870+ Christian Slogans and Taglines (Generator + Guide)

Looking for catchy Christian slogans that reflect your beliefs? There is no need to look any further! We have a great collection of Christian phrases to inspire and encourage you.

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Top Christian Slogans

Campaign Slogan
Faith Forward USAUniting in Faith, Moving America Forward
Hope RenewedBringing Hope for a Better Tomorrow
Love UnitedUnited in Love, Stronger Together
Grace for AllEmbracing Grace, Changing Lives
Freedom FaithFaith in Freedom, Freedom in Faith
God’s BlessingsCounting God’s Blessings, Sharing Love
Faithful FuturesFaithful Hearts, Brighter Futures
Renewed SpiritRenewing Spirits, Reviving Hope
Peaceful PraisePraising Peace, Spreading Harmony
Love Thy NeighborLoving Our Neighbors, Changing the World

Amazing Christian Slogans

Christian Slogans

The Bible is the only truth

We love our Lord

Oh! Lord, save us from our sins

We are here because of you

Christianity is the only true religion

A religion worth following

Christianity for life

Let Jesus guide you the right way

Follow the guidelines of Christianity

It’s not just a slogan, it’s a way of life

Let your light shine, and inspire others.

Be the hands and feet of Christ.

God’s promises are forever.

God’s grace is a free gift; accept it with gratitude.

Let love be your legacy.

Spread kindness like confetti.

Find strength in God’s Word.

Love thy neighbor as thyself.

Keep calm and pray on.

With God, all things are possible.

Grateful heart, abundant life.

Choose faith over doubt.

Praise God in every season.

Live for a higher purpose.

Forgiveness sets you free.

Choose Jesus, choose life.

Seek God first, and all will fall into place.

Walk by faith, not by sight.

In God we trust, in His love we find peace.

Trust in the Lord, He makes a way.

Hope anchors the soul.

Find peace in surrendering to God.

Heaven bound, living for eternity.

Salvation: the ultimate gift.

Jesus is the answer, always.

Love is the greatest commandment.

Joy comes from knowing Jesus.

Let His light shine through you.

God’s love never fails; let it guide you.

God’s love transforms hearts.

God’s grace covers all our imperfections.

Be a vessel of God’s love.

Stay faithful, even in the storm.

Jesus saves, believes, and receives.

Faith over fear, always.

Awesome Christian Taglines

Catchy Christian Phrases

In Christ alone, find strength and peace.

Passionate about Christ, passionate about people.

Faith that moves mountains, love that transforms.

Overflowing with faith, abounding in love.

Redefining faith, rewriting history.

Embracing authenticity, empowering lives.

Overflowing grace, abundant blessings.

Transformed by grace, propelled by love.

Fearless faith, limitless possibilities.

Faith warriors, standing strong together.

Radiant faith, contagious joy.

Break barriers, build bridges of love.

Chasing after God, leaving a legacy.

Anchored in hope, anchored in Him.

Inspired by love, driven by compassion.

Grace unleashed, hope revealed.

Chosen by grace, called to make a difference.

Embrace the journey, empowered by grace.

Dare to dream, fueled by faith.

Radiate God’s love, illuminate the darkness.

Living victoriously, guided by His Word.

Embrace the power of prayer, experience miracles.

Rising above, soaring in faith.

Empowered by the Spirit, walking in faith.

Rooted in faith, reaching for the heavens.

Passionately pursuing God’s purpose.

Dream big, trust in God’s plan.

Living out loud, shining His light.

Unleash your potential, embrace His plan.

Ignite the world with God’s love.

Rejoice in hope, live in His presence.

Conquering giants, through faith in God.

Revive your faith, renew your spirit.

Transforming the world, one act of love at a time.

Shining His light, impacting eternity.

Living with purpose, shining with His glory.

Unveiling purpose, embracing destiny.

Trailblazers of faith, catalysts for change.

Inspiring lives, one story at a time.

Boldly living the message of redemption.

