656+ Best Boating Blogs and Pages Names

Boating is leisure time to get together and has a quality time together in the midst of nature. This adventurous journey has become popular these days as people are leading a stressful life in the city. There are many activities one can perform boating and can enjoy their hobby.

Top 15 Boating Blogs Of The World 

Sailing Anarchy-The blog brings you updates on the most absurd difficulties and occasions that are occurring progressively – from around the globe. They additionally run a discussion which anybody can join, permitting individuals to pose inquiries and express opinions regarding the boating world. 

59° North Podcast- This blog is focusing on providing guides, adventure news, and podcasts, which is quite different from typical content about the sailing world. Access some useful tips, weather forecasting news, funny, adventurous ideas, adventure reviews, and also bring “ask us anything’ sessions’ for their readers. 

Sailing Europe-This blog is dedicated to sharing guidance of top destinations, reviews of a yacht, cooking, and eating, apparatus, and gear in addition to a great deal more. The site posts once every week as a matter of course, so there’s a lot of informative content to keep you perusing for a considerable length of time, regardless of whether you’re after the good stuff.

Zizoo Boats-Zizoo is a cutting edge sailing occasion organization that has been in the business for a long time. You’ll get professional guidance on the boat, traveling tips, tourist destinations, and many more. You’ll discover interviews from proficient mariners, giving you top tips on the best to perform best on the water. 

Rooster Sailing-This blog furnishes you with proficient direction on the best way to be a superior competitive severe sailor. You will also learn to handle numerous equipments to be an expert in boating. This blog is all about giving you the best suggestions and advice to make your boating experience better.

First Class Sailing- Their blog area brings you ordinary news content around current cruising campaigns from sailors, guides from Europe, and past just as subtleties of up and coming occasions and courses inside the UK. So, follow this blog to increase your boating knowledge!

BlueFoot Travel-In this blog, You can discover articles about food and natural life that you’ll run over during your stay away as well. Read traveling content, discounts, exciting offers, and numerous useful information if you love to do boating and never want to miss any little updates regarding the sailing world!

Sailo Blog- The Sailo blog is exceptionally fascinating, which shares engaging, tremendous, and in some cases, silly aides on all that you need to visit or consider doing while on your drifting occasion. Ultimately, it is the world’s topmost boat rentals platform where you get  9,000 vessels up for rental from private owners.

 Capt’n Pauley’s Virtual Boatyard- If you’re searching tips and advice to make some important modifications on your boat then this is the perfect blog for you. It presents a DIY boating blog, boat restoration tips, useful engine maintenance guidance, and several hacks, which can be helpful for you. 

Bitter End- This blog is managed by Capt. Richard J. Rodriguez who is devoted his time to bring boating news for the readers. If you’re a real boating lover, then you are always excited to read some new stuff that’s associated with boating. So, it provides the best informative content which you should be aware of. 

G-Captain- This blog is founded by Captain John Konrad, who brings entertaining and educative content to upgrade knowledge of boaters. This platform is particularly focused on commercial fishing and useful advice to walk in the boating world accurately. 

Panbo- This is one of the top blogs which covers almost everything related to the world of marine electronics. The articles and useful information presented by Writer and editor Ben Ellison, who updates on a frequent basis to keep updating your knowledge. Check out primary marine electronics products too.

Sportsman Boat- This is a popular boating blog that is known for the wonderful content that it has. It assembles the quickest developing line of family-accommodating focus reassures boats in-class. Worked with the most recent structures, techniques, and materials.

 Go Boating Florida- This blog connects their followers and readers with industry experts. It’s a Southwest Florida community that shares news, assets, and useful information for professionals and researchers. Thus, it is quite a fantastic place to update your knowledge!

The Boat Works-The Boat Works is a genuinely extensive contribution of professional marine assistance for delight boaters, and pleasurable help for business administrators. Here you’ll locate an excited team; affordable rates and a lot more things.

 Regardless of age, people want to enjoy boating and want to know more activities on boating. There are many bloggers who have boating as a hobby, have created various blogs related to boating activities. These bloggers have shared their experience while boating and have shown how to handle boat parts.

