605+ Churro Business Names Ideas And Domains (Generator + Guide)

Churro business is a great way to get you started on a small scale. If you plan to start a business at home or on a small scale, you are on the right track. But before you start a business, the first step is to give your business a good name.

The first impression depends on the name, which sets the impression for your customers and business partners.

So are you upto starting a churro business? At first, you will need a name. Do not hesitate, and we got you. We will give you some cool, catchy, unique, creative, and awesome names to get you started on this page. You are going with the right flow. Before you get started, you should know what exactly churros are. 

Churros are a form of fried dough and come from the Latin and Spanish cuisine, and it is also included in American and Philippine cuisine. It comes in different shapes but is primarily cylindrical. So let’s get started with the other names.

Cool Churro Business Names

A churro is a cool form of cuisine and having a churro business is as cool. So you definitely need a cool name for your business to make it seem cooler. So scroll down and look at these cool names. Definitely, you will like one.

Easy Churro

Cottage Baked

Carrot Cake Churro

Connected To Cream

Master Donuts

Smile Maker Donut Baker

Le Mode Bakery

Simply Donuts

Down Home Bakery

Pie Chic

Hearth Home Bakery

Knock-Knock Donuts

Hole-in-One Donuts

Churros Bite

Churro Deli & Coffee House

Joe-Nuts Coffee Shop

Best Churros In Town

I love Churros

Ringer’s Donuts

The Bakers

Dessert Churros Specialists

Delicious Chic


Churro Emporium

Churro Treasures

Neighborhood Sweet Treats

Stairs To Heaven Donuts

Churro Planet

Ranchero’s Churros

Sensational Donuts

Churro Heaven

Homestead Bakery

Churros are Go

Hometown Desserts

Sweet Family Treats

Minima Bakery

Precious Pies

House of Dough

Sweet Art

Speedway Donuts

Mt. Donut

Mrs. D’s Donuts

Locally Baked

Caramel Churro

Sunrise Churros

Cookie Network

Gossamer Cakes

Nuts for Donuts

Nutty Churros

Sweet Links Bakery

Sweet Style

Chic Treats

Desserts Delivered

Chic Sweets

Happy Doughnut Holes

No-Nuts Donuts

On Point Pies

Bakers Bakery

Happy Time

Churro Train

Rotten Sprinkles Donut Holes

Sugar Addicts Doughnuts

Cakes Wired


Slam Dunk Doughnuts

Fireside Bread Bakers

San Diego Dough

Fresh Cream

Heavenly Donuts

Loving Home Cakes

Let There Be Churros


Don’t Burst My Churro!

Oh Nuts! Donuts

Churro Cafe

Churo Filling Station

On Trend Treats

Smash Nuts

Elegant Tarts

Plugged In Baked Goods


Sweet Grace

Inferno Donuts

Cinco Churros

Holey Moley Donuts

Churros de Mamás

Churro Garden

Chiller Bee Frozen Yogurt

Petite Baker

Jolly Jelly Doughnuts

Hot Nuts Donuts

Magnolia Bakery

Granny’s Churros

Monkey Business Churros

Sugar N’ Spice Donuts

Future Favorites

Churro Ranch

New Tastes

Home-Baked Happiness

Chunk Churros

Churro Bakery

Sinful Churros

Fresh Bake

One Click Treats

Mobile Pies

Todays’ Delights


Catchy Churro Business Names

A catchy name will help you catch more customers at the beginning of your business. So you definitely have to give your business a catchy name. So have a look at the names below. The list contains some catchy names to make your work easier.

