Dive Bar Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool names

Dive Bar Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool names

What do you understand by dive bar? Have you heard this word before? A dive bar is often a small, unglamorous, eclectic, old-style bar with inexpensive drinks. These could have dim lighting, shabby or courted decor, neon beer signs, packaged beer sales, cash-only service, and a neighborhood clientele.

The accurate definition of a dive bar is a few things on which someones barely agree and is the subject of intense debates.

The term dive was first utilized in the press within the U.S. to explain disreputable places that were often in basements into which one “dives below.”

dive bar names:

Dive bars adhesive to a minimal effort required to deliver drinks to guests. They usually don’t advertise, provide parking, or have fancy signage. Dive bars don’t seem to be recognized by their food, and they usually don’t serve food beyond pretzels and snacks.

If you’re a dive bar owner, then this article is helpful to you.

This article is all about the list of dive bar names that will assist you in getting the best name.

Sidewalk Lounge

Mug At Sky

Bar Room

Broken Shaker

Up the Creek Watering Hole

The Front Page

Mojito Bar

Refined Mixers

Bourbon & Branch

Oasis Lounge

Islander Bar and Grill

Big Easy

The Drifter

Noble Experiment

Edge Steak & Bar

Pi and Gamma Bar

American Social


Secret’s Bar

Elixir Bar House

Mustard’s Last Stand

Coach House

Redwood Room

Aero Club Bar

Howl at the Moon

Crimson Lounge


Local Edition

The Twilight Exit

Five for Friday

Upper East Bar

Valley Bar

York Tavern

Beaker & Gray

The Shout! House

Under Tow

Corner Pocket

The Tipsy Piglet

Crownhouse Bar n’ Grille

Last Call Bar

Scarlet Lounge

Duchess Tavern

Neon lights tavern

Comet Tavern

Hell Club

Half Moon Sports Grill

The Open Door

Bender’s Bar and Grill

A Clever Cocktail

Open Sesame

Brotherhood of Thieves

Eastbound and Down 

Icehouse Alcohol 

Tiniest Bar in Texas

Neon Drinks

Met Cafe & Bar

Angels and Kings


Bar Alter

Glow Bar

Open Sesame


Olive or Twist

Playland Bar

Brotherhood of Thieves

False Idol

Moon Work

Happy Daze

The 500 Club

48 and More

The Boardroom

The Surly Wench Pub

Cool Dive Bar Names

This generation is crazy for cool things. They want to look cool and sound cool, and they always go with the cool choices. Hey, dive bar owners! Don’t you think you must have a cool name for your bar to attract those cool crowd? Here’s the list of cool dive bar names:

