Top 61 Best Dairy Brands of the World

We all love dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, milk butter, and a lot more. There are a lot of dairy brands in the world that choosing one is not easy. Given below is a list of top dairy brands in the world.

Top Dairy Brands of the World


Country:  Switzerland

Nestle is the biggest food corporation in the world. On the Fortune Global 500, Nestle categorized No 64 in 2017. Henri Nestlé founded this chocolate company in 1866. The company also produces snacks, pet foods, frozen foods, ice cream, dairy products, confectionery, tea, coffee, cereals, breakfast, bottled water, medical food, and baby food. The brand offers cheap yogurt to its customers.

The brand is playing it carefully with two main flavors of strawberry and mango in the retail. The products of this brand are 98% calorie-free. This is a Swiss global beverage and food manufacturing conglomerate company. 


Country: France

It is a global manufacturer of dairy products of France, held by the Besnier household. Lactalis was formerly popular as Besnier SA. André Besnier founded this private company in 1933.


Country: France

It is a global food-products company of France established in Barcelona, Spain. The corporation is named on Euronext Paris. Some of the items of this corporation are imprinted on Dannon in America.


Country: New Zealand

It is a global dairy co-operative of New Zealand held by nearly 10,500 farmers. The corporation is credible for nearly 30% of the daily supplies of the Globe and with profit surpassing NZ$17.2 billion and one the biggest dairy corporations of New Zealand.


Country: Netherlands

It is a Dutch global dairy incorporated. It is the conclusion of the unification between Campina and Friesland Foods in 2008.

Dairy Farmers of America

Country: United States

It is a national manufacturer of milk in America. The corporation operates over 14,500 dairy farmer-members depicting over 8,500 dairy farms in more than 40 states. They retail members’ natural milk and trade milk and secondary items (shelf-stable dairy products, ingredients, food components, and dairy products) to wholesale customers both globally and domestically. 

Arla Foods

Country: Denmark,  Sweden

It is a Scandinavian global manufacturer based in Denmark and the biggest dairy products manufacturer in Scandinavia. The brand was established as the conclusion of unification between Danish dairy company MD Foods and the Swedish dairy cooperative Arla in 2000. 

Yili Group

Country: China

Yili is undoubtedly one of the most popular dairy brands of not only the country, but also the world. It is committed to producing and processing milk items, such as organic milk under the “Satine” brand, fresh milk under the “Yili” brand, sterilized milk, powdered milk under the “Pro-Kido” brand, milk tea powder, and ice cream. The company has head offices located in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. 

Saputo Inc.

Country: Canada

It is a Montreal-based manufacturer of dairy products in Canada. The Saputo family established this brand in 1954. Presently, Saputo manufactures, trades, and supplies an extensive arrangement of dairy products, such as dairy ingredients, cultured products, cream products, extended shelf-life milk, fluid milk, and cheese.

Saputo is one of the leading dairy brands in the globe. 

Mengniu Dairy

Country: China

Yet another popular brand, Mengniu Dairy is known for its amazing ice-cream and other products. Dairy products are manufactured by them under the Mengniu trademark.

Dean Foods

Country: United States

It is a beverage and food corporation and the biggest dairy corporation in America and has head offices located in Dallas, Texas, plants, and suppliers that are maintained by this company in the United States. They own 66 producing capacities in more than 30 states of the United States and supply its products. The 58 brands of this company include Alta Dena, T. G. Lee, Tuscan, Meadow Gold, Mayfield, Friendly’s, TruMoo, Land-O-Lakes, Dean’s, and DairyPure.


Country: Netherlands

It is a British-Dutch global consumer goods corporation and has co-headquarters located in the Netherlands, Rotterdam, England, and London. The company offers products such as personal care products, beauty products, cleaning agents, beverages, ice cream, energy drinks, and food. It is the biggest manufacturer of soap in the globe. The brand retails its products in over 190 countries.

Deutsches Milchkontor

Country: Germany

It is one of the biggest dairy corporations in Germany. The brand was established through the unification of the two unified North German corporations Nordmilch and Humana Milchunion which was already the biggest milk manufacturer of Germany.

Kraft Heinz

Country: United States

This corporation, typically popular as Kraft Heinz, is a food corporation of the United States founded by the unification of Heinz and Kraft Foods and has headquarters located in Chicago, Illinois, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. is North America’s third-biggest beverage and food corporation and the fifth-biggest in the globe.


Country: France

It is a brandishing corporation of companies mainly focused on the manufacturing of dairy items. The primary brands of this company are Entremont, Candia, and Yoplait (49%). 5.4 billion euros were generated by Sodiaal in turnover in the year of 2014.

Meiji Holdings

Country: Japan

It is a manufacturer of dairy products founded on April 1, 2009, after the merchandise supply from Meiji Dairies and Meiji Seika and is the fourth biggest confectionery brand in the globe.

Savencia Fromage & Dairy

Country: France

This brand previously known as Bongrain is a food corporation of France that mainly focuses on cheeses. Brands include Alouette, Etorki, Saint Albray, Saint Agur Blue. They changed the brand name to Savencia Fromage & Dairy in 2015.


