Top 42+ Best Deo Brands in the World

Deodorants are used to mask or avoid body smell caused by a bacterial breakdown in the feet, groin, and armpits. With so many deodorant brands in the world, it is difficult to prefer one. Given below is a list of top deodorant brands in the world.

Deo Brands in the World

Old Spice

Country: United States

These American male grooming stocks offer soaps, body washes, shampoos, antiperspirants, and deodorants. Procter & Gamble produced this company. It was first introduced in 1937 by toiletries and soap corporation Shulton Inc. Presently, male grooming commodities are retailed by Old Spice including body wash and deodorant/antiperspirant.


Country: United States

Unilever owns this American brand of personal care in the US. The stocks of this company are produced in Thailand, South Korea, South Africa, Poland, Pakistan, Netherlands, Mexico, China, Canada, Brazil, India, Germany, USA, and many more. Their stocks are offered for babies, men, and women.


Country: United States

Boston, Massachusetts-based this company of personal care stocks and safety razors offers shaving stocks. The Gillette corporation, a distributor of stocks under many trademarks owned this brand. King C. Gillette established this company as a factory of safety razors in 1901.


Country: France

The British-Dutch corporation Unilever acquires this company of male grooming stocks. This brand is popular as Lynx in China, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom and it is recognized as Axe in South Africa.

Speed Stick

Country: United States

Global healthcare corporation Colgate-Palmolive manufactured this deodorant brand. Their products are offered in both antiperspirant and deodorant forms. It is the authorized antiperspirant of the NHL.

Secret Deodorant

Country: United States

Procter & Gamble produced this deodorant brand for females. Secret Deodorant is traded in Mexico, Canada, and the United States. It was introduced in 1956 as the first female deodorant. It is the only deodorant brand for women.


Country: France

This antiperspirant-deodorant was greatly popular for its trade motto, “So effective you can skip a day, ” 

Revlon Corporation bought this brand in the late sixties. A full chain of cosmetic products is carried by this company.

Right Guard

Country: United States

This American corporation of shower gel and deodorant is produced and traded by Henkel. Right, Guard is the second-biggest male deodorant brand category in America. Their deodorants are offered in the patterns of aerosol, clear gel, deodorant stick, and invisible solid. Three sub-brands of Right Guard include Sport, Xtreme Defense, and Best Dressed Collection.


Country: Germany

With head offices in Herzogenaurach, Germany, this global company produces and designs accessories, clothing, and shoes. Adidas is the biggest factory of sportswear in Europe and the world’s second-biggest factory.

Irish Spring

Country: United States

The Colgate-Palmolive corporation first retailed this brand of deodorant soap in 1970. It was introduced in America in 1972, and in Germany in 1970.

Lauren Ralph Lauren

Country: United States

With head offices in New York City, this American fashion brand manufactures sunglasses. It is famous for the apparel, trade, and supply of commodities in four sections: deodorants, accessories, home, and clothing. American fashion designer Ralph Lauren first introduced this brand in 1967.


Country: United States 

Carter Products first launched this deodorant and antiperspirant brand in 1935 and Church & Dwight owned this brand in 2001. They offer their antiperspirants and deodorant in 5 unique forms: cream, Solomons, sprays, clear gels, and solids.


Country: United States

Abercrombie & Fitch Co owns this international young adult and teen commercial brand. Their products are accessible through the online shop of the corporation and in-store.

Gold Bond

Country: United States 

Chattem of Chattanooga, Tennessee manufactured this brand of skincare stock. Presently it is associated with a French pharmaceutical corporation Sanofi. Gold Bond is obtainable as both a topical cream and a powder. 

Burt’s Bees

Country: United States

This American corporation of personal care stocks retails its stocks in the global market. Burt’s Bees is associated with Clorox that manufactures stocks for personal hygiene, beauty, health, and personal care. The stocks of this brand are supplied internationally.


Country: United States

Stamford, Connecticut-based this American corporation produces residence cleaning stocks and personal care and it is associated with German corporation Henkel AG & Co. KGaA. Dial company started its business as a deodorant soap corporation, produced by Armour and Company. The Dial Company was owned by Henkel in 2004.


Country: France

Gustav Faberge established this corporation of jewelry in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1842. Faberge was mainly popular for manufacturing detailed jewel-encrusted Fabergé eggs. Fabergé & Cie was opened by the sons of Peter Carl, Eugène, and Alexander Fabergé in 1924, in Paris.

The Scent

Country: Netherlands 

This corporation began in 2006. They primarily committed to the supply and import of scented candles, men shaving, and niche deodorant. Their purpose is to provide a small global trademark in the top areas.


