461+ Best Chair Massage Business Name Ideas Ever

Chair Massage instantly Boosts your employees’ energy and wellness with an office chair massage, so it’s well fit in the Corporate world if you want to increase your productivity.

Studies have shown the benefits of Chair messages almost instantly. The brain begins to recharge in just a few minutes and with just the right touch, tired muscles feel rejuvenated right away.

Businesses occasionally offer on-site massage therapy to employees as part of wellness programs.

Through therapeutic touch, relaxing music, and calming essential oils, massage therapists offer people relief from tense muscles, stress, and other challenges of the modern world.

Massage therapy has mainly become an increasingly lucrative business niche in many countries, with rapid industry growth and evolution.

However, there’s still mostly room for those who may be looking to get started with their very own massage therapy business.

Whether you’re already a practicing therapist and who is ready to branch out on your own, or someone who’s completely new to the profession, starting a business of massage can be simple with the right information to ease your way.

How to start a Chair massage business

  • Get certified

The first thing you always need to do before you can open for business is to complete massage therapy training and get yourself certified.

Most states regulate massage therapy, which means that therapists need to be certified and licensed before they are able to work. You may always need to complete a certain amount of study hours under a board-approved massage therapy school.

  • Determine which services to offer

The second important step in starting a massage business is to determine what services you want to offer.

There are more than 80 different types of massage therapy available, and you’ll want to decide whether you want to specialize in a specific type, or mainly offer a variety of different types of services to your customers.

Besides massage, you could also consider offering some additional massage-related products for sale as well.

  • Decide where you’ll be working from

As per the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), 38% of massage therapists run their business out of their own office, while 32% work from their own homes. You’ll always want to decide which of these options would be better for you.

Working from an office always means that you’ll have to either buy or rent space, which will result in more overhead and startup costs. So, having your own office will allow you to serve more clients at once and possibly turn a larger profit.

  • Research your clients/target market

Another important thing to think about before considering how to open a massage therapy business is your target market. It’s important for you to know who your customers are.

You’ll always want to perform some in-depth market research and analysis and work on creating an ideal customer profile.

Always find out what your customers like or dislike, their average age range, gender, and other user demographics. This will mainly help greatly once you’re ready to begin marketing your massage therapy business later.

  • Build a massage website

In the current market, it’s essential for businesses to have a website and a strong online presence.

Many massage therapists always use their website as a way to communicate with clients, manage bookings and appointments, and inform people about their products and services.

Existing Chair massage Company names in US

  • Zen Well
  • Viva Day
  • The Healing Garden
  • The Corporate Chair
  • Super Relax
  • Sittin’ Pretty
  • Sittin Good
  • Serenity
  • Relaxation Absolution
  • Relax The Back
  • Oasis Massage
  • Atlantis
  • Friendly Massage
  • Full Body Massage
  • Magic Touch
  • Massage Envy
  • Tranquility Body Spa
  • Urban Bliss Day Spa Inc
  • Spaahbulous and More
  • Sparadise
  • Sparadise La Brea
  • Massage Heights
  • Royal Spa
  • Rubs
  • Massage Oasis
  • Heavenly Touch
  • Highland Massage
  • Holistic Massage
  • House Massage
  • Full Moon Spa
  • Awe Spa
  • Elements Therapeutic Massage
  • Elysium
  • Energy Healing & Massage
  • Bella Nova Day Spa
  • Not Your Daddy’s Chair
  • Myo Massage
  • Midtown Massages
  • Miami Massage
  • Massage Heaven
  • Massage By Design
  • Magic Chairs
  • Jee Jee Massage
  • Hiatus Massage
  • Hands Off Massage
  • Citywide Massage
  • Body Healing
  • Being Well Massage
  • Austin Massage Company
  • Highland Massage Company
  • Asian Spa
  • The Mobile Massage Company
  • Sierra Madre Massage Company
  • Tucson Massage Company
  • Nashville Massage Company
  • Align Massage Company
  • Tranquility Massage Company

Your name is such a critical part of your brand. Here we tried to suggest some Creative Chair massage Company Names ideas for your Inspiration.

While your business may be extremely professional and important, choosing a creative company name can attract new customers also.

