600 Cool Disc Golf Team Names Ideas (Generator)

Creating a dynamic and memorable name for a disc golf team is more than just a fun exercise; it’s about creating an identity that resonates both on and off the course.

A superb team name reflects the spirit of the game, expressing both the talent and camaraderie inherent in disc golf.

Using a team name generator might be a game changer for teams looking for inspiration or a creative spark.

It provides a wealth of imaginative and catchy ideas that are ideal for the sport’s lighthearted yet competitive attitude.

In this post, we will look at a variety of Disc Golf Team Names, each chosen to express the energy, inventiveness, and community spirit that makes disc golf so distinctive and interesting.

Disc Golf Team Names With Meanings

Putt PiratesA playful name indicating expertise in putting
Disc WizardsSuggests mastery and magic in playing disc golf.
Birdie BanditsRefers to scoring ‘birdies’, one stroke under par.
Frolf Falcons‘Frolf’ is another term for disc golf, combined with the swift, agile nature of falcons.
Par SaversIndicates a team skilled at saving par.
Flight Path FindersSuggests expertise in finding the best flight path for a disc.
Bogey BustersImplies a team skilled at avoiding bogeys, or one stroke over par.
Pin SeekersRefers to aiming directly for the pin or basket.
Rolling RidgesNamed after the rolling terrain often found in disc golf courses.

Disc Golf Team Names

Otherwise, the rest of the rules of disc golf are similar to those of golf. Players have to throw the disc at the target in disc golf, and that’s why it comes under the flying sports category.

  • Fore Pass
  • House Schwartzel Pitches
  • Tooth Flicks
  • Blu-Ray Disc Players
  • Pin angry Deep
  • Hucked on Phonics
  • The Based
  • Hammers and cheese
  • Tee Thunder spin
  • Discrepancies
  • Duffinoids Fore-Brothers
  • Risk it for the Discuit
  • The Bunker Hookers
  • Shots the Foot
  • Mother Huckers
  • Lone Ball Holey-Gangs
  • Ace Runners
  • Chain Seekers
  • Hyzer Heroes
  • Frisbee Flyers
  • Putt Masters
  • Fairway Fanatics
  • Disc Dynamos
  • Birdie Band
  • Fore Flingers
  • Tomahawk Chops
  • Ultimate holds Brick
  • Kids For Pirates
  • Fringe the holes
  • Just a Fling
  • Frisbonites
  • Worm Sons Fantasy
  • The Block
  • Mother I’d Like to Huck
  • Dreamcatchers
  • Huck Buddies
  • Jusdisc League
  • Volcanic All Gold
  • Club Water Therapy
  • Cut me some stack
  • Flicket Fence
  • Bogey Busters
  • Disc Drivers
  • Eagle Eyed
  • Flight Path Pros
  • Rim Rippers
  • Keegan Fore irons
  • Par Warriors
  • Papa, Jets Liars
Disc Golf Team Names

Disc Golf Team Name Ideas

Undoubtedly, all sports are cool, and if we talk about disc golf, it’s also one of the coolest sports to play. If you have a disc golf team, it’s cool.

But do you have a cool name for your team? Here’s the list of cool disc golf team names.

  • Against Strokes
  • Beach the Master
  • Gasolar Eclipse
  • KAT In The Hat
  • Afflalo You Anywhere
  • Terriers
  • Red Wings
  • Ebola Ballers
  • Atlantic Dragons
  • Zebras
  • Zombies
  • Freak Squad
  • Sky Hookers
  • Senators
  • Amaze Golf
  • Court Queens
  • Hacky Shaqers
  • Lethal Ladies
  • Cougars
  • RIP Girls
  • Russian Interference
  • Sea Dogs
  • Bosh Spice
  • Scorpions
  • Bruins
  • Hang it Up
  • Blue Boys
  • D12
  • Cherry Bombers
  • Wet Dream Team
  • Daring Divas
  • On The Rebound
  • Slam Dunk Divas
  • Bearcats
  • Fightin’ Hens
  • Flied Chicken
  • InnerScoobs
  • Ride Divots
  • Disc Jockeys
  • Strokes of Hole
  • The Flying Discmen
  • Flying Monkeys
  • Packers Green
  • Turn Burners
  • Bush Close Strokes
  • The Handymen
  • Dump Trucks
  • The balls
  • Distasteful
  • Ultimate Flingers
  • Unibrow Uni-blocker
  • Fore Eagles
  • From Old Balls
  • Cinch Garcia
  • Pitches Club
  • Perfect Of Cowboys
  • Shooting Water Down
  • Fairway Sara
  • My Kings highness
  • Royal of Greens
  • Green Putters
  • Dirty Hackers
  • White May Tiger?
  • High White Now
  • Donald Dump
  • Glitz and Hammer
  • I’d spend Hacks
  • The Pet Seekers
  • Birdie Daly’s Men
  • Frisbee she wrote
  • Sultans Pitches
  • Knight’s the Pros
  • Fairway Putz
  • Catcher in the sky
  • Huckie Chuckie
  • Tiger’s that right Pirates
  • Hammer and flickle
  • The Shaft-shank Deuce
  • If I had a hammer…
  • Duck Perfect Face
  • Discember Discrepancies
  • Hucking Fooligans
  • Man On Duty
  • The Dunk
  • Two-Finger Salute
  • Stacks on Deck
  • Fly me to the moon
  • Disc Cheney
  • Supper But Swing
  • Blixt hole Dice
  • Thor’s Hammers
  • Nunchucks
  • The Anyone Apocalypse
  • Tee Couples Crew
  • Bubba’s Beasts
  • Tee-Rex Ball Whackers
  • Hammerama
  • Forever Destruction
  • Super Spinners
  • Life Four Projectiles
Trending Disc Golf Team Names

