Top 29+ Best Clarinet Brands in the World

The clarinet has been validated to be an extremely creative musical instrument, utilized in the elegant repertoire as in jazz, klezmer, marching bands, military bands, and concert bands.

With so many clarinet brands in the world, it is not easy to choose one. Here is a list of top clarinet brands in the globe.

Clarinet Brands in the World

Buffet Crampon

Country: France

This is a France-based factory of woodwind musical devices, including bassoons, English horns, saxophones, flutes, and oboes. The corporation is possibly largely popular for manufacturing clarinets, as it is the trademark of preference for several professionals. Buffet Crampon started producing musical devices in France in 1825 but has since broadened its industry to include manufacturing capabilities in China and Germany.


Country: United States

This American brand of musical devices for orchestras, marching bands and concert bands is a solely acquired associate of Steinway Musical Instruments and was created by incorporating the United Musical Instruments, The Selmer Company and Steinway estates in 2003. The firm manufactures a broad variety of devices through its trademark and itself.

Yamaha Corporation

Country: Japan

This Japanese worldwide enterprise is credited with an incredibly large range of assistance and merchandise. It is the globe’s massive firm of piano production. The former department automobile was built in 1955 as Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. which inaugurated as an affiliated firm but later became detached.


Country: France

Kenosha, Wisconsin-based this woodwind musical devices producing corporation is recognized primarily for manufacturing clarinets. The corporation was traded to Conn-Selmer, an association of Steinway Musical Instruments in 2004. The corporation produced and delivered a large expanse of musical devices –self-manufactured or through its associates and trademarks, such as mouthpieces, trombones, saxophones, clarinets, and trumpets.

Herbert Wurlitzer Clarinets

Country: Germany

This German clarinet factory is situated in Neustadt a der Aisch / Bavaria with an additional manufacturing setting in Markneukirchen / Saxony. Herbert Wurlitzer Clarinets was created by Herbert Wurlitzer in 1959. Since the 1930s it has been operated by his father Fritz Wurlitzer operated in Erlbach. They manufacture clarinets with the Reform Boehm system and Oehler fingering system.

Schwenk Und Seggelke

Country: Germany

This German-based clarinet factory is located in Bamberg. The corporation produces clarinets according to the French system (Boehm system) and the German handle system (Oehler system). A concentration of the corporation is the remanufacturing of historical clarinets. The corporation was created as a firm by clarinet producer and clarinetist Jochen Seggelke and Werner Schwenk in 1996.

Hanson Clarinet Company

Country: United States of America

This factory of woodwind devices is remarked for manufacturing clarinets which are produced in Marsden, West Yorkshire. Hanson Clarinet Corporation in the United Kingdom’s biggest factory of clarinets. The globe’s first FSC-certified clarinet was launched by Hanson Clarinet Company by late 2010. 

Howarth of London

Country: United Kingdom 

This UK-based corporation works in the production and trade of woodwind devices and related appliances. The corporation was created in 1948 when they manufactured the first oboe. The repair workshops and commercial stores are located in Chiltern Street, London. The London store is split into three departments: the clarinet specialists, saxophone and flute specialists, and the oboe and bassoon specialists.

Jupiter Band Instruments

Country: Taiwan

This factory and supplier of percussion, brass, and woodwind instruments were created in 1980 by its Taiwan-based parent corporation KHS. KHS was originally created as an educational stocks corporation by Tsu-Cheng Hsieh in 1930 in Taiwan with the Wan Wu title. KHS began harmonica manufacturing in 1956 and began band devices manufacturing in 1957. 

Boosey & Hawkes

Country: United Kingdom

This British music instrument manufacturer claims to be one of the biggest instrument manufacturers in the globe. Until 2003, Boosey & Hawkes was also the main factory of woodwind, string, and brass musical instruments. Created through the consolidation of two well-established UK-based music industries in 1930, the corporation manages the copyrights to much of the main music of the 20th century. 

Benedikt Eppelsheim

Country: Germany

This German producer of tubax(contrabass and (subcontrabass saxophones), the soprillo (sopranissimo), and high- and low-voiced saxophones, which are accessible solely from Benedikt Eppelsheim. He also manufactures contrabass clarinets, sub contrabass saxophone, contrabass saxophones, and bass saxophones. 

E. K. Blessing


This factory of wind devices and appliances was created by Emil Karl Blessing in 1906. Based in Elkhart, Indiana, the commodities of E. K. Blessing include mouthpieces, trombones, euphoniums, mellophones, flugelhorns, corners, and trumpets for brass instruments.

Stephen Fox

Country: Canada

This is a Canadian manufacturer of musical devices that was created by clarinet maker, saxophonist, and clarinetist Stephen Fox. The firm is situated in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.


Country: Czech Republic

This factory of percussion and wind instruments, components, and accessories is situated in the Czech Republic. Their commodities include bugles, horns, tubas, trombones, euphoniums, baritone horns, mellophones, alto horns, flugelhorns, cornets, trumpets, saxophones, bassoons, flutes, and clarinets. 

Backun Musical Services Ltd. 

Country: Canada

This Canada-based factory of clarinets in B♭ and A and appliances was created by Morrie Backun in 2000. Backun Musical services have its head departments in Burnaby, British Columbia. 

DUO Music 

Country: South Korea

This first clarinet repair store of Korea has produced many clarinet-associated stocks since the establishment of this company in 1994. Besides clarinets, they have also designed and manufactured reeds, barrels, microfiber swabs, thumb rests, mouthpiece patches, and reed cases. DUO Music also manufactures clarinet associated commodities to other corporations, such as the popular blue reed case of Vandoren.

Leitner & Kraus

Country: Germany

This Germany-based clarinet factory is located in Neustadt a der Aisch, Bavaria. Leitner & Kraus was created by Wolfgang Kraus and Josef Leitner in 1993. In 2001 the corporation broadened its manufacturing and shifted to new capabilities. They hire 15 individuals as of 2019. 

Orsi Instrument Company

Country: Italy

This company also known as Orsi Instruments is an Italy-based company of musical devices,  particularly brass devices. Its traditional logo is a galloping horse. Professor Romeo Orsi entered the manufacturer of Paolo Maino and created the Maino & Orsi corporation. Since 1836, the company has been manufacturing musical devices. The manufacturer is now situated in Tradate, Italy.

Fratelli Patricola 

Country: Italy

This Italian corporation has been manufacturing clarinets and oboes since 1976. Fratelli Patricola is situated in Castelnuovo Scrivia, a region of Alessandria. The brothers Biago, Pietro and Francesco Patricola created their own factory for the manufacturing of clarinets and oboes in 1976.


Country: Germany

This clarinet factory is based in Burgau, Germany. This brand is from the Hammerschmidt household which has been manufacturing clarinets for ages. Their clarinets are nicely preferred by professionals.

F.X. Hueller

Country: Germany 

Franz Xaver Hüller opened this company in Graslitz. Hüller started creating saxophones in the early 1920s under the recommendation of Max Keilwerth. 

L. A. Ripamonti

Country: Italy

This little recognized Italy-based factory of high-quality brass and woodwind instruments has been earning nice feedback online. Their latest products are V-Jazz Custom VI tenor saxophones.

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