if you ride safe.

Always wear your helmet on your head if by chance you fall.

Make Safety your Habit.

Give your bike a good brake.

Your bike gets tired too, give it a brake.

Safety comes first, anytime and any day

Bicycles have two wheels but a hundred safety rules to be followed.

Is it not better to be informed than being deformed?

How about in pursuit of safety?

Safety at home, safety on the road.

Safety first is for everyone.

We promise you a good ride if you follow the safety lines.

Compromising with safety is never a good idea.

Do not compromise with safety.

It is always a bad idea to compromise with safety.

Safety does not come second, it always comes first.

Safety is not a joke.

Stay safe to live longer and happier 

Staying safe is important not only for you but for others too.

Stay safe, stay happy and you will see a good change in your life.

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Like we tell you to be safe, you will teach your children to be safe too.

Be the change you want others to follow.

If you ride safely, you will inspire others to be safe too.

We can give you lectures to be safe but if you do not follow the rules, you will not be safe at all 

bicycle safety slogans

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