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212+ Best Class of 2022 Slogans And Mottos

The term “Class of 2022” refers to the batch of students who will graduate from their respective schools or colleges in the year 2022.

Students have always had a strong affinity and pride towards their graduating batch and they constantly showcase it to others using sayings, slogans, and quotes, both before and graduating and after graduating.

The Class of 2022 in high schools will generally be the children born between 2005 and 2006, whereas the class of 2022 in colleges will be the ones born in 2001 and 2002.

Best Class of 2022 Slogans

  • We are the future 
  • Ready to make it big 
  • It is a big deal! 
  • We take pride in us 
  • Ready to leave a mark 
  • All-rounder
  • We know how to do it
  • Ready to ace it 
  • You will remember us 
  • Only the extraordinary ones

In 2019, the future college graduates of 2022 have just been enrolled. The USA has seen the highest number of college enrollments in history in 2019. This fresh batch of students will be the ones who graduate as the class of 2022.

It may be assumed that 2022 will also see the highest number of graduates, coming from this new batch, the highest in the history of the USA.

Class of 2022 Slogans

  • We came, we saw, we conquered.
  • I do not know but I have been told, the class of 2022 is solid gold.
  • Prepared for the future.
  • We are everyone’s only pick!
  • The leaders of tomorrow are here today.
  • We are defined by our togetherness.
  • Ready to shape the future.
  • As good as anyone can be, we are class of 2022.
  • The journey was an adventure.
  • We are proud. Cheer for us aloud!
  • The best that has ever been. The best that ever will be.
  • Class of 2022! Remember that name!
  • You cannot forget us so easily.
  • We made it all ours!
  • If you try to get us beat, get ready to feel the heat.
  • Victory was our destiny.
  • We did all that we could.
  • We have achieved unsurpassed glory. Everyone will remember our story.
  • We had the spark. We made our mark!
  • Perfection has another name: Class of 2022.
  • We are a heard of GOATs. The Greatest Of All Time.
  • Our names shall resonate throughout this institution’s existence.
  • We have finally reigned supreme.
  • Remember us for what we did.
  • You underestimated us. We decimated you.
  • Here we are, ready to take on the world!
  • We are not like any Peggy Lane. We will rock you like a hurricane.
  • Our journey of togetherness is filled with so much happiness.
  • Being a member of the Class of 2022 makes me proud.
  • History will never let you forget us.
  • Remember this line: It is the Class of 2022’s time to shine!
  • We were the best, we are the best, we will be the best!
  • Our minds are strong. Our hearts are bold.
  • We get what we deserve.
  • No one compares to us!
  • No one stands a chance against us.
  • We excel at everything we do.
  • Do not think us to be old, we are strong, smart, and bold.
  • We lived our dreams together. Say hurray for the Class of 2022!
  • History will never let you forget us.
  • Two O Two Three, We are the best you can clearly see.
  • We stand tall and proud.
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Class Of 2022 Mottos

  • Now we believe that wishes do come true.
  • Two O Two Three, we are smiling with a glee.
  • You cannot catch us!
  • We are always on the hunt.
  • “Class of 2022”. That is a synonym of greatness.
  • You can never forget who we are.
  • We are keen on building a better world.
  • We were lighting out of the blue, we are amazing: that is true.
  • We are one of a kind. Someone like us will be hard to find.
  • Fresh out of 2022!
  • Whatever we want, we earn it.
  • Cool on the outside, fun on the inside.
  • We are ahead of the rest, we are known to be the best.
  • We are here today to take charge of tomorrow.
  • I am from the Class of 2022. So you can call me successful.
  • The class is in a class of its own.
  • Twenty Twenty-three, what we do the world will see.
  • We are savage, we are vintage.
  • We believe in ourselves.
  • Together we can achieve anything we want.
  • To be someone, you have to start as no one.
  • We are more than you think we are.
  • You will never see someone like us.
  • Fortune favors the brave and the Class of 2022.
  • We live by our own rules.
  • Excellence is the other name of the Class of 2022.
  • If you think we will give up easily, you are wrong.
  • Clap your hands and stomp your feet, the Class of 2022 cannot be beaten.
  • We want to be forever young and bold.
  • Educated. Enlightened. Energized.
  • We are making our dreams come true. Are you?
  • You are looking at the real MVPs!
  • “Class of 2022” will be written in golden letters.
  • Our name shall stand as long as this institute stands.
  • What we say, we do. What we do, we do it the best.
  • You may call me a geek, hollow words I do not speak.
  • We have stood up to every test, you can say that we are the best.
  • Our future is not dark, we certainly have a spark.
  • We run and jump, and grab what is ours.
  • We have been told that we are the best, quite superior to the rest.
  • Just keep this in your mind, someone like us you will never find.
  • We are at the top of the world!
  • Nos Carpe Diem! We will seize the day!
  • The world is for ours to conquer.
  • We are studying today to make a difference tomorrow.
  • We are the beacon in the darkness.
  • Freshmen today, graduates tomorrow.
  • Nobody is perfect. I guess we are a bunch of nobodies.
  • We are here to have fun and have the time of our lives!
  • Making the best of today, so that we can have the best of tomorrow.
  • We want to burn brighter than the sun.
  • A class like no other.
  • Literally the best class this institute has ever had.
  • Who would have thought that this journey would be so amazing!
  • We are not just good. We are not just better. We are simply the best.

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