101+ Top Short Story blogs and Pages Names

Even an occasional reader can find some space for reading short stories from their busy daily life. There are some really good short stories on the internet.

For short story writers, the blog is a blessing. They can show their talent for writing as well as can earn a good amount from blogs.

Top 15 Short story blogs of the world

Short Bedtime Stories- This blog presents short tales for the kids. Blogger writes entertainment stories, bedtime stories, inspiring and educative tales for the children. Followers will get two new stories every week where you can choose according to your choice. 

50-Word Stories- On this blog, you will get 50-Word Stories every weekday. Readers can share their own stories on this website. You can also participate in several contests and win exciting gifts such as books, ebooks through the store of the blog. 

 Short Stories 4 Kids- This blogging platform is dedicated to bringing stories for your lovely kids to inspire and educate them on a regular basis.

Sometimes, it also presents the scary stuff to create more fun in the content. Every content presents attractive graphics and colors. Every chapter is easy to read and understandable for kids. 

James Kirst Short Story and Novel Blog- If you are a  fan of the mystery genre, this blog is definitely for you. The author of the blog is a crazy fan of fiction and also has extensive knowledge of police procedures, detective work, and investigation. 

The Short Story: home to short fiction- This blog is started with an aim to share short fiction stories with the world.

It’s a great platform to read flash fiction and classic short stories. You can also discover articles, reviews, and non-fiction stories here.

Short Stories – Reddit- It’s one of the top web platforms to discover many original short stories in a day. People can access real content and links to renowned authors. Also, you can find out audio versions and discussions of the community.

The Writers’ Network- Since 2016, this blog is dedicated to sharing inspiring stories with the world.

It’s a great platform for an author, freelance writer, artist, or writer, who wants to write and share their content with story lovers. If you too have something on your mind, join The Writers’ Network today!

One Story Blog- This blog is particularly focused to spread the ‘one story’ to its subscribers every three to four weeks. The stories are short with well-written content.

If you love to read the stories, subscribe to this blog now because stories are only available by mail.

THRESHOLDS- It’s an international short story forum that creates excellent short stories for the readers. They also invite academic and creative discussions on several trending short story topics.

If you’re a reader and also good at writing, this blog can be a good platform for you to express your ideas. 

American Short Fiction- Along with several novels, this blog publishes short stories written by new writers.

The aim of the blogger is to find out the excellent piece of writing that the reader can live into the imaginary world through words. 

FICTION on the WEB short stories- This platform provides the best short stories from popular authors of the world which covers the interesting genres crime, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc.

This blog is the top writing web solution for budding authors to get resources and opportunities. 

Very Short Fiction | Short Story Blog- This blog presents the short story content which is associated with blood-soaked and feverish streams of consciousness.

Those looking for short stories to fresh up their mind without spending much time on the web can subscribe to this blog today. 

Charmed Chaos – Short Story- This blog is started by a blogger named, Charmed Chaos who writes about  Life, Love, and Linguini. If you’re looking for stories that you can relate to your everyday lifestyle, Charmed Chaos has the best pack of information. 

Short Story Book Club- The motive of the blog is to modify the genre of short stories so that every story lover can able to get easy access.

This blog is run by several publishers and book staff professionals who are experts in creating engaging short stories for the audience. 

Short Stories to Entertain- This blog is liable to bring short stories to provide some delightful experience to their readers.

Every story has one particular aim- ‘Make their readers happy’. Take a break from the busy world and relax your mind with this blog.

A blog is a page on the internet which is used by an individual for sharing their hobby or opinions on the internet and getting comments from the readers.

Blogging is a popular hobby that can be turned into a money-making profession these days.

A blog is updated every now and then. Hence, people can benefit from these updated blogs. A blog name is an essential part of the blog which attracts readers to it.

interesting short story blog names for you

Info Story

Daily Story

Book Story

Story time

Grandma stories

Play Story

Play Less

Planning to start a book store, so make sure to read out the steps to start a bookstore perfectly.

Bit Story

Book Report

Book Library

Tiny Data

Story One

Story Design

Dot Tale

Print Story

Story News

Paper Lines

Story Book

Story Review

Study Book

Story Chip

Cell Story

Story Lines

Story Writer

Press Story

Story Productions

Article Sound

Record Review

Chop Book

Short Story Blog Names

Thin Story

Novel Story

Down Words

Script Book

Break Story

Library Down

Literature Info

Page Story

Monitor Less

Short Media

Produce Story

Pare Print

Data Tale

One Text

Book Data

Little Design

Daily Works

Daily Word

Book Facts

Mini Ease

Dot Read

Epic Copy

Looking for more? So do check out the best author blogs and pages names.

People often like novels but since it is too long to read they are out of time. Short stories might please people who do not have much time to read. Short stories can finish fast and people feel happy reading a story. It allows them to read the next story.

Trending Short Story Blog Names

Top Short Story Pages Names

If you are interested in reading a short story, you can try different genres and authors. Short stories are usually interesting and hence people can bring back their reading hobby. Short stories can be read during break times.

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