780+ Best Cleveland Baseball Team Names Collection

It can be challenging to come up with creative baseball team names. Some baseball fans like amusing team names, while others prefer famous monikers. Whatever your goals are, we’re here to help you achieve them.

Baseball, a historic bat-and-ball sport, is known to be popular worldwide. So, we searched the internet for the best names for your baseball or softball club. There have been numerous baseball champions.

Only the teams with the best names, however, remain green in the hearts of men. You may create a famous team with this list of the finest baseball club names.

Choose a Cleveland Baseball team name from the list given below. 

What are some cool Cleveland Baseball Team names?

Baseball is popular among young people, and many of them are avid fantasy baseball players. Their team names frequently allude to highlife and astronomical energy.

Using innovative strategies in play increases your chances of winning.

You may also be creative with some outstanding baseball team names off the pitch. Be creative with your fantasy baseball or softball team names. Select from below. 

San Jose Giants

Colorado Dragons

Mac Green

Eugene Emeralds

There’s No Base Like Home

Orlem Owls

Crazy Captains

Hit 4 Brains

Risin Dyanmo

Green Monsters

Philadelphia Phillies

South Atlantic League Warriors

Black Panthers

Chicago Cubs

Carolina League

One Hit Wonders

Glove Of Fire

Toronto Blue Jays

Peach Cobblers

Montgomery Biscuits

Dark Racehorses

Sacrifice Bunts

Hell On Hills

A Base Called Home

Sluggers N Juggers

Gwinnett Braves

Bull Horns

Burning Blades

The Drifters

Desert Firestarters

The Mavericks

Fleeing Knights


Modesto Nu

Black Sails

Black N Yellow

Sea Gulls

Strike Zone

Yellow Suns

Web Gems

Houston Astros

Blue Waves

Wild Coyotes

Armenia Ironbirds

Dirt Devils

Soler Storm

Gold Treasure

Power House

Lindor Turtles

Base Invaders

Calvary Boys

Black Widows

Fisher Cats


Dirt Bags

Texas Rangers

Brown Beers

Chubby Carrots

Pirate Kings

Black Knights

Violent Diplomats

Brutal Spartans

Bengal Tigers

Scared Hitless

Brute Force Trauma

Silver Surfers

Bat Talkers

Red, White, Blues

Beloit Snappers

D Balking Dead

Las Vegas 51s

Brew Crew


Panting Panthers

Hoof N Goof

Red Hots

Hit Talkers

Dunedin Dolphins

Horizon Dwellers

SF Giants

Dinger ballers

Orange Chickens

Canoe Canons

Silent Whirlwinds

Leather Flashers

Midnight Raiders

Fly Guys


Red Wings

Greatest Game On Dirt

Vermont Valley Vipers

White Wolves

Top Inning Stretchers

Blue Jays

Green Flashes

Midwest League Giants

Salt Lake Eels

Black Panther

Killer Whales

Memphis Reddies

Fun Fact: Second baseman and player-manager Napoleon “Nap” Lajoie was the team’s first star. The Cleveland Press held a write-in poll for a new name for the team in 1903, and people chose the nickname of their finest player.

What are some catchy Cleveland Baseball Team names?

A great baseball team can be identified by its name. It’s fresh and catchy. With these names, you’ll be the cool cat in your league.

Sometimes all you need is a good idea for a team name. Make your baseball club stand out by creating creative team names. Here are several for giving your team name a catchy tone.

