601+ Best Dance Blogs and Pages Names

Most of the dances dance when they are happy or sad when they want to cherish past memories when they are fed up with workloads, when they want to work out, and when they want to feel self-freedom. Whatever may be the reason for dancing, it just uplifts your mood to some higher level.

There are many blogs that will let you know the dance forms and all cultural dance styles. Choreographers have created their own blogs and give dance information and news through these blogs.

Top 15 Dance Blogs of the World

Dance Competition Diaries –  This blog keeps its followers updated about all dance completions happening in major cities of the world and also provides interesting information about various dance forms to dance students, teachers,  as well as parents.

The Ottawa Dance Blog-  Starting in January 2012 this blog features around 4 posts a year. It is a very resourceful dance blog run by Susan Hickman, who is herself a very famous dance critic. Be sure to follow this blog for reviews of some of the best dance shows and performances of our times.

The Ballet Bag- This blog was started by a London-based dancer to make ballet more appealing to youngsters. The young generation often thinks of ballet as an old, archaic dance form that is very difficult and super difficult. The aim of this blog is to bust this myth and show the world how much fun ballet can be.

Classical Indian Dance –  This blog is run by a team of Indian-origin dancers based in San Francisco, California. The blog will enlighten you about Indian culture and the eight classical dance forms usually practiced in India, which are Kathak, Odissi, Bharatnatyam, Mohini Attam, Manipuri, Kathakali, Sattriya, and Kuchipudi.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance-  This Reddit blog is about the Tribal Fusion belly Dance which is a new dance form based on the original American Tribal dance form. This blog is very informative about belly dance and how it is fused with other dance forms to get a breathtaking yet unique dance form.

Dance Direct Blog –  This blog is run by Dance Direct, which is Europe’s biggest dance costume retailer. Established in March 2012, this blog shares about 12 posts a quarter and provides its readers with the latest dance news, reviews, and tips.

The Dancing Grapevine- The blog is run by a Canada-based team and shares a new post every month.  This is by far one of the most detailed dance blogs and shares explanations about the different themes of dance forms,  their sensuality and representation of culture and society, and much more. 

Dance Advice for Humans- This blog is run by San Francisco-based Arthur Murray to help its readers upgrade their dance skills at every level, irrespective of whether they are a veteran or a novice. This informative blog puts up 3 posts every quarter.

The Wonderful World of Dance- This blog is based out of London and aims to bring dancers and audiences close to one another. Sharing about 3 posts per week, the blog brings you interviews of some of the most renowned dancers and choreographers from over 50 countries in the world.

More Than Dancers-  Based in Richmond, Texas, the author of this blog shares about two posts a quarter to spread positivity among young dancers and to help them believe in themselves. The blog aims to impact the lives of struggling dancers and tell them to accept compliments from everyone and to not take criticism to heart.

Setting the Barre-  Sharing a new post every week, this blog unfolds like a personal journal of dancer Kristen Evan’s life.  It navigates around the highs and lows of her dancing career and takes you into her world of magical dance costumes, tiaras, and other things.

Adventures in Dance- This is another US-based blog that will keep you updated about dance events across the States. In addition, it also provides you with dancing tips, articles on the history of Latin dance forms, and Ballroom dance. It shares around 2 posts a month.

The Headtail Connection-  This blog is run by a team of dance enthusiasts based in Alabama, United States, and is an open platform where dancers and dance lovers can come together and discuss their art form exhaustively. The blog shares 3 posts a month.

Ballet to the People-  This blog is run by Carla Escoda who is based in San Francisco, California. It shares deep insights about the art of the ballet form of dance and shares about two posts a quarter.

Xclusively Dance San Diego-  Sharing about 30 posts per year, this blog reviews famous dance reality shows, teachers, and performance groups. They also have a community of dancers who are from San Diego.

A blog is a page online created by individuals to share their opinion and get comments from readers. Bloggers create blogs to earn money these days and hence blogging has become a popular profession. For businesses, a blog is a great online marketing tool. We always get new information through blogs as they are updated regularly. A blog name is a major part of the blog as it helps in getting traffic to the blog.

best dance blog names

Dance Cakewalk

Dance Creations

Pop Slow

Tango Limbo

Quickstep Bourree

Linedance Koftos

Troika Slow

Ballet Watusi

Step Quickstep

Sousta Ballet

Break Tango

Disco Mazurka

Step Acro

Krumping Swing

Foxtrot Slow

Clogging Habanera

Tango Troika

Swing Lambada

Linedance Shoe

Waltz Jig

Hoedown Reel

Minuet Polka

Gavote Chacha

Bolero Bop

Stomp Break

Rythm move

Jive Minuet

Rumba Reel

Cakewalk Swing

Polka Watusi

Swing Sousta

Slow Acro

Hula Disco

Quickstep Hoedown

Stomp Frug

Jig Disco

Clogging Jive

Gavote Pop

Rumba Frug

Zydeco Shoe

Jive Quickstep

Disco Clogging

Hop Shoe

Bolero Jitterbug

Tango Flamenco

Slow Timewarp

Limbo Salsa

Polka Cancan

Koftos Lambada

Acro Waltz

Dance is an art of performance that can be described in many ways. People tend to move to the rhythm of the music, it might be alone or in a group. We can see many types of dances. Each dance has its own significance and people love the dance in which they are confident.

Top Dance Pages Names

It can be called a spiritual technology as it has the power of relaxing a person and changing his mood instantly.

