Sofa Brand: 22+ Tips to Build Brand from a Scratch

Whether one can afford any other modern luxury, a sofa set is a must for every middle-class household. A sofa set is a proud possession and the centre of attraction in a living room.

The more stylish the colour and more modern the design, the more pride of its owner. No wonder a sofa set becomes neighbours’ and relatives’ envy, the owner’s pride. A sofa set is also known as a couch which sounds more casual in usage than the sofa set, which sounds more formal and delicate. 

Powerful Tips To Build Sofa Brand From Scratch

A sofa’s life depends upon its durability, material used, and general usage, but normally, it is from 7 to 15 years. Although sofa sets are manufactured from various materials these days, hardwood is the best raw material at any time. Burma teakwood is the best material that can be used. Oak and maple woods are also wonderful materials for making a sofa set sturdy and longevity. 

Therefore, a sofa can be considered a consumer durable item best described as a bench with an armrest, backrest, spring below the sitting compartment, and completely upholstered cushions. Couches are meant for sitting as well as for taking a nap.

No wonder couch potatoes have been coined from this unique feature!! The term couch is mainly used in the Americas, Southern Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. The sofa is mainly used in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. 

Types of Sofa – 

  • Two-seater or loveseat.
  • Sectional sofa
  • Divan
  • Backless couch
  • Sofa beds
  • Bean bags
  • Davenport

The target group of sofa users – There is no specific target group of sofa users; it is universal except for people in the lower strata of society. Prices are a big factor in defining the target audience. The upper strata of society who can pay more can go for the premium and niche quality materials. The reverse applies to people with lesser income than the big honchos. 

Raw materials procurement – 

The basic raw materials that are required are – 

  • Wood is the primary and the most important raw material required to build and erect the basic structure. 
  • Steel, plastics, and laminated boards
  • Wrought iron
  • Cotton and linen
  • Linen 
  • Foam and sponge

Branding nomenclature

  • Logo – Sofa sets do not have any logo embossed on them except for the fact they come from the stable of business houses. The logo must be realistic, relevant, and stand out, so brand recall is very strong. Ideally, a colored icon of a sofa can be illustrated with the logo name at the bottom. 
  • Brand name and tagline – The brand name of a sofa set ideally should have a touch of the term furniture or teak wood or any other premium term that goes with furniture or upholstery or durability. The tagline can preferably explain the uniqueness of the raw materials and the value for money effect.
  • Logo color – As wood has been the primary raw material of sofa sets before steel, wrought iron came in as an alternative; it is thus imperative to use brown color or golden brown color for the logo, which will be truly symbolic.
  • Pricing strategies – The common items with the competitors should be priced at par with them, but for the premium items, the niche pricing strategy should be strictly adhered to. The customers should understand that one has to pay a higher price for better design, raw material, and upholstery.
  • Positioning strategies – To become a premium brand and to make it to the top, the ideal positioning strategy should be based on the superior furniture class along with pricing and product charisma. The customers and the target group should immediately develop strong bondage with the sofa sets. 

Competitors activities

As intangible factors like satisfaction, desire, enjoyment, and fulfillment are of primary importance; the following are the activities that need to be looked upon. They are – 

  • Proper monitoring is needed about the prices at which the competitors are selling sofa sets.
  • The creativity in the design of the sofa sets prepared by the competitors must be looked into
  • Raw material quality, especially wood and upholstery, must be compared thoroughly with the competitors.

Advertisements and sales promotion – 

  • Color ads highlighting the sofa images in lifestyle magazines and dailies
  • Active participation in furniture and lifestyle fairs at premium locations
  • Display at premium outlets
  • Operating own exclusive showrooms
  • Major thrust on online marketing and online order booking
  • Offering well-decorated showrooms to operate as a franchisee in remote areas. 
  • Special promotional drives during the wedding season and festive seasons.

Brand Message – 

Brand messages must be clear-cut in explaining the creativity and longevity of the product. It should also explain the superior quality of the raw materials being used and the comfort level that the sofa will deliver. The budget and value for monetary expenses involved are also important. The target consumers should feel at ease with the brand message,

Brand voice –  

The tone, the voice, and the elements involved should be strictly premium. Moreover, the tone should sound authentic, believable, and passionate about the product.

Brand personality – 

The sofa set is such a product, that the brand personality to be developed should bank on reliability, toughness, sophistication, utility, and style coupled with elegance. 

Brand integration – 

Office and retail/ trade environment –

  • Superb interior decoration at exclusive showrooms and own retail outlets
  • Signage and display items
  • Point of sales materials
  • High-quality multi-colored product detailing leaflets and catalogs
  • Personal convincing and meeting clients.
  • Exclusive designs laminated business cards.

Social media interactions –

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube promotional video upload
  • LinkedIn
  • Audiovisual presentations that can be streamed
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Website –

  • The design has to be exclusive
  • It should be easily navigable
  • Should be compatible with mobile, desktop, tab, and laptop
  • Online booking facilities should be there 
  • Every detailed product image, along with exclusive close-up shots, must be shown.
  • Should have a link to other e-commerce sites
  • All detailed contact information must be given
  • Search engine optimization

Not long before, there was a time when manufacturing and making a sofa set was the work of a skilled carpenter only. Not anymore. Sofa set making and marketing require definite skills and expertise.   More and more skilled professionals are joining the fray. Ultimately it is very good for the industry in general. Some of the finest sofa sets manufactured are definitely of international level today. 

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