Country:  India

It is a dairy unified society of India established at Anand in Gujarat. India’s White Revolution was spurred by Amul, which made India the biggest manufacturer of milk products and milk. Verghese Kurien and Tribhuvandas Patel founded this brand in 1946.


Country: Canada

This North American manufacturer of Dairy products, has head offices located in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada.

Schreiber Foods

Country: United States

It is a company of dairy products that manufactures and supplies yogurt, cream cheese, processed cheese, and natural cheese. Schreiber Foods is an employee-owned consumer trademark dairy corporation that has head offices located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Schreiber Foods was even ranked by Forbes, and hence, it can be declared that this dairy is amazing. 


Country: Germany 

It is a global manufacturer of dairy items and has head offices located in Fischbach. The company owns a turnover of nearly €6 billion. Müller is one of the top retailing yogurt companies of England and had nearly 21,000 workers in the world as of 2015, and over 27,000 as of 2017.

Mother Dairy

Country: India

Their vast supply chain in Mumbai and Delhi produces incredible perception, for their manufacture as fruit yogurt. They offer mother dairy yogurt at a very affordable price with flavors such as green apple, orange, plum, raspberyogurtgo, and blueberry.

Sanchi Milk

Country: India

This brand produces several milk items such as skimmed milk powder, butter, and Ghee, etc. It is the trademark packed dairy products of Madhya Pradesh Dairy Federation provided to customers along with other items such as lassi, buttermilk, and Shrikhand.


Country: India

This dairy manufacturer is located at Bhubaneswar and Odisha’s one of the biggest Milk manufacturer Federation. The main movements of this brand include Milk processing, production, marketing, and promotion, of dairy products.

Dairy Crest

Country: United Kingdom 

Saputo Dairy is the marketing brand of Dairy Crest Limited. It is a top firm of dairy products in the United Kingdom. The brands of this company include Clover, Vitalite, Utterly Butterly, Country Life butter, and Cathedral City Cheddar cheese.

First Milk

Country: United Kingdom 

It is a distributor of the United Kingdom that supplies cheese, milk, and many other dairy items. First Milk is an agriculturist held cooperative, that had nearly 2,200 employees. The firm distributes dairy items to England and global markets.

Glanbia Cheese

Country: United Kingdom

It is an Irish international food organization with undertakings in 32 nations. This company has top retail positions in mineral and vitamin premises, specialty non-dairy ingredients, dairy ingredients, cheese, and sports nutrition. The products of this company are retailed or supplied in more than 130 countries.

Yeo Valley

Country: United Kingdom

It is a British household-owned dairy and farming corporation, situated in the village of Blagdon. The Ruscombe Dairy Ice Cream brand and the Yeo Valley household farms range of yogurt are produced by this company. Roger Mead’s household is the owner of this company and presently Yeo Valley is operated by his child Timothy Mead.

Meadow Foods

Country: United Kingdom

It was established as the conclusion of a trademark exchange between New Zealand Milk (a now-defunct Fonterra subsidiary and New Zealand Dairy Foods Ltd in September 2005.

Central Lechera Asturiana

Country: Spain

This company operates the majority shareholding of the firm Corporación Alimentaria Peñasanta, SA, introduced to the trade of dairy items. The company has it’s head offices situated in the council of Siero.


Country: Spain

This Spanish dairy company (previously recognized as Grupo Leche Pascual) is situated in Madrid, Spain. Tomás Pascual established this manufacturer of dairy products in 1969 as Grupo Leche Pascual. In 2014, the name of this firm shifted as Calidad Pascual.


Country: Spain

Puleva previously known as Ebro Puleva is the top corporation in the Spanish food processing department. It is the second-largest manufacturer of pasta and the biggest retailer of rice in the world. The headquarters of this company is located in Madrid.

The Granarolo Group

Country: Italy

It globally trades its products and has developed the product portfolio. Non-dairy items such as vegetable food, deli meats, and dry pasta also manufactured by this company. In 2018, the corporation totaled 3,029 workers.

Egidio Galbani

Country: Italy

The dairy brand was launched in 1882. The company has been the most liked cheese brand in Italy for years. They retail over 300 products in more than 130 countries.

Sterilgarda Alimenti

Country: Italy

It is a manufacturer of dairy products in Italy, established in Castiglione Delle Stiviere in the region of Mantua in 1969.

Latteria Soresina

Country: Italy

The dairy company was founded in 1900, with the purpose of providing quality through a mixture of innovation, experience, and tradition.


Country: Italy

It was established in 1983. It is Italy’s one of the major butter manufacturers. It is an industry that deals with sales and production and is credible for livestock management, farming, and the production of cheese, cream, and milk.

Hatsun Agro Product

Country: India

It is the biggest non-governmental dairy firm in India and also the world’s one of the fastest developing Dairy brands. Most liked dairy products of this company include flagship trademark Arun, Hatsun, and Arokya ice creams. 

Heritage Foods

Country: India

It is one of the well-known and biggest non-governmental dairy firms of Southern India, with an amazing retail presence in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as well as commercial shops across Hyderabad and Chennai.

Kwality Ltd

Country: India

It is not just a subsidy of dairy items in India but also the manufacturer of different types of dairy items like Ghee, Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, RTE cornflakes, and Curd in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

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