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601+ Best Cross Stitch Blogs and Pages Names

There are plenty of blogs related to cross-stitch that neatly explain to you about the cross stitch with pictures. Also, they have wonderful tutorials to go through. Blogging, being a hobby, has emerged as a popular profession these days and many individuals are earning through blogs.

Top 15 Cross Stitch Blogs of the World

Subversive Cross Stitch – This blog was started in 2003 and since then, it has been a source of original ideas and pattern samples. It shares two posts per month.

The Twisted Stitcher –   This blog is run by the USA-based Vonna Pfeiffer who is a very talented cross stitcher herself. Her enthusiasm for cross stitching is well reflected in her blog. She shares three posts a month.

Happiness is Cross Stitching – Sharing two posts a month, this blog has abundant resources on cross-stitching, knitting, crotchet making, dressmaking and so much more. The blog’s main attraction is that it offers free cross-stitch patterns that the followers can download. 

Lpanne & Cross Stitch- This blog has a wide variety of quirky cross-stitch patterns that one can choose from. However, the sale of items that are made using this blog’s patterns is prohibited. The blog shares a new post every week.

The World in Stitches- This Tumblr blog is a powerhouse of resources on all things related to cross-stitching. The blog shares three posts each quarter. 

Garden Grumbles and Cross Stitch Fumbles – This blog is run by Beth, who is a resident of Greece. She uses this blog as a medium through which she shares her passion for cross stitching and gardening, with the rest of the world. 

Counted Cross Stitch Blog – This is another Tumblr-based blog that believes that cross-stitching is a beautiful art form and one must have the eye for it. The blog comes up with a new post each day.

Cross Stitch It’s Fun-  This Blogspot-based blog is one of the most followed cross-stitch blogs. It shares some beautiful cross-stitch patterns and tips.

*Between Crosses with Nina* – This blog, as the name suggests, is run by Nina, who is lives in Greece. Her blog also serves as a platform through which she exhibits her hand-dyed knitting yarns, embroidery threads, spinning fibers, and more. 

Free Cross Stitch Patterns – The blog claims that it has the most beautiful, free cross stitch patterns that one can find on the internet. It puts up a new post every quarter.

Anke’s Cross Stitch Stuff – This blog is run by Germany-based Anke, who is a self-proclaimed cross-stitch addict and hopes to share her love for cross stitching through this blog. She puts up at least five new posts each year.

The Cross Stitching Librarian – This blog is run by San Francisco, California-based Kerrie who is a theological librarian by the day and an avid cross stitcher by the night. She has been cross stitching for over 20 years now and shares her various cross stitch projects through this blog.

Cross Stitch Like a Bitch –  Run by 18-year-old San Francisco, California-based Makayla, this blog has some fantastic cross-stitch patterns to share. It features at least two new patterns a month.  

My Cross Stitch Repository – This is another Tumblr blog that features numerous great cross stitch patterns along with showcasing the owner’s finished and unfinished cross stitch projects.

Knot Your Average Blog – This blog is run by Jasper who loves to knit, crochet, cross-stitch, and more. The blog also features a lot of resources on that and macramé and also on how to make hook rugs. 

Even major companies, as well as small-scale businesses, adopt the idea of blogs to promote their businesses. A blog is a webpage created by an individual to share their opinion online and get comments from the users.

Unlike a website, a blog is updated regularly which is why we always get fresh information through blogs. A blog name is an important part of blogging. Selecting a blog name takes a major role in creating a blog.

Best cross stitch blog names

Stitch Grow

Stitch Talent

Work Woven

Bridge Elastic

Grumpy Garment

Bridge Silk

Play Selvage

Through Needle

Active Fastener

Through Hoop

Play Binding

Call Textile

Queer Backstitch

Track Measure

Foil Material

Track Linen

Work Inseam

Through Cloth

Span Join

Call Embroidery

Active Applique

Cross project

Stitch kit

Crabby Crochet

Grumpy Tat

FoilLock stitch

Crabby Needle

Scotch Snaps

Foil Stitch

Scotch Garment

Mobile Lockstitch

Live Bobbin

Span Cloth

Scotch Hoop

Queer Fabric

Fussy Woven

Bridge Tailor

Play Pincushion

Track Serger

Queer Patchwork

Express Sew

Crabby Weave

Fussy Zigzag

Work Suture

Fly Twill

Bridge Ruffles

Foil Thread

Span Pocket

Bridge Linen

Grumpy Hem

Grumpy Yarn

Cross stitch is a form of counted thread embroidery which is one of the easiest stitches to learn. This stitch starts with a simple X-shaped stitch which is why it is named cross stitch. Several cross-stitched together make a beautiful design. These designs are made by following a chart that contains a symbolic representation of a stitch.

Top Cross Stitch Pages Names

Some of these designs may be traditional and some are modern. The cross-stitch projects are sold as kits. But you can buy the things retail and make your own design.

There is two common fabric for cross stitching, they are, Aida and Linen.

Many people love to do cross stitch designs because it is cheap, it relaxes you, it is a social activity when you sell it, it is a perfect handmade gift for someone special, and it keeps you occupied.

