Candy Apple Business Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

Are you launching your own candy apple business, and are perhaps in confusion regards to name ideas? If unique and catchy names are what you are seeking, then be assured that you are right in place. The name we choose for our brand plays a very integral part, much more massive than it appears on the surface level.

The very first impression, the business’s identity, and the type of customers the business would attract all depend highly on the name we choose to give to our business and creates an impression that lasts much longer than we can even think of. 

At present, the food industries have accomplished the art of producing magnificent and mouth-watering desserts. One particular scrumptious treat is candy apples, among all other kinds of chocolates, toffees, and candies. They are whole apples covered in sugar syrup, caramel, or chocolate with a stick inserted as a handle, making them exquisite.

So, to make your candy apple business a success, here are some incredible name suggestions we have gathered for you!

Cool Candy Apple Business Names

Candy apples, originally being served only at Fall Festivals in Western Cultures, have now become a go-to dessert choice by people worldwide, ranging from kids and adults.

With such a demand for a candy apple, having a cool name will automatically help the business stand out and help to attract the sweet-tooths. 

Sinfully Sweet 

Candyman’s Dream

A Crunch to Remember

Queen of Desserts

Crazy Glazey

Candyland Bazar

Simply Divine

Sweet Success

Candy Castle

Candy Bubblegum Pop


Pop’s Lollies

Chubby’s Sweets

Lollipop Land

Chocolate Factory

Candy Crusher

Wild n Gooey

Treat Spot

Vanilla Sweeties

The Sweet Spot

Cloud Candy Apple

Deluxe Desserts


Candy Factory

Sweet Greetings

Crunchie Crunchie

Candy Apple Corner

Jolly Glaze

Candy Lady

Colorful N’ Crunchy

Dip and Crackle

Crushing on Candy

Crunchy Crush

Apples All the Way


It’s Raining Candy


Sugar and Shine

Sweetly Natural

Sugar Rush

Caramel Corner

Crack and Pop

Sweet-Tooth Heaven

Sweet Remedy

Candy Fixes Everything

Rolling on Sugar

Tasty Temptations 

Candy Paradise

Melting Hearts

Agent Candy

Happy Hearts

Sugar Coated with Love

Land of Candies

Caramel Kisses

Double Dip, Double Delights

Candies and Friends

Catchy Candy Apple Business Names

Candy apples are modern food preparation. Therefore, they are selecting a name for this absolute, mouth-watering dessert that must be out of the box yet easy to remember, helping catch the attention of its targeted customers.

Thus, we have brought together several catchy and creative name ideas for you to use if you are thinking of naming your candy apple business:

Capital Candy


Sweet Station

A Dash of Sweet

Crunchy Surprise

Caramel and Cream

Chocolate that Keeps you Coming

Making Memories Sweeter

A Sweet Revenge

Apples on Stick

Toffee Treasures

All Taffy

The Candy Connection

Sassy Sweets

iCandy Apple


Sweet Sells!

Dandy Kandy

Penny Candy Company

Sugar Daddy’s

Baby Smackers

Chocolate Dreams

Lollipops and Gumdrops

Sweet Shop of Wonderment

Candy Land

Candy Buffet

The Chocolate Fountain

Candies Everyday

Every Crunch Matters

Rainbow’s creation

Dessert Parlor

Berries and Cream

Candy Apples and Jelly

Cream and Raisin

Vanilla Bean’s 

Believe in Crunch

Penny’s Candy Apples

The Candy Apple Man

Sweet Satisfaction

Eating Sugar? Yes Papa

Pick and Mix and Enjoy

Make your Own Candy Apple

Toppings Trove

Treasured Apples

Got you Covered


Lolly Makers

Sweeter than Honey

Honey Drips

Crazy for Candies

Sugar Mama’s Store

Dessert King

Cupid’s Candies


Carnival of Crunch

Make it Fancy

Latest Candy Apple Business Names

Do you desire a name for your business that is uncommon and prevalent in the current times? Names that are unique and stand out just like your delicious candy apples? Then worry not, we have got you covered with a spectacular range of name suggestions.

