Castle Tower Names: 505+ Catchy And Cool Names

As regal as the regal architectural monuments themselves, castle names are majestic.

A castle comes in four different varieties: the Motte and Bailey, the Shell Keep, the Concentric Castle, and the Palace or Royal Quarters, among other designations. It frequently consists of elements such as moats, towers, ramparts, walls, lookouts, turrets, and gatehouses.

Around tens of thousands of castles can be found worldwide. In the real world as well as the realms of our imagination, such majestic structures inspire awe in us. Here is a list of well-known castle names that live up to their namesakes’ opulence.

Cool Castle Tower Names 

Without imposing fantasy castles, fantasy or fairytale seems lacking. You might be able to appreciate the magic of the Gothic world with the aid of this special list of names for fictional fantasy castles.

We are sure you will dive into a land of fantasy after going through this specialized list we have made for you. 

Belfry – the part of a tower that has a bell in it

Castle – a large, strong building with thick walls, built in the past to protect the people inside from being attacked

Dungeon – a dark underground room in the castle that was used as a prison in the past

Wall – a very tall, strong structure that is built to defend a place or to keep people inside a place, for example, a prison or castle. City watchtower -a tower from where guards can see the whole area that they are guarding.

Fortress – a strong well-protected building used for defending a place

Arrowslit – an arrowslit (often referred to as an arrow loop, loophole, or loophole, and sometimes a balistraria) is a narrow vertical aperture in a fortification through which an archer can launch arrows.

Hallow stream tower

La tour du territoire du sud

Le obélisque du sommet

Ember cave obelisk

Dire field

La tour du bosquet de venin

North coast tower

Le pilier de la caverne de chêne

Le pylône du bois de rouille

Mystery bluff tower

Meditation mound obelisk

Dragon cliff tower

Midsummer grounds tower

Horoscope tower

Twin bog tower

Paradise mast

Silver lookout

Universe tower

Sanguine brook obelisk

Monument ridge pillar

Piety obelisk

La tour de la prairie de sang

La tour d’arc-en-ciel

History obelisk

Sky meadow tower

South land tower

Freedom cliff tower

La tour élémentaire

Liberty tower

Gossip ridge tower

Orbit spire

La tour de vénération

Hallow spire

Le pilier de fortune

Valor tower

Le obélisque de la plaine immortelle

Domination pillar

Le pylône du bosquet du nord

Stag territory mast

Miracle territory obelisk

Tribute spire

Great pasture tower

Mithril mound tower

Solidarity mast

Le pilier du pâturage enragé

Rose coast tower

Iron morass tower

Wisdom creek obelisk

Le pylône de l’atoll du jumeau

Le pylône de célébration

Crown grove tower

Daydream cliff pillar

Hallow range tower

Rose grounds tower

Elemental tower

Boulder pasture tower

Clover pillar

Gossip beach spire

Temperance tower

Fiend pasture lookout

Vigor spire

Wild dune pillar

Imperial field tower

La tour de la dune du cœur

Velvet beach tower

Fame obelisk

Honor pillar

Mighty sierra spire

La tour du parc de spectres

Catchy Castle Tower Names 

There are countless castles located all over the world. There are 1500 castle sites in England alone, some of which are either in ruins or vanished without a trace. The names of every castle in England were impossible to list down. But we have attempted to provide you with some. 

Fortifications – strong buildings, walls, towers, etc., built around a place in order to defend it.

Tower – a tall narrow structure that forms the highest part of a church or other building

Banquette – the banquette refers to a continuous step built into the interior of the parapet, enabling the defenders to shoot over the top with small arms.

Angstloch – an angstloch is usually located above the basement of a fighting tower or bergfried. The description of these basement rooms as “Dungeons” Stems from the castle studies of the 19th century.