Blackbird Ordinary

Grenadine’s Revenge

Bourbon & Branch

The Bar on the Rooftop

The Riptide

Twin Peaks Tavern

Altitude Sky Lounge

Bull Shooters

The Bar at Level 25

Lava Lounge

Bubba’s Sulky Lounge

Over the Tapas

Odd Job To Drink

Blackbird Ordinary

Monty’s Sunset

Barbarossa Lounge


Dunes Lounge

Wine Vault

Bar One

Mission Bar

Quarter Lounge

Magic Tap Room

The Bar With No Name

Cook’s Club

Fronton Bar

Progress Bar

The Love Shack

The Duce Range

Sip Responsibly

Tequila Loco Cantina 

Bar and Grill Nation

The Bearded Bartenders Club

Ice On Top of Ice

No 3 Social

Mr Bottoms Up

Freehand Mug

Bartender’s Delight

Pour Advice

Donn’s Depot

The Banned Bottle

Boobie Trap

Hold Your Horses

Brewed For Your Pleasure

Drunken Doozy

Barkeep on Bartender

Cue Balls Up

Mongoose Versus Cobra

The Crescent Lounge

Level 9 Rooftop Bar

Hooverville Bar

The People’s Republik

The Milk Room

Bar Cotto

Scarlet Lounge

Bikini Bar

Bonus Round

Madison Pub

Fireside Bar

The Roosevelt Room

Polite Provisions

Double Down

Bull Shooters

The Yard

Club Deluxe

The Roadhouse

Half Moon Sports Grill

The Grizzled Wizard

Violet Crown Social Club

The Local Post Pub

Grateful Gathering

American Social

Boogie Bar

Rocket Bar

The Barrel Rhino

Stock & Stable

Triple D (Dine

Mid Night Out

Double Wide Bar

Vinously Speaking

York Tavern

Buddha Lounge

Fuel to fire

South Shall Rise Again

Brew lounge

Upstairs at Caroline

The Dirty Drummer

Ballard Loft

The Red, White, and Brew

The Tower Bar

Olde 99

Bandits Bar

Bean Me Up

Gypsy Bar

Brews Brothers

Aesop’s Tables

The Yard

Ace Bounce


The Sitting Room

Hard Water

Bravo Bar

Noble Experiment

Nighttime Awake

Craft Beer Players

The Surly Wench Pub

Gal’s Night Out

Hipster Mixology

Classy cocktail

Mongoose Versus Cobra

Tropical Maze

Wish You Were Beer

Amazing Dive Bar Names

We have millions of choices, but we only grab the amazing one. If you are a dive bar owner, you might have amazing stocks. However, to attract an amazing crowd, you must also need an amazing dive bar name. Here’s the list of an amazing dive bar names:

Beer Stuff

The People’s Republik


Fox Hole Bar

Red Mug

The Lost Lei

Beer and Loathing in Dundee

Seven Grand

Pi Theta Dive Bar

Cocktail City

Potter’s Lounde

Booze Up

Barbarossa Lounge

Dark Tropic

Torch Cigar Bar


The Womack

Rips Bar

Potter’s Lounde

Racket Bar

Dirty Habit

Quarter Lounge


The Union Beer Store

Honor Amongst Thieves

Mojito Bar

Lone Palm

The Masion Bar

Old Fashioned Recipe

Speak No Evil Lounge

Raised on Bourbon Saloon

Deluxe Inn

Sunrise Glasses

The Whining Pig

The Bartender Bar

The Drink Guys

The Canadian Club

Stag Nite Bar

Call My Bartender

Pop’s Bar

Beer Passion

The Old Monk

Cosmo Bar

No Holds Barred

Regionally Sourced Drinks

Beer Politics

Town Kitchen & Bar

Tequila-Tini Bar & Grill

Break Room Bar and Grill

Bar Cotto

Happy Birthday Bar

Atomic Cocktail Service

Speak Easy Bar


Cinch Saloon

Streamline Tavern

The Wetlab

Cocktail Revolution

Madison Pub

Peers and Beers

Classics Made Contemporary

Hurricane Harry’s Bar

Gin Master

Pi Bar

Bean Me Up

Blue Grotto Bar & Grill

The Grizzled Wizard

The People’s Republik

Dive Bar and Lounge

Cocktail Hour

Howl at the Moon

Jungle Backyard

Blue Paradise

Bar Supply Heaven

Noc Noc

Elegant Dream House

Prohibition Creamery

Rye on Top

Humble Home Bar

Prohibition To Drink More

The Lost Leaf

Tiki Haven

Bar Collins

Moon Valley Grill

Club Deluxe

Liquor Lounge

Boycott Bar

Bitter & Twisted

Bourbon & Branch

Blonde Bar

The Lost Well

Barrels in a Bayou

Deep Eddy Cabaret

Elixir Bar Country

The Maple Room

The Union Beer Store

Moontower Saloon


Nickel City

Bottles on the Wall

Drinker’s Lodge

Throw Back Drinks

Tin ‘n’ Lint

Pour Your Troubles Away!

Golden Gate Tap Room

Draught House 

Pub & Brewery House

Bourbon, Brandy, and Beer

Three Dots and a Dash

Big Bad Wolf’s Bar

Pour Me Another

The Hidden Vine

The Whistler

Stirred not Shaken

The Aviary

Home slice Drop Pour

Latest Dive Bar Names

Do you think a dive bar is the latest concept? Well, it’s a very ancient concept, and it’s even older than the normal bars. So what if your dive bar concept is not the latest? You can have the latest name for it. Here’s the list of the latest dive bar names:

All Brothers In The Bar

Bull Shooters

Twin Creeks Hall

Happiest Hour

Queen’s Throne Room

Cold Drinks Bar

Guppy’s Corner


Aero Club Bar

Wet Deck Lounge

Inwood Tavern

Beer O’Clock!

Corked and Caged

Wildhouse Inn

Liquid Specialist

The Martini Bar

Office Tension

Tune In Bar

Booze Hound

Floor 13 Rooftop Bar

Midnight Rambler

Field of Sheep

Bottle Tonic

Mood Makers

Sweet Liberty Drinks

Bottle Cap Company

The Git Out

Crown brew hub

Raised by Wolves

The Mean Eyed Cat

Above the Clouds

Cocktail Corner

Bravo and Culture

Spiked Bar House

Conga Bar

The Monk’s Kettle

All Liquored U

A Bar Above the Rest!