Best Christian Slogans

Christian Slogans For Youth
  • What will the Word do? If there’s no faith in the heart
  • Remember Jonah down in the mouth
  • Whoever you are, for you, my God, have died
  • You’re selected; the chosen one
  • More than you’ll ever understand, you’re loved
  • You are my treasured property, the Lord said
  • If you’re living, read the information in the Bible
  • Your potential is the sum of all God’s life opportunities
  • Keep calm and love Jesus
  • Being born, Christian is the best thing that could ever happen to us
  • Your birth was not your choice, but how you live depends upon you
  • Christianity makes the world a better place
  • The leadership of the servant
  • A sign that was broken, message on this Sunday
  • Solution for all situations is Christianity
  • Sophisticated thinking for individuals who are advanced
  • Happy and blessed
  • The best thing about the future is that it only happens one day at a moment
  • The Bible is part of your daily schedule
  • The Bible is everywhere else–it should be in the library of your family
  • Our church is the safest place on Earth
  • Only Lord can save us from the wrath of the Fire
  • The Lord is here to command us all
  • Listen to the Lord and everything will go as it was promised
  • Lift up your faith. you will find a new look
  • Looking at some people’s manner of living, they should quickly get eternal fire insurance
  • Love all the words, that our Lord has ever spoken
  • Love is God’s essence
  • Man, knowledge, liberty, justice–that is all the Bible is about
  • My savior is no God tougher than nails
  • Knowing peace is the most important of all
  • No Greater Love has ever been saved
  • Do you pray more, do you worry less about low faith? Arrange for a fill-up
  • Our Lord is more than we can ever comprehend
  • No God, No Peace, Know God, Know Peace
  • Keep quiet and let it be handled by a Christian
  • Continue to press forward with our Lord
christian slogans

Catchy Christian Slogans

Short Christian Slogans
  • Let it all be accomplished in love
  • Let go and let go of God let your problems shine on the promises of God
  • In the Bible, let your fingers walk
  • Live today as a Christian, or burn tomorrow in Hell
  • Live in such a manner that they would never think it if someone talked badly about you
  • Never forget, we are the faithful servants of God
  • Redemption is only possible if we serve the true God
  • It is unlikely that the salaries of sin will be reduced
  • With my soul, it’s good
  • God helps those who help themselves
  • It’s a church full of spirits
  • It is for God’s glory
  • It’s not all about you[ the whole thing is about God
  • In my heart, there is Jesus
  • Jesus is painting in me a smile
  • Jesus believes that we ought to see others
  • Justification is the part of God; our part in sanctification
  • Follow Christianity to cleanse your sins
  • A sinner has no place in Christianity
  • For we are the believer of Jesus Christ, we are proud to be called as Christians
  • Did you ask Jesus to enter your heart?
  • He’s a Calvinist hyper
  • Hell’s God’s absence
  • How are you going to spend eternity— smoking or non-smoking?
  • I trust in God, for I shall never panic again
  • I look forward to a breakthrough through the path of God
  • Who can be against us if God is for us?
  • If your partner is God, make your plans GREAT!
  • Don’t count sheep if you can’t sleep, speak with the shepherd
  • Our Lord has great plans for us
  • God works in a mysterious way
  • Follow your heart, and it will take you to the Lord
  • Free Heaven Trip. Inside details!
  • God can listen to you if you let him to
  • In the presence of sin, God can not be present
  • God has a wonderful life plan, just follow his commandments
  • God hates sin, but the sinner enjoys it
  • God is helping those who are helping themselves
  • God gives; those who give themselves to God
  • God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.
  • God is more potent than my conditions
  • Within her is God; she’s not going to fall
  • Walk through your path, God will lead you
  • Christ went in our shoes, literally
  • Christ inspires life, where are you?
  • Christians, forgiven, are not ideal
  • Come in today and pray. Beat the rush for Christmas!
  • Lord is your only guide in Life
  • Don’t be so celestial that you’re not nice on earth
  • Dusty Bibles are leading to the life of Dirt
  • Everything in the Bible is simpler
  • Faith–It’s not making things simple, it’s making things possible
  • Don’t put your faith in fear, for it will lead you towards sin
  • The world might fall, if God is unsatisfied
  • Keep calm and have faith in the Bible
  • Put the teachings of God above everything
  • If the Lord is here, there’s nothing to fear
  • Take faith in breakfast, hope in dinner, and your life will go on forever
  • Believe in Lord; he will brush up your soul
  • Purify your soul, in the presence of God
  • God hates those who hate themselves

Cool Christian Taglines

Christian Slogans For Business

Living out loud, praising in silence.

Empowered by the Spirit, led by love.

Unleash your faith, and impact the world.

Faith warriors, world changers.

Faith that moves mountains love that transforms.

