35+ Best Detergent Brands in the World

The detergent powder is used for laundering that is always formulated from man-made and synthetic fabrics. With so many detergent brands in the world, it is difficult to choose one. Given below is a list of top detergent powder brands in the globe.

Detergent Powder Brands in the World


Country: United States

Procter & Gamble retailed and manufactured this laundry detergent company. Launched in 1946, Tide is the world’s most selling brand of detergent, with approximately 14.3 percent of the international demand.


Country: United States

Oakland, California-based this American multinational factory and retailer of professional and customer merchandise has nearly 8,700 workers in the world. Net exchanges in the 2019 fiscal year of this corporation were US$6.2 billion.

Arm & Hammer

Country: United States

Church & Dwight markets this baking soda-based customer stock brand. Initially connected entirely with washing soda and baking soda, the corporation started to broaden the company to other commodities by utilizing baking soda as a fragrance component. The current commodities included car litter, underarm deodorant, laundry detergent, and toothpaste.


Country: Germany

Henkel produced and marketed this German corporation of laundry detergent around the globe except in New Zealand, Australia, China, Latin America, France, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Henkel first launched this brand in 1907. 


Country: United States

Procter & Gamble made this detergent brand. It was launched in 1969 as a stain-removing, powerful detergent. Over $1 billion is acquired by this brand in exchanges. Gain is 8th America’s biggest brand of Procter & Gamble’s in dollar exchanges. Gain in-wash scent booster, dryer bars, dryer sheets, and liquid fabric softener were also launched to the market.


Country: United States

This chain of home cleaners includes OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover, which is a home cleaner, soot stain remover and laundry additive retailed by Church & Dwight. Orange Glo International formerly acquired this brand from 1997.


Country: United States

Procter & Gamble manufactured this American company of fabric softener. In 1960 the brand came into the American market and reached nationwide in 1961. Their products were also traded in Latin America, Kenya, Egypt, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.


Country: United States

Henkel produced this laundry detergent brand and it traded in Canada and the United States. It is North America’s one of the best-selling laundry detergents. The original commodity of this brand is Purex Bleach.


Country: United States

This American global company manages a line of membership-only storehouse associations. It was the world’s second-biggest trader after Walmart as of 2015 and biggest merchandiser of wine, rotisserie chicken, organic foods, prime and choice beef as of 2016.


Country: United States

This brand of laundry detergent traded in Canada and the United States. Procter & Gamble produces it. The cheer was originally launched in 1950.

Seventh Generation Inc.

Country: United States

This American corporation trades personal care products, paper, and eco-friendly cleansers. Introduced in 1988, this Vermont–based corporation supplies commodities to online retailers, mass merchants, supermarkets, and natural food stores. Seventh Generation was owned by Anglo-Dutch customer goods corporation Unilever in 2016 for an approximate $700 million.


Country: United States

They have been producing home cleaners and laundry detergents for more than 50 years. Introduced in 1967, the brand is still a household-owned and managed corporation that’s developed to four endurable producing establishments across America and more than 200 commodities traded around the globe.


Country: United States

Marion Barton Skaggs introduced this American supermarket line in American Falls, Idaho in 1915. The line offers general product and grocery items and specializes in a variety of specialty sections, such as pharmacy, floral, delicatessen, and bakery. It is associated with Albertsons. The associate has its head office in Pleasanton, California.


Country: United States

Sun Products and Unilever manufactured this laundry detergent brand in the United States. Lever Brothers corporation launched this brand in 1956.


Country: United States

This brand of laundry detergent retails England, Canada, and the American Market. Procter & Gamble originally manufactured this brand in 1933.


Country: United States

This American detergent brand specializes in color-safe, oxygenated and enzyme-based retreated, detergent booster and bleach for laundry stains traded in powder and liquid form.


Country: Belgium

This Belgian corporation produces ecologically sound cleaning commodities. S. C. Johnson & Son acquires this brand. Frans Bogaerts introduced this brand in 1980 to formulate phosphate-free laundering commodities.


Country: United States

Berkeley, California-based this brand first introduced in 1999 when the formula was invented by a fashion designer. It was chosen in Clean Eating Magazine as a Clean Choice Award Winner.


Country: United Kingdom

British global Reckitt Benckiser acquires this laundry detergent corporation. The corporation developed the Woolite company when Boyle-Midway purchased by it in 1990. The corporation produces customer goods and laundry accessories.


Country: Canada

Mary Ellen Edgar introduced this brand. They offer products from Eucalan, Ontario, Paris for fine fabrics and wool garments. Fragrance-free alternatives are also offered by Eucalan.

Simply Clean

Country: Canada

Pure Source produced this brand. It is a full expanse of laundering commodities that are easy, effective, and safe on the environment.


Country: United States

This laundry detergent brand was first introduced in 2006 in the United States and also retailed in Canada. It is formulated mainly to launder sports apparel.


Country: United Kingdom

Unilever produced and marketed this laundry detergent brand except in Puerto Rico, Canada, and the United States where this brand is acquired by Sun Products. It was launched in 1959 in America after Rinso.


Country: United States

Introduced in 1950, this brand of detergent powder was one of the top detergent brands. Their main focus was on supplying natural detergent. Omo is still in some nations one of the most retailing companies out there.

Great Value

Country: United States

Launched in 1993, the commodities of this company are as remarkable as nationwide company assistance but are typically marketed at a lower rate. The line of this brand includes light bulbs, trash bags, canned foods, buttermilk biscuits, frozen dinners, and many more.

JR Watkins

Country: United States

Minnesota-based, it is a factory of baking stocks, health remedies, and other home gadgets. The whole list includes 400 commodities. These free exchanges force trades using many techniques, including fund-raising, party planning, trade shows, and the Internet.

Any Ariel

Country: United Kingdom

American company Procter & Gamble acquires this British detergent powder brand. Ariel is the flagship company in Procter & Gamble’s Colombian, Ecuadorian, Peruvian, Argentinian, Chilean, Brazilian, Mexican, Filipino, Japanese, Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, Turkish, Burmese, and European.

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