650+ Cinnamon Roll Business Names Ideas And Domains (Generator + Guide)

At this age, starting a cinnamon roll business can be very profitable. Available in almost every part of the world, you can open a restaurant or start a food truck mainly focussing on cinnamon rolls. But for that, you need to start with a cool and catchy name for your business. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

This article will provide you with the best cinnamon roll business name for you and your newly started venture. Therefore, don’t hesitate to pick any of the names below. Let’s get started:

Cinnamon Roll Business Names

Cinnamon Bay

Cinnamon Junkie

Sweet ‘N’ Savory

El Donutador

Wolverine Cinnamon

Redefining Bakes

Dreamy Bakes

Tiramisu Cinnamon

Basket of Breads

Pie Heaven

Baked by [your name]

Cinnamon Emile

Pie-licious Cinnamon

Cinnamon Bay

Sugar & Spice

Cinnamon Melody

Magic Cinnamon

Cinnamon and Cafe

Croissant du Jour

Bakehouse Fear

Cinnamon Purity

The Buttered Roll

The Baguette Bread Company

Divine Cinnamon s

Cinnamon Shop Popular

Infinity Scones

Sugared Cookies and Cinnamons

Bakeshop It Ion

Cinnamint Cinnamon

Gingerbread House

The Cinnamon Marks

Cinnamon Boosters

Cinnamon R Us

Cinnamon and Cafe Beam

Caramel Cinnamons On Fire

Honey Bunny

Bake Me Home Tonight

Butter Me Up

Cinnamon and Cafe Match Up

Pie Love

Please Come Back

Cinnamon Break

Cookies and Cream

Sweet Delights


Gate Cinnamon

Entry Cinnamon

Catchy Cinnamon Roll Business Names

When starting a new business, especially in the restaurant industry, the primary target should be how to attract more customers. For that, you’ll need catchy names, which the names listed below will do the job for you.

French Touch

Bakehouse Generous

Cinnamon Blazing

Aunt Betty’s Cinnamon

Goonies Grab A Donut

Cinnamon Shop Horizon

Conn Bakehouse

Red Velvet Dreams

Bakeshop Push

Pasticceria Befriends

Baker’s Bites

Cookie County

Applewood Cinnamon

Cinnamon Rolls Inc.

Bakeshop Gulp

Homestead Cinnamon

Vegan Bakeries Co

Cinnamon Cafe Accelerator

Cinnamon Binder

Sweet Humble Pie

Cinna Haus

Cinnamon Theory

The Sweet Tooth

Carb-Free Bakerie

Bakehouse Shark

Baked Delight

Thorough Bread

Good Egg Cinnamon

Goodfellas Cinnamon

The Breakfast Bakers

Yours Truly Baking Company



Brownies ‘n Coffee

Amber Waves of Grain

Cinnamons in a hurry

Cinnamon Crazy

Buddy Cinnamon

Snooze! Cinnamons here

Bite Me

Cinnamon Cafe Bundle

Granola Bars and Cookies


Poppies Cinnamon

Bake Easy

Pasticceria Antiques

Patisserie Feelings

Bakeshop Active

Golden Toast Bakeshop

Destiny Cinnamon

Bakeshop Maroon

Cinnamon Bait

Baker’s Delight

Soulzz Pies

Cinnamon Cafe Healer

The Sweet Spot


Diary Cinnamon

Bagel Bite

Cinnamon Bonanza

Hot Chocolate and Bread

Puff-Puff Pastry

Pasticceria Outlook

Cookies N Creamz Café!

Baker’s Daughter

Gingerbread House

Bakehouse Enrichment

Cinnamon Yummy

Candy on Top

Cinnamon Appeal

The Amazing Bake

Goop Cinnamon

Merlin Cinnamon

The Glazed

Cinnamon Mania

Unique Cinnamon Roll Business Names

These are some of the most unique names you’ll find which are related to cinnamon roll business. You can choose any of the names below if you want your store to be unique from others in the city. 

Bake It Stop

Gourmets Delight

Butterfly Bakeshop

Petit Treats

Hot Pastries

Ravie Cinnamons

Rolling Dough

Cinnamon Walk

Bakes Brides

Cinnamon and Cafe React

Cinnamon in Paradise

Fire Crust Cinnamon

House of Cinnamons

Cinnamon Pie Cinnamon

Cinnamon Me Proud

Feel the Dough

Fresh Baked Goodness

Au jour le Jour

All About Cinnamon

Snack on the go

Sweet Things Cinnamon

Cinnamon and Cafe Christmas

Horizon Baking Company

The Breakfast Spot

Sweet Wave

The Cinnamon Factory

Bread Brothers

Bake Rapture

Sweet Love Treats

Glad Bakes

Cinnamon and Cafe Squads

Cinnamon District

Charm City Cinnamons

Vocabulary Cinnamon

My Cinnamon

Honey & Butter

Bakeshop Vortex

Cinnamon s on Call

Sweet Love Pastries

Bread Hub

Cinnamon Gene

Jumbo’s Bread Co.


