Top 45+ Best Biscuit Brands in the world

A biscuit is the wonderful snack of the afternoon and is one of the most liked things to eat. There are a lot of brands of biscuits in the world. Given below is a list of top biscuit brands in the world.

Biscuit Brands in the world


Country: United States

It is a sandwich biscuit that consists of two crisp, light, and thin biscuits, with a crème stuffing. Launched in 1912, it is America’s top trading brand of cookies. They run their business in nearly 100 nations.

Chips Ahoy

Country: United States

It is a biscuit brand, traded and made by Nabisco, associated with Mondelēz International. The cookies of this brand are extensively traded in Italy, United Kingdom, Mauritius, Indonesia, China, Spain, India, and many more countries. It is America’s third best-selling biscuits after a Nabisco-branded cookie and Oreo.

Pepperidge Farm

Country: United States

It is a retail bakery in the United States. Margaret Rudkin developed this brand of biscuit in 1937. The brand was titled by her after her household’s estate in Fairfield, Connecticut. Pepperidge Farm is associated with Campbell Soup corporation and is founded in Norwalk, Connecticut.


Country: United States

It is a cracker and cookie factory in the United States. Established in 1853, the company has manufactured several baked items. They have traded its trademarks such as Vienna Fingers, Plantation, Austin, Murray cookies, Fudge Shoppe Cookies, Famous Amos, Fudge Cookies, Club Crackers, Chips Deluxe, and Cheez-It. 

Famous Amos

Country: United States

It is a cookie brand in the United States. Wally Amos established this brand in 1975 in Los Angeles.


Country: United States

It is a trademark acquired by Nabisco that is extensively united with its chain of wafer-style and vanilla-flavored cookies. The title is an abbreviation of vanilla, the flavor profile familiar to all the stocks of the Nilla brand.

Little Debbie

Country: United States 

The stocks of this brand are mainly cake and cookie-based dessert items. They are marketed in many varieties, including Oatmeal Creme Pies, Zebra Cakes, Cosmic Brownies, Fudge Rounds, Nutty Bars, and the most-selling Swiss Cake Rolls. Their stocks are available in most deduction, convenience, and grocery shops both in individual and boxes wrappings.


Country: United States

It is an American factory of snacks and cookies that has head offices located in East Hanover, New Jersey. Nabisco is associated with Illinois-based Mondelēz International.


Country: United States

It was founded in Minneapolis. Pillsbury was one of the biggest grain and other food items producers in the world until the company was sold by General Mills.

Mrs. Fields

Country: United States

It is a franchisor in the business of snack food, with TCBY and Mrs. Fields as its core trademarks. Mr. Fields is one of the biggest traders of freshly made brownies and cookies in America. The franchise networks of this brand include more than 300 licensed areas in the US and in 22 other regions.

Fig Newtons

Country: United States

It was established by Charles Roser in 1891. The items are manufactured by an extrusion procedure. The unique shape of the products is a standard that has been approved by opponents.


Country: United States

It is an American global company that runs a line of membership-only storehouse associations. In 2015, it was the world’s second-biggest trader after Walmart and in 2016, it was the biggest merchandiser of wine, rotisserie chicken, organic foods, and prime beef. 

Trader Joe’s 

Country: United States 

It is a line of grocery shops in the United States, that has head offices located in Monrovia, California. As of 2015, it has a competition with “fresh format” grocery shops in America.  As of 2019, they had more than 503 shops nationwide in 42 states.


Country: United States

This food conglomerate of the United States is mostly popular as Quaker and founded in Chicago. Since 2001, Quaker has been acquired by PepsiCo.

Voortman Cookies

Country: Canada

It is a Canadian corporation working in the manufacturing and retail of cookies. Voortman Cookies was founded in Burlington, Ontario. The cookies of this brand are traded at commercial locations across Puerto Rico, the United States, Canada, and more than 70 other regions in the world.


Country: United Kingdom

It is a British factory of snack food primarily manages in Namibia, Ireland, and the UK. They are mainly popular for producing non-potato-based snack items and potato chips. Henry Walker established this brand in 1948 in Leicester, England, and owned by Lay’s owner, Frito-Lay in 1989.


