Dell – History, Brand Value, and Brand Strategies

Dell is a household name in the technology industry. It is hard to find technology and gadget lovers who did not come across Dell products. The company has established itself as a trustworthy brand, and the journey of Dell speaks a lot about its achievements.

Dell History

Dell was established by Michael Dell in 1984 when he was still pursuing his college degree at the College of Texas. He was one of the main business people of the conviction that by selling PC frameworks straightforwardly to clients, their necessities could be better comprehended, and the best processing arrangements could be given. 

  • Dell Was The Largest Shipper of Pc Monitors Globally and The Third-Largest Pc Vendor by Unit Sales Worldwide.

Turbo PC

In 1985, the PC’s Limited created its first indigenous design – the “Turbo PC.”

Purchasers were offered lower retail costs and more noteworthy accommodation. Even though it was not the primary organization to utilize this model, the brand got one of the first to prevail with it. The organization earned more than $ 74 million in its first year. 

The change of name

The organization changed its name to Dell PC Enterprise from PC’s Limited in 1988. 

In 1996, Dell became one of the pioneers of website deals, winning nearly $1 million every day. Starting in 2000, deals arrived at nearly $50 million daily. 

The obstacles and overcoming them

Dell confronted a great deal of fire in 2005 when it needed to review 35000 batteries when its workstations burst into flames. 

Again, in February 2007, the same year, Dell became a subject of formal investigations by the US SEC and the US Lawyer for the Southern Area of New York for shortages in its anticipated profit. 

From that point forward, Dell has made considerable progress. On February 27, 2008, Dell became the principal PC organization to join The Atmosphere Gathering, featuring the organization’s duty to the ecological initiative, vitality effectiveness, and carbon-reduction tasks.

Dell Brand Value

Dell has made a comeback as a traded on an open market organization. Michael Dell ended the publicly traded company’s run and turned it into private in 2013 so as to recalibrate without the investigation of Money Road financial specialists following a fall in recent years.

As a privately owned company, Dell purchased undertaking EMC for $67 billion in 2015, which accompanied a majority of the stake in big business programming titan VMware.


Dell is trusting that its energized arrangement of organizations—everything from cybersecurity to server farm programming—will return it to the top.

Dell has been ranked 35 on the Fortune 500 list. With revenues around $ 90k million and assets worth $ 111k million, Dell has around 160,000 employees working under the umbrella.

  • Dell’s Success Can Be Attributed in Large Part to Its “Direct Model.” 

Dell Brand Strategies

Dell has come up with certain brand strategies to flourish in the market. Some of these strategies became flagship strategies for the brand.

1 . The focus on consumers

Dell is mainstream for its client-driven focus. Dell assembles necessities from a huge number of clients regularly through various strategies to keep themselves refreshed with the dynamic environment.

Developments start in two major different ways. A larger part of them occurs in-house with a group of top specialists, item creators, advisors, and different specialists.

Key achievements additionally assume a significant job in conveying practical, inventive answers for illuminating clients’ day-by-day difficulties.

Dell centers will utilize the synergistic standard by cooperating with top innovation producers and providers.

2 . The direct model

Dell commenced their plans with the direct advertising model disposing of the middle people. At the outset, clients needed to make a call to submit their requests. Later on, Dell used the web as a stage to direct the deal. 

Dell fabricates frameworks tweaked to the necessities of the end client. 

Dell, with its direct model, limits stock and subsequently lessens the danger of overabundance in stock just as a distribution channel.

3 . Focus on diversification

In 1996, Dell propelled another line of servers at costs meant to contend with the market investors. Dell’s product offering doesn’t confine itself to workstations and work areas.

It additionally incorporates projectors, printers, supercomputers, and different customer hardware sold through its site. 

Dell has gone into various key associations and acquisitions as a part of its expansion plan. Dell has additionally gone into an OEM concurrence with Juniper Systems to offer clients ideal system arrangements under the Force Interface brand. 

Dell has also procured Perot frameworks with a large group of administrations added to its repertoire.

4 . The products

The key component of the promotion strategy is the product, as this is a substantial or elusive method by which the client’s needs are met. Dell provides and meets the product demand of its client and takes care of the support and help. 

Dell has established its brand as a leader in the PC industry and has maintained the quality of its products, which has helped the brand stand out among its competitors.

Dell workstations and work areas are broadened essentially to focus on the business needs and household needs relying upon the arrangement prerequisites.

5 . Pricing techniques

Th pricing strategy of the organization is to pull in a bigger piece of potential clients with a definitive means to catch the majority of the market share.

They sold personal computers through their direct channels. Their rivals like Apple and IBM couldn’t meet the value of Dell. Their JIT framework, direct advertising, decreases their expenses and empowers them to cut down the main costs. 

The market discretionary item system is obviously clear in their direct deals technique.

The brand Dell is known for its mass customization. When you settle on the item, Dell charges for some extra things such as the antivirus, guarantee, and some top-notch additives. 

The organization is additionally well known for its special valuing procedure of its products.

6 . Advertising and sales

The clients can get to the websites and make a purchase. This sort of technique is said to be internet marketing. Dell utilizes this specific media productively, and they have set themselves as the top supplier among their rivals. Online advertising empowers potential clients to be refreshed with the most recent product launches and limited-time offers. 

Limited-time deals encourage the organization to expand their deals and the clients to purchase their items in bulk. This type of business development gives rise to numerous motivations for the clients so as to build their deals.

7 . Market positioning :

Michael Dell built Dell directly from its scratch, focused on its market position, and has undergone a specific market analysis of the market. For example, the direct-to-the-client strategy was brought up to become the pioneer in the blossoming market for PCs sold through retail stores. 

To keep track of the developing needs and developments, Dell has apportioned divisions, for example, innovation activities, worldwide product improvement, R&D approach, and white papers to reposition and continue their situation to meet the objectives of the clients.

  • Dell’s Mission Is To Be the Most Successful Computer Company in The World at Delivering the Best Customer Experience in Markets We Serve.


Dell is an exceptionally effective organization since it gives clients the alternative of customization, and furthermore, it has a direct collaboration with clients. Dell is fruitful towards its essential strategic direct deal to clients. 

Dell confronted the downturn likewise; however, they attempted to recuperate the circumstance, yet we need to remember that Dell isn’t just an organization that is confronting issues in the downturn. Dell is here to stay, and the world is expecting innovation from it.

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