Denim Branding: 19+ Tips to Build Brand from a Scratch

Denim is one of the most adorable and one of the most sought-after garments in the world. Although the name originated in France, the first Denim trousers were stitched in the USA at least 160 years back. Denim was first made for jobs meant for rough work and ruggedness. Gradually it became a household name worldwide, and the perception stands for ruggedness, toughness, and blue-collar jobs. 

Powerful Tips to Build Denim Branding Strategies

The most popular hue of Denim is its indigo hue. The US firm Levi Strauss is the first company to gauge the tremendous possibility of Denim and won almost the branding rights. Undoubtedly it is one of the outstanding marketing innovations of our times. 

Usages of Denim – The usages of Denim can be broadly classified into three categories. They are – 

  1. Articles of clothing – Jeans, jackets, skirts, shirts, Capri pants, hats, dungarees, shorts, sneakers, boots.
  2. Furniture – Lampshades, bean bag chairs, upholstery
  3. Accessories  — belts, bags, purses, and wallet

Target Audiences

Mainly the young crowd, casual, fun-loving, college-going young guys who have a penchant for changing the world. Also are the young crowd in professions like film making, advertising agencies, travel agencies, media houses, and event management. 

According to a study on the Denim market by a US-based group, the Denim market is expected to grow @5.8% cumulative annual growth rate by 2023. Post pandemic also, it is expected that it will not be a huge variation from the forecast rates.

Procurement of raw materials for Denim

The main raw materials are denim fabric which is a cotton fabric made from white weft and indigo-dyed warp yarn. The stitching process is by using high tenacity polyester thread. The quality of all the three basic raw materials is of prime importance. The vendor who supplies these items has to be a thoroughbred professional with a very high level of expertise. 

Brand Nomenclature – 

  • Logo – The logo is the first line of communication to the target audience. The brand personality is based on the logo idea. Keeping in mind the young crowd, the logo should address the design. Likewise, The illustration, the typestyle, and the font should be young. 
  • Brand name and tagline – the brand name should be appealing to the demographic and the psychographic profile of the target audience. The name should have ruggedness and toughness in it. The tagline should be such that the youth can immediately relate to the line. 
  • Logo color – Ideally the logo color should be the indigo hue of denim otherwise it should be in direct contrast to the denim color so that the logo and the brand name are visible from a distance. 
  • Positioning strategy – The brand should be positioned as a trendy outfit for the young casual, happy-go-lucky guys. At the same time, comfort wear and fashion consciousness should also be kept in mind. 

Competitor’s activities – 

  • Merchandising activities of the competitors must be closely monitored for their own improvement.
  • Contemporary designs of the apparel from the competitor’s stable to monitor
  • Prices should be at par with the competitors.
  • Quality of fabric from the competitors should be closely looked into whether the quality matches with own brand.
  • Shelf displays and shelf presence should be more than the competitors
  • Pre-festival consumer offers should match the competitor’s activities.

Advertisement and media options – 

  • Corporate color ads with branding in leading newspapers
  • Corporate color ads in lifestyle magazines
  • Color ads offer new launches and consumer schemes during festival times which should be released very frequently.
  • Outdoor ads in the form of hoardings
  • Neon signs on shop fronts and signages inside the shop
  • Sponsoring cultural and sports events in colleges
  • Innovative signages in important street junctions before festival time
  • Exclusive franchisee shops completed with interior decorations
  • Retail outlets at classy shopping malls. 
  • Scratch card coupon offers and redeems cards at shop outlets
  • Radio advertisements in FM radio stations
  • Showcase displays at important shopping malls.

Brand Message – Denim symbolizes an unbroken spirit, severity, and rough and tough attitude. It also depicts a casual, loving, and carefree sporting way of life. Ideally, that should be the real brand message with which the customer can feel about their products as his own. 

Brand voice – The brand voice of denim should represent its personality and the brand’s core values. The same needs to be conveyed to the target audience so that they feel that this particular brand is close to their heart. Proper and effective brand voice of Denim, if it clicks with the target group, can cause wonders with the sales volume of the items,

Brand Personality – Brand personality is the qualitative summation of the brand message, brand voice, and brand positioning. If one analyzes the brand personality of denim, it signifies, integrity, sincerity, honesty, creativity, and being culturally inclined with a dash of toughness, honesty friendliness with others, toughness and attractiveness, and a practical way of mental makeup. 

Brand integration – 

Office and the retail environment – 

  • The office should have interior ambiance in synergy with the products
  • Cutouts of cowboys and macho models should be displayed along with shades of denim in the customer interaction areas
  • Business cards and official letterheads should convey that this is a denim company
  • Exclusive franchisee and exclusive showrooms/ retail outlets should be suitably branded
  • Signages should be well designed at the exclusive retail outlets, franchisee,s and showrooms
  • Sales personnel at their own showrooms and exclusive outlets should be well dressed in company house color or chest badges.

Social media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Whatsapp group
  • Specific email massaging


  • It should be easily navigable
  • The design has to be outstanding, keeping in mind, the actual target audience.
  • The website, apart from its own portal, should have e-commerce facilities
  • Link shared with portals like Amazon, Flipkart, etc
  • Search engine optimization
  • It should be connected to Google Analytics

Despite the pandemic and social distancing, the industry seems to be poised towards a healthy start with global health securities. The global forecast is quite okay. The marketer should now bring out some new innovative strategies so that it helps the brand go the extra mile.

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