Country: United States

It is a factory of cookies in the United States, launched in Battle Creek, Michigan in 1936. The company is mainly popular for its oatmeal cookie varieties.

Russell Stover

Country: United States

Clara and Russell Stover established this brand in 1923. It is a distributor of confections, chocolate, and candy in the United States. The associated head offices are located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Girl Scout Cookies

Country: United States 

The cookies of this brand are traded by Girl Scouts to increase budgets to help Girl Scout administrations and single squads. 112 local Girl Scout councils organize biscuit sales. who choose one of two nationwide bakery shops to purchase biscuits from.


Country: United States of America

It is a trademark that initially had a bakery store founded in Oakland, California. The Mother’s Cookies brand was acquired by the Kellogg Company in the year of 2008 and carried the trademark back to West Coast grocery shop shelves in 2009.

Whole Foods Market

Country: United States

It is an American line of the global supermarket that has a head office situated in Austin, Texas, which solely trades artificial color-free and hydrogenated fats-free products. The line is mostly famous for its organic choices. As of 2019, they have 7 shops in England and 500 in North America.


Country: United States

It is a food brand in the United States. SnackWells was first launched in 1992, the stocks of this company used to include fat-free biscuits of some unique flavors including devil’s food cake, shortbread, and creme.

Lance Inc.

Country: United States

It is a snack food brand of the United States acquired by the Snyder’s-Lance corporation that has a head office located in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2018, Campbell’s owned this brand.


Country: United Kingdom

It is a manufacturer of biscuits in the United Kingdom. The Fox family established this brand in 1853 in West Yorkshire. The headquarters and primary manufacturer are still founded in the city. The biscuits of this brand are also shipped to Asia, Australia, North America, and Europe.

Great Value

Country: United States 

It was first introduced in 1993. The stocks of this brand are always claimed to be as amazing as nationwide brand subsidies but are commonly traded at a lower rate. The chain of Great Value includes buttermilk biscuits, trash bags, light bulbs, canned foods, frozen dinners, and many more conventional grocery shop Items.


Country: United Kingdom 

It is a food retailer and a former convenience store and supermarket chain in the United Kingdom. Safeway began as a subordinate of the American Safeway Inc.


Country: United Kingdom

It is a company of cookies manufactured by Burton’s Foods in England. The remedy for their biscuits was taken to England from America in 1956. It is one of the top retailing cookies in the United Kingdom. More than 12 billion Cookies of this brand are traded in Europe every year.


Country: Sweden 

Swedish corporation AB Annas Pepparkakor manufactured this ginger thin brand in Sweden. The sisters Emma and Anna Karlsson established this company in 1929 and since 1963, it has been acquired by the Mattsson household. The products of this company are accessible in supermarkets in Sweden.


Country: Germany

It is a food corporation in Germany, founded in Hanover. Hermann Bahlsen created this cookie brand in 1889. A range of cakes and biscuits are produced by Bahlsen.

The most popular product of this brand is the Leibniz-Keks brought up in 1891. Five manufacturing facilities are run by Bahlsen in Europe.

Pacific Cookie Company

Country: United States

It was a conglomerate of baking firms that has a head office situated in Portland, Oregon, United States. Pacific Cookie Company was established in 1899, and the National Biscuit Company bought this firm in 1930. The firm was the only baking firm in America to brand a swastika.


Country: France

The biscuits of this brand are prepared from an easy mixture of seven organic items. Rich yet discreet with an outstanding flavor and texture from real butter.


Country: United States

The biscuits of this brand are a kind of biscuit baked and supplied by DeBaufre Bakeries. They make their cookies with a heavy coating of chocolate fudge that originates from a German procedure.


Country: Mexico

It is the biggest factory of cookies in Mexico. The corporation also prepares ready to eat cereals, flour, and other similar stocks. It has it’s head office located in Nuevo León, Mexico, and has manufacturing facilities in one state in Colombia and eight in Mexico. PepsiCo owned the brand in 1990.

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