Love unconditionally, forgive relentlessly.

Radically transformed, powerfully alive.

Anchored in Christ, soaring in purpose.

Redefining love, reshaping hearts.

Faith on fire, making a difference.

Faith unleashed, miracles revealed.

Powered by grace, fueled by faith.

Rooted in faith, reaching new heights.

Faith warriors, spreading light.

Fearless faith, relentless love.

Chosen by grace, called to serve.

Faith fuels our journey, hope lights our way.

Driven by love, guided by faith.

Faithful living, purposeful giving.

Ignite your faith, and impact the world.

Grace wins, love conquers.

Walk the talk, shine your light.

God’s love, our mission.

Fearless faith, limitless possibilities.

Embrace grace, and empower change.

Boldly living out God’s promises.

Unshakable faith, unstoppable love.

Faith forward, fear behind.

Armed with prayer, clothed in love.

Authentic faith, contagious joy.

Revive. Renew. Rejoice.

Chasing after God, leaving a legacy.

Revolutionary faith, radical love.

Believe. Inspire. Transform.

Loved by God, changing lives.

Overflowing grace, uncontainable joy.

Unveiling purpose, embracing destiny.

Dare to be different and shine with God’s love.

Living passionately for the King.

Faith in action, love in motion.

Encouraging Christian slogans

Christianity Slogan

God’s love knows no boundaries.

God’s love never fails, hold on to it.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

God’s love transforms hearts.

Keep your eyes on Jesus, He is your guide.

Faith over fear, always.

Keep pressing on, God is with you.

Trust in His timing, He makes all things beautiful.

Find rest in His arms of love.

Keep the faith, embrace His grace.

Stand strong, for God fights your battles.

Have courage, God is your shield.

Let gratitude overflow, blessings will follow.

With God, you are an overcomer.

His grace is sufficient for you.

Choose faith over doubt, miracles happen.

Find strength in His Word, it will never fail.

Embrace forgiveness, experience freedom.

Choose joy, it’s a gift from God.

In every storm, God is our anchor.

God’s love is the greatest healer.

Walk by faith, not by sight.

Keep dreaming, God has a purpose for you.

In His hands, find peace.

Believe in miracles, experience His power.

With God, all things are possible.

God’s promises never expire.

In His presence, find strength.

Let His light shine through you.

Embrace His peace, let worries fade.

God’s plan is greater than your circumstances.

Even in the valley, God walks beside you.

Trust His heart, even when you can’t see His hand.

You are never alone, God is always near.

Hope anchors the soul.

Inspirational Christians taglines

Christian Mottos

Unleash the power within, guided by God’s Word.

Boldly stepping into God’s purpose for you.

Transforming adversity into opportunities for growth.

Empowered by grace, driven by love.

Embrace the extraordinary, empowered by God.

Transforming lives, one act of love at a time.

Step out in faith, make a difference.

Arise, shine, make His love known.

Courageously walking the path of faith.

Radiate His love, inspire hearts to believe.

Faith fuels the journey, hope lights the way.

Faith empowers, love, inspires, and grace restores.

Defy the ordinary, and live an extraordinary life.

Dare to dream big and trust in God’s plan.

Emboldened by faith, making a lasting difference.

Embrace challenges, and grow in faith.

Break through barriers, and embrace possibilities.

Champions of faith, ambassadors of hope.

Trailblazers of faith, pioneers of love.

Embrace the journey, and trust in God’s guidance.

Fuel your passion with faith, and ignite the world with love.

Unleash your potential, and live your purpose.

Be a catalyst for change; shine your light.

Overflow with gratitude, radiate with joy.

Inspired by His grace, impacting lives with love.

Redefine limits, and embrace God’s limitless grace.

Be the change rooted in Christ.

Leave a legacy of faith, hope, and love.

Chasing after God’s heart, leaving footprints of faith.

Pursue dreams that honor God, and impact the world.

Live fearlessly, love relentlessly.

Inspire, impact, ignite.

Lift others with encouragement, inspire them to soar.

Rise up in faith, soar with purpose.

Inspired by God’s promises, impacting the world.

Unique Christian Taglines

Christian Taglines

Walking by faith, shining with purpose.

Shining His light, sharing His love.

Embracing authenticity, powered by grace.

Faith in unity, strength in diversity.

Inspiring hearts, changing lives.

Restoring hope, one life at a time.