Country: Germany

With head offices in Metzingen, Baden-Württemberg, this German indulgence fashion corporation manufactures deodorants, footwear, accessories, and clothing. It is one of the substantial corporations of apparel in Germany with €2.9 billion international exchanges in 2019.

Yves Saint Laurent

Country: France

It is an indulgence fashion house in France. Two partners Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent created this corporation in 1961. Presently, it retails a wide expanse of male and female ready-to-wear stocks, jewelry, shoes, and leather goods. It also has a remarkable existence in the deodorant and indulgent beauty market.


Country: United Kingdom

This UK-based brand of personal care is the world’s one of the oldest corporations that work in toiletry items, deodorants, and cosmetics. Introduced in 1770, it was the main manufacturer of deodorant and soap. Presently, two Royal Warrants are held by this company.

Dry Idea

Country: United States

Henkel produced and purchased this deodorant brand. Dial company purchased Right Guard and Soft & Dri and Dry Idea corporation.


Country: United States

Estée Lauder’s son Leonard Lauder introduced this US-based brand of cosmetics in 1990. Origins are one of the primary trademarks of The Estée Lauder corporations.


Country: United States 

Estée Lauder launched this brand of deodorant in 1964. It was the first deodorant of prestige men greatly accessible in-studio shops and presently retailed in 120 nations. 

Oscar De La Renta

Country: United States

Dominican designer Oscar De La Renta established this New York-based brand of fashion items in 1965. It became popular for their beautiful and luxurious clothes. The corporation went on to manufacture jewelry, shoes, accessories, and clothing throughout the years.

Harley Davidson

Country: United States

This American vehicle company launched in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903. The corporation retails its pride in the global market, and also franchises and products under the Harley-Davidson trademark, among them toys, accessories, ornaments, home decor, and apparel.

Tom’s of Maine

Country: United States

It is a production corporation and trademark of personal care merchandise with organic and natural components. Since 2006 it has been associated with Colgate-Palmolive. Kate and Top Chappell introduced this corporation in 1970 in Maine, United States.

Tabac Original

Country: Germany

Wirtz and Mäurer founded this deodorant brand in 1959. It has a floral scent and comprises a mixture of lavender, neroli, and bergamot. The fragrance is used in many Tabac trademarked merchandise, including deodorant, aftershave, shaving soap, eau de cologne, and eau de toilette.

Molton Brown

Country: United Kingdom

Caroline Burstein and Michael Collis and Caroline Burstein introduced this British brand of personal care and deodorant. Molton Brown is famous for its body, bath, home products, and deodorant, the company was developed by Kao company in 2005.


Country: United States

Revlon acquires this American brand of cosmetics which retails merchandise for customers with sensitive skin. It is one of the greatest brands of deo. 


Country: France

L’Oréal acquired this French extravagance brand of skincare under the Luxury Products sector in 1970.


Country: Japan

With head offices in Tokyo, this Japanese global corporation of personal care manufactures deodorant, cosmetics, hair care, and skincare products. Shiseido is the world’s one of the oldest brands of cosmetics. It was first introduced in 1872. The corporation acquires multiple brands and associations in the world. 

American Crew

Country: United States

It is not just a distributor of stock. American Crew is one of the best salon brands established mainly for males and the hairdressers. Males and their hairdressers rely on this brand for trendy and best styling, shave, body, and hair stocks.


Country: Canada

With head offices in New York City, this global corporation was introduced in New Jersey in 1902 as a conclusion of unification between the Orford Copper Company, Canadian Copper Company, and Carnegie Steel Company. Its Canadian associate owns this brand.


Country: France

Jean Bousquet introduced this French brand of accessories, deodorant, ready to wear apparel in 1962. The designs of this company are defined by their refinement, lightness, feminist, youthful style, and use of brilliant colors.


Country: France

Well-known jeweler and glassmaker René Lalique created this French glassmaker in 1888. It is mainly popular for manufacturing glass art, including hood ornaments, vases, and deodorant bottles. Swiss corporation Fragrance and Art has been acquiring this brand since 2010.

Geo. F. Trumper

Country: United Kingdom

This British brand of gentleman’s deodorants and barbers and extravagance goods in London. George Francis William Trumper launched this brand as a Gentlemen’s Barber store in 1875.


Country: Germany

With head offices in Munich, Germany this corporation of extravagance female designer apparel is acquired by Regent, L.P. a global non-governmental capital corporation headed by investor Michael A. Reinstein.

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