Top 42 Cake Brands to Follow on Social Media

All love cakes. Irrespective of their age, sex, and region of abode, most people love to relish a good slice of cake. Many cake brands worldwide cater to the whims and fancies of cake lovers. These world-famous cake brands connect with their customers and try to gain more through various social media platforms.

Cake Brands to Follow on Social Media

Besides Facebook and Twitter, these brands also target followers on other sites like Pinterest and LinkedIn. So far, this has been successful, and these cake brands have gained a huge fan following on social media.

Top Cake Brands to follow on Pinterest

Aryzta food solutions

Aryzta does not only specialize in cakes but a variety of food products. It is a market leader in baked goods and desserts. The brand has an extremely popular Pinterest profile with more than 2000 monthly viewers. 


This Indian brand is one of the most popular cake manufacturers in the World. The brand has created a name for itself because of its quality products and efficient services. The brand is active on Pinterest and posts well-shot pictures regularly to keep its followers engaged.

Pepperidge Farm 

Established in 1937, Pepperidge Farm is an American cake manufacturer based in Connecticut. The company has a verified Pinterest profile and more than 10 million monthly viewers. The brand updates its Pinterest profile regularly with pictures of its offerings and upcoming events.

Levain Bakery

Based in New York, Levain Bakery was initially established to make chocolate chip cookies. Now the brand has expanded into a full-fledged bakery. It has 19 thousand monthly viewers on Pinterest and is followed by thousands of people. The brand regularly posts pictures of baked goodies to attract more viewers on its Pinterest profile.


Another popular cake brand that is a huge hit on Pinterest is Boudin. It has 7 thousand of monthly viewers and posts regularly on its official handle on Pinterest. The pictures are beautifully shot and aesthetically designed on the page to make them appealing to their followers and convert them into customers.

Top Cake Brands to follow on LinkedIn

Grupo Bimbo

Grupo Bimbo is a Mexican cake manufacturer that is one of the largest in the world. The brand is active on LinkedIn and regularly posts on its official social media profile.

Finsbury Food Group

This popular British cake brand has been expanding massively in recent times. The social media presence of Finsbury Food Group has also increased considerably. Its official profile on LinkedIn has more than 5 thousand followers and regularly updates the latest information about the company.

McKee Foods

McKee Foods is famous for its Little Debbie snack cakes. The brand is family-owned and one of the most popular in the United States. It has a very active social media presence and maintains a close-knit network of past and present employees on LinkedIn. 

Yamazaki Baking

One of the few Asian cake brands on this list, Yamazaki Baking is a major industry name. Based in Tokyo, it is one of the largest cake brands in the world and has a huge presence on different social media platforms. On LinkedIn, the brand provides all the necessary information about the company for its followers.

BreadTalk Group

Followed by more than 12 thousand people, BreadTalk Group is a huge hit on LinkedIn. The brand keeps its followers up to date with the company’s latest happenings through its LinkedIn profile. It also puts up relevant pictures and videos to appear relevant to its followers.

Top Cake Brands to follow on Twitter

Flowers Foods

This American cake brand’s headquarters in Georgia was established as early as 1919. The brand has numerous outlets across the United States that cater to a wide base of customers. Flowers Foods are available on LinkedIn for their customers to contact company officials.

Hostess Brands

Established in 2013, Hostess Brands is a new but popular cake brand that operates all over the United States. The brand is active on various social networking platforms, including Twitter, on which it has more than 109 thousand followers. The brand puts up engaging posts for its followers, which have been increasing greatly.

Hillshire Snacking

Based in Illinois, Hillshire Snacking is another popular cake brand in the United States with an active Twitter profile. It posts regularly, and it has constantly been increasing its followers on the popular social media platform.


Famous for its doughnuts, crosstown is a famous cake brand from London. The brand is known for its quality services and active social media presence. The official Twitter handle of Crosstown has almost 8 thousand followers and is very engaging for its customers.

Hafiz Mustafa

This Turkish cake brand has been operating on the market since 1864 and is one of the most popular in the world. The brand also has a massive presence on social media. Its profile on Twitter is followed by thousands who try to stay upbeat with the company’s latest happenings.

Top Cake Brands to follow on Instagram

Sadaharu Aoki

This Parisian bakery and patisserie started in Tokyo and offered beautifully decorated cakes and pastries to its customers. It has a very popular page on Instagram that more than 25 thousand people follow. Its Instagram posts are just as beautiful as its cakes.

La Farine

This is another cake brand that has made a name for itself in terms of the aesthetic design of its products. The Instagram Profile of the brand features beautifully shot images of cakes, brownies, pastries, and patties. Latest offers and discounts are also displayed on Instagram by the brand.

Tai Cheong Bakery

This famous bakery serves regional specials from Hong Kong like egg custard tarts and pineapple buns. Established in 1954, this is one of the most popular cake brands in the world. It has an active Instagram profile with more than 4 thousand followers. It regularly updates its profile with images of its products.

Brød Bakery

This danish bakery has been a constant favorite among cake lovers because of its quality service and excellent quality. The brand has an immensely popular Instagram page on which it posts regularly about its latest products and offers.

Jofie Bakery

This is another bakery that is very popular on Instagram. The brand has more than 60 thousand followers on Instagram and has an extremely well-decorated profile. All its posts are arranged aesthetically and are beautifully shot. This engages a lot of followers and turns them into customers.

Top Cake Brands to follow on Facebook

Millie’s Cookies

This Indian cake brand takes its social media marketing strategy seriously and is available on most social media platforms. Its official Facebook page is liked by more than 4 thousand people and is updated frequently. The brand posts engaging content, including preparation videos for its customers.

CK’s Bakery

CK’s Bakery is another popular bakery franchise with a Facebook page. It is followed by more than 15 thousand people and keeps its followers updated about its latest happenings through its official Facebook page.

7th Heaven

7th Heaven is one of the most popular cake brands on Facebook, with more than 700 thousand likes and followers. The brand creates bright and beautiful images to attract more customers to its already huge fan base. It also promptly replies to inquiries and messages.

Great American Cookies

Established in 1977, this popular brand celebrates the fun and jolly side of baking. With more than 450 thousand likes on Facebook, this cookie brand is a huge hit on social media. It puts up brightly colored images to maintain the fun feel of the brand and entertain its followers.

99 Pancakes

This is another popular cake brand on Facebook. The company has more than 46 thousand likes on Facebook and puts up stories and relevant posts daily. It also makes its customers aware of the latest news regarding the brand through its official Facebook page.

Thus, it is evident that various cake brands have now taken up social media as their primary form of marketing space. Apart from growing their popularity among their customers, the social media presence of these brands has also served a great deal for the entertainment of their followers with their quirky posts and funny content.

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