Top 24+ Best Cognac Brands in the World

Drinking Cognac is not just about relishing the flavor. It is also about the appreciation of several things; the blend, the age, the quality, and the terroir. With so many cognac brands in the world, it is not easy to choose one. Here is a list of top cognac brands in the globe.

Cognac Brands in the World


Country: France

This French brand of cognac with its departments in Cognac, France retails nearly 50 million bottles per year globally. It is the biggest manufacturer of cognac in the globe. Hennessey distributes over 40 percent of the globe’s cognac, a diversity of brandy. Moët Hennessy acquired this company. Richard Hennessy launched the corporation in 1765.

Rémy Martin

Country: France

This French company largely manufactures and retails cognac. Created in 1724 and the commune of Cognac-based this firm is one of the largest manufacturers of cognac and is also a component of the Comité Colbert. Rémy Martin works in Cognac Fine Champagne. 


Country: France

This cognac corporation is acquired by Beam Suntory, an associate of Osaka, Japan-based company Suntory Holdings. Their manufacturing firm is situated in the hamlet of Jarnac in France. Felix Courvoisier created this company in 1835. The department of this first situated in Jarnac, Charente.

Baron Otard

Country: France 

Also recognized as Chateau de Cognac, this French brand of cognac was created by Jean-Baptiste Antoine Otard in 1795. For more than 200 years, the company was non-governmental, until the Italian corporation Martini & Rossi S.p.A. purchased it in 1991. Presently, the brand associated with the Bacardi group.

Louis Royer

Country: France

Created in 1853, this brand is one of those cognac firms that is unrecognized and unknown in the United States but popular in other countries. Presently, they provide VSOP and Force 53º V.S.O.P. in the US. Louis Royer also manufactures a number of Kosher representations.

Paul Giraud

Country: Norway 

This family-owned brandy house has managed its cognac business on the same estate since 1650. They traded their products in bulk for a long time, and they began to retail cognac under their own title in the 1970s. They also focused on organic manufacturing procedures.



This brandy shop does not have any vineyards. They just purchase it from Petite and Grande Champagne. Their plantation is known as Château de la Péraudière. Jules Normandin opened this house in 1872.  He created the corporation and purchased the plantation in 1885. The title Mercier originates from Jules Normandin’s mother-in-law, who became his industry backer.

Daniel Bouju

Country: France

With locations in townlet of Saint Breuil in the Charente, this firm of cognac is a household operated business. They have a wine-producing background that spreads back to the 19th century. Appreciated in nations around the globe, this autonomous cognac brand focuses on manufacturing various expanses of artisan cognacs. 


Country: France

With locations in the popular Fins Bois province of France, this brand of cognac is recognized for its household acquired award-winning quality and tradition. Offered best neat, in cocktails or on the rocks, their Cognac VSOP is vibrant with a hint of violet and oak and smooth finish.

Le Réviseur

Country: France

This brand of cognac comprises an expanse of sole estate cognacs and is associated with the Abecassis group. Abecassis also comprises the labels Cognac Leyrat and Cognac ABK6. Especially popular in Scandinavia, their cognacs are manufactured only from fruit grown. 


Country: France

This brand of Cognac is a household operated, long-running, and situated in La Rochelle, France. They have been operating this cognac business since 1588.  


Country: France

Trading their products to some of the most deluxe outlets in the world including Maxim’s of Paris, this brand has an extraordinary household background that can be pursued back for more than three centuries. In 1680, the main vineyard in the region of Cognac was acquired by the Menuet household. 

Accolade Wines

Country: Australia

This leading multinational wine industry has its department in South Australia and fortified studios in Melbourne. Since 2018, an American non-governmental capital corporation, The Carlyle Group has been acquiring this brand. They have over 1700 workers around the globe, with performances in Asia, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and North America.


Country: France

Exceptionally concentrated and complex,  it is typically lessened, without additions. Both palate and nose are strong, yet balanced and beautiful. Arcana gives an addicting organoleptic knowledge, with an aftertaste that lasts for an unspecified period of time.

Berry Bros & Rudd

Country: United Kingdom

Spirit and wine traders this company has been operating their business since 1698. Still managing from the exact assumptions in London’s St James’s Street. Berry Bros & Rudd is prominent for their high-quality expanse of single bottled rums, whiskeys and other spirits, as well as No. 3 Gin, The King’s Ginger Liqueur, Pink Pigeon, and The Glenrothes.


Country: France

This corporation of cognac has a charming history, starting into being through a woman’s and man’s fondness mixed with all the enthusiasm of intrigue and travel. They manufacture an expanse of various qualities, including a delightful ‘Pale Cognac’ mainly manufactured to be blended with savored or tonic on the rocks.


Country: France

Brillet was first created in the year of 1850. The purpose of Brilletis was not to influence through expensive bottlings or high maintenance, but rather through a high and humble quality aesthetic.


Country: France 

Camus has been in business since 1863. It is the biggest brand of Cognac to still be wholly household acquired.

Château de Montifaud 

Country: France

This cognac brand was first created in 1866. The firm manufactures a high, large-quality expanse of cognacs – including several vintages from years.


Country: France

The firm was mainly created in 1835. The manufacturing firm is situated in the hamlet of Jarnac in the Charente province. 

Courvoisier Erte 1-7 Collection Cognac

Country: France

The containers of their cognacs were manufactured by Russian deco-artist Erté and comprise an incredible mixture of valuable Grande Champagne cognacs. 


Country: France

This household operated firm is one of the oldest manufacturers of Cognac and created in 1762. The corporation is unusual in that it manufactures VSOP or no VS Cognac.

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