Extra Bases With Happy Faces

Dollar Ballers

Royal Strikers

Celtic Magic

Gold Coins

Street Cats

Black Eyed Peas

Mellow Yellow Medow

Red Hot Steel

Ketel Corn

Moose & Goose

Blue Man Group

Blue Collars

The Dirty Sox

Kansas City Royals

Royal Blues

Silver Racers

Yellow Diamond

Bunt Cakes

Da Mad Bombers

Aberdeen Ironbirds

Black Bats

Super Railhawks

All-Star Clippers

Cyclone Tides

Potomac Nationals

Pink Ladies

Brooklyn Cyclones

Mad At U

Boilin Bloods

Bob Cat Breeders

Bad Blue Hens

Jupiter Jones

Red Hawk Tail

Suds N Buds

Louis Cardinals

Northwest Arkansas Naturals

San Francisco Giants

Green Flashes

Homerun Hitters


Umpire Strikes Back

Troy Haymakers

Phantom Demons

Black Sails

Sharp Scrappers

Ballistic Missiles

Bunt Force Trauma

Atlantic Curve

Black Eyed Peas

Washington Nationals

Lux N Load

Columbus Clippers

Barn Stormers

Rough Riders

Baseball Links

Hurricane Thunders

Puterico Padres


The Dementors

Saint Hawks

Cleanup Crew

Cut Off Men

Around Da Horn

Signal Stealers

Salem Red Sox

Purple Haze

Smoking Bunts

One Hit Wonders

Macon Bacon


Lunar Eclipse

Great Marshalls

Bat and Boujee

Dirt Devils

Gold Treasure

Blue Magic

Bat N Boujee

The Atlanta Braves

Old Captain Joe

Bat In D Bag

Full Counts

Peak Performers


Kane County

Victorious Vandals

Las Vegas 51’s

Bat Attitudes

Ball Of Duty

Blackhawks Down

Sir Sand ALot

Tacoma Rainiers

Balk Paper Scissors

Tulsa Drillers

Red Dwarfs

Mellow Yellow

D Softies

Panik Attack

Tough Horns

Forgotten Islanders

Fun Fact: When Lajoie was traded to the Philadelphia Athletics in 1914, the team required a new name. Proprietor Charles Somers solicited suggestions from area sportswriters before settling on the Indians.

What are some of the best Cleveland Baseball Team names?

Little league baseball is very different from professional baseball. It includes unique event announcements and marketing that draw a large number of people. But wait, there’s more. Little league baseball has some fantastic team names.

Don’t be the opposing team or pretend to be champs. Be the OG champions by giving the best baseball team name from the list provided herein below.

Grizzly Hares

Lake County Captains

Orange Chickens

Minimum wagers

Mean Green

Yellow Jackets

Tornado Tigers

Pink Pitchers


Blue Whales

Fort Myers Miracle

San DieGold

Hammerhead Heroes

Titanic Snowboats

Seahawks Don’t Duck

Aces of Diamonds

Wilmington Quicksilver

Red Raiders

Charleston Riverdogs

Red Lighting

Aces of Bases

Visalia Rawhide

Jolly Jokers

Cut Off Men

Captain Wonder

Trinidad Triggers

Diamond Cutters

Colt In D Middle

The Racketeers

South Sultans

Booze Hounds

Diamond Cutters

Leather Flashers

Everett Aquasox

Rock Cats

Balking Dead

San Diego Padres

Dingle Berrios

Blue Bloods

Cunny Suspects

1900s Wonders

Fly Guys

West Michigan Whitecaps

Brew Masters

Special Kees

Fort Wayne TinCaps

Harrisburg Seniors

Umpire Strikes Back

Lakeland Flying Tigers

Reno Aces

Thunder Jets

Super Sopranos

18 Ronin

Black Soldiers

Green Monster

Jaguar Paws

Peach Cobblers

Strange Wizards

Chicken Invaders

Base-ic Pitches

Purple Pebble People

Tar Heels

Sea Dogs


Syracuse Chiefs

Midtown Rockhounds

Angry Anglers

Hartford Yard Goats

Master Batters

Cleanup Crew

Bringers Of Rain


Blue Jays

Aero Bros

Miami Barbies

Trail Blazers

Bat to the Bones

Indianapolis Indians

The Generals

Salt Lake Bees

The Hitmen

Boomers N Homers

Bad News

Line Racers

Quad Cities River Bandits

Black Bears

Salem Red Sox

The King Fisher

Sahara Scorpions

Bringers Of Rain

Ultra Switchbacks

108 Stitches

Yellow Jackets

Banana Champions

Norfolk Tides

Red Avengers

7th Inning Stretchers

Rochester Red Wings

Frenso Grizzlies

Ogden Raptors

Fun Fact: Chief Wahoo, the Indians’ mascot, was arguably an even bigger source of contention. Bill Veeck, the Indians’ owner, commissioned J.F. Novak Company to design a new logo that “would portray a feeling of sheer excitement and unabashed passion.”

What are some awesome Cleveland Baseball Team names?

Looking for baseball team names? Check out these creative and amusing team names that would be ideal for baseball or softball teams.

A good baseball team name portrays your team as a powerful force.

A smart team name demonstrates your team’s wit. Given below are some awesome Cleveland Baseball team names. Choose one which suits your team and your team members.

