455+ Burger Brand Name Ideas, Suggestions And Domain Ideas

Burgers are the most favored and one of the most sold quick dishes worldwide. It comes with buns loaded with patties, be they vegetarian or non-vegetarian. It is often seen that though there are numerous burger brands everywhere, new ones are still coming.

This gives us a clear idea of how much burgers are loved and is in demand. Hence, coming up with a burger brand with a lot of competition is still an idea to be welcomed.

How To Choose A Name for Your Burger Brand

  • It must be simple and easily pronounced.
  • Should have a connection to burgers
  • It must be unique and not match with other existing brands.
  • It must appeal to people in a unique way.

💡 First impressions matter and your business name is the face of your brand. Here are some Tips for choosing the Right Business Name to choose wisely

Importance Of Name For A Burger Brand

In the case of Burgers, having a perfect brand name to set up the business is nearly a must. Food product brands with much competition find it necessary to establish branding which comes up primarily with a good brand name.

Below is a snippet discussion about the importance of a burger brand name.

Product Definition

Your burger brand name should be named so that it should depict the product you are selling.

Your customers should always clearly understand the product your brand is selling. Hence, don’t name your brand such that it becomes difficult for your customers and gives them the wrong message.


Everything you do and think about the brand name’s importance, the most prolific thing about branding is to create a uniqueness by its name.

With numerous competitors around you, not only your burger quality will give you the business it needs, a unique brand name will help draw customers from this pool of existing brands.


Your brand name is the first thing a customer sees. It is the primary thing that attracts your customer and creates the first impression of your brand.

This brand exposure is the most important thing that is based on the name. It has provided a unique identity of its own.

💪 A business name is a powerful tool for building your brand and attracting customers, so make sure to read Why Good Business Name Is Important because a good business name is more than just a label.

Tips To Choose The Best Name For Your Burger Brand

There can be no end of tips to choose the best brand name for your product. Still, the most important ones, which are of general help and widely used, are listed below.

Right Message

The most important point is to choose a name that gives the right message of your product for the general people to understand.

It should be such that hearing or seeing the name should immediately give them the impact that this brand sells Burger.

Take the example of the famous ‘Burger King’; once you hear the name, there can be no doubt that the brand sells burgers.

Listing Of Names

It is always very difficult, and I ask that you come up with one perfect name keeping everything in mind. Hence it is very important to list all the names that are knocking on your mind.

The name you find the most accurate one often gets canceled while searching for its availability, so having more than one option is always welcomed.


Not only having the name get through your head is the final thing. Uniqueness should always be kept in mind, for which the name availability check is a must.

Always keep in mind giving a user name often ruins your business from the very scratch days, not only by having a negative impact but also leads to legal troubles.

Strong Sense Of Visual

Nowadays, brand names are not the last thing, it comes with a visual logo making them more attractive and remembered.

So this shall also be kept in mind that while selecting a brand name, it should be easily given a pictorial existence. A difficult name with no meaning can also lead you to the problem of its visuals.

Easy To Pronounce And Remember

Humans always avoid words that are difficult to pronounce or remember. Brand names are no different from ours.

The same mentality is also applicable to them. So choose your burger brand name judicially so that it can be easily read and remembered.

Formula For Creating A Perfect Name For Your Burger Brand

Most of the time, starting a startup goes by selecting its perfect name. As this name has a linear relation to branding and brand success, it should be given the epitome of importance. Some formulas which often help to name a brand are given below.

✅ Adjective:

Burgers being a product of the food fraternity often attracts people with names that use adjective related to taste. Terms such as tasty, juicy, delicious, etc., generally attract the common mass.

Example: Delicious Burgers.

✅ Rythm:

The use of words that provides a rhythm or rhyme to Burger can be of great use to name your brand. Alliterative words create a memorable remark in your brain very easily.

Example: Burger Hunger

✅ Punchlines:

We often see brands having a statement or punchlines after their name. Create a maximum of two-word statements about your attractive and understandable product. If it is a catch one, why not use that name for your brand?

Example: Whattaburger!

✅ Competitor Study:

While starting your business, you should always have a study ready about your immediate competitors. It is very important.

Study their names and find out which is the thing in their name that attracts their customers. Following this while naming your brand will give you many leads.

✅ Acronyms:

In today’s world of hashtags and social media, using short forms of every word and using meaningful, stylish acronyms to name your brand is not a bad idea.

For this, go for a short or long statement about your product and use its acronym to name it.

Example: A.P Burgers

✅ Metaphors:

The figure of speech use is a great trend nowadays. People love metaphors as it becomes easy to communicate their meaning. Naming a brand using metaphors can be the idea to create a simple yet memorable name.

✅ Description:

A descriptive name for your product brand, especially your burger brand, is great. Describing your product goals, characteristics, and the activity you wish to perform is a simple way.

You can also keep it simple by using the category of products you are selling. Example: Superlicious Burgers.

✅ Duplication:

Using duplicate words that are already famous is a less used yet good idea to name your brand uniquely. Duplication can also come with words that are almost identical to being identical. It sounds unique funny, and playful.