The Cinnamon Roll Bakeshop

Cinnamon Duty

Cinnamon Daisies

Zucchini Bread Creators

Cinnamon Categories

Bake That

Luscious Cinnamons and Tarts

Cinnamon My Day

Cinnamon Fuel Co.

Bakehouse Dial

Bakehouse Tempo

Great Buns of Fire!

Warm Buns Cinnamon

Turtle Cinnamon

Cool Cinnamon Roll Business Names

There are many competitors around you in the market cinnamon. To be different than the other shops, you need to be cool and stand along with the latest generation. For that, you’ll need to choose a cool name that will attract teenagers into your store.

Sweet Life Cinnamon Shop

Cinnamon Central

Chocolate Heaven

Cinnamon Shop Headquarters

Wonder Cinnamon

Security Cinnamon

Bakeshop Tram


Crumb On The Bottom

Bari Cinnamon

Cheeryble’s Kitchen

Fresh Baked

Quill Cinnamon

The Baker’s Heart

Turnkey Cinnamon

Luxurious Cinnamons Store

Chocolate Cinnamon s

Cinnamon Booster

Cinnamon Pinky

Tasty Treats

Bake Sweetly

Cinnamon Shop Anxiety

Cinnamon and Cafe Jump


Shake and Bakers

Bakeshop Earnings

The Bun Stop’n Shop!

The Golden Bun

Fondue Factory

The Bread Street Cinnamon

Candy Cane Delights

Golden Baked Cinnamons

Bread Street

Bakes Interface

Patisserie Europe

The Cinnamon Lair

Sweet Dough Desserts

Cinnamon Luxuries

Bake and Be Happy

Deuce Cinnamon

Something Sweet

Pure Cravings Cinnamon

Cinnamon Boon


Happy Pans

Holiday Cinnamon

The Graceful Baker

Cinnamon #1

Apple Pies ‘N’ More

French Deli Cinnamon

Easy Eats

Cinnamon Cinnamons

Frosting Freaks

Golden Crust

Patisserie Iguana

Beautiful Flakes

Honey Bunch Cinnamon

Baguette et Chocolat

A Piece of Cinnamon Cinnamon

Make It Or Bake It

Baker’s Mate

Happy Cinnamon

Patisserie Mono

Cinnamon Week

Cinnamon Boy

Confused Cinnamon

Baker Boys

Amazing Cinnamon Roll Business Names

These are some of the most amazing names that you’ll find in the genre of cinnamon. Picking one of these names will be your best decision of yours after starting the cinnamon roll business. Let’s check out the names:

Blueberry’s Bay

Dough Darlings

Beans Bread Cinnamon

Puff Pastry

Cinnamon Cafe Alright

Bake Love, Not War

Petite Patisserie

Clarity Cinnamon

Bake With Us

Spread Bread

Baked to You

Pinocchio’s Cinnamon

Making Dough

Buttercream Dreams

Warm Pies & Scones

Bake It to the Limit

Sweet Exchange

Shiny Confections

Bloom & Beans

The Pioneer Cinnamon

The Croissant Flurry

Bread Concoctions

Cinnamon Degree

Party Pastries

Healthy Hearth

Bakeshop Ripped

Cinnamon Cafe Innovation

Cinnamon Shrewd

The Bread Machine

The Cinnamon Corner

La Boulange Cinnamon

Creative Confections

Sunrise puffs

Cinnamon Shop Talent

Sprinkles Bake Shop

Creamy Petals

Bake Me Happy

Kind Cinnamon Corner

Donut Darling

Cookie Cutters

Blondie’s Cinnamon

Surfers Cinnamon

Warranty Cinnamon

My Soul To Cinnamon

Bake Something

Sweet Inc.

Bakes Basin

Apple Tart Surprise

Cinnamon Me Home Tonight

Baguette de France

Mr. Sugar Cinnamons

Cinnamon s and Pastries

Cinnamon Geek

Tout de Sweet Cinnamons

Buttered Toast

The Bagel Shop

Crispy crunchies

Bake and Take Shop

The Cinnamon Boss

Gamma Cinnamon

Grandma’s Cinnamon

The Cookie Jar

Toasted Sugar

Cinnamon Breeze

Zesta Cinnamon Cafe

Yummy Cinnamon

Cinnamon Plenty

Flour Power Cinnamon

Chewy, Crunchy, Chunky

Roll or Die

Cinnamon Piece

Grandma’s Homemade Bread

Cinnamon Mystique

Let’s Eat Cinnamon

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