240+ Best Capital Campaign Slogans

One of the most generous things that a person can do in their lives is to donate capital to the church.

It is far greater than donating to the Lord or the church, but the wealth generally goes directly to the person who needs that.

This practice is not something from the modern world; rather, even before the Vikings attacked England, churches were used to keep wealth. Even it was found that several churches had more wealth in their treasury than their king.

Capital Campaign Slogans

  • For the service of the Lord
  • Donate whatever you can
  • Your donation matters
  • We are collecting for the greater good
  • Every penny counts
  • Donate and get blessings from the Lord
  • The Lord is watching
  • Donate to the church
  • Cleanse your sins, donate
  • Get pardon, donate to the church

Now, in today’s post-modern world, church capital campaigns are done on social media with people donating their money from their e-wallets. The practice might have changed over the course of years, but the intention remains the same. 

Capital Campaign Slogans

Capital Campaign Slogans For Schools

  • Preserve the Lord’s promise
  • The Lord has given us everything; it’s time to repay
  • Believe in your faith
  • Faith is what we live by; faith is what will help us
  • Come closer to Lord with your donation
  • To serve our mission in time
  • Building heritage
  • Imagine the opportunities
  • Advance in Faith, with your donation
  • Rebuild, renovate, restore
  • Creating a Generous Culture
  • Light and hope magnifying
  • Faith for the future
  • Investment in Hope, with your donation
  • Building on Faith
  • Renew, rejuvenate, restore
  • Gather & Wake up
  • The way to pave toward a new light
  • Finding a family after Jesus
  • For a time like this, invest in God
  • Commitment, transformation, renewal
  • Gather, celebrate, serve
  • Opening our doors to the new future
  • Growing up in our future
  • Support-Strengthen-Equip
  • Keep calm and donate to the Lord
  • Our Church is more than just bricks
  • Our future, our beliefs, our time
church capital campaign slogans

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Church Capital Campaign Slogans

  • Proclaiming the sovereign grace of God’s good news
  • Attaining and reaching out to the people in need
  • Church of reimagination
  • Rock the soul with your donations
  • Plant a seed, but give donations
  • Sharing our belief, to secure your future
  • Start a fresh lifestyle with new hopes
  • Lives transforming and dream constructing
  • We are building hope with your donations
  • Where is the distinction between truth and love? It’s in your donation
  • With belief comes hope
  • With hope comes eternal happiness
  • Keep calm and donate
  • Donate to the Lord for a greater good
  • The Lord is watching; better make your donation
  • In faith forward, grounded in faith
  • To serve the Lord is to grow
  • Grow, Serve, give
  • Growing side by side with your donations
  • To grow, to live, to build together
  • Hope is growing up here; help it by donation
  • Ignite the belief with your donations
  • Jesus is the ultimate connection to supremacy
  • Keep growing our vision with your donation
  • Let the light shine
  • Our faith is alive; where is yours?
  • Making a gathering and growing location
  • An increasing church that serves an increasing community
  • Believe in the future with us
  • Freedom to serve
  • Take individuals to Christ with your donations
  • Building an eternal thing with your help
  • Building God’s Kingdom is a holy mission
  • Committed to one congregation’s growth
  • Explore the possibilities with us
  • Share our faith, secure your future
  • Let us make the future prosperous
  • Glorifying the Lord’s kingdom
  • Abound with blessings through your donations
  • Building the church for the sake of humanity
  • The time has come for this Church
  • Grab the opportunity to build the Lord’s Church
  • Show your care with your donations
  • Let us all assemble to serve the Lord
  • Building Lord’s home is a holy work
  • If the Lord has plans for us, so have we
  • Let us gather and grow in harmony
  • It’s time to restore Lord’s kingdom
  • Let the Lord be our strength and our defense
  • Donate and get saved from the wrath of fire
  • Accept the truth; our Lord needs a better home
  • A bad day at work is still better than a day in hell
  • Save yourself, donate in the name of the Lord
  • It is the Lord who asks for a donation
  • Let us donate to the Lord who saves us
  • East or West, the Church capital campaign is the best
  • A Lord in need is no Lord indeed
  • Don’t lie, our Lord really needs a home
  • Kneel before the Lord for a better future
  • Seek a better future? Donate in the name of the Lord
  • Live a better life by donating to the Lord
  • Destroy the evil with your donation
  • Our Lord remembers

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Best Capital Campaign Slogans

  • Swallow your pride, donate to the Lord
  • If you are not ready to die, donate to the Lord
  • Fix your mind to the Lord
  • Without the Lord, it’s hell up here
  • If Jesus is your Lord, donate in his name
  • iPad, iPhone, iPod, this time try iPray; it really works
  • Charity begins at home, for the church is Lord’s home too
  • Google doesn’t have all the answers; our Lord has
  • Don’t be a sinner; donate to the Lord
  • Donate something in the name of our Father
  • On this capital campaign, show some gratitude to our Lord
  • Jesus is here
  • If you want smooth sailing, donate in his name
  • There is nothing to fear; our Lord is here
  • Let the bible run into your veins
  • Lord is our only hope
  • Let us build some hospitals for the sinners
  • Do you have a choosy nature? Pick Jesus
  • Donate to Lord for a safe landing
  • Donate or die; the choice is yours
  • Don’t let your life run empty; fill it with joy
  • An empty mind is the devil’s workshop, so fill it up with our Lord
  • Promise the Lord for a better donation
  • The Lord is our steering wheel, so donate to his vehicle
  • Just give some or give your all; the choice is yours
  • The Lord let us choose, so let’s choose him
  • Donate to a holy cause
  • A little donation won’t make you bigger
  • Donate to Lord, with an open heart
  • We must pay homage to our Lord
  • The Lord listens to those who listen to God
  • Be a saint with your donations
church capital campaign slogans

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