Faith in the extraordinary.

Boldly living His story.

Faith-inspired, fearlessly living.

Revolutionizing faith, impacting generations.

Embracing the cross, embracing the world.

Daring to dream, fueled by faith.

Grace upon grace, faith upon faith.

Unveiling the beauty of grace.

Redefining faith, rewriting destinies.

Journeying together, guided by faith.

Radiating faith, illuminating darkness.

Reviving faith, restoring hope.

Radical love, limitless grace.

Transformed by His redeeming love.

Hope ignites, and faith empowers.

Champions of faith, ambassadors of love.

Reviving hearts, renewing souls.

Anchored in faith, sailing with purpose.

Fueling faith, igniting revival.

Pioneering faith, pioneering love.

Unleashing compassion, transforming communities.

Breaking barriers, building bridges of faith.

Unleashing potential through faith.

Embarking on a faith-filled adventure.

Faith in action, love in abundance.

Faith that defies limits.

Celebrating grace, spreading joy.

Where faith and purpose collide.

Embracing diversity, united in faith.

Christian Slogans for Business

Jesus Christ Slogans

Faith in Every Step.

Inspired by Grace.

God’s Guiding Light.

Building with Love.

Christ-Centered Growth.

Serving with Purpose.

Integrity in Action.

Trusting His Plan.

Where Faith Meets Success.

Graceful Endeavors.

Faith-Driven Innovation.

Blessings in Business.

Empowered by the Spirit.

Divine Direction, Bright Future.

Faithfulness Fuels Prosperity.

Inspired Solutions, God’s Way.

Uniting Faith and Excellence.

Walking with Jesus, Serving All.

Ethical Business, God’s Blessings.

Honoring Him in All We Do.

God’s Love in Every Transaction.

Hopeful Ventures, Heavenly Goals.

Faith Anchored Ventures.

Serving God, Serving You.

God’s Favored Enterprise.

Christ’s Compassionate Commerce.

Trusting God, Growing Strong.

Graceful Business, Grateful Hearts.

Empowered by Faith, Driven to Serve.

Christ’s Love, Our Motivation.

Integrity-Fueled Success.

Guided by His Word, Blessed in Work.

Devoted to Excellence, Committed to Christ.

Kingdom Minded, Service Oriented.

God’s Glory, Our Mission.

Faith-Fueled Innovations.

Building Bridges, Sharing Grace.

Faithful Foundations, Flourishing Futures.

Serving Others, Honoring God.

Inspired by God’s Wisdom.

Leading with Love and Integrity.

Christ’s Light, Shining Through.

Walking in His Steps, Serving with Love.

Faith Empowers, Love Transforms.

Trusting God’s Provision.

Grace-Led Endeavors.

God’s Grace, Our Anchor.

Faith-Focused Solutions.

Empowered by His Spirit.

Honoring Christ, Impacting Lives.

Kingdom-Building Ventures.

God’s Plan, Our Purpose.

Faith-Based Progress.

Serving God, Serving Community.

Guided by Faith, Driven by Love.

Trust in God’s Timing.

Christ-Centered Ethics.

Faith in Business, Blessings Abound.

Empowering Dreams, Inspired by God.

Integrity at the Core.

God’s Direction, Our Success.

Anchored in Faith, Soaring High.

Grace-Filled Pursuits.

Faith-Driven Commitment.

Serving Others with Joy.

Christ’s Love, Our Foundation.

Building Bridges, Strengthening Faith.

Trusting God’s Providence.

God’s Favor, Our Motivation.

Faith in Every Interaction.

Inspired by His Word.

Guided by His Love.

Integrity and Grace in Motion.

God’s Blessings, Overflowing Business.

Serving with Christlike Love.

Faithful Stewards, Abundant Harvests.

Kingdom Values, Business Excellence.

Christ-Centered Impact.

Trusting His Promises.

God’s Wisdom, Our Success.

Grace-Laced Endeavors.

Faith-Powered Innovations.

Serving with Humility, Building with Faith.

Inspired by Prayer, Guided by Faith.

Christ’s Light, Illuminating Business.

God’s Way, Our Path.

Faith Unites, Love Ignites.

Christian Prayer Slogans

Christian School Slogans

Pray. Believe. Receive.

Faith fuels prayer’s power.

Trust God’s plan, pray on.

Pray boldly, fearlessly trust.