Names For Disc Golf Team

You have to play plenty of sports choices, but amazing people always go for amazing sports.

Disc golf is indeed an amazing sport, and if you have a disc golf team, don’t you think you should also have an amazing name for your team? Here’s the list of the amazing disc golf team names:

The Birdies

Early Hoppers

Lord of the Flings

Weapons hard Troopers

Green Stroke Tide

Flickola Tesla

Wining Virgin

Holey and Sailors

Boggy Birdie Wizards

Home Beach Shots

Air Traffic Control


Disc in a Box

The Fringe Us

Bermuda Grandkid

Lemony Flicket

Aces Handicap Swing

Sidearm Slingers


Just throwing things out there

The Fore ironers


Sasha the Slasher

Golden Panthers


Big Girls Don’t Kawhi

Tigers Den


Hustlin’ Quakers

Flying Ladies

Malice at the Palace

Rose Before Hoes

Comic Sans Cavaliers

Kobe Wan Kenobi

Razzle Dazzle

Space Jam 2

Grabbing Assets

Harden The Interruption

Spring Flingers

Five Flinger Discount

Couples Folklore

Perfect Ducklings

Not your father’s Ultimate

Never Balls

Pistol Shrimps

Drunken Of Green!

Working of Club

Huck Tales

Tall Stack

Shots The Heaven

Shanks-a lot

The Golden Retrievers

Whiskey Disc

Discrete DISCriminator a

The Hovercraft


Don’t Busters

In Rip balls

Black Huck Down

The Sergio Weed

Down to Huck

Double D’s

San Frandiscans

The Shark Preach

Sham Yao

Crimson Storm

Flat Earth Society

Goldstein Girls

Bosom Buddies

Poodle Dunkers

Lady Mustangs

Locker Room Talk

50 Shades Of Klay

Every Kiss Begins With Klay

Stormy Petrels





Hole Hazards

Sand My for shot

Discy Business

Oops I flicked it again


Grip Redemption

Drop Templar now

Make gods

Erectile Discfuction


Playing Putt Miners

Stroke Sticks

Papa Frandisco

One Bogey Hackers

Ghost Tootlers

Fingerblast from the past

Ryder Tee-Box

Trap Soaring legend

Fair Huckers

Pin Holey Assassins


Straight Grass Links

19th and putters

Disc Golf Team Names

It always feels awesome when you play or watch a disc golf sport. Those who have a disc golf team know how awesome this sport is. But do they have an awesome team name? Here’s the list of the awesome disc golf team names:

Two Green.

Hammer? I hardly know ‘er.

Stall abiding citizens

Crazy Players

Whirling Stars

Just fling things

Putting Balls?

The way Evangelist

(The) Fat and the Furious

Hanging Woods

King Stallomon’s Mines

Throws before Hoes

Brothers Destruction

This Be Frisbee

Team Redundancy Team

The Rubber Hucks

The Long Expended-balls

Huck Bunnies

Green eggs and hammers

We catch everything

Third and Long

Maggic hole

Tom and Huck

Bogey Kings

Stacks and Stones

Birdies Swing

And the rats of NIMH

Hucking like rabbits

The Army

Smoking’ Sip

Forest Dump



Slice Shots

The Washers

Bird of Forearms

3 Men Never

Huck Norris

Winner Winner Chicken Flicker

Brick Search Party

Town Hole-in-One

Pin Shot Golf

Flinger Food

Beer Goal key

Huck the Police

Flying My Memories

The Floaters


The Blokes

Hackers Kings


Huck of The Irish

Fairway Heads

The bigger they are, the harder they Stall

Duck Hunt

Gretzky’s Songz

Net hole?


Shock Staller

The Strokes

Par the deep

Multiple through

Journey of Discovery

Discovery Channel

It’s Busters

Eagles Balls

Couples Woodsmen

Mary Long Senden

Put a Fling on it

Show Wacker’s

Ultimate Smash

Dumpyard Dogs

Fairway Dirty Swing

Going On Cup It

Dumped up kicks

Golf Heads

Turf Smurfs

Coming on Sticks

Chicken Fingers

Who’s Is Dozen

Unique Disc Golf Team Names

Do you have a disc golf team? You may have the latest team, but you should know that disc golf is not the latest sport, making it tough to find the latest name for your team. So, here’s the list of the latest disc golf team names:

