Disco Team Names: 700+ Catchy and Cool Names

Are you eager to have some legit fun? You should make a great team of dancers and move your body at a disco party! You can have inter-group face-offs as well. But before that, you have to look out for a team name so you can make your team recognizable.

Disco Team Names

If you plan to make your disco team, you are on the right page. We will give you some really good names for a disco team. On this page, we will give you cool, catchy, best, awesome, and amazing names for your disco team. 

Get Funky


Disco Queens

Boogie Kids

The Tremendous Freaks

Night time Fever

Jive Talkers

The Dangerous Ladies

Good Vibes

Let’s Groove

Shadow Dancers

Can You Dig It?

Disco Divas

Boogie Squad

Bell Bottomed Babes

Saturday Night time Fever

So Groovy

Hip Shakers

The Love Teach

The Dancing Queens

Hearts of Glass

Disco Fever

The Cross-Cross Boots

Hotpants & Platforms

The Goofs

Disco Inferno

Scorching Stuff

The Electrical Sliders

The Recreational Fits

The Lowdown

The Disco Balls

Tremendous Troupers

Staying Alive

Macho Males

We Will have to Be Dancing

A long way Out Footing

Dynamite Boys

Disco Team Names

Cool Disco Team Names

Who does not want to be cool? Do you too? Discos are a cool place to hang out, dance, and have fun. But it’s more fun when you have a disco team with whom you can dance or even participate in disco face-offs. Here are some cool names for you. Scroll down. 

Third and Long

Huck Dynasty

Lemony Flicket

Game of Throws

Risky Frizzness

Spring Flingers

Spray and Pray

Short Stack

Vulcan forehand

Fried Flickin’

The Floaters


Pick up Flicks

San Frandiscans


Risk it for the Discuit

Tall Stack

Slam Dumps

Huckaholics Anonymous

Flied Chicken

No Stack

Flickola Tesla


Down to Huck

We Swing Both Ways


Five Flinger Discount

Discy Business

High Life

Erectile Discfuction



Eleanor Frisbee

Flying Saucers

Tom and Huck

Pistol Shrimps


Not your dog’s frisbee

Huck Buddies

Throws before Hoes

Huck Dunt

Just a Fling

Glitz and Hammer

Chicken Fingers

Pulp Flicktion

Bad News Beers

Bathroom stall

Hammer Time

Sidearm Slingers

Ultimate Flingers


Aerial Assault

Hammer Shots

Charles Discens



Stack Overflow

Discovery Channel

Just fling things

Ultimate Showdown

Frisbeats chicachicawhaaat

Beginner’s Le Huck

In it to Spin it

Fly me to the moon

Mother I’d Like to Huck

Huck E Cheese

Black Huck Down

Stall Power


Frizzy McGuire

Dream Team Frisbee

Frisbee she wrote

Hucking like rabbits


Flicker Shock

Discpicable Me

Discgusting D’s

Slipped Discs

Jusdisc League

Stall and Oates

Hammerous Affair

Huck, Huck, Goose

Discember Discrepancies

Flinger Food

Schindler’s Disc


The Golden Retrievers

We catch everything

Disc in a Box

Stacks and Stones

If I had a hammer…

Deep Stack

Hucked on Phonics

Netflick and Chill

Tomahawk Chops

Stall and Order


Masters of Discguise

My colleagues are golfing

Just throwing things out there

Trending Disco Team Names

Catchy Disco Team Names 

Oh, are you waiting to catch the disco floor with your team? What are you waiting for then? Step ahead and look out for the catchy name you want for your team. A name can be short, simple, and yet catchy. Here are some catchy names for your disco team. 

