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139+ Useful Computer Safety Slogans

Computer security or computer safety is the protection of computer systems from the theft of or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from the disruption or misdirection of the services they provide.

Computers have become indispensable to the modern world with everything we do is governed by computers. Both at domestic, corporate, and external levels computers seem to govern all.

Best Computer safety Slogans

  • Keep the virus away
  • Get it serviced 
  • Junk doesn’t belong here 
  • Look out for the malware 
  • Clean it or lose it 
  • Keep it covered 
  • Don’t let the system slow down
  • Caution is important 
  • Handle with care
  • Get the anti-virus renewed

Internet spam, misinformation, viruses, and corrupt computer programs tend to pose a serious threat to computer safety. People can steal valuable information from companies, organizations as well as individuals by such coordinated attacks. Hackers are also a constant source of concern.

With the growth of technology in recent years, being safe on your system is number one.  Similarly, the preservation and security of computer hardware are also of paramount importance.

Thus computer safety has become has one of the most discussed topics in the world now and here are some slogans about it.

List of Catchy Computer Safety Slogans

To prevent a tragic fall, install a firewall.

If you get an email for cash, be sure to send it to trash.

Malware is unfair.

Avoid the accumulation of dust in your computer hardware.

An unknown sender may be a pretender.

For your computer to run for a long time.

An anti-virus software prevents anything unfair.

In Windows, you must trust. Updating it is a must.

Malware is a nightmare.

Shoulder surfers can make you suffer.

Be wary of scammers.

Avoid spilling food and drink on your computers.

Virtual keyboards are your real virtual friends.

File sharing sites are free, but they have viruses you cannot see.

Be aware. Do not leave your private information on public computers.

Do not open a spam. Your computer can jam.

Tactfully handle cyber attacks.

Get a firewall to stop your computer’s downfall.

If you do not give your computer a fix, your data may be at risk.

Trust reliable technology from reliable companies.

Let your computer run smoothly.

A cloud is the best. Safe, smart and secure.

Dust is a big enemy to computer hardware.

So that your computer runs for ages to come.

If you care then avoid spyware.

Proper file encryptions can save them.

To avoid a jam, never open a spam.

Difficult passwords make a hacker’s life difficult.

Do not be paranoid, computer problems one can avoid.

Do not let bugs bug you.

Give the computer cooling system proper ventilation to work.

Backing up data is a smart way to work.

If your computer has cache, make sure you clear that stash.

Do not let someone scam you.

Do not grant unknown softwares permission, they can do transgression.

If they ask for money, do not fall for them, honey.

If it sounds too good to be true, hackers may be in on it too.

For your computer’s safety sure, anti-virus is the only cure.

Spyware is unfair.

If you get an email from a cheat, just click delete.

If you have the know-how, there are many steps to starting a computer repair business, check out the Steps to Start Computer Repair Business.

Check devices for tampering before buying.

Do not access spams, they can be a part of scams.

Be a smooth operator to your computer.

Do not keep your device on for too long.

Be wary of spammers.

Keep your computers spick and span.

Fingerprint lock can be your best safeguard.

It is better to not write down passwords and codes anywhere.

Do not let external drives drive your computer crazy.

Security solution update stops your computer from ill fate.

computer safety slogans

Never access your private data in public. The consequences can be tragic.

Login with caution. That is big step in cyber attack prevention.

Keep a lookout for shoulder surfers.

Be wary of hackers.

Do not click random popups.

Hide your IP address to prevent spoofing.

Keep your computer clean.

Do not let phisers turn your computer into a phising pond.

Public WiFi may bring danger.

Avoiding computer bugs is as important as avoiding real bugs.

Avoid getting keylogged. Use virtual keyboards.

Temporary internet files can be vile.

A VPN is a shortcut to personal safety.

Alien Software Detection Frame helps you stay ahead of the game.

If you do not give a damn, you may fall prey to spam.

Keep your computer under lock and key.

A safe computer is a secure computer.

A password is your passport to safety.

Install an anti-virus before your device gets infected by virus.

Diligently clean your computer’s hardware from time to time.

Do not access personal information on public networks.

Be wary of which public networks you use.

Always logout of any private account on public computers.

Stay alert of any hack or ant such cyber attack.

Make your passwords complex.

Do not keep passwords and codes lying around.

Use secure personal networks always.

Use a laptop-tracker to keep a tab on your laptop.

Configure fingerprints to block out unwanted users.

A firewall can prevent your system from having a fall.

Always backup your data.

A cloud may be the memory safe of the future.

Encrypt your private files to dissuade hackers.

Be discrete while using your devices in public.

Do not eat and drink around your devices.

Clean the screen to maintain its sheen.

Do not let your device overheat.

Heal your computer with the proper anti-virus.

Be aware. Always update the software.

Face recognition lock is a safe way of accessing your device.

Be wary of spoofing.

Always buy non-tampered products.

A random popup can prove to be your biggest enemy.

Always set up an Intrusion Detection System.

User Access Account Controls always keep you a step ahead.

Keep your senses on alert for wireless sniffing.

Do not leave your device unattended in public places.

Keep your computers and laptops away from your children.

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Prevent the perils of hacking by backing up your data.

Keep your data safe in personal external drives.

Think before you click.

Do not share personal information with strangers.

Do not neglect your computer. Protect your computer.

If there is any deceit, simply hit delete.

Do not become a fish for the phisers.

A proxy server serves you well.

computer safety slogans

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