Keep – a large strong tower in the centre of a castle

Turret – a small tower on the top of a building such as a castle

Monument den lookout

Celebration lookout

Bloom mast

Windy stream obelisk

Bravery tower

Le obélisque de jugement

Hollow forest spire

Valiance tower

Trinity garden tower

Berserker atoll lookout

Spirit tower

Courage spire

La tour du pâturage abominable

Heart grotto spire

La tour de liberté

Ascendance spireder

Broad ridge spire

Wraith mound tower

La tour du rivage du nord

La tour d’orchestre

Summit pillar

La tour de la terre de fureur

Primeval jungle tower

Patience tower

East cliff mast

Wyvern grove tower

Wildlife pillar

Mithril stream tower

La tour des âmes

North field tower

Monument desert pillar

La colonne de la fraternité

Hallow dune tower

Rainbow spire

Little den tower

Savage mound spire

Le obélisque de la sierra de prestige

La tour d’ambition

Labor obelisk

La colonne de la plage de rêverie

Ruby dune spire

Ascendance spire

Divine tower

High point lookout

La tour de la caverne de crainte

La tour de la crique d’obsidienne

Stag pasture mast

Twin shore tower

Le pylône de la côte de tonnerre

La tour du mirage

Creed tower

La tour du désert moindre

Solitude spire

Power tower

Concord tower

Le obélisque du loch vaste

Le pilier de sanguine

Fealty lookout

Windy thicket obelisk

Reunion spire

Corruption territory tower

Crystal tower

La tour du pré gris

Faith tower

Fortune tower

La colonne de la prairie du cerf

La tour de la forêt creuse

Judgment tower

Le obélisque du sommet d’obsidienne

Snowflake spire

Best Castle Tower Names 

We typically think of the Middle Ages as a time when kings and knights rode horses into battle, went on quests, and hosted lavish feasts in their castles. The names of castles from the Middle Ages are listed here. Check out the names and let us know if you like them now! 

Citadel – a castle intended originally for the defense of a city, usually built on a high place.

Chateau – a castle or large house in the french countryside

Rampart – a high hill of earth, or a stone wall, built around a city or castle to protect it against an enemy

Moat – a deep, wide hole, usually filled with water, that surrounds a castle as protection against attack

Kasbah – a castle built on a high place to defend a north African city

Barbican – a barbican is a fortified outpost or gateway, such as an outer defense to a city or castle or any tower situated over a gate or bridge that was used for defensive purposes.

La tour de la clairière déchue

Augury tower

Summer field tower

Reverence tower

Oak peak mast

Azure obelisk

Zion mast

Obsidian spire

North lagoon pillar

Dark park tower

La colonne de foi

Vigor mast

Perseverance high tower

Lily atoll tower

Ember strand tower

Obsidian tower

Vision pillar

La tour de la caverne de la flèche

Wyvern swamp tower

Central tower

La tour de réconfort

Skeleton dune spire

La tour du fourré de neige

Eternal glade tower

Brotherhood tower

Dragon sierra obelisk

Dream tower

Light lookout

Frost hill tower

Labor spire

Sapphire bog pillar

Stag swale spire

Crescent cave pillar

Snowflake tower

Onyx garden spire

Storm desert tower

Valiance spire

Le obélisque de chance

Perseverance tower

La tour de mérite

Union lookout

Le pilier d’infinité

Velvet tower

Temperance pillar

Savage creek mast

Pine lake tower

Prospect tower

Exhibition spire

Skyreach mast

La tour des esprits

Le pilier de rajeunissement

Le pylône d’honneur

Velvet isle tower

Tribulation mast

Le pylône de labeur

Wraith plains mast

Freedom obelisk

Glory obelisk

Spring creek tower

Grim creek spire

Truth tower

La tour de lumière

Le obélisque de réconfort

La colonne du marais de fureur

La tour de fusion

Renaissance pillar

Myriad tower

Sanguine cliff tower

Sanguine tower

La tour de prestige

Amazing Castle Tower Names 

Castle names are a fantastic way to encourage your child’s imagination, and they can be used for social media, gaming, and so much more.

However, coming up with them is a major hassle. You may not find it bothersome, but some people would prefer to skip the time-consuming process.

Check out these names now. 

Spire – the pointed top of a church tower or other building

Steeple – a tall pointed tower on a church

Portcullis – a heavy iron gate that can be lowered in front of the entrance to a castle as a defense

Fort – a strong building, often with a high wall around it, used by soldiers to defend a place

Campanile – a tall tower with a bell at the top, especially one near a church.