Tee-mundus Time

Schindler’s Disc

Isn’t Baggers

Hyzer Permanente

Game of Throws


Me Wonder Brothers

Legends Birds

Communicate Dough

Discuits and Gravy

Weir balls

The Masters

Keep Cowboys

Shanks Brandt

Marks the Par


Sky’s the limit

It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

Stroke legists

Bring Tees

Total Discheads

Barack Bums

Better and ways

My colleagues are golfing

Gang in Hips

Drop Fore-Father


Not your dog’s frisbee

Huck Dunt

Beach Four Dice

Night Hucks

Raging Frisboners

Fists Golfers strokes

The Strokes, Tigers

Frizzy McGuire


Slam Dumps

Perfect Strokes

Golf Putters

Perfect Bogey Men

Smoking’ Putz

Jabba kings

Hammerous Affair

Long Fun Eagles

Grandma’s The Balls

Cinderella Setters

Flying Enough

Just Late Warriors

Frizzing Whizbees

Tap Only Badly

Huck E Cheese

Netflick and Chill

Disc-o Fever

Pulp Flicktion

Wonder Woodsmen

Bathroom stall

Golf hole

The finally Luck

Home Tees Stance

Grandma’s the Stars

A fling in the streets 

Flick in the bed

Wood Boys

The Beach Therapy

Golf shot

Balls & bunch

Losers Drivers

The Men-in-tee


Stack Overflow

Negative Stack

Catchy Disc Golf Team Names

If you have a disc golf team, you should know that you are not the only team in this sport. There are thousands like you, and it’s tough to get noticed among thousands of teams. However, if you get a catchy team name, it could be helpful. Here’s the list of the catchy golf team names:

Shot Cry

Stall and Order

Huckin’ Justice

Iron Team

The Tee Box

In it to Spin it

Deep Stack

Flick picks

Putt into Holy

Keep Champion

Sultans of Luck

Flick Magnets


John Putt

Aerial Assault

Disc Devils

Pin Bums


Weapons Gang

The Par Tee

Slipped Discs

Return of the stack

Huckleberry flick

Backhanded Compliments

All The Ingle Ladies

$exy Shutout

Lara Croft Batum Raider

Greivis Angel




Dancing Divas

Bosh Ladies

Groovy Ladies

Half Court Hotties

Lady Divas

Fighting Hens

Queen Gunners

Air Those Balls

Femme Fatales

D For Disc Golf

Temporary Linsanity

Queen City Express

Billy Goats

Baby Got Ibaka

Average Joes

Baseline Leaners

Boll Weevils

Church Of Kobestan

Lord of the RINGZ

Shaqramento Queens

Wild Kittens

Panties And Penalties


Lilac Avengers

Bosh Spice


Goldstein Girls


Whose Shot, JR?

A Dame To Lill For

Firebirds of Range

The Wicked Jump Shots

Alley Oop Me

And1More For Me

Double Dribblers

Roaring Tigers

Lakeland Magic

All Men Can Jump

Slam Dunk Slammed Drunk


Fighting Koalas

Deng Girls

Underrated Superstar

Masters of Discguise

Tee The Gropers

Fast Wench

The more Balls

Strokes upon Eagles

Screw In Sandbox

Gear Under Par

Risky Frizzness

Fairway Hole

You’re a Frisard, Harry

Bush Bandits

Brandel’s Putt

Floppy Discs

Fairway Skipped Acres

The Caddy balls,

Sliding Men

Stall and Oates

Flinger of rain

Angry balls

Disc it for the Biscuit

Flight of the bumfrisbee


The Below Deuce

The Redemption

Huck, Huck, Goose

Beginner’s Le Huck

The Diggers

Strokes Wind


The Head it

Horsemen Ninjas

Has Zone

The Dippers

Hyzer Roll

Pump and Dump

High Power-putt Stapleford

Boats & Ho Stacks

Hole balls

Shooting of Heaven

Back Working Strokes!

Hammer Time

The Pretty door

Who Hook Balls

One Water balls

Dropping’ Old Stars

Eleanor Frisbee

Thunder Kill

Keeping up with the zones

Fat Stacks

Stroke Gimmes

The Perfect Players

Rolling Be Chosen

The Dunk Terrific

We Swing Both Ways

Vulcan forehand

Home Holey bogey

Half The Small

The hole, Gurus



Rough Balers


Spray and Pray

Disc-co Techies

Charles Discens

Chicks Wizards

House Clean Knockers

Team Drive

Grip Tees

The Busters

Birdie Bogey’s

Huckaholics Anonymous

Tiger’s Swing

Hucked on a feelin’

Green Breakers

It’s Land Clubbers

Old In Fore-Father

Hit Timers

Coalition n Bandits

Hole Birds

Bad News Beers

Eagles Knights

Discgusting D’s

Space High

Slice Hounds Eagles

Dirty Bums

Hot balls

Putter Boys

Straight Rippers On

Even East Way


“Disc Golf Team Names” should be creative, memorable, and embody the spirit of the sport. Names like “Chain Seekers” or “Fairway Flyers” capture both the essence of disc golf and the camaraderie of team play. Choose a name that reflects your team’s personality and passion for the game.

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