Travel Blog Names: 192+ Catchy And Cool Names

When planning to travel, you need to consider many things. Some you might forget, and so, the traveling might not be that interesting in order to avoid that you need to be cautious of preparing for it.  

There are many blogs these days that will clearly tell us about what we need to carry and prepare before traveling.

The list of plans is endless on the internet. Also, some may not know what the right place to visit and what place has what. You can get all of this information through blogs.

There are many travelers who love to opine about the places they travel to, what to have, where to stay, etc. Even there are many traveling blogs that allow you to book a flight, bus, or train tickets and also book hotels that too with a few clicks.

Top 15 Travel Blogs of the World

  • The Travel Episodes

This travel blog makes sure that the readers are traveling vicariously through the blog. The storytelling involved in the blog is just the next level, not to mention the brilliant photography and video clips that feature in it as well. Reading the blog feels like you have been magically teleported to the destination you are reading about.

  • Legal Nomads –

This blog is written by Jodi, a brilliant blogger and a former lawyer. She writes extensively about the food and culture of all the places she travels to.

One of the best features of this blog is the articles about the local street food that it documents.  She also shares her inspiring journey in the blog.

  • Uncornered Market – 

This spectacular travel blog is run by Audrey and Dan. The couple also works for the United Nations Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

The blog shares absolutely touching stories of people and clicks breathtaking photographs of the myriad landscapes they visit. They share beautiful travel stories, but their focus is on the people they meet in their travels.

  • Alex in Wanderland 

Alex, a New York resident and travel blogger runs this blog. She wears many feathers in her cap, a graphic designer, an author, a photographer, and a deep-sea diver. The blog is abundant with great stories, gorgeous photographs, and a sense of humor. She has traveled extensively across the States and written about it too.

  • The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad forms the perfect blog if you are looking for a holistic travel blog. Kristen, the author of this blog not only provides you with brilliant ideas about where to travel next but also helps you pack and choose your outfits by providing virtual guidance about what each place requires.   

  • View From the Wing

This travel blog is a  masterpiece in its own right. Run by Gary, who is a pro at travel hacking, this blog gives its readers a better understanding of the destination concerned and its culture. The blog is also a great source of information on how to travel on a budget and get concessions from airlines.

  • No Vacation Required

This blog is run by the dynamic duo of Kent and Canaan, who has been traveling for years. Their blog covers pretty much everything that one expects from a travel blog. The tone of the blog is witty and sharp. The blog features posts about their personal details along with travel advice and tips.

  • Wandering Earl

Run by a nomadic backpacker named Earl, this is one of the best travel blogs on the internet.

The blog is a tremendous source of helpful resources on budget traveling, travel blogging, and backpacking. He has a kink for traveling to destinations that few people dare to travel to. All reviews are absolutely authentic.

  • The Cranky Flier  

This blog is run by Brett, who will keep you up to date with everything you need to know about the aviation industry. For travelers, one thing that is very important is to keep track of airlines and their offers; this blog helps you with just that. It regularly updates on the best deals available.

  • Oneika the Traveler 

This blog does not sugarcoat any reviews of travel destinations and does not shy away from being political, as long as it is staying true to the author’s personal experience of the concerned destination.

Also, this blog provides the readers with a colored person’s experience and perspective on traveling the world and the treatment received.

  • Be My Travel Muse

 This blog is written by the ever-charming and adventurous Kristen. She loves exploring destinations that are off the beaten track, and her blog beautifully documents her travels, providing a detailed description of all the places she visits.

The blog features absolutely astonishing pictures from the travels. Kristen has gained considerable experience as someone traveling for five years.

  • Never Ending Footsteps 

This blog is run by Lauren, who considers herself pretty “accident-prone”. Travels do not always go as you plan them, and who knows that better than Kristen? Having faced a series of wrong things happening in her travels, she runs this blog to save others from making the same mistake as those made her.

  • Migrationology

This blog is the brainchild of Mark, who is quite a connoisseur of Asian cuisine. Having traveled extensively across Asia, he documents the culture and food that he found in all the regions that he has visited so far.

The blog will enlighten you a lot about international cuisines and about how food is integral in shaping the culture.

  • Hey Nadine

 This is basically a popular YouTube vlog series that is run by Nadine Sykora. She calls herself a nerd, and her videos are informative, funny, and super fun to watch. She has traveled almost all around the globe and makes some excellent content for her channel. The filmmaking involved in video blogs is exceptional.

  • Cookiesound Is Traveling

This quirky named travel blog is run by a witty and humorous mother and daughter duo, Nisa and Ulli Maier. The blog features insane photographs of beautiful landscapes to which the Maiers have traveled to. All reviews and opinions are absolutely authentic and not sponsored. The travel stories featured in the blog are inspiring and amazing.

Blogging is a hobby that can be turned into a profession. Many travelers write their experiences of travel and put those beautiful pictures which attract more readers.  The contents should be simple and understandable.

Blogs are the platforms for people to show their talents and advertise their businesses. Many people earn through these blogs even after they sleep! Not only the contents of the blogs make a difference, but also the blog names. If you wish to have your own traveling blog, here are some good ideas for blog names.

Travel Blog Names

Traveling project

Mini traveling

Traveling apparel

Book your tickets

Travel Flight

Easy traveling

Traveling and comfort

Internet traveling

Online travel

Virtual traveling

Dream traveling

Exciting traveling

Most traveled

Family on flights

We the tourists

Travel guide

Trip to fun

Travel adventures

Routine escape

Travel addict

The Travel stuff

Get set go

Pack your bag

Holiday trip


Travel reports

Go and see

Lonely Travel

Your travel bag

Visit the place

Trip to dreamland

Tourism flight

Resort tourism

Culture rides

Traveling stay

Motel tours

Guide cruise

Life journey

Family sightseer


Tours and Journey

Steps on Road

Destination guide

Travel international

Flight ready to board

Traveling lead

Buzz traveling

Traveling star

Just travel

Metro traveling

Most people, at some point in their life, will have to be ready for travel. The reasons for traveling may include family visits, spending time with friends, better weather, discovering new cultures, etc. Everyone has their own reasons to travel.

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