Bell tower – a tower of a church or other building in which there is a bell

Onyx Moor Tower

Frenzy Peak Tower

Honor Mast

Heirloom Grounds Tower

Starlight Mastred

Mystery Strand Tower

le Obélisque de Présage

Courage Spirejio

Vision Tower

Dream Pasture Tower

Vigor Tower

Outcast Atoll Obelisk

la Tour de Sentience

Trinity Atoll Mast

Steel Shore Tower

Summit Tower

le Pylône de la Lagune de Pendule

la Tour du Lac de Rocher

Rust Park Tower

Myriad Pillar

Frenzy Grove Lookout

Lily Dune Lookout

Primordial Fen Pillar

Afterlife Spire

Phantom Field Mast

Spirit Forest Tower

Tribute Lookout

Midsummer Isle Tower

la Tour de la Jungle du Cerf

Tribulation Lookout

le Obélisque du Sommet Doré

la Tour du Terrain de Réflexion

Silk Tower

la Tour de Rajeunissement

Piety Tower

Corruption Swamp Tower

Talon Pasture Tower

Ember Forest Obelisk

Prosperity Tower

la Tour de Fidélité

Blade Cavern Tower

Truth Lookout

la Colonne du Bois de Bronze

Rejuvenation Lookout

Summer Meadow Tower

la Tour du Sommet Secret

le Obélisque de l’Île Cramoisie

Sanguine Copse Tower

le Obélisque de Réunion

Steel Ridge Spire

Storm Brook Tower

Salvation Tower

Crimson Range Tower

Monument Pasture Mast

Summer Jungle Lookout

la Tour de la Crête de Rêverie

Primal Shore Tower

Steel Field Tower

Wicked Desert Mast

la Tour de la Sierra de Poussière

Starlight Mast

Light Plains Tower

la Tour du Bosquet d’Infinité

Frost Mound Tower

le Obélisque du Bosquet de Saule

History Tower

Ambition Mast

Serenity Mast

Wrath Cliff Tower

Diamond Obelisk

Awesome Castle Tower Names 

Castles have been around since the ninth century, and many still stand today all over the world. Similar to forts, castles frequently served as fortified strongholds for rulers in diverse locales like Japan, India, and England.

Scroll fast to this list to find the gem of names we have listed for you! 

Drawbridge – a bridge that can be pulled up to let ships pass or to stop people from getting into a castle

Fastness – literary a place that is difficult to attack or get control of, usually because it is on the top of a hill or mountain

Bailey – in fortifications, a bailey or ward refers to a courtyard enclosed by a curtain wall. In particular, an early type of European castle was known as a motte-and-bailey. Castles can have more than one bailey.

Castellated – in architecture, a castellated building is made to look like a castle, usually with battlements.

Chatelaine – old-fashioned woman in charge of a castle or large house

The tower of London – a castle in London that was first used as a home for kings and queens, then as a prison, and is now used as a museum

Crenellated – in architecture, a crenelated wall or castle has battlements

Bailey – an area of land between the outer and inner walls of a castle battlements – a wall around the top of a castle, with spaces through which weapons could be fired. 

Tranquility tower

Victory spire

Exhibition mast

Liberation pillar

Vision towerelle

Rough brook tower

Space spire

Triumph tower

History pillar

La tour du rivage de paradis

Harmony land spire

Eternal den spire

Crescent atoll tower

La colonne de la crique de mémorial

Fallen range lookout

Weeping jungle lookout

Bloom lookout

La colonne du jardin de la couronne

Unison tower

Le pilier de révélation

Heart pasture mast

Jliustice tower

Myriad obelisk

La colonne de libération

Le obélisque de la grotte de mithril

Ash grounds tower

Starlight towerlo

Fusion obelisk

La tour d’observation

Charity lookout

Le obélisque de consolation

La colonne du faîte de vestige

Universe obelisk

La colonne de perspective

Tranquility dune obelisk

Le pylône du rivage de méditation

Grand thicket pillar

Phantom copse tower

La colonne de la jungle larmoyante

Royal coast pillar

Le obélisque de sanguine

Orbit lookout

Fire lagoon tower

Fortune grounds obelisk

La tour de victoire

Wyvern sierra tower

Nightmare sierra tower

Le pilier de calypso

Lily copse obelisk

Primeval meadow pillar

Boar den pillar

Nightmare jungle lookout

Clover mast

Le obélisque de la côte fossilisée

Fire morass tower

La tour d’univers

Prophecy tower

Sky grotto spire

Sacred morass tower

La tour de la tourbière interdite

Mighty land tower

Freedom tower

Crypt glade tower

Freedom mountain obelisk

Justice tower

Memorial tower

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