Donut Rico’s Donutery & Churros Company

Mrs. Sugarcakes

Churro Maker Delights

Baking Bad

Temptations Donuts

Bakers Room

The Donut Fairy

Sweet Butter Cupcakes

Good Food Mood

My Soul To Bake

The bread Bakers

The Digital Donut Cafe

The Donut Chef

The CinnaMan Bakery

Sweet Dough Desserts

Sweet Humble Pie

Penguin Ice Cream

Love Churros

Sweeter Side

Pie in the Sky

Choux de Mexico

Churro Maker

Office Sweet

Sweet Pecan’s Doughnuts & Pastries

Twist on Churros

Churro Warmers’ Snacks

Tap Dance Donuts

Ache for Cake

Fat Cat Creamery

The Baker’s Heart

The Delicious Dozen

Flour Babies Bakery

The Bread Box

Sweet Smiles

Sweet Exchange


Chunky Churro Crafters

Churros for Joes

The Donut Hole & Bakery

Baking the Dead

Red Mango

Original Churro Shop

Peach Mango Flavor

Taste of Heaven Donuts

Pies and Dreams Bakery

Cardboard Churro Cart

Sweet Wave

The Coconut Donut

Big Top Churro Hut


Baking Love

Churros Galore

Baking Out

The Donut Toss

Sprinkle Sweet Cakes

The King’s Donuts

Cake Flake

Baker’s Basket

Brake for Cake

Sweet Cheat Cake Bakers

Chocolate Dipped Churro

Churro Cones

Bake Me Home Tonight

Sugar Daddy’s Churros

The Donutery

The Churrero

Sweet Greets Bakery

Churo Loco

The Sugarbun Sisters

The Gourmet Doughnut

The Hollow Baked

King’s Churros

The Golden Ring

The Cake Corner Bakery

Mr. Sugarcakes

The Duke of Dough


Cake my Day

The Churro Place

American Cream

Cakes in a hurry

Baking up early

Sour Cream & Onion Churros

Sweet Moment

The Churros Den

Sweetly Sugared

Apple & Cinnamon Churros

Live Free or Pie

Churro for Life

Heartbreak Cake

Churro Coffe Shop

Marble Slab Creamery

Churro Café

Churro Cabana

One Churro


The Chocolate Chippers Bakery

Coco Crunch Churros

Pineapple Flavor

The Donut Sweetheart

Mom’s Bread Basket

Sassy Churros

The Baker’s Dozen

The Crusty Cruller

The Happy Baker

Meet for Sweets Café

Baked Chorro Bites

Unique Churro Business Names

You will have to make sure that the name of your business is unique enough. A unique name will make your business impactful and memorable.

And, of course, you want your name to be a unique and memorable one. So get started and take a look at the names.

The Churro Factory is here


Churros & Love

Cinnamon and sugar churros

Churros Aqui!

Scented Rollers

La Churreci

Churro Store

Churro Hot Chocolate Parlours



Frozen Caramel Dipped Churros

Churro Emporiums

Churros Del Mar

Fur and fluff chufurro

Churros Delight

Churro Hut

Churros Boricua

Churros Galore

Churro Brothers

Quick ’n Crunchy Donuts

Churro Ice Cream Parlours

Chipotle Churros

Churro Ladies

Churry of Churros

Churr-o Bits

Churro Motorcycle Club

On-the-Go Chur

Churro Ice Cream Truck

Churro’s a la Mode

Churro Fuel

The Churros Den

Churro Artisan

Donut Rico’s Donutery 

Frying Pan Churros

Yo Diggity Churros

Over The Top Chocolate Dipped Churros

Churros and Bolos

Don Primo’s Famous Churros

The Churro Factory

Happy Churros

Yummy in my tummy churro shop

Swirly Churro

Love Churros

Churro chews

Churro Xpress

Churro Chew Chullo

Churros and Hot Chocolate

Cinco Churros

Dulcy’s Churros

Frozen Chocolate Dipped Churro

Hot Churros

Churro Depot

Hot and Fresh Churros

Golden Churro

Homemade Churros

Going Nuts for Churros


Chunk Churros

Churro Chew Chew

Cinnamon and Sugar Deep Fried

Ooh La La Churros

Churro Company

Mexican Style Churros

Ripe Churros

Churros Delight

Hot and Spicy Churros

Churro Fix

Chewy Churro

Churro Breweries

Green Churro Stop

Churros To Go

The Churro Shop

Enchurro Loco


Churros & Coffee

Churro Bakeries

Cinnamon Churro

Churro Biz

The Churro Shack

Churros for You

The Churro Cart

Churro Bistro

Satisfy Churros

Cinnamon Churros Inc.

Charming Churros

Churros Land

The Golden Churro

Sinful Churros

Churrodip Joint

Dominó de los Andes Churros

Churro Market

Sassy’s Churros Y Mas

Churro Hut

Churro Maniac

Churro Chow Chow

Cinnamon Sugar Churro

Zulocaso Churro Shop

Churro Artisan

Nutty Churros

Churro Train

Churro Cafés in the town

Dough Churros

Fried Churros on a Stick

Churros on the Go!

