Top 31+ Best Crossbow Brands in the World

Crossbows have conventionally been utilized for warfare and hunting. Presently, crossbows are utilized for shooting competitions and sports, target shooting, and hunting. With so many crossbow brands in the world, it is not easy to choose one. Here is a list of top crossbow brands in the globe.

Crossbow Brands in the World


Country: United States of America 

This is the globe’s notable factory of slingshot stocks, archery, and crossbow. The company was begun with an individual named Bernard Barnett manufacturing crossbows out of his garage, and then it was developed into much more. The actual settler of the modern-day crossbow, the company stays influenced by the convention.


Country: United States of America

This US-based brand was created by Kath & Bill Troubridge in the year of 1983. Their focus is to manufacture the most accurate, effective, and reliable hunting crossbows for professional and beginner hunters. The major priority is crossbows and the tools that come with it. Excalibur provides some of the quietest, most powerful, and fastest crossbows on the market!


Country: United States of America

For more than 27 years, the purpose of Tenpoint has stayed unchanged. Their goal is to be the globe’s top factory of stocks that are acknowledged as a business standard for power, performance, durability, precision engineering, accuracy, and safety. They test, manufacture, and design their crossbows in America.


Country: United States of America 

It is one of the leading crossbow brands and one of the biggest manufacturers of crossbows and compound bows in the whole globe. The firm was initially created by Robert Erretr in 1984 and was named Nationwide Archery. Shortly they became the main distributor of archery and arrow factories for hundreds of archery sales in America. 


Country: United States of America

This US-based factory produces quality accessories and crossbows, created in the USA, and manufactured for optimum function, form, and fit. Horton was created in 1985.


Country: Canada

This Canadian corporation was created by Jim Kempf. Scorpyd provides a distinct crossbow that is very quiet, smooth, fast, shows low vibration, and feels nicely stabilized in the hand. This suffering began in 1991 and has grown ever since. 

SA Sports

Country: United States of America 

This young corporation was set up by Mark Ambrose in the year 2010. Soon, the company has become one of the prominent firms when it comes to competent equipment for outdoor sports. Their priority is primarily on crossbows and bows, as well as accessories and equipment for them. 


Country: United States of America 

The existing services of Borkholder Include scope/sight sighting, tuning, trigger repair, re-stringing crossbows and bows, and cam replacement. Northern Indiana-based this firm was created in 1998.  Presently, Borkholder Archery has developed into a perfect pro bow store offering archery accessories, traditional bows, compound bows, and crossbows.


Country: Canada

This corporation has set up itself as some of the most reliable and accurate crossbows on the market. Their accessories and Crossbows are the stocks anyone can count on during hunting and shooting adventures. They provide a full chain of appliances. From cases to arrows to limb dampeners to arrow cases to slings there is a whole choice of crossbow appliance to select from.

Bushnell Corporation

Country: United States of America

This America-based corporation operates in sporting optics and outdoor stocks. With outlets in Overland Park, Kansas, the company is united with Vista Outdoor. Bushnell designs telescopes, rifle scopes, GPS devices, game cameras, binoculars, spotting scopes, red dot sights, laser range finders, and night-vision devices.

Warrior Wishes Outdoors 

Country: United States of America 

This non-beneficial group offers fishing, hunting, shooting, and other outdoor chances for active-duty military personnel and disabled Veterans. They provide outdoor adventures throughout America.


Country: United States of America 

This American factory of the compound and recurve bows is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are mainly remarkable for manufacturing competition to recurve bows, which are shown particularly in the Olympics. Jas. D. Easton, Inc. acquired this company.


Country: United States of America

This non-governmental American archery distribution corporation has produced, designed, and developed arrows, bows, and other appliances since 1971. The corporation was set up in Mahomet, Illinois, by Pete Shepley and headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. It is one of the pioneering factories of flow bow, crossbow, and bow in the globe. Their commodities are widely utilized in several fields including sports and hunting.

Hunters Specialties 

Country: United States of America 

This company manufactures more than 500 stocks and attains markets all over the globe. Their stock chains include i-Kam Xtreme® Video Glasses, Vita-Rack® Wildlife Management, Wayne Carlton’s Calls®, Johnny Stewart Wildlife Calls®, Buck Bomb, Scent-A-Way®, H.S. Strut®, and many more. Hunters Specialties was created in 1977.

The Bohning Company 

Country: United States of America

This corporation was set up in Michigan in 1946 and is largely an archery accessory corporation. The corporation trades and supplies arrow wraps, paints, quivers, fletching jigs, waxes, adhesives, nocks, vanes, and many other stocks associated with the archery business. Bohning also manufactures Fishing Lure Paint, Golf Ferrules, and Christmas Tree Colorant.

GamePlan Inc.

Country: United States of America

This US-based sports marketing corporation offers a diversity of services that include motivational/educational seminars, management and creation of special events, business to business networking, a team affiliated promotional programs, and contract negotiations.


Country: United States of America 

With head departments in Eugene, Oregon, this archery factory is a prominent enterprise with creative technological developments. BowTech is the parent corporation of business-leading trademarks including Octane Accessories, Black Gold, Ripcord, Tightspot, Excalibur Crossbows, and Diamond Archery. Their bows are manufactured in the USA, by devoted workers.

Apple Archery

Country: United States of America

This corporation has been the trademark counted on by archery stores around the world since 1992.  As the producers of some of the archery enterprise’s most broadly utilized store equipment, they proceed with their legacy through operating both the customer and the dealer with creative solvents to everyday difficulties.  

Martin Archery

Country: United States of America 

It was built by a group of devoted Archers, the Martin Household, more than 60 years ago in 1951. Their industry has always been global and they distribute recurve bows in many nations. In 1976, the corporation bought another bow factory, Damon Howatt Archery, which enabled them to broaden their conventional bow chain of stocks. 

The Great Plains

Country: United States of America

Tampa, Texas-based this corporation was set up by Bill Forman. The corporation specializes in traditional makings and recurve bows. 

Predator Bows

Country: United States of America 

Predator Bows was created in the late 80s by Mike Hoadley and Ron Pittsley. Their primary priority was on bow alternate components, but as the time passed the company broadened and began manufacturing whole conventional bows as well. Predator Bows is mainly notable for making amazing quality take-down recurve bows.

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