In prayer, God listens.

Prayer: soul’s connection to heaven.

Seek God in prayer daily.

Let prayer heal your heart.

Pray in every circumstance.

God’s grace, found in prayer.

Prayer: our divine conversation.

Prayer: pathway to peace.

Trust God’s timing, pray.

Pray with a grateful heart.

Faith grows through prayer.

In prayer, hope springs eternal.

Prayer moves mountains of doubt.

Embrace life, pray ceaselessly.

Prayer: where miracles happen.

Pray, believe, miracles follow.

Find strength through prayer.

God’s love, whispered in prayer.

Prayer warriors, stand firm.

With prayer, nothing’s impossible.

Pray without ceasing, trust infinitely.

Let prayer ignite your faith.

Prayer: heart’s intimate whisper.

Trust God’s plan, pray always.

Pray, hope, and don’t worry.

In prayer, find peace.

Faith-driven prayer conquers fear.

Prayer: divine dialogue with God.

Pray with conviction, receive blessings.

God listens, pray sincerely.

Through prayer, find solace.

Prayer transforms, hearts reform.

Trust God’s will, pray earnestly.

In prayer, discover purpose.

Let prayer lead your journey.

Prayer: where love connects.

Pray, the Lord is near.

Prayer: a channel of grace.

Trust God’s love, pray fervently.

In prayer, find rest.

Prayer changes hearts, heals wounds.

Seek God’s guidance, pray faithfully.

Prayer unlocks God’s blessings.

Pray daily, walk in faith.

Prayer nurtures the soul.

Trust God’s plan, pray with hope.

In prayer, surrender all.

Prayer: heart’s song to heaven.

Pray boldly, receive humbly.

God hears, pray confidently.

Prayer’s power transcends time.

Trust God’s word, pray continuously.

In prayer, find courage.

Prayer: gateway to heaven’s door.

Pray with love, conquer hate.

Prayer ignites divine miracles.

God answers, pray persistently.

Prayer: key to heart’s revival.

Trust God’s promises, pray unceasingly.

In prayer, God’s love prevails.

Prayer embraces, divides not.

Pray, believe, God intervenes.

Prayer: soul’s lifeline to God.

Pray with joy, let grace abound.

God’s peace found in prayer.

Prayer connects earth to heaven.

In prayer, find strength anew.

Prayer: vessel of divine wisdom.

Pray, trust, let worries fade.

Trust God’s plan, pray diligently.

In prayer, receive God’s guidance.

Prayer: faith’s lifeline to eternity.

God listens, pray thankfully.

Prayer: a bridge to heaven.

Pray with hope, see miracles.

Prayer changes hearts, transforms lives.

Trust God’s grace, pray earnestly.

In prayer, discover God’s love.

Prayer: heaven’s open communication.

Pray without ceasing, rejoice always.

Let prayer be your constant companion.

Funny Christian Slogans

Christian Sayings

Got faith?

Jesus The original superhero!

Pray hard, play hard.

In God we trust, all others bring data.

I’m blessed and I know it!

Grace wins every race.

Don’t worry, pray happy!

Jesus is my anchor in the storms of life.

Chosen by God, loved by Jesus.

Holy humor, Batman!

Jesus, take the wheel… and the GPS!

Trust God, but lock your car.

Faith the ultimate wireless connection.

Christianity the original love story.

Love thy neighbor, even if they’re noisy!

When in doubt, pray it out.

God’s plan is always A+.

Smile, God loves you!

I’m following Jesus, and He’s on Twitter!

Let go and let God.

Faith is the key to my heart.

Worry less, pray more.

Jesus is my personal trainer.

With God, all things are possible (even getting out of bed).

Faith is the GPS of life.

Jesus The original life hacker.

Prayer The best wireless connection.

Jesus Making sinners look good since day one.

I’m not perfect, just forgiven.

Got Jesus? It’s contagious!

Keep calm and pray on.

God’s got my back, so who’s got yours?

Jesus is the bread of life; does that make me toast?

God’s grace is like chocolate – it makes everything better!

Life with Jesus is one big adventure.

Faith, hope, and a whole lot of coffee!

Jesus The real way to ‘self-help’.

I can’t walk on water, but I can stumble on land.

Love is God’s currency; spend it wisely.

Christianity The best ‘app’ for life.

Faith is my superpower.

Grace God’s unlimited data plan.