Cool names are remembered easily, while names that describe what your company does sound like all the rest.

important tips for naming your Chair massage business

Your business name mainly sets the tone of your business and helps define what you have to offer. It’s always the first impression someone has of your business, and it pays to get it right.

Your business name should convey your expertise, value, and uniqueness. There is a lot of confusion when it mainly comes to choosing the right business name. But remember that simply Googling ‘business name ideas’ won’t quite cut it.

Keeping it simple

So, keeping your business name simple will also help with keeping your URL manageable. Hence, it will also look better on your marketing material and be significantly easier to remember than something long and complicated.

Using Your Own Name

The height of personalizing the name of your business is mostly using your own name, and doing so tells people you are willing to associate the reputation of your business with your personal identity.

So, on the downside, however, is that your name might not convey enough information about your practice and may not be suitable should you decide to expand your business in the future.

Naming Factors

Not using your own name has many advantages. For one thing, you always give yourself the freedom to expand without changing the business name, and you’re better able to choose a name that conveys the advantages of massage.

So, when considering names, you’ll want to choose something that is easy to remember and pronounce.

Best Chair massage Company Name Ideas

Whiteline Relax

Easy wish Massage

heal & Shine

Beyond 7

Feel well Massages

Heal wing Massages

Brownbox Massages

Healing dust


Me & me

Henny’s Massages

Green Flag chair massage

Great hands

Super free Massages

Centrik Massages

Corpo Heal Massages

Able Hands

Tranquil Trail



happy chair Massages

Rayman Massages 

Rightwell Massages


Busy street Massages

key Heal Massages

Mass well

Livia massage

stayzy Massages

hynzyfeel Massages

Wellbliss hands

Zee Zee massage

yap yap Massages

Freeway Heal

Rexxon Massages

Midas Well

healybar Massages

Jone’s Chair Massages

Synnera Chair

Krosslynn Massage

Cosmix Chair

Sureflex Massages


NeonLex Massages

Flexon Massages


Care laying

MOreMood Massages


NewMOno Massages

Lefton Massages

MOuntain Calm

BigBang Massage

white rays

Forward hands Massages

Helinn hands

Relaxious Massages

Golden hands

Cuddly Massages

Dudu’s Massage Point

red Nine massage

Spartan chair

lex & leuMassages

heaven House 

Smek Massages

Body bay Massages

Trackwell Massages

Pegion Pray Chair Massage


HeavenBird Chair Massage


SpirituTHrive Chair Massage


SHineWave Chair Massage



Zest Tree Chair Massage

Spiritual Splash

StaticStone Chair Massage

Urban Motive


SilverTemple Chair Massage

Uptown Zing


RarePrey Chair Massage

MidEast Bliss

If you’re planning to start a massage therapist? So read out the steps to start a massage therapist.

