101+ Top Cyber Security blogs and Pages names

There are many blogs that guide you on protecting your data from cyber-attacks. As this is a threatening situation these days, many of us want to know about cybersecurity and hence there is a demand for such blogs.

Top 15 Cyber Security Blogs of the World

We Live Security This award-winning blog is super educative when it comes to global information security. It was the winner of the best corporate blog.

This is one of the best cyber security blogs published by IT security firm ESET, covering the latest cyber threats, cyber security news, research, insights, and malware discoveries.

Krebs on Security The blogger is a former Washington Post reporter, Brian Krebs, who has been profiled in The New York Times, Business Week, and Poynter.org.,  his blog is one of the most well-known and respected in the space.

The author of “Spam Nation”, writes a blog that offers valuable insights about the emerging threats on cybercrime and criminals.

Graham Cluley This blog is by a long time veteran anti-virus expert who held senior positions in multinational companies, an independent computer security analyst who has been working in the information technology field since 1990’s helping you to keep yourself informed about the latest security news and to secure data in your computer.

Schneier on Security This blog covers security and security technology. Dubbed a “security guru” by The Economist, Bruce Schneier is an internationally famed security critic, technologist, author, and commentator.

The blog contains cyber security news along with his, academic papers, commentary, essays. The academic approach to security along with the style of storytelling makes this blog super educative. 

Naked Security This blog was published by Sophos, winner of the best corporate blog and IT security blog. With 3 posts per day, this blog gives you all the information that warns you about the latest rouge apps and scams in the global cyber security community, making the blog one of the best blogs to follow.

The Hacker News  This blog is an independent and a great resource for cyber security the main focus being computer security, hacking, botnet attacks, cybercrime privacy, and information security professionals. 

IT Security Guru This blog is about all the breaking IT security news you need to stay updated about the latest happenings in the global information technology industry. They offer important articles and other significant stuff associated o the world of cyber security. 

Dark Reading This blog is a well-known and beloved blog dedicated to cyber security, carefully crafted to add value to any topic they cover mainly offering data breaches, breaking news, and analysis on information technology as well as strategies for protecting enterprise data. The blog contents are available in the form of live chats, podcasts, and radio shows.

Zero Day This security blog by ZDNet is an authoritative source for all the people part of the IT industry.

Their main focus is on vulnerabilities, threats, news on data breaches, emerging software/hardware security research around the globe. The coverage of all the latest technology and news makes the blog unique.

Threatpost This award-winning blog is an independent news site that is a leading source of information about IT and business security covering topics that include malware, vulnerabilities, cloud security, mobile security, loT, privacy.

The blog contents are available in the form of a podcast and video libraries, a terrific starting point for high-quality, security-related news.

CSO This blog provides enterprise security decision-makers with essential information on cyber security.

They are focused on providing the hottest topics in the industry mainly focussing on news, analysis, and research on a range of security, cloud computing, application security, critical infrastructure, and risk management topics.

Troy Hunt The blog showcases a lot of different issues from frequent updates on new technology, information about his work, workshops, numerous course on cybersecurity, and more.

Written with an approachable tone, this blog is a must for non-technical readers. This blog is sure to miss nothing that happens in the information security world.

Tripwire This blog offers the latest updates and expert input about industry happenings, safeguarding business and customers, articles on cyber security threats, and a lot more on operation solutions for the enterprise. The blog is the winner of the best corporate blog and most entertaining security blog.  

The Last watchdogThis blog is not only owned but also crafted by Byron Acohido, the founder and executive editor of the blog. The blog delivers articles, podcasts, and videos on the global cyber security community. The contents are balanced, accurate, and fair.

Info-security Magazine This is the award-winning online magazine delivering large cybersecurity information to readers throughout the year. It offers free-of-cost webinars and virtual conferences.

A blog is a personal webpage created by an individual to share their hobby or opinions and get comments on it. Blogging, more than a hobby is a profession these days as many individuals create a blog for earning good money.

Many businesses also use blogs to promote their business online. The blog name is an essential part of the blog which can attract more readers to it.

Planning to start a blog and searching a name for it? So do check out the top security blogs and pages names.

clever cybersecurity blog names for your security interest

Secure Wars

Venture Tier

Intelligent Ace

Genius Tier

Gran Advisory

Hacker Internet

Brave Fort

Firewall Land

Net Invulnera

Hacker Internet

Cyber Rely

Defend Ace

Cyber Rely

Smart Secure VC

Advisory Tier

Mondo Connections

Power Firewall

Firewall Arena

Security Throne

Firewall Hacker

Cio Hacker

ViaWise Advisory

Vibrant CyberWall

Ideal Firewall

Firewall Internet

Vibrant CyberWall

Hacker Privacy

Cio Privacy

Ncrypted Security

Whiz Cyber

Cyberplex Security

Zyber Wall

Zyber Guard

Hardcover Advisory

Securaplex Cyber

Zyber Safer

Intella Fort

Secura Zeta

Zyber Fortress

Web Safety

Net Trust

Pro Security

Tech Security

Digital Real

Online Security

Pro Keeper

Data Security

Online Hold

Info Rock

Code Security

Virtual Safety

Micro Security

Key Security

Code Watch

Link Security

Max Security

Info Check

Cybersecurity is to safeguard the internet systems such as hardware, software, and data from the attack of unauthorized access. This attack can affect computers, servers, electronic systems, networks, mobile devices, etc.  

Since we are living in the digital era, we need to understand that our private information is more exposed to harmful cyberattacks than ever before. This might infect millions of consumers.

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Top Cyber Security Pages Names

Cybersecurity is not only for businesses and the government but for individuals too as there is a probability of hackers hacking the e-mail addresses, names, and birthdates.

Hence it is important that every civilian who uses the internet should know about cybersecurity.

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