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List of 257+ Best Food Drive Slogans

In the recent few years, it has been found that, on average, 15 percent of the entire American households don’t have the proper access to healthy food behaviors.

If that is the case, then think about all the poor individuals living off the streets. In America, only one person out of nine is adequately fed, and the rest are often suffering from the deficiency of one or multiple nutrients.

The canned food drive is the initiative that has been taken in the recent few years to distribute food to people who don’t even have access to a healthy diet.

Best Food Drive Slogans

  • Saving humanity from hunger
  • Fight hunger a day, for tomorrow
  • The Good Person’s choice
  • Its Good Karma
  • 100% Good Deed for hunger
  • Dinner out for hunger to end
  • Share Food Today. Beat Hunger
  • Things you can trust upon
  • Out-of-the-world experience
  • Authenticity at its core

That is why we need to practice it more often so that food we pressure as leftover can actually save someone else’s life.

Food Drive Slogans

A gigantic issue, hunger

Be a hero of the SOUPER

Bean counters against starvation

Building a better community today by fighting against hunger

Check out the starvation

Saving humanity from hunger

Tomorrow a better contract if we fight today’s hunger

Design a community free of hunger

Dinner out for hunger to end

Fighting a problem with a high rise–in hunger

Fighting starvation, save humanity

Huger, hunger go away

Keep calm and keep feeding

Help to curb local starvation.

Helping families to feed

Holiday cheer means food for everyone at the table

Hunger–if only words can fix it, it’s the figure of Hunger

Family-sized hunger now

Hunger its a brief term for some; it’s life for others

Hunger: Guest unwelcome

Without you, I couldn’t live; this is the food we are talking to

If one is able to make a difference

Leave a helping hand to the hungry

Let’s get the hunger to the prison

Let’s clean up the hunger issues

Eat, sleep, repeat

Fight hunger, save humanity

Hunger and survival don’t go hand in hand

Fight hunger a day to keep the doctor away

Hunger is not an issue, its an epidemic

Hunger kills people

Let’s get to the end of hunger together

Don’t let hunger be our next failure

Hunger hurts no matter how you say it

By giving, no one has ever become poor

One might make a difference

If one can, why can’t you?

Operation: Hunger is over

Healing hunger provides better healthcare

Do justice by feeding those who are hungry

Don’t sleep until the hunger ends

Strike a compassionate gusher, feed the hungry

Feeding the hungry is an act of God

Let’s get hunger together

food drive slogans

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Food Pantry Slogans

Hunt hunger till it’s down

Don’t let hunger be the cause of the next world war

Share food, share the love

Hunger must end

The blueprint for feeding hungry people

Give them food the hungry deserve

You’re banking on the hungry

You are counting on the hungry

Ensure your future with hunger

Let food be the next big headline

Spend the last bit of saving to feed the hunger

We can do that together to feed the hunger

Turn the hungry tables around

Together we can make a difference

Offering protection from hunger

With a little effort, wipe out hunger

Give food, get thanks

Let’s raise the voice against hunger

Let’s stop hunger

Spare your chance to change your life

Feed the hunger, spread love

Let’s fight for a higher cause

Hunger is worth fighting for

Serve justice by feeding the farmers

Feed the hunger: Ultimate saving deposits

Words won’t fix the hunger

Better health by curing hunger

End poverty, cure hunger

hunger must be stopped

Stop hunger, spread the word

Seve, the food, spread your love

Be rich by heart, feed the hunger

A little charity won’t bite

Keep calm and feed the hunger

Hunger will hurt unless you treat it

Treat hunger for a better world

Let’s be the hunger heroes

Wipeout hunger for a better future

Offering protection to a better world

It’s time for hunger to quit

Hunger must be stopped

Stop hunger, help the poor

It’s not your fault if you are hungry, but it’s yours if you don’t feed them.

United we stand, divided we become hungry

Saving tomorrow by feeding the hungry

A full tummy is insurance for a better future

The hungry are counting on you

Bank your foods for the hungry people

Feed the hungry; Lord will serve just

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Catchy Food Bank Slogans

Doing the work for Lord

Feed the hunger, get your blessings

Close the door for hunger, not for the hungry people

Our Lord will remember

Watch till the entire hunger goes out

Together we can end the hunger

Hunger hurts, no matter how you see it

We should clean up the hunger mess

A helping hand for the hungry people

Share a meal to make the difference

Hunger does matter

Don’t let people go crazy over foods

Do hunger stop now

Draw the hunger line

Healthy eating–healthy living

Eat to live, not live to eat

Hunger comes to an end one step at a time

Experience hunger? Don’t let anyone have it too

Fed up with hunger!

Feed your mind with hunger from others

Fight for what’s important

Fight hunger in this abundant world

Fighting a problem with a high rise–in hunger

Food–is always a justice matter

Food is good for the soul, so let’s share it with everyone in need

Go to the grain, stop this hunger game

Hang on to starvation; better days will come

Have faith, finish with hunger

Help disappear hunger

Help solve starvation, feed the hunger

What’s your appetite fair?

Hurts with hunger! Stop speaking, begin sharing

Hunger: an unwelcomed guest

Hunger: we are getting fed up

Hungry people are people of anger

Keep world hunger calm and end!

Leave a helping hand to the hungry

Let’s help stop starvation

Starvation is not our salvation

Stop hunger before it stops you

Love people, destroy their hunger

A person in need is hungry indeed

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Keep calm and feed the hungry

Serve peace, heed the hungry

Stamp out hungry with a little donation

Start sharing, stop hunger

food drive slogans

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