Chess Tournament Names: 630+ Catchy And Cool Names

If you’re heading to a chess tournament, it’s important to be well-prepared! If you’re new to chess tournaments. In most tournaments, you’ll be paired with an opponent, and you’ll have a certain amount of time to make as many moves as possible.

If you run out of time, your opponent can claim a victory, even if you have a winning position. The most important thing is to stay focused and avoid making careless mistakes. 

If you lose your focus, you might easily fall into a losing position. So try to relax, take your time, and remember that mistakes are part of the game.

What Are Some Cool Chess Tournament Names? 

There are a few things that you can do to help prepare for a chess tournament. One of the most important things is to make sure that you are well-rested and have plenty of energy.

You don’t want to feel tired or run down during your games. Here is a list of some cool Chess Tournament names.

The Square Pears

The Lunatics Tournament

Hut of Kings

Innovative Titles

Seducticor Cup

Balls Deep Tournament

Future Pawn Riders

Chess 4 Life

Gods Favorite Team


New Soccer Stove

The Squad

The First Round

Nexcal Track Club

Blasting Cup

Red Head Gang

Den of Chess


Above the Rim Shootout

Stand United

Cheque Time Sports

Hydra Tournament

The Red Hot Peppers

Fantasy For Family

Urban Profs

Striker’s Edge

Arsenal Tournament

King Pong

Town & Country Cross

Looking for Mates

Falcon Defenders


Freedom Tournament

Monarchy Masters

Newports In Sports

Swan Hill

Malpractice This

Aafrikan Chesserfs

ThunderBirds Tournament

Wentz Upon a Time

Big Club Footy

Zoom Tournament

King Hub

Odell’s Kitchen

Spa Bar Botany Bay

Wade Smith Racing

Charter Sports

Straight Shooters Tournament

Dirty Dodger

Vulcan Heats

Pro Tour

Real Knight

Gator’s Slam Club

Vitality T20 Blast

Bound To Fail

Ahoy Mate

Melodic Execution

Hailo Derby

Viking Pitchers

The Open Wager

Wildcats Tournament

The Biggest Loser

Jumpers Sports

Rolling Pawns

Big Hit Theory

Shoot the Moon Tournament

Leveon On A Prayer

Turf Warnocks

Growers Soccer

Great Witzen


Blooming Volcanoes

Go For It Surfers

Gradient Gaming

PentaCard Gaming

The Roundabout Cup

Winner Returns

Strikers Rugby Club

Blazing Rockets

GoodJOlly Gaming

Adders Tournament

The Title Game

Bridge Drive Gaming


Cleveland Bar Code

Cricketing Phantoms

Naval Summer League

Grand Slam Masters

Royalton Cup

Hungry Dogs

Grasshoppers Tournament

Melinda’s Cupcakes

Sydney Open Sports

Sportif de l’Asie

Wino Crew Gaming

Angeles Chess Masters

Total Pongage

Silly Bellies

Sport Club Tasmania

Re Lions league

What Are Some Catchy Chess Tournament Names?

Another thing to keep in mind is your mental state. You want to be in a good frame of mind and not stressed out or angry. If you are feeling tense, take some time to relax and clear your mind before your games. Here is a list of some catchy Chess Tournament names.