-Academy of Dance

-Broadway Dance

-The Dance District

-Dance Blogger

-Digital Dance

-Dance Center Blog

-Let’s Dance Today

-Dance Break

-Dancing Queen

-Just Dance

-Dance 365

-Steps and Styles

-Dance Sessions



-Stick with the Step

-Jerk and Jive

-Boogie Nights

-Bend it like Beckham

-Dirty Dancing

-Hit The Floor

-Jungle Beat Blogs

-Masters of Dance

-Boogie Woogie Dance

-Bubble Gum Dancers

-Dab of Happiness

-Dance Like You Matter

-Dancer Sharer

-Waltz and Wander

-Samba Talks

–Nebula Dancers

-Dancing Topic

-Dancer Spurs

-Laying Dancing

-Affluence Ballerina

-Ballet Octane

-Briar Duet

-Dancer Parlor

-Dancing Incentive

-Dancers Tiger

-Expense Party

-Oasis Choreography

-Dance Life Chance

-Samba Spring

-Dancing Adaptive

-Ballerina Bin

-Ripple Tango

-Dancers Dynamite

-Education Dancer

-Dancing Cooperative

-Survivor Dancer

-Dancers Parlor

-Dancer Daffodil

-Risk Dancing

-Dance Life Manifest

-Ballerina Rebellion

-Ballerina Beauties

-Accent Dancing

-Samba Magma

-Choreography Builder

-Dancers Mixer

-Ballerina Haven

-Dancing Fabric

-Ballerina Demon

-Jiffy Dancers

-Dancing Finding

-Choreography Comfort

-Choreography Layers

-Dancer Riser

-Ballerina Practice

-Dancer Blender

-Samba Resistance

-Dancers Vouchers

-Dancer Dynamite

-Dancers Dwell

-Ballerina Front

-Dancing Streaming

-Dancers Travelers

-Tango Fellow

-Dancer Day

-Duet Desserts

-Dancers Density

-Samba Youthful

-Dancer Modern

-Dancer Supporter

-Landing Dancing

-Dancers Burst

-Trucker Dancers

-Dancer Stature

-Dancer Ladder

-Ballerina Influential

-Bonanza Ballet

-Dancers Doctor

-Intellect Choreography

-Dancing Keeping

-Ballerina Doodle

-Taylor Choreography

-Dancers Dailies

-Ballet Arcade

-Dancing Developer

-Dancers Adventure

-Montana Duet

-Ballerina Vibrant

-Promotion Choreography

-Rise Samba

-Angels Duet

-Telepathy Dancers

-Shim Choreography

-Gamma Ballerina

-Dancer Drill

-Choreography Feast

-Ballet Breed

-Punky Salsa

-Ballerina Portrait

-Saga Duet

-Liability Choreography

-Choreography Rickey

-Dancer Discipline

-Couture Choreography

-Vision Ballerina

-Choreography Husky

-Salsa Improvement

-Dancing Origins

-Ballerina Junction

-Choreography Query

-Choreography Capable

-Therapy Choreography

-Nature’s Dancer

-Dancing Dreamy

-Choreography Cottage

-Ballerina Millennial

-Melbourne Ballerina

-Salsa Famous

-Dancing Public

-Dancer Street

-Smashes Dancing

-Choreography Jetty

-Galaxy Choreography

-Samba Switzerland

-Samba Appreciation

-Counting Dancing

-Ballerina Enough

-Dance Lovers

-Choreography Carats

-Dancer Launchers

-Dancer Favors

-Dancer Raiders

-Hampton Choreography

-Dancers Derivative

-Choreography Majesty

-Dancer Headquarters

-House Music Debut

-Dancers Damsel

-Adventures In Dance

-Ballet News

-Ballet To The People

-Belly Dance at Any Size

-Bodies Never Lie

-Bravo Dance

-BreakDance Decoded

-Curtain Call

-Dance Advantage

-Dance Advice for Humans

-Dance Dreams

-Dance Inc.

-Dance Life

-Dance Spirit

-Dance Tutorials


-Dancing Times

-Dazzling Divas


-Everything About Dance

-Feet Of Wonder

-FORM Dance Projects

-Funk-Style Dancing

-Goulet Ballet

-Graceful Moves

-Ice Dance

-Love to Tap Dance

-Pole With Peach

-Salsa Swings

-Salsa Ulysses

-Seattle Dances

-Setting The Barre

-Steppin’ Out

-The Ballet Bag

-The Beat Box

-The Dance Place

-The Dancing Grapevine

-The Wonderful World of Dance

-Pure Dance Blog

-All Dance Tips

-Last Dance Blog

-Hopeful Dance Blog

-Omelia Dance Blog

-Perfect Dance Blog

-Relthough Dance Blog

-First Dance Blog

-Kessendra’s Dance Blog

-My Dance Blog

-Freestyle Dance Blog

-King’s Dance Blog

-Enlighten Dance Blog

-Cute Dance Blog

-Fantastic Dance Blog

-Mantra’s Dance Blog

-Mysterious Dance Blog

-A Dance Blog

-Zee’s Dance Blog

-Intitle Dances

-Hot Dance Blog

-Rare Dance Blog

-Amazing Dance Blog

-Royal Dance Blog

-Worldwide Dance Blog

-Virtual Dance Blog

-Untrusted Dance Blog

-Hello Dance Blog

-Hit Dance Blog

-Nost Dance Blog

-Just Another Dance Blog

-Old Dance Blog

-Verve Dance Studio

-Spotlight Studio

-Time To Tap

-Polka Watusi

-Quickstep Bourree

-Ballet Watusi

-Step Quickstep

-Sousta Ballet

-Disco Mazurka

-Step Acro

-Disco Troopers

-Epic Dance

-Feel the Beat

-Footworks Studio


-Dance Alley

-Dream Dancers

-Dance Unlimited

-Rythm move

-The Hip Hoppers

-Rumba Reel

-All That Jazz

-Art in Motion

-Rhythm Studio

-Dance Audition


-Dancin’ Motion

-Dancing Divas

-Dancing Toes


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