101+ Best Mental Health blog and Page names

Many people with mental issues are not getting the proper help needed. For such, there are plenty of blogs that deal with mental health.

Some counselors want to earn money who have created blogs that really help in dealing with mental issues.

Top 15 Mental Health Blogs of the World

  • We’re All Mad Here: As a person grappling with an anxiety disorder for years on her own before getting diagnosed with severe social anxiety, Claire Eastham knows what can be the indicators of anxiety and panic attacks and thus shares ways to recognize those indicators before seeking help. She has launched a book and become a mental health advocate.
  • Time to Change: The main aim of this blog is to break the social stigma that shrouds mental health discussions. Reading the “Personal Stories” shared on this blog can be a good way to feel heard, and those stories may evoke a sense of solidarity in the knowledge that other people are feeling the same way.
  • Grockled Dopes: Madhavi Panchal’s exquisite blog discusses mental health issues through poems and prose in both Hindi and English.

    Tips on Self-care, articles on mental health and fitness, and discussions on Love and Relationships also feature on this blog. Her account of battling anxiety and other mental health disorders is a big part of the blog. 
  • The Bioscoped Life: This blog by Arpita Nayak offers discussion on a wide range of topics and provides a witty and engagingly interesting outlook on mental health issues.

    She doesn’t shy away from talking about her suicidal tendencies and struggles with depression and bullying. Her posts on mental health often also include a feminist perspective or transcend into Literature.
  • Depression Warrior: Laura Becker has been living with Major Depressive Disorder and anxiety for years and also suffers from a borderline personality disorder.

    She is also trying to recover from addiction. This blog allows for a no-filter look inside her life with multiple mental health problems. From suicide to addiction, she discusses any topic with an uncanny frankness.
  • Eating Disorder Hope: With the provision of a plethora of resources on eating disorders, Jacquelyn Ekern’s blog is a trusted platform that offers support and advice on eating disorders.

    She is a professional therapist, and the blog often features various articles on numerous topics that are done by experts. The articles are very well-researched and include citations.
  • Bipolar Burble Blog: This award-winning blog by Natasha Tracy aims to spread awareness about mental health issues with a special focus on Bipolar Disorder.

    She has recently started providing free webinars, and one can also avail of a free e-book upon subscription. Her blog also guides people who have loved ones suffering from mental illness. 
  • Blunt Therapy: Frank is a licensed therapist and writes insightful articles on his blog to provide insight and guidance to cope with mental health issues and to promote well-being.

    The blog includes not only mental health discussions but also relationship advice, reviews on online counseling platforms, substance use disorders, tips on parenting, self-harm prevention techniques, etc.
  • Defying Mental Illness: This blog offers useful information, resources, and management guidance on mental health issues. One of the founders, Chuck, shares his experience of living with schizophrenia and how he overcomes challenges posed by mental illness.

    This blog features articles on coping with regrets, mind positivity, spirituality, online therapy, adapting to big life changes, and much more.
  • The Bipolar Wave: If you are someone who uses humor to cope with difficulties, this blog is for you. The founder suffers from bipolar disorders, ADHD, and severe anxiety and uses this blog to provide a platform for people suffering from mental illness. “50 ways to occupy mind” can be a useful read among many other insightful articles.
  • My Brain’s Not Broken: This award-winning blog aims to promote mental health awareness, facilitate mental health conversation, and guide towards mental wellness.

    It features articles and monthly challenges that are supposed to help each reader, understand their triggers and define their mental health by allowing them to share their experiences. Some articles also focus on the mental health of children. 
  • The Mighty: This blog provides a safe platform for sharing personal experiences of living with mental illness. The blog offers a wide range of communities where members share their stories.

    One can join communities for free to receive advice, share stories, and learn about the experiences of a large number of people living with similar mental illnesses.
  • Student Minds Blog: One of the best blogs that specifically targets students. The blog discusses the stress of coping with student life and the mental health conditions of students.

    The blog covers numerous topics such as eating disorders, the stress of exams and results, self-harm, friendships, and relationships, supporting loved ones, and discusses various mental illnesses.
  • The Butterfly Mother: Laura Clark specifically writes for mothers from her own experiences of severe post-natal depression along with anxiety.

    She aims to share her wisdom to help all the new mothers-to-be and mothers who are facing similar difficulties. However, her engaging and emotive writing makes it very relatable for anyone suffering from mental illness.
  • Blurt: This blog provides a large number of innovative and helpful articles for almost every kind of daunting and difficult challenge of life.

    It includes self-care ideas, discussions on ways to seek help, articles on symptoms and triggers of different mental health illnesses, articles on mindfulness, ways to take care of the mental health of children, etc.

Blogging is a hobby that can even be turned into a profession. A blog is a webpage where an individual can share their views and get comments on it. These days many individuals earn money through blogging, and this is why blogging has become trendy.

A blog name is an essential part of a blog that actually makes a blog popular by attracting more readers to it.

Check out the brilliant mental health slogans.

Catchy Mental Health Blog Names

  • Psychic Run
  • Mental Organic
  • Active Life
  • Muscle Vital
  • Psychic Strong
  • Anxiety Slayers
  • Beyond Meds
  • Bipolar Burble Blog
  • Bipolar Happens
  • Patient Yoga
  • Workout Green
  • Therapy Dock
  • Rehab Axis

Looking for more options? Read the words of encouragement for better mental health.

  • Aware Forum
  • Psych Nutrition
  • Insane Clinic
  • Moral Medical
  • Physical Bio
  • Symptom Med
  • Insane Ability
  • Moral Wellness
  • Healthier Lift
  • Emotional Sports
  • Fit Symptoms
  • Genial Safety
  • Mind Body Closet
  • Mind Healthful
  • Spiritual Minerals
  • Wellness Burn
  • Mad world
  • Assisted suicide
  • Alternative health
Mental Health Blog Names
  • Simple minds
  • Psych Central
  • Purple Persuasion
  • Rethink Mental Illness
  • Sectioned
  • Splintered Mind
  • Suddenly Bipolar
  • Health articles
  • Great depression
  • Mind controller
  • Clinical depression
  • Genetic health
  • Mind diary
  • Mind games
  • Health planning
  • Disorder deals
  • Personal health insurance
  • Holistic health
  • Health aids
  • Hypnotised minds
  • Child psychology
  • Anxiety attack
  • Clinical health
  • Jumping minds
  • Mind supplement

Mental health deals with emotional and psychological wellness. The mental problem affects our thinking, feeling, and acting. We need to help such people with how they handle the stress and make choices. Mental health is important in every aspect of life from kids to aged ones.

Check out the affirmations to preserve your mental health.

Trending Mental Health Blog Names

Catchy Mental Health Page Names

The mental problem disturbs our thinking, behavior, energy, and emotions which makes it difficult to cope with daily life. People who have mental health problems experience a difficult time managing their overall health.

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