225+ Great Cross Country Slogans, Sayings, And Quotes

We are well known for the fact that cross country running is one of the most well-known sports in which either teams or individuals run a race on the open tracks.

Most of the time, these tracks are made on natural terrains such as dirt or grass. A typical cross-country running is 4-12 km long. The running includes crossing surfaces of grass, earth, woodlands, hills, etc.

While the judgment for individual runners is done based on times, teams are judged upon the points scored.

Best Cross Country Slogans

  • The race begins
  • Run for your life
  • Run like never before
  • The race is on
  • Start working on those muscles
  • Run like hell
  • Let’s get started
  • It’s just a few miles
  • A race like never before
  • Run with Godspeed

So, if you are someone who loves to run or experience a new kind of adventure, then cross-country running is just the right choice for you. We believe you won’t be disappointed when you run for the race.

Cross Country Slogans

  • East or west, there’s nothing like a cross-country race
  • The new 100 meters is 400 meters
  • All you need is a cross-country run
  • Baby’s got some line! Get over to cross country
  • You were born to run; run the race
  • Life’s carbs and time are the race line
  • Comrades in sweat are the best buds ever
  • Date a runner of the track. You will love the patience
  • Death to the DNF
  • Don’t just follow your dreams; run after them
  • Don’t let anyone tell you what to do; just run and prove
  • Eat, run cross country, sleep, repeat
  • Sweat and blood are all you have got
  • Don’t just run; race against yourself
  • I’m hustling every single day
  • Run like your life depends upon it
  • Wear running shoes, and don’t forget the cross country race
  • Feel the path and let it be your only motivation
  • They’re not waiting for hills to go
  • You can go that far if you want to
  • Always remember! You are able to handle any obstacle you want
  • Overstrain in such a way, even the wind can’t beat you
  • I’m running because I like it this way
  • Enjoy your run, don’t make space over it
  • The cross country race is not just about running
  • Participate in running, not to win
  • Every single race matters
  • Enjoy every single step
  • just shut up and keep going
  • Recall the finishing line and keep going
  • Run till you run out of oxygen
  • Even if every muscle hurt, its nothing compared to the defeat
  • The more you run, the more you can find yourself
  • Cross the country, but keep your heart in the same place
  • Enjoy the race; it is more than winning it
  • Run till your lungs pop-out
  • Running is not a crime; run how much you want
cross country running slogans

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Cross Country Sayings

  • Cross country race not like any other race
  • Join the race, rediscover yourself
  • I’m running to burn the insane
  • I was sure they were saying’ Rum!’
  • Cross country is not a simple catch
  • Run till your mom warns you to stop
  • I have a record of the track
  • Switch to the race if pug ain’t your thing
  • If it was easy to track, they would call it football
  • If we were playing tag, you would always be running
  • We’re just warming up; the race is far from an end
  • Enjoy the race and run for run
  • Cross country race improves self-confidence
  • The more you run, the more strength you acquire
  • Enjoy the race, sink yourself into it
  • East or West, cross country race is the best
  • One lap a day, keep the doctor away
  • Be strong, be healthy, run as you mean it
  • Running is not just winning; its the effort you put in
  • Run a mile to reduce your diabetes
  • Lose some weight with every hour you run
  • Run a cross-country race to fight your disease
  • Participation in the cross-country race is mandatory
  • Accept the pain, for better or worse
  • Manage the pack! Run the cross-country track!
  • Leave everything on the track
  • Run a mile to leave your thoughts behind
  • Let’s get it running
  • May the Godspeed be with you
  • Run a few miles before going back to bed
  • Mud, sweat, and tears are all you have got
  • Run faster than your wife change mascara
  • Forrest is not my name. Still, I love running the same
  • Our boots give more mileage than your car
  • Our sport is the punishment of other sports
  • Our warm-up is your entire day’s work
  • Run the cross country race, show people what you have got

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Funny Cross Country Slogans

  • Running is for everyone, whether you like it or not
  • The race you run is the race you win
  • All it takes is a courageous heart to run the country race
  • Enjoy your run in every single mile
  • In a cross-country race, every single mile matters
  • The more you run, the stronger you become
  • Don’t just run; run to prove yourself
  • The pain is nothing compared to the feeling of quitting
  • Pain is temporary, but dignity is eternal
  • Pain is temporary, but the joy of glory lasts forever
  • Pain is the sign of weakness leaving your body
  • In the cross country race, pain is inevitable
  • The dirt in the road is nothing compared to the victory ahead
  • Quitters is not an option for runners
  • It’s 90% an emotional rack, and we’re all INSANE!
  • Whatever be the weather, every day is a perfect running day
  • Real athletes run in miles
  • There’s no stopping in a cross-country race
  • Every race you run defines your future
  • The life on track is the real-life indeed
  • Keep calm and love cross country race
  • Run hard or go back home; the choice is yours
  • Play it hard or don’t play at all
  • In a cross-country race, just run like hell
  • In a race, always give the best run of your life 
  • The time is run is the quality time spent
  • Running is more than just sweating
  • A cross-country run is not going to kill you, it will make you stronger
  • Run or die; that the only choice in life
  • Running: Less costly than plastic surgery

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cross country running slogans

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