Jesus Turning water into wine since 30 A.D.

Jesus loves you, but I’m His favorite.

God’s love is like Wi-Fi; it’s everywhere!

Life is tough, but so is Jesus.

Pray, hope, and don’t worry.

Christianity Where the broken are made whole.

Jesus is the password to eternal life.

God’s love It never goes out of style.

I’m on a mission from God!

God’s love is sweeter than honey.

Jesus is the real deal, not a myth.

Keep calm and trust God.

Don’t make me come down there! -God

My boss is a Jewish carpenter.

Heaven The ultimate retirement plan.

Got Jesus? I do, and I’m lovin’ it!

W.W.J.D. – What Would Jesus Do for a Klondike Bar?

Jesus is the anchor of my soul.

Faith It’s not just for Sundays.

Pray like it depends on God, work like it depends on you.

I can’t fix it, but I know the One who can.

The Bible The original self-help book.

Love thy neighbor; it’s not a suggestion.

God’s love is the ultimate ‘Like’ button.

Faith the ultimate life hack.

When life gives you lemons, pray for lemonade.

Don’t be afraid, God’s got this!

Jesus The ultimate heart surgeon.

God’s plan Always better than mine.

Prayer is the best medicine.

Christianity The original support group.

Jesus is the real boss; I just work here.

With Jesus, every day is a ‘Son’-day.

Keep calm and pray the Lord’s Prayer.

Christianity It’s not just a religion; it’s a relationship.

God’s grace No expiration date.

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the WiFi.

God’s love The best ‘app’ for life.

I’m on a mission to hug it out.

Prayer The ultimate stress relief.

God’s love Better than a thousand likes.

Jesus Making fishers of men and women.

I’m not perfect, just forgiven and funny!