List of boating blog names

Row Route

Boat System

Pilot Sea

Route Ace

Maritime Lane

Manage Route

Sailing Path

Boat Spirit

Conquest Boats

Cruising World

Dreamtime Sail

Dusky Marine

First Class Sailing

Footloose Adventure

Growing a Pair

Boating Lux

Navigation Master

Boating Service

Boats Path

Navigation Way

Liner Boat

Open Rudder

Waves Zip

Sails Path

Share Routes

Sail Compass

Boat Seaway

Harbor GPS

Boat Laner

Mari Location

Navo Lane

Helm Navitor

Navi Locator

Sail World

Sailing Anarchy

Sailing Britican

Sailing on Seabreeze

Sailing Saga Sea

Sailing Today

Sailing Totem

Sailing World

Sailing Yacht

Sailor Insight

Geo Helm

Front Boat

Router Wear

Boat Pather

Route Mist

GPS Boater

Route Fish

Learn Marine

Beyond Aqua

Hydro Squad

Aquatic Port

The Aqualine

Aquatic Global

Hydro Booth

Tidal Vital

Water World

Global Travel

Pool Healing

Liquid Pond

Wave Cosmo

Heal Waters

Liquid Club

Aquatic Tide

Hydra Whiz

Aquatic Training

Liquid Wave

Sink to Swim

H2O Valley

Liquid Cave

Aqua City

Calm Tides

Dream Blue

Water Read

The Right Sip

Vital Venue

Stream Aqua

Hydro Range

Sip Hip

Oasis Feel

Sea Addict

Unique Ocean

Water Arrow

Water Diving

Pond Premium

Big Flask

Brand Delta

Blue Glows

Fresh Life

Ocean Bliss

Aqua Heap

Live Fresh

Spot Restore

Ocean Vibration

Sand Deep

Aqua Contain

Water Adventure

Happiness River

Voyage Funs

River Package

Tour River

Lagoon Games

Wild River

River Explore

Voyager Buddy

Sports Sea

Sea Story

SeaHorse Sailing School

Starcraft Marine

The Boating Hub – Sailing

Tradewinds Sailing Blog

Wind Check Magazine

Water Trip

Marine Fantasy

Pond Hunt

Sea Chance

Offshore Saga

Sea Ride

Coast Epic

Pond Trek

Coast Venture

Marina Outdoor

Offshore Story

Coast Ride

Marine Hunt

Sea Journey

Zone Journey

Sea Saga

River Stake

Raft Outdoor

RowBoat Epic

Launch Trek

Stow Story

Sailor Epic

Cargo Story

Port Fantasy

Pirate Stake

Drift Venture

Sail Chance

Motorboat Epic

Tack Trip

Power Boating

Barge Outdoor

Tender Story

Boat Gamble

Float Epic

Boater Fantasy

Sloop Journey

Cruise Ride

Paddle Story

Gunboat Ride

Hydroplane Trek

Barge Hunt

Boom Story

Oceanic Venture

Beach Romance

Overseas Hunt

Naval Outdoor

Sea Ships

Beach Surfing

Foreign Boaters

Coastal Craft

Maritime Ships

Coastal Water

Ocean Boaters

Lake Maritime

Marine Zone

Games Boater

Activity Surfing

Race Vessel

Energy Yachting

Athlete Water

A blog is a page on the internet created by an individual to exhibit their talent and get comments from the readers. A blog is updated regularly and hence readers can always get new information from blogs.

Blogs can be created to express and share an individual’s experiences or can be created for marketing the services of a company.

Top Boating Pages Names

In both cases, they can earn good money through blogs. The contents of a blog are very important for it to be popular among readers. Also, a blog name is an important part of the blog. Therefore, we need to choose a blog name carefully.

