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158+ Best Butter Company Slogans and Taglines

The Diary Promotion Program or more commonly known as the National Dairy Checkoff is the United States’ own commodity checkoff program for the promotion, research and nutritional education of dairy products.

The entire program is a part of the comprehensive strategy in order to increase the human consumption of milk and other dairy products. This is one of the greatest programs in the entire USA to let people aware of the benefits of the consumption of milk and milk products.

Best Butter Slogans

  • Original Butter for Original Foods
  • Straight from Jersey Cows
  • You can feel the taste
  • An unforgettable taste of Butter
  • Gain your strength from us
  • We are here to serve the best
  • You will enjoy the meal
  • East or West, our Butter is the best
  • Learn the greatness of our Butter
  • Get the taste of nature

The program also provides primary funding for Dairy Management Inc. In order to take proper health-care, the consumption of dairy products is a must-have. Always remember, one glass of milk can cure almost everything. 

Here is a list of some of the slogans and sayings on Butter Company

Make mine milk

We love milk

We are born to drink milk

Are you lactating?

Milk your diet

Live well, drink well

We love to drink milk all-day

Occupy milk! drink the 1%

Milk? that will not harm you

Milk is good for your health

Recommended by 4 out of 5 Santa

It’s all white

It tastes like heaven

Tastes like real milk, because it is

Silk, beyond nutrition

Cows wank it back

Two serving a day will make you healthy

Come and explore the power of dairy

The power of dairy is incredible

All milk is healthy for you

Skim milk does not come from skinny cows

It is the purest form of love

Dairy is the fairest of all

Milk is the healthiest of all

Milk means more

Milk matters the most

Milk is very healthy for your kid

The purest form of nature for your purest soul

Milk looks good on you

Dairy? it is for everyone

Milk from moo to you

Have your milk every day

Have you had your dairy today?

Make your kid healthy by the cow’s milk

Have you ever wondered why cows are so healthy?

Got your milk?

Dairy should be your number one priority

Pure by nature

Dairy should always be in your diet

Milk, great for your health

It’s recommended for people of all age group

Two serving a day keep bone problems at bay

Mirror! Mirror! on the wall, dairy is the fairest of them all

Dairy is always a good choice

Dairy should always be in the balanced diet

Milk is good for you, drink it

It is the building block of your life

butter slogans

Consume dairy daily for your healthy bone and teeth

It’s beyond nutrition

All you need is milk

Make your mind strong with healthy milk

It does a body good

It’s dairy, and it’s good for you, eat it

Dairy, always a good choice

It’s rich in protein content

Milk is filled with protein power

Do you love cheese? it’s made of milk

Enjoy your health with our milk

When you drink milk, you see things differently

It’s the easiest recipe of the world

We all love ice cream & it’s made up with milk

Be legendary as the milk

As a farmer, we all love our cow as well as their milk

We feed our milk to the whole nation

Make our whole nation healthy by providing them milk

I farm, you eat

Cow? they feed the world

Milking is a profession of hope

Milking is a great business if done right

If you got your milk today, then thank a farmer

Try to love cows; they give us milk

Know your farmer, know your food

It’s our motto to feed the nation

It’s more than just farming

Milk farming is hope

Relax, milk will not do bad for you

Milk doesn’t cause indigestion

A real man loves milk

Tried chilled milk? it’s like a cool treat

Our cows make your insulin

Milk is a good decision for nature

Skip soy milk, choose the wholesome milk

Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes

Eat clean and green with organic milk

have you tried our organic milk?

Try our new range of milk

Protein powder can be found in dairy

Try to have at least one glass of milk every day

One glass of milk everyday keeps a doctor away

Let them moo; they give us milk

It’s fresh out of nature, good for you

Consume milk every day for good health and conscious living

Grab a glass of milk every day

It’s a healthy recipe for all

A healthy treat for all

It’s not just a liquid; it’s a meal

A little taste of heaven

It’s finger-licking good

Actively good

All we need is cheese

All we need is milk for the whole day

It’s blended with nature

Choose it, mix, smash it, love it

Dairy is not bad, and you don’t know how to consume it

Crunchify your desire

Do your health and mind a favour

Drink regularly, stay fit

Everyone should love milk

Feel cool, be cool

Want to feel the real love, try cold milk

Skimmed milk will not make you fat

It does a body good

It’s yummy naughty

Keep your cholesterol away, try our milk today

All our products are made from pure milk

Let’s taste the best

Milk your diet

Milk is not for kids

Make your life a little stronger with our dairy products

Pleasure is the path to joy

A small pleasure, great flavour

Small cup with great pleasure

It’s simply delicious

Taste a new dream, taste your imagination

The possibilities with milk are endless

Tastes so good, still good for you

Treat yourself well with our new range of dairy products

Two servings a day keeps bones problems at bay

When you have milk, why drink anything else

Our dairy products will bring a great smile on your face

You scream all day about ice cream

Treat your kids with our delicious ranges of ice creams

Dairy products make life delicious

Towns for the best dairy products

We are specialists for dairy products

We are here to provide you milk, for a healthy tomorrow

Let’s taste the best with us

Taste different types of dairy products

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