-Stitch Synergy

-Weave Wiz

-Elastic Estate 

-Garment Gossips

-Some Silk Skill 

-Needle Network

-Textile Trends 

-Linen Legacy

-Inseam Info 

-Cloth Calibre 

-Embroidery Ethics 

-Crochet Convos 

-Fabric Fables 

-Tailor Trivia 

-Project Patchwork

-Sew Shenanigans

-Ruffle To The Rescue

-Thread Trade

-Hem Heritage

-Yarn Academy


-Aida Aesthetic

-Design N Drama 

-ZigZag Zone

-Pincushion Pulse 

-Serger Sanity

-Bobbin Blueprint 

-Applique Art

-Sunny Selvage

-Knit Knowledge


-Chic Cross-Stitch 

-Stitch Session 

-The Weave Ways 

-Elastic Engine

-Garment Giggles

-Silky View 

-Needle Choice

-Textile Topic

-Livin’ The Linen Life 

-Inseam Index

-Cloth Clinic

-Embroidery Era

-Crochet Central


-Tailor Topic 

-A Patchwork Page

-Sew Social 

-Ruffle Range 

-Thread Theatre

-Hem Horizon 

-Wooly Wonders 

-Cozy Cotton 

-Aida Advice

-Daily Design

-Pincushion Pride

-Serger Sargent 

-Applique Age 

-Bobbin Business

-Now We Knit

-Dressing Display

-Stitch Spree

-Weave Ware 

-Eden Of Elastic 

-Garment Garden 

-Silk Stories

-Just Need A Needle

-Tele Textile 

-Linen Lux

-Inseam Influence 

-Cloth Collusion 

-Anything For Embroidery

-Cozy Crotchet

-Fabric Fantasy

-Tailor Timeline

-Parts Of Patchwork

-A Sew Sense

-Ruffle Radar 

-Thread Of Today 

-Hearty Hem 

-We Heart Yarn 

-Coffee With Cotton 

-Aida Aspects

-Design Destiny

-Pincushion Fashion

-Serger Set-up

-Knitty Gritty 

-Applique Alert

-Bobbin Buds 

-Selvage Solutions

-Do The Dress

-Cross-stitch Committee

-Stitch Pitch

-Weave Wellbeing 

-Elastic Excellence 

-Garment Galaxy 

-Silk Serenity 

-Needle Notion 

-Textile Today 

-Through The Linen Lens 

-Inseam Intensity

-Cloth Community 

-My Embroidery Everest

-Crochet Creation

-Follow For Fabric

-Trending Tailor

-Pro Patchwork

-In The Sew Shade

-Ruffle Review

-Thread Tacts 

-How’s The Hem

-Big Ball Of Yarn 

-Cotton Cottage

-About Aida

-Design Delights

-Pincushion Pics 

-Serger Scenes

-Knitty Kitty

-Acute Applique 

-By The Bobbins

-Selvage Series 

-Dress Discussion

-Stitch Style 

-Weavin’ Wisdom

-Elastic Everyday

-Garment Glory

-Silk Scenes 

-Needle Niche 

-Textile For Teens 

-League Of Linens 

-Inseam Inspector

-Cloth Care

-An Embroidery Euphoria

-Crochet Coverage

-Fabric Foundation

-A Tailor Territory

-Patchwork Pigment

-Sewin’ Simplified

-Ruffle Region

-Thread Thrills 

-Hem Habit

-Unwindin’ Yarn 

-Calls Of Cotton

-All Aida


-Pincushion Lounge

-Serger Secret

-A Knitty Affair

-Artsy Applique 

-Bobbin Bae 

-Selvage Signals

-Dress Discovery

-Stitch Signs 

-The Wise Weaver

-Elastic Explorer

-GoodTimes Garment

-Silky Social

-Needle Nerd 

-Techie Textile 

-Linen Legend 

-Inseam Interaction 

-Cloth Course

-Embroidery Exercise

-Crochet Catalogue

-Fabric Forum 

-Thinkin’ Tailor 

-Patchwork Pals 

-Seek The Sew

-Ray Of Ruffle

-Techie Thread

-Hem Hive 

-Yarn Vectors

-Cotton Capsules


-Doses Of Design

-ZigZag Jungle 

-Pincushion Glam 

-A Serger Store

-Knit Notion

-Selvage Page

-Applique Article 

-Dreamy Dress 

-Stitch Social

-Weave Widget

-Elastic Emotions

-Garment Guru

-A Silky Slice

-Nosey Needle

-Textile Triumph

-Linen Labels

-Inseam Info


-Embroidery Ease

-Crochet Cosmo 

-Fun With Fabric

-Talks With Tailor

-Patchwork Prism

-Straight Up Sewing 

-Cross-Stitch Page 

-Ruffle Rhythm

-Thread Tutor

-Hem Hacks 

-The Yarn Years

-Cotton Concepts

-Aida Audience

-A Design A Day

-ZigZag Virtue 

-Pincushion Parade

-Serger Show

-Know About Knit 

-A Better Bobbin 

-All About Applique

-A Stitch Site

-Weave Wonder 

-Enjoy The Elastic

-Viral Garments

-Silk Survival

-Nothing But A Needle


-Linen Logic

-Immersive Inseam 

-Cloth On Click 

-The Embroidery Effect

-Crochet Craze

-Fabric Frame 

-Tailor Tales

-Public Of Patchwork

-Sew Strategy

-Ruffle Realm 

-Thread Topic

-Hem Them

-Yarn Yearn 

-Cotton Cause 

-Aloha Aida! 

-Design Decision

-ZigZag We Go! 

-Pincushion Platform

-Knit Knight

-Cross-Stitch Blog 

-Applique Ally 

-Stitch Studio


-Everything Elastic

-Garment Virtue

-Silk Survey 

-Needle News

-Textile Traces 

-Layers Of Linen 

-Inseam Intuition 

-Cloth Convo 

-Crochet Core

-Fusin’ The Fabric

-Tele Tailor

-Patchwork Patterns

-Sew Sigma

-Thread Tricks

-Hem Hours 

-You N Your Yarn 

-Chillin’ With Cotton

-ZigZag Zen

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