Churro Trader

King’s Churros

Churro Mastermind

Churro Espresso Bars Palace


Pipilz Custom Donuts

Churro Cake Shops

Camarena’s Churros

Churro Baking Company

Chuy’s Churritos

Chubby Churros

Creative Churro Business Names

How creative your business is can only be portrayed through a creative name. And so you have to make your name creative.

It will take some brainstorming for you to choose or make a creative name. But relax, we got you. We will give you a list of some creative name ideas for your business, so save your time.

The Churro Hauz

Insomnia Cookies

Dippin’ Dots

My Sweet Heaven Dessert

Churro Rock

Berry Bar

Dolce’s Churros

Cocoa Bar

Dulce Cakes & Desserts

The Churro Dudes

Snowflake Donuts

Churro World

Tutti Frutti

Sugar Churro

Grace Street Coffee and Desserts

Pat’s Donuts

Hurts Donut Co.

Churro Chops


Heavenly Churros

The Big Churro

Becky’s Bites

Cinnamon Churro

Churro Love

Churro Garden

Dessesrt Club

Midnight Churros

My Churros Shop

Odd Fellows Ice Cream

Spot Dessert Bar

ChikaLicious Dessert Bar

Elite Treats


Katz Sweets and Goodies

Marble Slab Creamery

Twist n Fry


Churro Mobile

Sundale Doughnuts


Frozen Sweet

Churro Corner

Mama’s Churros

Churro Amerikano

Churro Palace



Ice & Vice


Churros Chow

Churro Buzz

Classic Churros

Churro Planet

Soft Swerve Ice Cream

Granny’s Churros

Churro Home

Stax Ice Cream

Churro Treasures

Penguin Ice Cream

Chiller Bee Frozen Yogurt

The Churro Chick



Yogurt Worx

Churro for Life

Pie in the Sky

Sundaes and Cones

Treat House

Club Churro

Mango Mango Dessert

Eight Turn Crepe

Lolli and Pops

Los Churros de Mexico

Churro Twists

Room for Dessert

Churros and Chikas

Easy Churro

The Churro Cafe

All the Crave

Baked Chorro Bites


Buzzles Shaved Ice

Sweet Moment



Red Mango

Receta de Churros Mexicanos


Paris Boutique Desserts

Just Churro

The Churro Place

The Doughnut Project

The Churro Studio

Red Dessert Dive

Churros on Wheels

Max Donuts

Fat Cat Creamery

The Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Passion

The Churro Store

Snoball Island

Minus 10 Ice Cream

Homemade Mexican Churros

One Churro

The Churro Universe

The Churro Box

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

50 Tastes of Churro

Ohh La La Dessert churros

The Happy Churro

Pie Town Desserts


Awesome churro business names

Awesome is a churro, and more awesome is a business of churro. Are you thinking of a name that will define your awesome business? Are you thinking hard? Do not worry; we got your back. The list will give you some awesome churro business name ideas.

Raspberry Churro

Baking Bandaleros

Nutella Churro

Avocado Churro

La Bohême Baked Goods

Strawberry Cheesecake Churro

Watermelon Flavor

Bakers Bakery

Pineapple Flavor

Carrot Cake Churro

The Bakers

Baker Bites

Da Silva Bakers

Bake de Brasso

Marshmallow Churros

Chocolate Spread Churros

Hazelnut Spread Churro

Apple & Cinnamon Churros

The Baked Baguette

No Crumbs

White Chocolate Chip Churro

Choc Chip Churro


Choux de Mexico


Panadería Rosetta Juárez

Grape Churro

Bake My Day

Baking Bros.

The bread Bakers

Pastelería Ideal

Patisserie Dominique

Magnolia Bakery

Estrella Bakery

Vasconia Baked

Jaso Baked Goods

Peach Mango Flavor

Cinnamon Choco Choux

The Baker Brothers

Caramel Churro

Cream Dessert Churro

Cocoa Churro

Baked Delights


Cinnamon Churro

La Esperanza Bakers

Lemon Churro

Yogurt Churro

Cherry & Lime Flavor

Salted Caramel Churro

Butterscotch Churro

Bonjour Bakery

Baker Boys

Bread and Bagels

Amado Bakes

Peanut Butter Churro

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