Jesus Slogans

Christian Aid Slogan

Jesus Saves, Grace Forgives

Find Peace in Jesus’ Embrace

From Cross to Crown, Jesus Reigns

Faith in Jesus, Hope Unfolds

Walk with Jesus, Shine His Light

Love Like Jesus, Compassion Ignites

Jesus Heals, Hearts Renewed

In Jesus’ Name, Mountains Move

Follow Jesus, Truth and Life

Surrender to Jesus, Find Freedom

The Way, Truth, and Life

Believe in Jesus, Your Savior

Jesus’ Love Never Fails

The Ultimate Redeemer

Walk in Jesus’ Footsteps

Light in the Darkness

Jesus’ Cross, Our Salvation

Embrace Jesus, Find Hope

Jesus’ Grace, Our Refuge

In Christ Alone, We Stand

Follow Jesus, Find Purpose

Jesus Saves, Sinners Restored

Trust Jesus, Fear No Evil

Our Rock and Foundation

In Jesus’ Arms, Peace Prevails

Love Jesus, Love Others

Jesus’ Blood, Cleanses All

Seek Jesus, Discover Life

The Lamb of God

Find Rest in Jesus’ Love

With Jesus, All Things Possible

Jesus’ Sacrifice, Eternal Freedom

The Living Water

Jesus’ Resurrection, Our Hope

Embrace Jesus’ Grace, Be Transformed

The Good Shepherd

Jesus’ Love, Beyond Measure

Trust Jesus, He Never Fails

The Prince of Peace

Jesus’ Light, Shines Bright

In Christ’s Arms, Safe and Sound

Choose Jesus, Find Redemption

Our Anchor in Storms

Jesus’ Word, Our Guiding Light

Our Comforter and Friend

With Jesus, No Condemnation

Believe in Jesus, Find Freedom

Jesus’ Love, Unchanging and True

The Bread of Life

In Jesus’ Name, We Conquer

Jesus’ Cross, Our Victory

The Way to God

Jesus’ Blood, Cleanses Sin

Jesus’ Love, Our Healing Balm

The Resurrection and the Life

In Christ’s Love, We Abide

The Alpha and Omega

Jesus’ Grace, Our Second Chance

With Jesus, We Overcome

Jesus’ Light, Guides Our Path

Our Hope in Despair

Jesus’ Peace, Beyond Understanding

The Redeemer of Souls

In Jesus’ Love, We Rejoice

Our Strength in Weakness

Jesus’ Blood, Our Cleansing Power

The Way to Heaven

Jesus’ Love, A Gift for All

In Christ’s Arms, We Find Rest

Our Advocate and Mediator

Jesus’ Cross, Our Salvation Story

Jesus’ Love, Our Refuge in Trials

The Living Word

Jesus’ Grace, Abounds Forever

In Jesus’ Name, Demons Tremble

Our Solid Rock

Jesus’ Love, Unites Us All

The Light in Darkness

Jesus’ Sacrifice, Our Redemption

With Jesus, There’s Always Hope

The Rescuer of Hearts

Jesus’ Blood, Cleanses Every Stain

The Way to Eternal Life

In Christ’s Love, We Find Peace

Our Refuge and Strength

Jesus’ Love, The Greatest Gift of All

Jesus Slogans in English

Christian Slogan Ideas

Jesus Saves, Believe and Be Saved!

In Christ We Find Hope and Redemption.

Follow Jesus, the Path to Eternal Life.

Embrace Jesus, Embrace Love.

Discover Peace in Jesus’ Embrace.

The Light in the Darkness.

Faith in Jesus, the Key to Salvation.

In Jesus, We Find Forgiveness and Grace.

Let Jesus Guide Your Heart and Soul.

Jesus Christ: The Way, the Truth, the Life.

Trust in Jesus, He Never Fails.

Jesus’ Love Knows No Bounds.

Find Strength in Jesus’ Love.

The Ultimate Healer of Hearts.

Experience Miracles Through Jesus’ Love.

Jesus’ Love Transforms Lives.

Surrender to Jesus, Find Freedom.

Walk with Jesus, Walk with Love.

Our Savior, Our Friend.

In Jesus, We Are Reborn.

Jesus Christ: The Anchor of Our Souls.

In Christ Alone, We Stand Strong.

Jesus’ Love Never Fails.

Experience the Power of Jesus’ Grace.

The Ultimate Source of Joy.

Choose Jesus, Choose Life.

Let Jesus’ Light Shine Through You.

Through Christ, We Find Redemption.

The Way to Eternal Happiness.

Jesus’ Sacrifice, Our Salvation.

Faith in Jesus, Faith in Miracles.

Discover Purpose Through Jesus.

Our Comforter in Times of Need.

In Jesus, We Find True Freedom.

Embrace Jesus, Embrace Love and Compassion.

The Bridge to Heaven.

Trust Jesus, Trust His Plan.

Jesus’ Love Transcends All.

Let Jesus’ Love Renew Your Soul.

Jesus Christ: Our Everlasting Hope.

Follow Jesus, Find Peace Within.

Jesus’ Love Knows No Conditions.

In Jesus, We Are Restored.

The Way to Forgiveness.

Choose Jesus, Choose Love.

Through Jesus, We Overcome.

The Fountain of Living Water.

In Christ’s Love, We Unite.

Let Jesus Be Your Guiding Light.

The Shepherd of Lost Souls.

Jesus’ Love, the Ultimate Gift.

Find Refuge in Jesus’ Arms.

In Jesus, We Discover True Identity.

Jesus’ Love Redeems the Broken.

Embrace Jesus, Embrace Grace.

Our Strength in Weakness.

Jesus’ Love: Boundless and Unconditional.

Through Christ, We Find Hope in Despair.

The Answer to Life’s Questions.

In Jesus, We Find Healing and Wholeness.

The Way to Eternal Glory.

Let Jesus’ Love Transform Your Heart.

Jesus’ Love: A Beacon in the Storm.

Embrace Jesus’ Teachings, Embrace Love.

In Christ, We Find True Love.

The Rock on Which We Stand.

Jesus’ Love: A Light in the Darkness.

Choose Jesus, Choose Compassion.

In Jesus, We Are Born Anew.

The Ultimate Source of Strength.

Jesus’ Love Knows No Bounds.

Follow Jesus, Follow His Way.

The True Friend of Sinners.

Jesus’ Love: Everlasting and Unchanging.

In Christ’s Love, We Find Unity.

The Restorer of Broken Hearts.

Through Jesus, We Find Peace and Harmony.

The Hope for All Nations.

Jesus’ Love: The Ultimate Gift of Life.

Choose Jesus, Choose Eternal Life.

In Jesus, We Find the Fullness of Joy.

The Living Word of Truth.

Jesus’ Love: A River of Compassion.

Follow Jesus, Follow the Light.

In Christ’s Love, We Are Transformed.

The Door to Heaven’s Gate.

Jesus’ Love: Boundless and Free.