Bolgos Netball Club

No Nonsense Gamers

Townsville Trophies

Man of Stealth

Fresna Masters

Iconic Chess Masters


That Better Team

The Vixens

Getting Lucky In Kentucky

The Great British Bake Off

Black & White

Working The Balls

Frozen Tundra League

AvonBuddy Gaming

Chess Master Forum

Jets Gold Coast

Slog Warriors League

Sticker Team Sports

Blue Rebels League

Check Matie

Cyborg Droids

Fever Tournament

Calm Outlaws

Rugged Catch

Chess Spotlight

Vague Death Poets

Bone Crushers Anonymous


Dominators Tournament

Olympic Stampede

Pixie Normous

Lebuhn Sports Centre

Beaver Valley YSCA

Huskhun Gumi

Hut of Bishops


Boys in Black Tournament

Challenging Royals

Firebirds Tournament

Gold Medal Pitching

Amaze Queen Land

The Championship Game

The Boarding School

Bouchess Club

Hopsport Tasmania


Show Us Your TDs

Suck A-Ball

Roadrunners League

Honey Bunch Tournament

Blew By U Tournament

Lords of Absurd

Tours of Japan

Gone with the Win

Charging Hulks

The Avengers

Knights Tournament

Ball Blasters Tournament

Strikers Strikers

Striking Thunder

Mettle Blades

Extreme Monsters League

Arrows Tournament

Strikers Tournament


Tinker Stinkers

Hard Hitters League

Royal strikers League

World Hockey Assn

Lady Hawks

Athleta One

Throwing Balls

Queen of Land

Chess Guru House

The Bronze medal Game

Rook & Roll

War & Piece

Annihilators League

Wild Horses

Emo Warriors


The Dark Square Complexes

Justice League

North Star Tourney

Choking Hazard

Terrific Tasks

Crew Bishops

Luxx Soccer Club

Playball Netball

TruJoy Gaming

Movers And Shakers

Nball Canada

Outliers Chess

The Real Beatles

Knights of the Square Table

MagniZent Gaming

Invaders Tournament

The Players’ Village

Fight For Trophy

What Are Some Best Chess Tournament Names?

Finally, it’s important to practice as much as possible in the weeks leading up to the tournament. This will help you to feel more confident and prepared to go in.

In order to win a chess tournament, you need to be mentally and physically prepared. Here is a list of some best Chess Tournament names.


Wild Wolverines

The Challenge

The Pawn Stars

Apeldoorn Skiing

Touch The Base

Airdrie Cup

The Quarterfinals

Golbez Netball

MotherBricks Gaming

Phoenix Tournament

Bishop’s Rule

The Boxers

No Fun League

Seastone Gaming

Kempsey Cup

Forward Gaming

Defending Champs

Big Sky Cup

Sonic Bone Mash

Dak in a Box

Friends Life

The Swingers

The Kings

Petersen Pipe

Rockstar Lifestyle.

Crown Court Games

Risky Royals

Rattlers Tournament

North Coast Youth

Swingers Of Games

Bowlers Palace

GrandGalas Gaming

Chaotic Tornadoes

Ninja Bros

Best In 7

Quicks Queer

Find out more:

Inning Starters League

Das Boons

League of Misfits

United Army

Basic Boys

Projex Sports

Turn Your Head

Elegant Death Squad

Nova Spirit


Canberra Soccer Bowl

Kings Pins

Uncivilized Bunch

Goal Diggers.

Maverick River Speed

Imperials Tournament

Outdoorsy People

Triumphant Race

Lave Raisers

Ace Sportzone

Fight or Die Tournament


Ferocious Supernovas

Tallade Creek Games

Bounce Demons

One King That Rules

Riot Tournament

Masked Maniacs

Run’s and Loses

The Silver medal Game

Bloodbath Architects

No Defense Tournament

Goolwa Jiggys

State Showdown

The World Series

Stormy Beast Gaming

Master Spinners

Runners For Victory

Extreme Hit Massacre

Mystery Smut


Ram Slam

Musketeers Boys

Athabasca Games

World Class Tennis

King Pawn Stars

Check Us Out

Totally Down


League of Nations

Twenty20 Cup

Goats To the Cup

Wise Games Sports

Canteen Adelaide

League of Champions

Chiefs Tournament

The Antonio Cromartie

Loch Cup

Cosh Tournament

Headrush Pirates

Blue Ice Tournament

Allstars Sports

What Are Some Awesome Chess Tournament Names?

You need to be able to focus for long periods of time and make good decisions under pressure. In addition, you need to be in good physical condition so that you can last for the entire tournament. Here is a list of some awesome Chess Tournament names.