Shock Staller

Disc-o Fever

Huck of The Irish

Ultimate Smash

Blu-Ray Disc Players




Two-Finger Salute

Green eggs and hammers


Huck Tales

A fling in the streets but a flick in the bed

Cut me some stack

Fingerblast from the past

Dump Trucks


The bigger they are, the harder they Stall

No Discounts

Huckleberry flick

Flick Magnets


Huck the Police


Super Spinners

Tooth Flicks


Flinger of rain

Huckin’ Justice


Air Traffic Control

Total Discheads

Flicket Fence

Flick picks

The Frisbeans


The Flying Discmen

Journey of Discovery

Down To Flick

The Incredible Huck


Return of the stack

Viable Dumps

The Mighty Hucks

Hyzer Permanente

Stall abiding citizens


Lord of the Flings

This Be Frisbee

Dumpyard Dogs

Frizzing Whizbees

Hammers and cheese

Hucking Fooligans

Hyzer Roll

Dream Catchers

Stacks on Deck

Flight of the bumfrisbee

And the rats of NIMH

Night Hucks

Flick Pics

Huck Norris

Not your father’s Ultimate


It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

Thor’s Hammers

Late Night Throws

Whiskey Disc

King Stallomon’s Mines

Catcher in the sky

Hucked on a feelin’

Pump and Dump

Floppy Discs

Hammer? I hardly know ‘er.


Disc Jockeys

Donald Dump

Mother Huckers

Disc Devils

Huck Bunnies

Sky’s the limit

Disc it for the Biscuit

Dumped up kicks

The Rubber Hucks

Disc Cheney

Backhanded Compliments

Double D’s

Keeping up with the zones

Put a Fling on it

Ultimate Disciples


Hammer and flickle

Huck N Duck

Huck so Hard

Oops I flicked it again



You’re a Frisard, Harry

Team Redundancy Team


Huge Dumps

Best Disco Team Names

Do you want to have the best night at the disco? Well, you need the best name for your team if you have one. The name sets the persona of any group, and it should also describe the group. So, be patient and scroll down if you want the best name.

Alive Land

Night Spirit

Night Agenda

Whirlpool Nights

Terrace Night

The Liberty Avenue

Discuits and Gravy


The Myth

Rush Club

Disc-co Techies

Stacker Shock

Viper Nightclub

Papa Frandisco

We R Heroes

Flame Nightclub


Duck Hunt

The Wave

The Alchemist Club

Hydra Nightclub

The Upside Down

Club Lava

The Black Mask

La Fantasia

Huckie Chuckie

The Greatest

Ruby Room

The Orb

The State Club

Disruptor Nightclub

Raging Frisboners

Clockwork Lounge

Forest Dump

Turf Smurfs



The Happy Elixir

Infinite Rave

Dazy Nights

Zodiac Club

Ethereal Eight

Eternity Club



Collision Space

Oracle Lounge

Flying Monkeys

Omega Lounge

Midnight Junction

Apparition Lounge

Enigma Project

The Loop Club

Winner Winner Chicken Flicker

Draco Bar

Happy Pulp

Lumina Lounge

Andromeda Club

The Magnitude

Channel Eight Club

Rewind Lounge

Beer Pressure

Epic Dare


(The) Fat and the Furious

Knight Nights

Night Explorer

The Infrared

Blue Vibe

Club Eden

Giant Spiral

Red Shift

Capital Market

Cloud 8 Bar

Target Nights

Discrete DISCriminators

Astral Nightclub

Comet House

The Influencers

Super Nova

Meteor Lounge

Boats & Ho Stacks

Ancient Club



88 Lounge

Dream Mode

Fortune Palace

Fat Stacks

Five Galaxies

Midnight Group

Free Force

Project Cloud Nine

Dusk & Dawn

Cave Lounge

Chick Flix

Aurora Club

The Wild Ones

White Noise

First Freedom

Awesome Disco Team Names

Are you wondering how you would feel when everyone talked about your team and the name? It is only possible with an awesome name.

We got your back, buddy. Here are some great names for your disco team. Scroll down and groove your body to these awesome disco team names!

Project Bop

Dancing Clouds

Another World

Mystical Melody

Justice Crew

Dancing pillars.

Sweet Disasters

Club Garage


The Dazzlers

Black Panthers

Twirling Queens.