Candy Artisan

Adrenaline Rush

Kids Konfections

Candy Supply Loft

River of Chocolate

50 Shades of Chocolate

Botanical Lollipops


Bubbles & Balls

Rock Candy

Candy Corner

The Antidote

Sweet Temptations

Chew on This

Candy Corner

Lady Lollipop

Sweet Surround

Krazy Kandies

Bits and Pieces

Toffee Blox

Candy Lust

The Lollipop Shop

The Chocolate Haus

Sweet Reminders

Taste Budds

The Sweet Box

Craft Candy

Sweet Dreams Store

Connoisseurs of Candy

Apple Apple

Munch and Crunch

Roses and Candies

Every Child’s Favorite

Flavors of Joy

Candy Apples Café

The Candy-Current

Sweet Drops of Happiness

Mouth-Watering Memories

Art with a Tart

Lil Candy Apples

Santa’s Choice 

Sugar Babies

Candy for the Soul

Its Flavor Town

Candy Lottery

Dip, Pop, Crunch, Repeat

Something Chocolatey

Made with Love 

Sunshine and Smiles

Stuck on your Heart

The Forbidden Fruit


Snap and Crackle

Honey Loops


Bloomin’ Apples

Brown Betty

Apple Cobbler 

Cinnamon Apples

Eve’s Apples

Causing Cravings Since 98

Granny Sweets

Gooey Goodies

Love at First Bite

Valentine’s Choice


Orchard’s Best

Awesome to the Core

Great Candy for Greater Hearts

Perfect Glaze

Crackle N Sparkle

Honey Duke’s Crunch

Awesome Candy Apple Business Names

With the increasing varieties of food productions, running a candy apple business can be quite difficult.

Choosing an awesome name for your business is as important as the preparation of the food itself. Thus, we are here to make your task easier with a handful of incredible name recommendations. 

Fusion Apple



Gourmet Days

Fit for a King

Treat Time

weet Sensations

Everlasting Gobstopper

Jelly Bean Princess

Lord of the Floss

Candy Store Online

Sweets and Treats

Oh, what a Candy Store!

Randy Candy

Chocolate Castle

Just Sweets

Chox Rox

Candy Boulevard

Candy Swirl

Cotton Candy Connect

Willy Wonka Apples

Loco Lollies

Candy Mania

Caramel Talk

Confection Hideout

Dashing through the Apples

Ganache It

Chocolate Factory

The Magic Apples

Candy Apples Palace

Loveable Layers

World of Sprinkles

Nothing but Sweetness

Suite of the Sweet

The Sweet Retreat

Chocolatey Smiles

Let the Crunch Begin 

Taking a Sweet Break

Dunkin’ Apples

Apple of my Eye

Sugary Supplies

Big Apple Shop

Caramel Stuffed Apples

Dutch Candy Apples

Red Ridding Hood’s Basket

Home of the Sweet-Tooth

Candies for All Kinds of Mood Swings

Treat for Treat

Amazing Candy Apple Business Names

Finally, before we present you with our supreme suggestions, we would like to ask you a small question. How would you describe your candy apple business? If it is extraordinary both in quality and service, then we have a phenomenal list of names for you.

Candy Fiesta

Jack of All Apples

Sweet Heart Desserts

Luxury Bites

Yours Truly Candy Apples

The Craving Curer

Snuggle Candies

Kill them with Candies

Dazzling Delights

Hooked on You

Chocolate Heaven


Li’l Treats

The Best of Lick

Sugar Babies

The Best of Choc

We Love Chocolate

Sweet and Sticky

Peppy Candymakers


Sweetie Jar

Chocolate Sensations

Old Fashioned Candy

The Lolly Pop

Sweet Options

Tasty Candy Store

Candyland Company

Triple Chocolate Candy Shop

Sounds Sweet

Sweet Maid

Jelly Bean Wonderland

Twist and Pout

Dynamite Cuts

Choco Pops

Candy Corner By You

The Sweete Shoppe

Sweet Chews

Party Popcorn – yummy!

Candy King

Candy Centrefold

Afternoon Treats

All Sweet

Truly Scrumptious

Cozy Candies.

The Cocoa Nut

Sweeter than Sugar

Curly Confections

Ganache It

Never Sugar High Again

Sweet as Sugar Candy Shop

Candied Fruit

Twirly’s Sweet Treats

Divine Chocolates

CandyLand Express

Charming Candies

Sweets for my Sweet

Treatz n Candeez

Chef’s Kiss Apples

Custom Candy Apples

Apple-y Junction

Made in Heaven

Apple Crisp Candy

Angel’s Food


Maniac For Sugar

Candy Cuties

Home of the Freshly Glazed

Luxury Candy Corner

Fruity Indulgence

Charlie’s Golden Ticket

Crafted with Care

The Chocolate Chip Dip

Dip and Trip

Clash of Candies

Sweet Symphonies

Candy Apple Lane

Sweet-Tooth ache

Treasured Truffles

One More Please

Lollipops that Make you Fall in Love

Creamy and Dreamy

Top-Tier Chocolatier

Wrapped with Glaze

Happy Apples

Apples that Make you Smile

 Sweet Scarlet Secrets

Acres of Apples

Nature’s Blessing

Friends of Eve

The Golden Apple


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