Top 43+ Best Cufflink Brands in the World

Cufflinks are used to protect the cuffs of shirts. It can be produced from a diversity of several materials, such as precious metal, metal, leather, stone, and glass. With so many cufflink brands in the world, it is not easy to choose one. Here is a list of top cufflink brands in the globe. 

Cufflink Brands in the World


Country: Germany

This Germany-based producing corporation of indulgence goods is located in Hamburg. The corporation delivers a broad expanse of merchandise, including jewelry, watches, writing implements, good for travel, and many other stocks. Montblanc was created in 1906. 


Country: Italy

This Italy-based trademark of leather goods and fashion was originally created in Florence, Tuscany by Guccio Gucci in 1921. It is the most retailing Italy-based trademark. As of 2009, Gucci manages nearly 278 directly managed shops internationally and retails its stocks through upscale branch shops and franchisees. 


Country: Italy

This Italian indulgence trademark is prominent for its leather goods, accessories, perfumes, watches, and jewelry. While the bulk of marketing, production, and design jewelry, and overseen by Bulgari, the corporation,n perform, at times, collaborator with other commodities. Presently associated with the LVMH Group, the company was launched by the silver silversmith Sotirios Boulgaris in 1884 in the province of Epirus, Greece.

Tiffany & Co.

Country: United States of America

This US-based specialty and luxury jewelry retailer has its department in New York City. It trades leather goods, personal accessories, watches, water bottles, perfumes, stationery, crystal, china, sterling silver, and jewelry. The brand is recognized for its indulgence stocks, especially its sterling silver jewelry and diamond. The brand retails its stocks as an arbiter of style and taste. 


Country: France

This France-based luxury goods company sells, supplies, manufactures, and designs watches and jewelry. Created in 1847, in Paris by Louis-François Cartier, the corporation stayed under household management until 1964. With a department in Paris, the company is the solely acquired associate of the Swiss Richemont Group. Cartier controls over 200 shops in 125 nations.


Country: United Kingdom

This UK-based luxury fashion brand has its department in London, England. Its primary fashion house specializes in and supplies cosmetics, sunglasses, perfumes, fashion accessories, ready-to-wear outerwear, and trench coats. Created by Thomas Burberry, in 1856 initially, by concentrating on the growth of outdoor attire, the brand has shifted into the great fashion market.

Alfred Dunhill Ltd.

Country: United Kingdom

This UK-based luxury goods company works in accessories, leather goods, bespoke and custom menswear, and ready-to-wear. The corporation is situated in London, where it also manages and acquires a leather workshop. Richemont Holdings Limited presently acquired this brand and CEO Andrew Maag operated this brand. Alfred Dunhill Ltd. was created in 1893 by Alfred Dunhill. 

Deakin & Francis

Country: United Kingdom 

This UK-based company has been manufacturing and designing the globe’s best bespoke commissions, ladies jewelry, gentlemen’s accessories, signet rings, and cufflinks since 1786. As a highly reputable UK-based brand, they manufacture hand made and fine quality jewelry in gemstones, vitreous enamel, and precious metal. Created by Benjamin Woolfield, they have more than 230 years of background.


Country: France

This French corporation of high fashion luxury goods was created in 1837. Hermés works in ready-to-wear, watches, jewelry, perfumery, home furnishings, lifestyle accessories, and leather goods. Recognized for luxury stocks, by 2008, they had 14 commodity sectors that included jewelry, tableware, decorative arts, enamelware, gloves, footwear, stationery, watches, perfume, men’s and women’s wear, ties, scarves, and leather.


Country: France

This trademark of cosmetics was launched under the guidance of George Barrie between 1964 and 1984. Fabergé was owned by McGregor Corporation in 1984 and abandoned several Fabergé commodities. The rights, licenses, and trademarks were switched to Fabergé Limited in 2007. 


Country: Italy

This Italy-based luxury fashion brand is focused on ready-to-wear, leather handbags, perfumes, shoes, travel accessories, and other fashion accessories. Mario Prada created this brand in 1913. They started manufacturing watches in 2007. Prada started manufacturing mobile phones in 2007. 