Fresh Startz Championship

Kings of the 64

Board Lords

The Untouch-a-Pawn

Final Sports

Dorone Cup

Happy, Healthy, Fit

Stade Pecan

Expert Skateboards

Loon Messiahs

Elite Sapiens

Swing City L’or

Minneapolis Chess Hub

Tactical Attacks

Goonies Goonies

Street Shine Club

Gunners Board

Tennis QLD Premier

The Championship Series

The Tyrants

Pound A Kick Fuss

Supreme Krushers

Snapping necks and cashing checks

The Most Mirthful

Snack Attack

First Round Game

Goregrinder warriors

Kap N’ Sip

Winner Chicken Dinner League

Fireballs Tournament

Artishoters League

Waverider Legends


The Tournament

Genies Tournament

The Hot List

Tennis Challenge Cup

The Big Club Bowl

Dane Kincheloe


The Chessmates

Duchess Club

TO Sports Club

Calm Attack

Catch’n Kick

The Knight Mates

Hello, Newton!


The Stanley Cup

Kill Swing Maniacs

Bird smash

Creditors League

Bears Netball

Broken Bones

Miss Masters

Planet Gaming

The Shivakaminis

Stampeeders Tournament

The Little Lord

The Slam Race

Call Of Sward

Caravan Razzle

The Dementors

Duke of Gurley

GreyUrbener club

Games Of Run

Chess Nuts

Chicago Chess Masters


Crusaders Tournament

Cape Town Classic

Power Shots Tournament

Tennis Tasmania

babie Pluckies

League Of Doomers

Smashers Scorers

Bat Ball Doomers League


The Elite Four

Team Wurmer

Wolf Gang

Den of Rook

Cool Kids Club

The Fire-Breathers

Racing League

Tricolors Tournament

Team Work

The Tourney of Life

Red Bowl Slam

The Final Four

Blue Spiritan Gaming

Knight and King


Spring Bash Tournament

Womens Sportful Tour

All in the Family

Frost Giants Tournament

Wonder League

Fitness World Canada

The Fantasy Football Concussions

What Are Some Amazing Chess Tournament Names?

The best way to prepare for a chess tournament is to practice. Try to play as many games as possible in order to get used to the pressure of a tournament.

One of the most important things in a chess tournament is to stay calm. Here is a list of some amazing Chess Tournament names.

Blazing Blades

Lightning Legends

Tit Whiskey

Tennis Unlimited One

Justice Bringers

Tuff Stuff Tournament

Always On The Pull

Courageous Shooters

Drugrunners League

The Amazing Race

Stealers Tournament

Drug Runners

South Western TAB

Groundwater Invictus

Trigger Head Kill

The Beanie Squad

The Golf Slam

Raiders of the Lost Initiative

Artsy Football Club

Quick Capitals

SereneDive Gaming

Ballantyne Lads

Seeking Fun

The Wild Card Game

My Ball Zach

The Laff-down

Braggin’ Rights

Red Dragons Tournament


Inno-Nation Uae

Mavericks Tournament

Ball Burners League

Petrojan Horse

Giant Powerzone

Go Gaming

Mooroolbark Classic

Sporting Life Pro

Forgetting Brandon Marshall

Togo-mites Tournament

Fencing World Cup

Blood Riders

The Ducksters League

Hat Trick Java

Club Zdravec

Global Soccer League

Shred Bit Giants

Ball Bat Matchmakers

Revelation Games

Super Sixers League

Meteorites Tournament

Racers Tournament

Ballistic Bombers

Chapman Cup

No Pawn Intended


Australian Chess Masters

Rook Hub

Wool worths Cup

Townhouse Tennis

Triple J Tennis

Brave, Chess?

Champions League

Goofy Dumplings

Gryffindors Chessers

Royal Army of Queens

Thumpers Coolers

Aussie Gator Games

Big Shots Bishop

Indian Chess Masters

Anderson’s Creepy-Crawlies

Roadrunners Tournament

midfield Heroes


Hills Sports Library

Extreme Heat Falcons Tournament

Bashers Boom Boom

Hits by Nicki-Taylor

Chez Etat

Premier Round

Lords Of The Dot

Willey Wanderers

Not Brave Chess

Explode Tournament

Flamin Ballers

Best Squash & Tackle

The Chess Spot

Greek Gods

Rule Breakers

Club of Kings


Syracuse Cup

Strikers Sports USA

Play Chess


Seawolves Tournament

The Conniving Knights

Bring it On

Tournament of Champions

Round The Roll

Lazer Cocoons

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