✅ Mis-spelling:

A unique way to get through your customer’s head is to play with your name with a misspelling. It uniquely impacts your customer, attracting them from the crowd of burger sellers.

But remember that the alternative spelling should be very obvious and witty so that people remember it in one go.

Example: Burgaa World.

✅ Foreign Language:

Try generating names related to burgers or eating but with a stylish foreign name. It can open a new world for your brand, giving it global acceptance but ensuring that you study well so that it does not mean something weird or easily remembered.

Top Burger Brand Names In The US

● RocoMamas

● Franky’s Kitchen

● 50th Burgers

● Fat Burger

● Steak’N Shake

● Fuddruckers

● Wendy’s

● In-n-out Double Double

● Whataburger

● Mr. Burger

● Burger King

● McDonald’s

🔎 Behind every popular brand name is a story and a deeper meaning, so do check out the Popular Brand Names With Meaning. They have discovered the fascinating origins of these iconic names.

Best Burger Brand Name Ideas

Classic Burger Co.

The Burger Club

Mighty Burger

Tasty Burger Co.

The Burger Spot

The Burger Bar

The Burger Society

Beefy Buns

Flame-Grilled Burgers

Grilled Goodness

Burger Bazaar

Burger Brigade

Juicy Burgers

The Burger Kitchen

Burger Up

The Burger Shack

The Burger Grill

The Patty Place

Burger Barn

Burger Bonanza

Gourmet Burger Joint

Burger Builders


The Burger Box

The Burger Experience

Burger Craft

The Burger Joint

Burger Heights

Flame-Grilled Delights

Burger Boulevard

The Burger Maven

Big Bite Burgers

Burger Bay

Burger Bliss

The Burger Hub

Patty Palace

The Burger Emporium

Burger Bites

Beefy Burgers

Meaty Delights

Catchy Burger Brand Name Ideas

Tasty Tower

The Burger Bar

Bite Avenue

Bite Me Burgers

Flame Burger Co.

The Burger Joint


Prime Patties

The Burger Experience

Burger Barn

Burger Builders

Flipside Burgers

Buns N’ Burgers

Juicy Junction

Bun & Beef

Burger Boulevard

Patty’s Place

Burger Bazaar

The Burger Forge

Sizzle Spot

Crave Burgers

Patty Palace

Burger Buzz

The Burger Brigade

Burgersaurus Rex

The Burger Spot

The Patty Shack

Burger Lab

Hungry Hub

Cheesy Burgers

Burger Bonanza

Grill House

The Grill Station


Burger Up

The Burger Emporium

Beef & Buns

Big Bite Burgers

Beefy Bites

Burger Bliss

Cool Burger Brand Name Ideas

Buns N’ Burgers

Smash Burger Co.

Burger Box Co

Bite Me Burgers

Big Bite Burgers

The Burger Exchange

Burger Bistro

The Burger Union

The Burger Brigade


Burger Barons


Patty’s Place

The Burger Joint

Top Bun Burgers

Burger Beach

Burger Builders

Burger Bliss

Stack’d Burgers

The Great Burger Co.

Burger Royale

The Juicy Burger

Patty’s Palate

Burger Craft

Burger Bandit



Burger Barn

Bun Intended

The Burger Kitchen

Burger Buzz

Burger Boss

Burger Boulevard

Gourmet Burger Co.

Prime Burger Co.

The Burger Emporium

Grill House Burgers

Flippin’ Burgers

Burger Heights

The Burger Society

Unique Burger Brand Name Ideas

Buns & Bites




Burger Barn

The Burger Brigade

Bun Me Up


Bun & Patty Co.

Sizzle Spot



The Burger Band





Patty Palace



Meaty Treats



Burger Boulevard

Meat Mavens

The Burger Beast


The Bun Boutique

Patty Parade


Toppings Tavern

Grind & Grill Co


The Burger Buffet

BiteMe Burger

TopBurger Joint



JuicyBurger Co.

Flavor Frenzy

If you are planning to start a burger restaurant and looking a name for it, so do check out Unique Burger Restaurant Name ideas, suggestions, and domain ideas.

Burger Brand Domain Name Ideas









































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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most important thing to remember while selecting my brand name?

While naming your brand names, some major points should always be remembered. It should be unique to get you going from the crowd. It should also be easily pronounced and remembered.

How important is having a unique name for my brand?

This is the most important point. Your brand name should be unique and not have been used by anyone anywhere before.

This causes two major problems; initially, it will affect your branding and brand establishment as it will create confusion among the customers, and you being the new one, will be slaughtered.

The other problem which comes up with this is the legal problem.

What is trademarking?

A trademark is a word, symbol, or phrase used to mark a service. It gives one the power and authority under all rights to prevent other companies from naming the same brand name.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of some most important things while opening a burger brand can give you a lot of success due to its demand in the market still after having many brands.

One of them is its name, as it only will create an identity for your brand and give you exposure helping you survive in this competitive burger-selling market.

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