Country: United Kingdom

This English fashion retailer and brand of womenswear and menswear is mainly notable for a traditional ‘twinset and pearls’ background. Previously acquired by the commercial businessman Harold Tillman, Prada was developed by the non-governmental capital company Better Capital. 


Country: Italy

This Italian brand of luxury fashion manufacturer accessories, timepieces, eyewear, perfumes, shoes, leather goods, ready-to-wear, and fur. Launched in 1925 in Rome by Edoardo and Adele Fendi, it is notable for producing fur accessories and fur and for its leather stocks such as Pequin, Peekaboo, 2jours, and “Baguette” handbags. 


Country: Italy

This Italy-based brand of luxury menswear was created as a household business by Giovanni Canali and Giacomo Canali in 1934. Oversaw by the third generation of the household, they have 1,500 employees in seven manufacturers in Italy. They have 180 boutique marts and are also supplied through a system of 1,000 commercial shops globally. 

Hackett London

Country: United Kingdom

This British multi-channel merchandiser of apparel for boys and men, with an extensive range of accessories and apparel, was created by Ashley Lloyd-Jennings and Jeremy Hackett in London, England in 1983. The corporation had 160 shops internationally as of 2019. 

Bottega Veneta

Country: Italy

This Italian high fashion and luxury goods brand was created in Vicenza, Veneto, in 1966. Gucci Group bought this brand in 2001 and presently is associated with the French conglomerate Kering. 

Perry Ellis International

Country: United States of America

With departments in Doral, Florida, United States this global company was launched in 1967. They specialize in beauty, cosmetics, fashion, clothing which includes a portfolio of trademarks delivered through many channels globally. The corporation concentrates mainly on casual clothing and sportswear for niche markets. 

Piaget SA

Country: Switzerland

This Swiss luxury brand of jewelry and watch was created in the village of La Côte-aux-Fées, by Georges Piaget in 1874. Piaget is now associated with the Swiss Richemont organization. The company was set up as a factory of watch movements but in the 20th century, they started trading its own chain of watches.

Paul Smith

Country: United Kingdom 

With head offices in Nottingham, United Kingdom, this British brand was launched by Paul Smith in 1970. The corporation is associated with Paul Smith LLC.

Dolce & Gabbana

Country: Italy

This Italy-based luxury fashion brand was created by Italian designers Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce in 1985. The company had two central chains ( Dolce & Gabbana and D&G) until 2012 when the chains incorporated under the trademark Dolce & Gabbana. They work in indulgence commodities enlightened by high-designs.

Fonderie 47

Country: United States of America

This industry is overseen by humanitarian and businessman Peter Thum. The corporation’s primary goal was to lessen the number of AK-47 rifles by turning them into accessories and jewelry in Africa. 

De Beers

Country: United Kingdom

This UK-based global firm works in industrial diamond-producing divisions, diamond trading, diamond retail, diamond mining, and diamond exploitation. The corporation is now active in deep-sea mining, coastal, large-scale alluvial, and open-pit. 

TAG Heuer

Country: Switzerland

This Swiss luxury brand of watch produces and designs fashion accessories and watches, as well as mobile phones and eyewear produced under franchise by other corporations and holding the trademark TAG Heuer. The corporation was started by Edouard Heuer in 1860 in St-Imier, Switzerland as Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG. 

Yves Saint Laurent

Country: France

This France-based trademark of luxury fashion was created by two partners Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent in 1961. The company claims to be one of the globe’s most notable fashion brands and is recognized for its iconic and modern items, such as tuxedo jackets. Presently, they offer an extensive range of men’s and women’s shoes, ready-to-wear products, jewelry, and leather goods. 

Jan Leslie

Country: United Kingdom

Their mixed assortment of men’s accessories is traded solely in some of the prime luxury marts around the world. Largely notable for their remarkable semi-precious stone arrays and beautiful hand-painted enamels.