Float at Hard Rock


Magic Lounge

The Golden Goose

Bottle Service

White Rabbit

Jumbo’s Clown Room

The Dark Unicorn

Fun & Fiesty pub

Pluto Wine N’ Grille

Hard Liquor, No Mixers

The Weekend Habit

The Ladies’ Room

Angel’s Bar

The Beer Club

The Dirty Dozen

Homey Bar

The Riddler

A&T Bartending Services

Beer and Loathing in Dundee

Thirsty Cavern

Beer Mates Pub

Hot Bird

Gold Cane Cocktail Lounge

The Riptide

The Punch Bowl

Bar None

Irish Pour House

Beer Garden

South Shall Rise Again

Bar Smith

Big Bad Wolf’s Bar

Unique Dive Bar Names

Have you ever thought about the choices you have made so far? Believe it or not, we have always chosen unique things. If you are a unique dive bar owner, your business is not unique, but you can have a unique name. So, here’s the list of a unique dive bar business names:

Pour House Pub

Edge Steak & Bar

The Kicking Donkey

Wet Deck Lounge

Kings Beer

Cocktails Monthly

Bar of the Gods

Happy Daze

Kings and Ladies Bar

High-End Nightlife Bar

The Far Out Lounge and Stage

Bases Loaded Bar

Corner Crafts

Bitter & Twisted

Bender’s Bar and Grill

Coach House

A toast of gratitude


Fizz Bar

Euro Pub of Alcohol

Drink Liquor

Tropical Darkness

Aesop’s Tables

The Mighty Mug Of Alcohol

Sophisticated Shakers

AA Bartending Service

Town Kitchen & Bar

Big Easy

The Happy Rabbit

The Womack

A Bar Above

Lucky 13

The Sitting Room

Crimson Lounge

Raise a Glass

Rules & Regs

Olde 99

Social Media Guru Bar

Haven Martini

The Box Lounge

Blue Inn

Bar Alter

Desire Lounge

The Mix Up Bar

The Lost Leaf

Dazzling cocktails

Dragon’s Breath

Revelry on the Boulevard

Wicked Beers

A Dash of Patronage

Here Nor There

Dose of Draft

Curious Tap Bar

Honor Amongst Thieves

Secret’s Bar

Counter Club

Rise and Pour In this Mug

Break Room Bar and Grill

I’ll Drink to That!

95 Slide

Catchy Dive Bar Business Names

We have hundreds of restaurants nearby, but we always choose the one that catches our attention. If you are a dive bar owner, don’t you think you should get a catchy name that catches customers’ attention? So, here’s the list of a catchy dive bar names:

Start the Fire

Bar Cotto

Drink Well In A Mug

Prix Vintage Tastings

Happy Birthday Bar

Moe Bar

Fireside Bar

Beaver Bar

Highside Bar

Hamilton’s Tavern

Cinch Saloon

The Old Monk

Midnight Rambler

Better Days

The Corner

Bottoms Up!

Kill Your Idol

The Bitter End

Hot Bird


Rum Runners Bar

Clock Bar

Black Market

Stock & Stable

Hop Sing

Polite Provisions

Tempest Bar

The Snug

Urbane Vintages Wine Bar

Beer Jesters

Holy Water

Batch Gastropub

Beaver Bar

Angels Trumpet Ale House

Bond Bar

Midnight Lounge

Coke & Rum

Over the Counter Distillery

Cocktail Capers

The Mighty

Black Out Pub

Neon Midnight

Bar One

Dynasty Grille and Bar

Ice on fire

Proud Tap Bar

Cocktail Bae

Drunken Monkey Bar and Grill

Avenue Tavern

The Grapevine Bar

The Snug Mug

Uncut Cocktail House

Dynasty Bar

Tangerine Tap Room

Be Aware Bar

Hubba-hub-ba Wine & Spirits

Blue Mug Bar 

21 & Cup

Beer Shenanigans

Weekend Revenge Mug

Carbonated Bottle 

Roasted Mug

Cocktail Sisters Pour House

Amber Bottle 

Pink Bubba Palace

The Subtle Alcohol

Drunken Aromatics

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