MotherLove Chair Massage

Earth Devine Chair Massage


HUmanity Space

AngelCurves Chair Massage

Spiritual Secrets

EliteWaves Chair Massage


SereneDive Chair Massage


AffectionCurves Chair Massage

EarthyDelite Chair Massage


Intense Joy

Spiritual Spruce

TempleBLiss Chair Massage


OriginRay Chair Massage


Being Able Chair Massage

Celesta Life Chair Massage


InspireZest Chair Massage

WellJoy Vibe

Inspire Diary Chair Massage

White Aura Chair Massage

Up Espirited

Urban Glad

Casa Unicorn Chair Massage

LovingBuddha Chair Massage

Alpha Paradise

Owl Awakening Chair Massage

Super Galatic

Atmospheric Awaken

Avalon Space

HappyCurls Chair Massage


Ancient master

NatureZing Chair Massage

Spiritual Retrend

Atmos Inspire Chair Massage

Chair Massage Business Names

catchy Chair massage Company Name Ideas


Spiriguru Chair Massage

MayPetals Chair Massage

Wellen Good

Quick Chair

Young Chair massage

Truewell Massages

Professia Massage

Joss Massages

health hug

Healthy Avtar

24 relaxa Massages

Green well Massages

Romance Massage

Flattering Massage

Princess Massage

Lavish Massage

Elegance Massage

Flattering Massage

Renewing Massage

Gracious Massage

Lilac Massage

Lavish Massage

Delicacy Massage

Amber Massage

Lux Massage

Flair Massage

Defy Massage


Continental Massage

Buxom Massage

Velocity Massage

TInted Massage

Obsidian Massage

Kitten Massage

Venust Massage

Crystal Massage




Ava Massage


Fascinate Massage

Ocean Massage


Purifying Massage




Scarlet Massage

Extravagant Massage

Ego Massage


Romance Massage


Princess Massage

Delicacy Massage

Amber Massage

Flair Massage


Defy Massage


Continental Massage

Buxom Massage

Velocity Massage

TInted Massage

Obsidian Massage




Richness Massage

Bone Massage

Beckon Massage

Magenta Massage

Profuse Massage

Salve Massage

Cosmic Massage

Major Massage

Darling Massage

Silk Massage

Photogenic Massage

Honey Massage

Luxuriate Massage

Affects Massage

Embrace Massage

Cleo Massage

Idolize Massage



Diamond Massage

Accentuate Massage

Lavish Massage

Bismuth Massage

Venust Massage

Purifying Massage

Evolve Massage

Diverse Massage

Regenerate Massage

Warrior Massage

Harp Massage

Fulgent Massage

Exquisite Massage

Brightness Massage

Tempean Massage

Fountain Massage

Become Massage

Hypnotizing Massage

Kindstouch Massage


zenicure Massage

jenophic Massage

Bathly Massage

Srich Massage

Princess spa

Vesta Massage


upworth Massage

Pushups Massage

Yoga green

Auragraph Massage

Topicana Massage

Tubes bolds Massage

Sencerra Massage

Golden Touch

Slice Massage

Trending Chair Massage Business Names

Fantasia Massage

Andevour Massage

Luxura Massage

Flora Massage

Trivij Massage

Aman dweller

Abel Star

Five star

Marietta Massage

German Massage

Russfield Massage

Thainic Massage

Saunara Massage

Sun Aura Massage

Modern Massage

Mordressa Massage

Nobel Massage

Tannion Massage

Spartan Massage

Drops Massage

Heaven Touch Massage

Heaven door

Curessa Massage

Corsa Massage

Pep Wellness

Circle spa

Spasha Massage

Tanta Massage

Nuke Massage

Imperial Massage

inferno Massage

Entilope Massage

Body treat

aura force

Happy hands

Loosends Massage

Visco Massage

Rollover Massage

Massage mystery

Osias outdoor

Relaxxa Massage

Urban street

Rolls king Massage

Princess wood

Dyna Massage

Urbanwind Massage

Windser Massage

Royal touch

touch wish Massage

Green Joy Massage

Nature Touch

Nature Pearls

path shiner Massage

Check out the top best massage equipment companies in the USA.

Day Shore Massage

Masters touch

destiny Massage

denzza Massage

Maves Massage

Marvella Massage

Revoluation Massage

Smart Edge Massage

Surface Massage

Healing up Massage

Uptouch Massage

Breath Massage

Soft Spots Massage

Blue skies Massage

Flower touch

utopia Massage

Breathland Massage

Day night Massage

Sweet shore Massage

Moon Light Massage

Break peace Massage

Rock relex Massage

Rebold Massage

Fitneck Massage

Shadow Massage

Stricker Massage

Brezza Massage

Jazz Touch

Vintage Massage

Husheled Massage

Deep Sleep Massage

Needles Massage

Monk Massage

Orange hands Massage

Oilera Massage

Olivia Massage

Riser Massage

Chair Company Names

Chair massage is one of the most relaxing techniques of soothing your mind and body. You will be able to see gyms and fitness centers well-equipped with a chair massager which many people utilize. Also, this is a part of recreation that is nowadays seen in every shopping mall.

So, if you are intending to start your own business, and are looking for fruitful ideas, make sure to target the chair massage service. 

This is a particular idea that will amaze a lot of people within the US. People normally live a very tough life including their job duties and daily chores.

At the end of the week, people simply crave a good relaxation session at the parlor or steamy bath at the gym.

If you open your own chair massage service, people will undoubtedly come to you and seek the desired service associated with the same. 

The following infographic shows some of the benefits of massage chairs. An important principle of applying massage techniques is that therapists use their elbows, knuckles, and hands to put an impact on different parts of your body including the shoulders, neck, and back.

benefits of chair massage

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