Country: United Kingdom

London-based British corporation works in luxury leather stocks. Created by Gerry Ettinger in 1934, the eponymous corporation is still 100% household operated and acquired. The corporation designs and is an artisanal factory of small luxury bags, cases, and leather goods, which are supplied globally, particularly in Japan, and marketed on their website. 


Country: United Kingdom

Since the founding of Purdey in 1814, they have been manufacturing guns for the hunting and shooting market in which Purdey is greatly considered. The company has normally broadened its commodity expanse to include appliances for shooting including hip flasks, belts, and cartridge bags. The company has also manufactured an expanse of country clothing and premium shooting.


Country: France

This Baccarat, France-based company of excellent crystal glassware has two museums: the Musée Baccarat in Paris on the Place des États-Unis and the Musée Baccarat in Baccarat, Meurthe-et-Moselle. The prevalence shareholder of Baccarat is Groupe du Louvre. Baccarat is associated with US-based firm Starwood Capital Group.

Ralph Lauren Corporation

Country: United States of America

This US-based fashion corporation is focused on the production of stocks ranging from luxury sectors to mid expanse. The corporation is notable for the supply, clothing, and marketing of stocks in four sections: accessories, apparel, perfumes, and home. It is a publicly marketed owning corporation with departments in New York City and created by Ralph Lauren in 1967.

Elie Bleu

Country: France

This France-based factory of humidors was created in 1976.  The prominent models of this brand include the Che Guevara, Vegas, Medaille, and Flor de Alba.


Country: Switzerland

This Switzerland-based household industry was spun out of a corporation of tobacco-product Davidoff in 1980. This brand is acting solely in the non-tobacco indulgence portion segment. The corporation manages and acquires the trademark Davidoff for cognac, coffee, eyewear, women’s and men’s fashion accessories, writing instruments, leather goods, and watches.  

Harry Winston

Country: United States of America

This American luxury manufacturer and jeweler of Swiss timepieces were created as Harry H. Winston Jewels, Inc. The brand is greatly respected as one of the most reputable companies of jewelry around the globe. With offices in New York City, it is a fully acquired associate of the Swiss Swatch Group.

John Varvatos Enterprises Inc

Country: United States of America

This US-based worldwide luxury brand of men’s lifestyle was created by John Varvatos. The company is focused on retailing, manufacturing, and designing high-end fashion. They have been notable as “Menswear Designer of the Year” by the CFDA. The assortment of this brand is supplied in 10 John Varvatos US-based boutiques and high-end office shops throughout the globe. 


Country: United States of America

This Nashville, Tennessee, US-based corporation of clothing and footwear is a solely acquired associate of Genesco Inc. They distribute, market, source, and design luggage, leather goods, apparel, and footwear. The Retail Operations department of this brand works in the trade of Johnston & Murphy trademarked stocks and the Wholesale department works on the supply of footwear stocks.


Country: United Kingdom

This UK-based marketer and manufacturer of luxury SUVs and cars have been associated with the Volkswagen Group since 1998. With departments in Crewe, England, the corporation was created in Cricklewood, North London in 1919 by W. O. Bentley as Bentley Motors Limited. 


Country: United Kingdom

This is a British retailer, manufacturer, and designer of timepieces, leather goods, home goods, silverware, jewelry, and a wholesaler of books. Their commercial shop is situated at New Bond Street in London, United Kingdom. They have supplied scepters, coronets, and crowns for royal households around the globe.

Alexander McQueen

Country: United Kingdom

This UK-based luxury fashion brand was created in 1992 by designer Alexander McQueen. Sarah Burton is the present creative director of this brand. Alexander McQueen Ltd. manages McQ and AMQ.


Country: United States of America

Arleta, Los Angeles, California-based this brand of dress clothing and casual wear was created in 1997 by Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy and was later bought in 2003 by the Liz Claiborne fashion corporation. The company has turned into a multinational dealer with label velour tracksuits and other stocks such as babywear, sunglasses, accessories, perfumes, swimwear, shoes, handbags, intimates, and span clothing.

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