The Savior of Lost Souls.

Embrace Jesus, Embrace Forgiveness.

In Jesus, We Find Abundant Grace.

The Lamb of God, Our Redeemer.

Jesus’ Love: The Ultimate Hope.

The Way to Everlasting Peace.

Through Christ, We Find Victory over Sin.

The Way to God’s Kingdom.

Jesus’ Love: Endless and Unfailing.

The Light of the World.

Choose Jesus, Choose Life Eternal.

In Christ, We Discover Divine Love.

The Compassionate Healer of Souls.

Jesus’ Love: A Balm for the Wounded.

Follow Jesus, Follow the Truth.

Christian Sayings

Christian T Shirt Quotes

God works in mysterious ways.

Faith can move mountains.

Let go and let God.

With God, all things are possible.

God’s grace is sufficient.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart.

God never gives you more than you can handle.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

In God’s time, not ours.

Prayer changes things.

Walk by faith, not by sight.

God’s plan is always better than our own.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

Be still and know that I am God.

Forgive as the Lord forgave you.

Faith without works is dead.

Seek first the kingdom of God.

God is our refuge and strength.

Praise God in all circumstances.

Let your light shine before others.

Jesus saves.

God is love.

Trust in Him.

Have faith.

Grace abounds.

Hope in Christ.

Love conquers all.

Walk with God.

Find peace in prayer.

God’s mercies are new every morning.

Lean on the everlasting arms.

Seek first His kingdom.

Let your light shine.

God is our refuge.

In Christ alone.

God’s grace is enough.

Count your blessings.

Give thanks always.

Choose joy.

Love your enemies.

Be kind to one another.

Love one another.

Serve with humility.

Be quick to forgive.

Put God first.

Pray without ceasing.

Be still and know.

God is in control.

God’s word is truth.

Let God lead.

The Lord is my strength.

Be strong in the Lord.

God never fails.

Faith over fear.

God’s love endures.

Believe in miracles.

Trust God’s timing.

God is faithful.

Find rest in Him.

God knows best.

Run the race with perseverance.

Live by grace.

Pray for wisdom.

Live for eternity.

Jesus is the way.

God is our healer.

Blessed are the peacemakers.

Be humble in spirit.

Follow Christ’s example.

Love never fails.

Let God’s will be done.

God’s peace surpasses all understanding.

God’s love never ends.

God’s promises are true.

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Do everything for the glory of God.

Be thankful in all circumstances.

God’s strength is made perfect in weakness.

Be content with what you have.

Let love guide your actions.

God’s word is a lamp to my feet.

God’s love is unconditional.

Pray for your enemies.

Seek God’s face.

Rejoice in the Lord always.

God is our rock and fortress.

Put on the full armor of God.

Do not worry; God cares for you.

Walk by faith, not by sight.

God’s grace is a gift.

Share the gospel with others.

Be quick to listen, slow to speak.

The truth will set you free.

God’s ways are higher than our ways.

Seek God’s guidance in all things.

God’s love never gives up.

Do not be afraid; God is with you.

God’s peace will guard your hearts.

God’s love casts out fear.

God’s love is patient and kind.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd.

God’s love is everlasting.

Let your actions reflect your faith.

God’s grace covers all sins.

God’s love is the greatest gift.

Put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.

God’s word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.


Finally, Christian slogans are practical tools for communicating faith, hope, and love messages. They express the core of Christian principles and beliefs in succinct and powerful ways, inspiring people to live their religion and make a positive difference in the world.

FAQs For Christian Slogans

Are Christian slogans only for Christians?

While they are primarily targeted at Christians, they can also serve as a way to introduce non-believers to Christian values and teachings.

Can Christian slogans be used in personal devotions?

Yes, using Christian slogans in personal devotions can be a great way to focus on specific biblical truths and apply them to your life.

How can I create impactful Christian slogans?

Keep them short, clear, and focused on essential Christian principles to make them impactful.

Can Christian slogans address social issues?

Yes, some slogans may address social concerns while aligning with biblical values.

Do Christian slogans have to rhyme?

No, they don’t have to rhyme, but rhyming slogans can be catchy and memorable.

christian slogans and taglines

Christian Slogans Generator

Christian Slogans Generator

The Christian Slogans Generator is a powerful tool that crafts inspiring phrases for believers. It strengthens faith and spreads positivity.

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