Sirens Night

Heirs of Heaven

Stage Eight

Jalapeno Hotties.

Twisters Elite

Elite Movement

Thrill Studio


Funky Angels.

Scrambled Legs.

Wonder Anthem

Future Streets

Project Bright

Sweet and Sweaty.

Daring Diamonds

Dab Dancers

Dancers Divine

Revolution Central

Gravitated Spirits

Heart and Soul

Dancing Rockets

Rise and Shine

Move For Me

Hip Shaker Crew

Hot Coals

The Happy System

Magic Feet

Rolling Racket

Dance & Drill

Hello Outcasts

Hops Scotch.

Crazy Cats


Fatal Fellas

The Phantom

All Stars

The Blaze.

Power Grooves

Dance & Drill

Ethereal Dance

Endless Club

Mighty Leapers

Party Poppers

Sun Dolls

The Big Bang

Body Breakers

The Fly Fellas

Klassy Kats


Rare Rubies

Rhythmic Eagles


Raging Roses

Sunny D’s

Crowd Mansion


Groove Sheep

Naughty Moves

Consuming Fire.

Sinful Synergy

Music Breathers.

Catching Fire.

Dancing Divas.

Infinite Rave

Destined To Dance.


Rhythmic Ringers

Party Animals

Sweet Disasters


Perfect Pearls

Fiery Flamingos

Funky Fellas.

Heart Breakers.


Street Sass

The Dazzlers

Tango Tribe.

Roller Riders

Fair Huckers

Lady Movers.

Kingdom Krew.

Glitter Garnets

Bunny Dancers

Crazy Cats

Dance Blasters

Prime Infinite

Amazing Disco Team Names

Let’s be amazing with these amazing team names! The name is a group’s face, so it must be amazing. If you want to catch the eyes of the audience and be talked about, choose a name that is amazing. Here are some amazing name ideas for you. 

Groovy Moovy

Dancers of the Ring

Super Sparklers

Hip Hop Hustlers

Golden Groovers

Freaky Femmes

Living Souls

Spirit in Motion.

Sizzle and Stomp

Funky Fellas


Party Rockers

Sparkle and Spunk

Soulful Shakers

Prancing Pearls

Dance Dynasty

Tango Tribe

Dream Team

Freaky Bears

The Street Beat

Thundering Kidz


Shake it Up

Heat Emitters

Sparkle Crew

Rhythm Riders

Lil Sombrero

Tapping KingsBoogie Dancers

Lady Rebels.

Dancing Clouds

Victoria Secrets

Fear None

Flowery Dancers

Occupied Souls

Bunny Dancers.

Made to Dance.

Dazzle Factory

Funky Femmes.

Divine Dancers.


Spirit Dancers

Dance Bugs

Star Boyz

Juicy Krew

Bunny Feet

Funky Monkeys

Funky Monkeys

Blazing Stars

Ethereal Nightclub

Shimmering Pearls

Boogie Woogie Ladies

Doll Dynasty

Dance To Glorify.

Dancing Divas

The Polka Dots.

Daring Dolls

Dancing Jewels

Shake it Up

Spirit in Motion

Shooting Stars

Jive Lounge

Made to Dance

The Skyward

Angel Feet

Twerk Queens

Salsa Swings

Bloom Dance Club

Hip Hop Hustlers

Athletic Apes

The Fit Dancers

Bought Over

Purified Invasion

Blue Sapphires

Fire Boulevard

Wicked Limbs.

Dancing Crystals

Dazzling Stars

Power Grooves

Doomsday Divas

Swing Squad

Silver Sparklers.

Music Maniacs

Soul Sisters.

The Tornados

Bone Crushers

Jumping Jacks.

Darling Divas

Glowing Stars

Bop Til U Drop.

Sugar Girls

Feisty Falcons

Candy Kickers.


Fluttering Butterflies

Delicious Dancers

Fanny Pak

Hybrid Lounge

Twirling Dolls

Dance Princesses

The Youth

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