Redskin Leopards

Red Sox

The Expendaballs

Black Bats

Silver Belles

Astro Racers

Gold Rush

Johnson City Cardinals

Banana Kong

Hungry Bookworks

Kings N Queens

Navy Blues


Sea Blue Birds

Acuna Moncada

Red, White, and Dudes

Mudder Runners

War Eagles

Base-ic Pitches

War Eaglets

Buggy Brains

Pittsburgh Pirates

Captain Ducks

Blossom Flowers

Legendary Reserves

Purple Haze

Hit Wonders

The Crusaders

Bat Attitudes

Bat 2 D Bones

Just A Bit Outsiders

Jamestown Jammers

White Sox

Buck Lakers

Tacoma Tacos

Diamond Backs

Mammoths Stampede

Playful Predators

Finless Dolphins

Savage Pitchers

Master Chief

Silver Surfers

Head Shot

Buffalo Bisons

White Widows

Pink Sox

Cans Of Kansas

Rock Cats

Brown Crowns

South Bend Cubs

Williamsport Crosscutters

Burns Ruins

Crazy Creek Astros

Blue Angels

Inglorious Batters

The 76ers

No Name Ideas

Chicago Chicks

Mountain Gladiators

High Flyers

Rome Braves

Giant Buccaneers

Lake County Captains

Boston Beaneaters

Inglorious Batters

Flying Ferrets

Blue Birds

Black Pirates

Florida Fireflies

Trap Setters

Gatling Guns

Sandlot B Team

Milwaukee Milkmen

Pink Panthers

Rising Rampage

Cosmic Aliens

Grey Hounds

It’s All About That Base

Arizona Ducks

Buzzing Bombers

Homeland Grays

Phantom Falcons

Blue Whales

Inland Empire 66ers

The Isotopes

The Dark Aggies

Friendly Confines

Bad News Bears

Rough Riders

Lincoln Lazy Dogs

Pawtucket Red Sox

California Disco Turkeys

Durham Bulls

Royal Blues

Ball of Duty

Purple People Eaters

Curvy Durve

Timber Amigos

No Mercy

Manhattan Mudcats

Fun Fact: When a team does not win, it receives less attention in all areas, including controversy. From 1960 to 1993, the franchise’s best finish was third in the American League in 1968.

What are some amazing Cleveland Baseball Team names?

Baseball is widely regarded as America’s pastime. Individuals of all ages can still enjoy baseball and softball in their local communities. You only need a diamond and some bases.

Your players will require an excellent team name when organizing or joining a baseball or softball team. You’ll want a name that reflects the team’s players and mentality. Select one from below. 

Stockton Ports


Black Magic

Little Cacique

Brevard County Manatees

Newark Pepper

Pink Ladies

Stone Sweethearts

Trojan Warriors

Frederick Keys

Tie Between Six Cats

Sons Of Pitches

Furious Runners


Grand Salamis

White Sox

Minute Men

Cleanup Crew

Tennessee Smokies

Cyclone Cyclops

Baltimore Orioles

Iowa Cubs

Bone Batters

Blue Whales

Ice Wall Defenders

Chaotic Collision

Balk Paper Scissors

Smoking Volcanoes

Tennessee Smokies

Dirt Tar Heels

Louisville bats

Blue Steel

Chicago Cubs

Gold Pistols

Blue Angels

Newark Eagles

Minute Men

Troy Haymakers

Super Sonics

Minimum Wagers

Los Angeles Angels

Batavia Muckdogs

Sharp Shooters

Power House

Hit 4 D Circle

Silver Birds

Hotshot Warriors

Blue Jackets

Bay Bears

Strike Zones


Black Sails

Designated Survivors

Hall Of Winners

Elite Warriors

Ninja Kings

Blood Demns

Just A Bit Outsiders

Age Of Hunters

Wolf Pack

Black Bears

Blurred Foul Lines

Spartans N Hammers

Staten Island Yankees

Norfolk Tides

Around The Horn

Black Sharks

Brave Bulls

Pac Man Strikers

Princeton Rays

Bazz N Jazz


Coin Masters

Men of Steal

Full Counts

Iron Legs

Richmond Flying Squirrels

Prairie Wolves

D Grand Slammers

Bunt Cakes

The Blue Jays

Defensive Confines

Maverick Angels

Web Gems

Memphis Redbirds

Mountain Lions

Fun Fact: The Indians won the World Series for the first time in 54 years in 1995. The Atlanta Braves were their opponent, and protests over the names and logos in both towns marred the Fall Classic. Cleveland was defeated in six games, but the dispute was boosted.

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