-Sailors and sails

-The boating club

-Sails and shores

-The fisherman’s club

-Catch the sail

-Marine drive

-12 nautical miles

-Rivers and coasts

-Water freak

-Right into the ocean

-Sails and rides

-Sails and tides

-Boats and barbecue

-Ocean calling

-Boats and blogs

-How far I’ll sail

-Line where the sea meets the sky

-The horizon

-Ocean view blogs

-Sail into the ocean

-Boats and rides

-Offshore diaries

-The red sail

-Coasts and shores

-The tidal wave 

-Deep into the ocean

-The Atlantis diaries

-The Atlantis blogs

-Sail a mile

-Boats of old

-Vintage boat blogs

-Sails and aesthetics

-Winds and sails

-Sailing and thriving

-The thunder boat blogs

-The boating diaries

-The boating blogs

-50 shades of blue

-Boating venture

-Sails and shores

-Oceans of blue

-Colours of blue

-Shades of blue

-The sea escape

-Fix your sail

-Ferry’s boats

-The boating boulevard

-Rent a boat

-20° to the north

-The ancient mariner

-Flags and sails

-Sails and flags

-Pirates of the ocean

-Pirates of sea

-The boating adventures

-The boating routes

-Dusty sails

-The bucket list blogs

-Windy sails

-Winds and sails

-The breezy sails

-Boats of art

-Sails of art

-The beachfront

-Beach blogs

-Live in a boat

-The angelica boating blog

-Boats of blue

-Boats and loads

-Life of a sailor

-The offshore blogs

-Ocean currents

-Let the boat sail

-The rowing blogs

-The rowing epics

-The rowing adventures

-Date on a boat

-The boating ventures

-The sailing ventures

-Thou shall sail

-Legends of the sea

-The league of boats

-Sailing league blogs

-The boat party

-Smooth sails

-Smooth sailing

-Smooth coasting

-Smooth tides

-The river wonder

-Wonders of the sea

-Sails and seagulls

-The sailing voyage

-The boating voyage

-Rides and sails

-The boating mantra

-The sailing mantra

-Boats and creeks

-Riverine diaries

-Let the boat sail

-The boating school blogs

-Snores and sails

-The seashore blogs

-Sails and sales

-Life of a sailor

-Boats and vibes

-Sails and vibes

-The sailing club blogs

-Me and the sails

-Three men in a boat

-The coastal diaries

-Jersey shore diaries

-Sails in Malibu

-Aye aye Captain!

-Call me sailor

-Marine route

-Navigate the sea

-Aqua vibes

-The aquatic diaries

-The boating club blogs

-The sailing hub

-Coasts and shores

-H2O ventures

-Water ventures

-Ocean ventures

-Closer to the sea

-Closer to the ocean

-Oceans and vibes

-The legends of the sea

-Coasts and barbeques

-Ocean trek

-Marine ride

-The ocean vessel

-That sailing blog

-That ocean blog

-That boating blog

-Boats and aesthetics

-Party on a boat

-Sails and parties

-Sailing adventures

-Boating adventures

-Beaches and sails

-Sails and tan lines

-Shades of sails

-Holiday sails

-Holiday boats blog

-Holiday sea ventures

-Sea voyage blogs

-Sea venture blogs

-Ocean venture blogs

-Boats and snores

-The sailor butterfly

-Yachts and sails

-The blue lagoon

-Sea adventures

-Yacht party

-Lakes and boats

-The North sea

-The classic boats

-The classic sails

-Classic boats blog

-Classic sails blog

-Weekends on boats

-Weekends on yachts

-Boats and tours

-Sails and tours

-Tour on a boat

-Tour on a yacht


-The old fashioned boats

-The old fashioned sails

-The old fashioned yachts

-Getaway boats

-Getaway sails

-Getaway yachts

-Boating 101

-Sailing 101

-Boater diaries

-The gems of the ocean

-The gems of the sea

-The floating vessel

-The boating story

-The sailing story

-Offshore coastlines

-Offshore coasts

-Offshore sails

-Ride or die- boating blogs

-Ride or die- sailing blogs

-Sailor diaries

-Water jets

-Water jet blogs

-Coasts and tides

-Boating sessions

-Sailing sessions

-Boating platform

-Sailing platform

-Boats for the win

-Sailing through life

-Coasting through life

-Life of a boater

-Life of a sailor

-The scenic blues

-Oceans and hues

-Lakes and hues

-Depths of the sea

-Depths of the ocean

-Sands and shores

-Shores and sands

-The ocean route 

-The sea route

-Aqua world

-Aqua dimension

-Aqua sails

-Aqua yachts

-The port side

-Ports and coasts

-Ports and boats

-Ports and sails

-Ports and yachts

-The sea mist

-Seas and sails

-Starboard side

-Standing on the dock

-The navigation lights

-Boating and navigation

-Sailing and navigation

-Port side blogs

-Voyages and ventures

-Boats and journeys

-Sails and journeys

-Yachts and journeys

-Cruises and tides

-Cruises and waves 

-Cruises and yachts

-Cruises and sails

-Boats and antiques

-Yachts and antiques

-Vintage yachts

-Vintage sails

-Fishing boat blogs

-Marine diaries

-Maritime stories

-Tales of the sea

-Anecdotes of the sea

-Anecdotes of the ocean

-Motorboat adventures

-Tides and paddles

-Waves and paddles

-Boat hunt

-Port wonders

-Wonder coasts

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